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August 3, 2010– (Vol. XI, No.


U.S. Watch U.S.: will consumption growth be sustained?

Just-released data by the BEA showed U.S. households Real personal disposable income and Real consumption
savings rate now stands at 6.4% of disposable income. savings rate
The current low level of interest rates provides little In order for Q3 to get
incentives to further build up savings relative to income Real personal the same consumption
10 5 %, q/q ann.
disposable income rose growth as in Q2, we
while the stock market is recovering and home prices 4.4% in Q2…
have stabilized. As today’s Hot Charts shows, a solid 8 Savings rate need monthly growth of
4 0.15% over the next
4.4% increased in real disposable income in Q2 was able three months…
to push upward both consumption and savings. With a 6
hand off of 0.5% entering the third quarter, consumption
needs to grow 0.15% m/m on average in Q3 to replicate 2
Q2 consumption’s performance. Could consumption 2 4.4%
grow in Q3 in line with its average growth rate 1
experienced since the beginning of the recovery? If 0
households decide to spend part of their Q2 income 0
gains, this scenario should be relatively easy to achieve. -2
Like Mr. Bernanke said yesterday, ‘’rising demand from -1
-4 Hand off in
households and businesses should help sustain growth”. …which allowed the
R.D.I. …this is exactly Q3 = 0.5%
However, support for consumption requires more than -6 savings rate to move in -2
just a possible one-off reduction in the savings rate. In tandem with the mean growth
consumption since the
order to be sustained, consumption growth must -8 -3 beginning of the
undoubtedly rely on a more solid footing. That puts the recovery
spotlight on Friday’s job report: not only the amount of -10 -4
2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 06Q1 06Q3 07Q1 07Q3 08Q1 08Q3 09Q1 09Q3 10Q1 10Q3
private jobs created, but also its wage bill.

Yanick Desnoyers NBF Economy & Strategy (Bureau of Economic Analysis data via Global Insight)

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Stéfane Marion, Chief Economist and Strategist

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