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Regular Meeting of the Board of Trustees
April 19, 2017

Members Present: Marie Black, Chairman
Imogene Mixson
Beverly Raley
Marian Jenkins
Nathan Hodges

Also Present: Sandra Holmes, Library Director
Mary Smith, Administrative Assistant
Ron Steensland, Global Library Consultants
Marvin Hughey, Architect

Ms. Black called the meeting to order at 0904.

Remarks by Chairman.

Minutes. Ms. Raley moved to have the March 2017 minutes approved and Ms. Jenkins
seconded. All were in favor and the motion passed.

Circulation/Financial Reports. Per the Director’s reports, attendance is up, including site visits
(ie. computer use). All programs are doing well, and we are right where we need to be for
Payroll and Total Percent. We have also received all of our major allocations for this year and as
of today are in a good place financially. The Vanguard accounts are not making a lot of money,
but they are doing well and not losing money, either. The allocation from United Way has gone
down slightly to $6,704 for our yearly total.

Dr. Mixson and Sandra will meet in the month of May and will put together a budget for
the June board meeting.

Old Business.
A. Library Update.
Sandra mentioned that National Library Week was this month, as well as the volunteer

B. Spring Break Programs
Sandra stated that we had great attendance for our spring break programs, and that Ruth
did a wonderful job putting them all together, including the petting zoo and therapy dogs.
C. Board To-Do Items for Building Project
Marie introduced guest Marvin Hughey, an architect being considered for the new library
project. Marvin gave a brief synopsis of his past experience, including working with the board of
education for several years on projects and has been in private business for over 30 years. Most
of his experience is in school projects, but he does not see that as a detriment towards working
on a library. He passed around a Schedule of Architectural Fees, which included construction
cost, hourly rates for his employees, etc. Interior design is not currently included in his contract,
but it is an option. The board will need to decide on new FF&E (furniture, fixtures, and
equipment), or if it will be better to retro-fit the new library, and whether or not to include it in
the architect’s contract or hire a professional interior designer.

Mr. Steensland then handed out his New Construction Consideration sheet. He explained
that majority of these significant points were from the well-attended focus groups he conducted.
Overall considerations included: the staff and board need to be significantly involved in the
planning of the new building and its location, the board needs to consider whether or not the
library can budget for more staff if needed, and that visibility and community involvement is
key. As the town sees the new building plans coming together, they may want to be involved
with the board, and may want to make monetary donations.

Marie stated that the land currently being looked for needs to be free in order to spare the
library’s budget. The housing authority is currently appraising a piece of land. Something else to
consider is whether or not patrons will be able to walk safely to the new library, as the locality
for the current library is not good. Marie also stated the current building will revert back to the
city when we move out, so if the city can sell it to the hospital next door, we may be able to gain
a profit from that. Another piece of land being considered is right across from city hall, although
we have not gained approval for that, yet. That plot is large enough for a single story library, so
additions could be made later on as money comes in.

Imogene brought up the Wiregrass Foundation grant process. It was determined that more
information will be needed on the new building project before any grants are approached.

Ron recommended that the board formally decides on whether or not they want a new
building before involving the public, and also suggested that maybe a private citizen could
donate the land and get a tax deduction.

Nathan suggested asking 4 or 5 trusted people to help the board with property ideas. It
could also function as a way of having the community be more involved. Ron added that it could
be made into a blue ribbon committee. Imogene suggested we start with the Friends of the
Library, since they are already significantly involved with the library. Marian added the idea of
involving city officials through the blue ribbon committee, and then also doing an outreach to the
public through the newspaper, facebook poll, etc. It could be formal with parameters such as a 30
day timeline. Ron suggested that Marie be a part of this committee since she has already put so
much work into this project. Sandra proposed spending the next few weeks coming up with
potential helpers and writing a short bio for each.
Marvin made the point that the board needs to know which sites are viable before
announcing them publicly.

New Business. Sandra stated that on May 2nd there will be an opening ceremony from 4-6pm
for our exhibit of Alabama’s involvement in WWI. Over 200 invitations have been sent in the
mail, and an informational brochure is being made as well. Berta Blackwell and Donna Snell
have been in charge of putting together the commemorative exhibit. There was a recent
monument unveiling and dedication ceremony at Maxwell AFB that Berta and Donna were
invited to attend.

Beverly motioned to adjourn and Marian seconded. The meeting was adjourned at 1033,
and the next meeting will be held on May 17, 2017.

Respectfully submitted by _________________

Approved by Secretary ___________________