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PROFESSIONAL SUMMARY Over Nine years of extensive experience in IT industry. Experience includes analysis/design, development, maintenance, testing, and product support of software in Java, J2EE, CORBA, JMS, Rational Rose, UML, IONA Orbix, MQ Series, UNIX & MAINFRAME environment and team/resource management. Strong research, analytical, computing abilities and dynamic leadership qualities. TECHNICAL EXPERIENCE Languages and web Tech.: Java, J2EE, C++, Swing, Servlets 2.3, JSP1.1/1.2, EJB 1.1/2.0, XML, XSL, XSLT, XPath, DOM, SAX, RMI, CORBA, JDBC, JHTML, HTML, CSS, XHTML, Java Script, UML, SOAP Tools and Middleware: IBM Visual Age for Java, IONA ORBIX, MQ Series, Rational Rose, BEA XML Editor, Xerces, and Xalan Hardware: IBM OS/390, A, UNIX, DOS, WINDOWS 2000 Databases: DB2, Oracle 7.x / 8i/9i, MS Access. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Oct 2001 - Present Sr. Developer/Analyst, Verizon, MD Responsibilities: • Responsible for Analysis, Design, Development, Integration Testing, User Acceptance testing, Implementation and Maintenance stage • Developed various UML diagrams using Rational Rose. • Involved in configuration management of CVS, the version control tool. • Working on Backend Messaging modules in which developed Java classes on the top of IONA ORBIX to communicate with several external server systems of WORLDCOM for information exchanging and validation. (Like address and credit card validation) • Working on Registry (Messaging and Queuing) when OrderPro need to communicate with legacy systems. • Working on Java Messaging Beans (JMS) When OrderPro need to communicate with NETPRO system. • Developed many custom-made exception classes as and when required. • Wrote PL/SQL store procedures and JDBC routines to update the ORACLE tables depend on the information got by external server systems. • Working on OWM (Order Workflow Manger) Reply Module in which update the ORACLE tables by parsing the XML messages, which are sent by external systems of WORLDCOM. Developed a DOM parser (Xerces) to parse the XML messages. And designed DTD’s (Document Type Definition) to check the validity of the different XML messages that are sent by external systems. • Developed Signature Print module in which wrote several XSL style sheets to display the XML data of the WCOM Products. Designed and coded Datamapping routines to convert the ORACLE tables to its equivalent XML DATA representation.

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Developed JAVA servlets (SalesPrint Module) that generate HTML pages having the summarized information of all the products for a given sales order as the query result from the database. • Developed Validations screen modules using Java script. • Experience in STRUTS Framework. • Working on OrderPro back-end application called Hub Print Module. Implementing new requirements using C++ on top of Rougewave class library, ORACLE. Developed a hierarchy of classes that would allow printing of various Products in PDF format for a given sale, which will be used by an OE user to feed all these information in to legacy system. Several SQL queries are embedded in these C++ classes inorder to fetch the required information of the product • Write Datamapping classes to convert ORACLE tables to its equivalent C++ class representations called Dbclasses. • Developed Unix shell scripts which will keep track and generates reports on the error logger created by all Print and Messaging Modules • Interacted with business users to gather and document the requirements • Mentoring and knowledge transfer to new recruits and fellow developers. • Full time (24/7) production support Technologies: J2EE, JAVA, WebLogic 7.0, Servlets, IBM Visual Age, C++, ORACLE 8.1, ORACLE 9I,XML, XSLT, Xerces, UNIX, AIX, RogueWave Classes, IONA ORBIX 3.5,CORBA, MQ Series, Messaging Beans Aug 99 - Sep 01 Sr. Programmer/Analyst, NetVisibility, CA Responsibilities: • Developed stateless session bean and supporting classes for credit card validation that takes credit card number, expiry date and credit card type as the input and verifies whether the inputted values satisfy the conditions for a valid credit card. • Written database stored procedures. • Developed stateless session bean and container managed Entity Bean merchants. • Developed JSP screens for merchant-maintenance that first lets an administrator login to perform any merchant-maintenance and then go ahead for adding or deleting merchants. • Involved in unit testing, integration testing, user-acceptance testing and bug fixing. Technologies: J2EE, EJB 1.0/1.1, Java1.2, JSP, Sybase, WebLogic 5.1,Oracle 9I,Windows NT4.0, Sun Solaris 2.6 Nov 98 - July 99 Sr. Programmer/Analyst, John Deere and Company, IL Responsibilities: • Gathering the requirements from the users, application analysis and making UML diagrams. • Developed of servlets for maintenance of products in the client view. The Servlet provides facility to add new parts or new products in the product table. The database is updated using JDBC. • Developed servlets that generate HTML pages having list of parts/products returned as the query result from the database. • Developed Java classes, which generate reports for the transactions e.g. done in a specified period, or for a particular product or by particular dealer.

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Developed classes which finds out which dealer Designed and developed user-module which maintains user profile for frequently visiting customers so that they don’t have to provide their details every time they shop through this site. These potential customers have to login for any orders online. • Vigorously involved in preparing test data for unit testing and integration testing Technologies: Java, UML, Rational Rose, Java1.2, Swing, Servlets, JSP, HTML, JWS2.0, Oracle8.x, and IBM Visual Age 2.0, Windows NT 4.0. Jan 97 - Nov 98 Programmer Analyst, NEC Corporation, NJ Responsibilities: • Involved primarily in the Design of Project. The design involved the presentation of the GUI Interface. The GUI was designed to simulate the look and feel of the Task Manager in Windows. • Presented the End Client, and was involved in the redesign of parts of the GUI based on the Client's feedback. • Primary responsibility in this project was in the coding and testing of the Station MAPI product, COM and MAPI calls. • Created documentation of the test procedure • Involved in the development of the ActiveX controls. First gained exposure to ActiveX controls by converting them from C to C++. During the conversion of C Library based ActiveX controls to C++ Class based ActiveX controls, got a very good exposure to OOD Techniques. • Developed more ActiveX controls like the Graph ActiveX control • Involved in the testing of the C++ code. Also tested the software using VISUAL TEST Technologies: VC++, MFC, Visual Test, 486 Pentium, Windows NT/95/98. Jan 95 - Dec 97 Programmer Analyst, General Mills, MN • Involved in design of data structures and lexical analysis algorithms to identify C language tokens and Parsing Algorithms to identify C language constructs. • Was also responsible for the Coding phase where, the bulk of the C programs were developed that was needed for the project. • Tested the C code. Have been involved in the documentation in the various stages of the project. Technologies: C, Unix, CYBER-180 Mainframe EDUCATION Masters in Computer Science (Computer Science and Engineering ) University of Maryland, MD in 1993 TRAINING AND INSTRUCTION Java Training at Learning Tree, VA Training on CORBA, MQ SERIES, and XML by Verizon

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