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Regular Meeting of the Board of Trustees
June 21, 2017

Members Present: Marie Black, Chairman
Beverly Raley
Marian Jenkins

Also Present: Sandra Holmes, Library Director
Joni Wood, Assistant Director
Marvin Hughey, Architect

Absent: Nathan Hodges
Imogene Mixson (Rehab for recent surgery)

Marie called the meeting to order at 9:03am.

Remarks by Chairman. The meeting with Mark Blankenship and Marvin Hughey to discuss
building details was a good meeting. Mark suggested to also meet with Chuck Gary and Steve
McKinnon individually to get them directly involved. Meetings with Gary on Friday morning
and McKinnon on Monday morning are planned. Marvin commented on Mark’s capabilities and
provided pointers in the meeting to all. Mark said he will help as much as he can and reminded
about the letter to the Mayor and City Council about requesting the piece of land. Mark also said
he will talk to Mike Brauer about either making a deal with the City or donating the land to us.
All agree that the piece of land across from City Hall is the best possible location because of
visibility and its location downtown.

Minutes. April’s minutes reviewed by all and no approval necessary due to no quorum.

Circulation/Financial Reports. Per the Director’s reports, circulation is improving and is up
from last year’s numbers. For the month, it’s looking better, but not where it needs to be. Most of
the circulation is in computer usage which is expected. Daily attendance continues to go up as
well – 13,807 – for May in which most is from West Wing usage. Program attendance will
improve during June due to the Summer Reading Program. Overall, it looks better and we’re
doing the best we can. Marie asked about the discarding books – these are turnovers from
donations that are in better condition and we replace our copies with the donations. We keep the
cream of the crop in donations and others are given to the Friends of the Library (FOL).

We are working with Chris with the FOL to get someone to take over the Amazon Sales for

Finances are looking ok, but must use caution since we still have quite a few months left in the
fiscal year. Payroll is going to be over budget due to recent hires; however, other areas where no
money has been spent should help balance it. The City of Ozark increased our funding by 5%.
Community support is over budget as well, but we had multiple programs, including 6 WWI
programs. We will have to cutback in spending in areas such as code 214 office supplies. We
requested reimbursement from Amazon for taxes charged on book purchases since January.

Remarks by Architect.
Discussion of the results of the last meeting with Sandra and Marie ensued as well as a question
and answer session with the architect.

Suggestions for other representatives to contact for support include Steve Clouse, Harri Anne
Smith, Martha Roby, and Luther Strange in Washington.

Old Business.
A. Library Update.
Marie commented she has not received a call back from the Housing Authority and
believes it is a failure. Sandra called attention to our July 18th program with Dr. Martin
Oliff – “The Great War in the Heart of Dixie: Alabama During World War I” – that is
scheduled for 5:30pm. Friends of the Library are sponsoring and providing light
refreshments. We are applying for another grant for a series similar to the previous
Dialogues of War, except focusing on Vietnam. This would be based on the Vietnam War
documentary series by Ken Burns. We are excited for our new program – Lego Club –
beginning next week. Marian commented on our programming and outreach – Darnell’s
classes are going well and Jeff’s tablet classes have waiting lists.

B. Letter to Mayor and City Council.
All reviewed the letter for Mayor with cc’s to City Council members. Marian motioned to
approve letter as written for Marie’s signature and Beverly seconded. Motion carried.

C. Building Project.
We need at least 10 individuals for a steering committee – people who are willing and
able to attend meetings, make suggestions and be involved in our building process.
Suggestions for members include Bette Byrd, a retired school teacher, Keloth Thompson
with the FOL, Earl Hyers, and Frank Carroll. Additionally, in leisure time all need to read
and review the Library Aware Community Award article written about the Dothan
Houston County Library System’s new building. We need a vision! Marian commented
how we need to take at least 5 years for this project – we need to be thoughtful and
careful – in order to build a Library that needs to last a very long time.

D. World War I Project – Auburn
Auburn’s World War I display has discontinued and had a good turnout. The Dale
County World War I display continues to draw attention.

New Business.
A. New Employees.
We have a new Children’s Librarian – Cheryl Schwartzkopf – who is a teacher.

B. Friends of the Library.
No meeting was held in June, their next meeting is July 12.
The meeting was adjourned by Marie at 10:10am. Our next meeting is scheduled for July
19 at 9:00am.

Respectfully submitted by __________________

Approved by Secretary ____________________