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Reena Sharda


• More than Five years of diverse experience in working with teams, involved in
giving comprehensive IT solutions, which include Analysis, Design, Development,
Implementation and Testing of Client/server/Internet/Intranet Systems for various
Business requirements using Microsoft Technologies
• More than Three years of experience in Developing e-commerce Applications,
distributed applications using Microsoft.NET
• Key strengths: ASP.NET (1.0, 1.1, 2.0), C#, ADO.NET, WEBSERVICES,
Microsoft Enterprise Blocks, OOAD, SQL SERVER (7.x, 2000, 2005), Oracle
8i/9i and ASP.
• Significant knowledge of various database application including SQL Server
2000, Oracle
• Well acquainted with software development life cycles including OOPs, RAD
and Extreme Programming methodology
• Actively involved in various project phases: Concept Paper Preparation,
Design, Program specification, Coding, Testing and End-User Interaction


Operating Systems : Windows 9x, Windows NT

Programming Languages : C#, Visual Basic 6.0, VB.NET
Designing Tools : Microsoft Visio
Internet Technologies : ASP.NET (1.0, 1.1, 2.0), ASP
Databases : Oracle 7x/8x, MS-SQL Server 7/2000
Servers : IIS
Scripting Technologies : VB Script, Java Script
Markup Languages : XML,HTML,CSS
Enterprize Servers : SQL Server
Configuration Management : WIN CVS, VSS 6.0


MIC Inc, Arlington, VA Mar ‘06 – Present

DotNet Developer
Americas Promise Web Applications
Description: At Americas Promise, we developed wide range of application
facilitating the organization meets its objectives, from creation of the main website
and then further developing web-based application to collect and process the
information. Of these, solely responsible for two applications. Worked as the Lead
Developer from inception of these projects.

Forum’s Management
The project involves in creation of various forms to collect information from
the members or non-members of the organization. The information collection process
is sub-divided into two groups and based on the choice they make the application
guides the user to present the information. A third party payment processing gateway
was integrated for this project. An admin interface guides the administrator to
process and edit the information and generate the reports as required.
Reena Sharda

• Responsible for analysis and design of specifications
• Developed the Application Architecture
• Developing Technical Design document and unit test cases.
• Implemented Data Access Layer based on Microsoft Application Block
• Wrote Several Stored Procedures and triggers
• Designed & Developed the business components
• Developed the Presentation layer
• Developed Custom and user Controls
• Handled production issues involving real-time application problems.
• Involved extensively in dry running and testing the application and further fixing
the problems encountered.
• Participated in Unit Testing and Development Integration Testing the application.
Technologies: C#, ASP. Net 2.0, XML, SQL Server 2000, Visual Studio 2005

Metro Transit, Mobile, AL Jun 05 – Feb 06

DotNet Developer
Description: MTOPS is a web-based application for Metro Transit to facilitate the
procurement of goods through subsequent level of authorization of the department
head and the general manager. The proposed purchase order is converted to an
official purchase order if and only if it has the authorization of the general manager.

Anyone in a department can propose a new purchase order. He/She has to obtain
the price from at least three vendors and submit the purchase order to the
department seeking his/her approval. The user can track the status of his submitted
proposal. The system sends an email notifying any change in the status of the PO.

• Developing Technical Design document and detailed design documents
• Developed the Presentation layer
• Developed Business components in c#
• Written stored procedures and triggers
• Developed User Controls
• Involved in unit testing and code reviews

Technologies: VB.Net, ASP. Net 1.1, XML, SQL Server 2000, Web Services, Visual 2003

Verizon Communications, Dallas, TX Dec ‘03 – Jun ‘05

DotNet Developer
Strategic Solution Platform
Description: The project is aimed at managing /Ordering data services, Internet
service, business email and other associated services with a single system. This is a
Reena Sharda
unified GUI, which replaces many of the legacy ordering Systems of Verizon in most cost
effective manner.

The application is of both thin and thick client application, which has to deal with the
data from Mainframe systems. The application uses many of the .net features like
Remoting, Windows Services. The reports are generated using Crystal Reports 9.0

• Responsible for analysis, design and implementation of the application
• Developed the Application Architecture
• Modified the existing Stored Procedures to add business functionality of the new
• Designed & Developed the business components
• Involved in integrating the application with Java systems using web services
• Developed the Presentation layer
• Developed Custom Controls and User Controls
• Generated the reports using Crystal Report 9.0
• Participated in Unit Testing and code reviews
• Involved in production support
Technologies: C#, ASP. Net 1.1, Windows Forms, XML, SQL Server 2000, Web
Services, XML Service, Visual 2003, Remoting

Larsen & Turbo InfoTech, Mysore, India Mar ‘03 – Oct ‘03
DotNet Developer
Workflow Management
Description: Work Flow Management (WMS) system was a three-layer web-based
application which provides a general frame work for the automation of pen and paper
work which goes on in any office. The main requirement was to automate the
organization's business workflow management transactions like
1. Request for Ticket Booking
2. IOU
3. Travel Advance
4. Training Allocation
• Developing Technical Design document and unit test cases
• Coded extensively in C# targeting the Business requirements
• Implemented Data Access Layer using Microsoft Application blocks
• Written stored procedures and triggers
• Maintained the user-credentials with the SQL server database with encrypted
• Used extensively User Controls and Custom Controls on the WebForms
• Designed the interfaces needed for exposing the Business Components
Technologies: C#, ASP.NET, XML, JavaScript, Web Services, Windows 2000, SQL
Server 2000, XML

Thomson Group of Travels, UK Jun ’02 - Mar ‘03

DotNet Developer
Reena Sharda
The is a holiday portal. The key sections of this portal are Hot deals,
Holiday search, Resort guide, Travel helper and my holiday profile. Hot deals section is
for finding the deals of the day, a selection of the best late deals offer either on the web
or on the high street. These have specially selected to reflect excellent value and are
updated by travel experts. Holiday search is to do search based on different attributes
like region, destination, holiday party and holiday style, departure information, price and
passenger details. Resort, guides is like a directory for the resorts. This also gives virtual
tour for some of the most popular resorts. Travel helpers is for different types of travel
needs like car hires, Passport and visas, insurance, health, hotel air ticketing etc. My
profile is a personalization feature for the user of the site who is registered with the site.
• Designed the architecture and developed libraries
• Designed and Developed ASP pages
• Involved in writing integrated Test Plans
• Implemented the Change Request Management
• Used VSS for version control
Technologies: ASP, VB 6.0, VBScript, JavaScript, HTML, Oracle 8i

McDonalds, UK May ‘01 - May ‘02

DotNet Developer
In 1974, McDonald's opened its first restaurant in the UK. Today, more than 2.5 million
people in this country place their trust in McDonald's every day - trusting the Company to
provide them with food of a high standard, quick service and value for money. Around
the country, more than 2.5 million customers are involved in the day-to-day operation of
McDonald's business.
The was developed by netdecisions, London in 1998. Ever since
McDonald’s hosted their web site in the UK, the maintenance contract has been also
awarded to netdecisions, London.
• Involved in Analysis and designee of the project
• Developed the ASP pages
• Written Stored Procedures and triggers
• Validations done in JavaScript
• Writing and Executing Unit Test cases for the developed Pages
• Involved in production support
Technologies: ASP, VB 6.0, VBScript, JavaScript, HTML, SQL Server 2000.


M.S in Computer sciences.

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