The Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) are a group of small administrative units in the northwest of Pakistan, lying

between the North-West Frontier Province and the neighbouring country of Afghanistan. They comprise seven tribal agencies and six smaller frontier regions, with considerable autonomy from the rest of Pakistan.

Administrative divisions

Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA)
The Federally Administered Tribal Areas consists of seven Tribal Areas and are called the agencies, which are from north to south:

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Bajaur Agency Mohmand Agency Khyber Agency Orakzai Agency Kurram Agency North Waziristan Agency South Waziristan Agency

Agencies are further divided into Assistant Political Agencies, subdivision, and tehsils. According to the Election Commission of Pakistan, the FATA consists of the following divisions: Agency Assistant Political Agency Subdivision Bara Bara Tehsil None Town Committee Jamrud Jamrud Khyber Agency Mullah Gori Tehsil Town Committee, Landi Kotal Landi Kotal Landi Kotal Landi Kotal Tehsil Safi Tehsil Upper Mohmand Upper Mohmand Upper Mohmand Tehsil Talimzai Tehsil Town Committee Jamrud Jamrud Mohmand Agency Mullah Gori Tehsil Pindyali Tehsil Ambar Tehsil Yakka Ghund Lower Mohmand Yakka Ghund Tehsil Prang Ghar Tehsil Khar Tehsil Khar Bajaur Agency Uthman Khel Tehsil Nawagai Nawagai Mamund Tehsil Khar Salarzai Tehsil Jamrud Jamrud Tehsil Jamrud Jamrud Tehsil

Chamarkand Tehsil Nawagai Tehsil Barrang Tehsil Upper Tehsil Upper Tehsil Orakzai Agency Lower Tehsil Lower Tehsil Lower Tehsil Central Tehsil Town Committee, Parachinar Upper Kurram Kurram Agency Lower Kurram Central Kurram Lower Kurram Lower Kurram None None Town Committee, Miram Shah Miram Shah Tehsil Miram Shah Miram Shah Ghulam Khan Tehsil Datta Khel Tehsil North Waziristan Agency Mir Ali Mir Ali Mir Ali Tehsil Spinwam Tehsil Shewa Tehsil Razmak Tehsil Razmak Razmak Dossali Tehsil Garyum Tehsil Sarwakai Tehsil Sarwakai Sarwakai Tiarza Tehsil South Waziristan Agency Ladha Ladha Ladha Tehsil Sararogha Tehsil Makin Tehsil Upper Kurram Upper Kurram Town Committee Sadda Upper Tehsil Ismailzai Tehsil

Wana Tehsil Wana Wana Bermal Tehsil Toi Khullah Tehsil

Total area of FATA:

27,220km sq(10,509.7sq mi)

Gilgit-Baltistan is a territory of Pakistan, which was formerly known as the Northern Areas (Urdu: Shum l Il qe J t)

. Subdivisions

Map of Gilgit-Baltistan, showing the boundaries of the six previous districts and their tehsils. The boundary between the recently created Hunza-Nagar District and the now smaller Gilgit District is the same line as the northern boundary of the former Gilgit Tehsil, which is the southernmost division of the area shown above in light blue. Sikanderabad, the administrative center of the new Hunza-Nagar District, is not yet shown on this map.

Gilgit-Baltistan is administratively divided into two divisions which, in turn, are divided into seven districts including the two Baltistan districts of Skardu and Ghanche, and the five Gilgit districts of Gilgit, Ghizer, Diamer, Astore, and Hunza-Nagar. The main political centres are the towns of Gilgit and Skardu.

TOTAL AREA: 72496km sq

Capital area: 120km sq (46.3sq mi) Metro: 233 km sq (90sq mi) Specified area: 3,627km sq (1,400sq mi)

Rural area: 466km sq (179.9sq mi)

Districts of Pakistan :
There are more then 125 districts in Pakistan and 7 agencies

Subdivision Number of districts Balochistan 27 Province North-West Frontier 24 Province Punjab Province 36 Sindh Province 23 Islamabad Capital 1 Territory (ICT) Federally 7 tribal agencies Administered Tribal plus 6 frontier Areas (FATA) regions Azad Kashmir 8 Gilgit-Baltistan 6 125 districts plus 7 Pakistan tribal agencies

Administrative units(provinces) of Pakistan:
The administrative units of Pakistan comprise of four provinces, one federal capital territory, and a group of federally-administered tribal areas Below this top tier, there are four more tiers of government including 27 divisions, more than a hundred districts (zillas), more than four hundred sub-districts called tehsils, and several thousand union councils. Pakistan also exercises control of two territories called Azad Jammu & Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan, located in the disputed region of Kashmir. The two territories are not part of Pakistan proper but for the purposes of this article they are considered alongside the other administrative units.

Pakistan's administrative units are as follows:

Map of Pakistan's administrative units

No Local name admin unit 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 Balochistan NWFP Punjab Sindh Capital Tribal areas Azad Kashmir Gilgitbaltistan



Area(km sq)

Quetta Peshawar Lahore Karachi Islamabad Peshawar Muzafarabad Gilgit

6,565,885 17,743,645 73,621,290 30,439,893 805,235 3,176,331 2,973,000 1,800,00(epx)

347,190 74,521 205,345 140,914 906 27,220 13,297 72,496

Population density (inh. per km²) 18.9 238.1 358.5 216 888.8 16.3 223.6 24.8

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