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1 Uocabulary Places
to see
A {,,,1Matchthe wordsand the pictures. youranswers.
Thenlistenand check

a. botanicalgarden fountain palace g . s q u a rei


b. castle mon u ment pyra m id h.statue I

B Pair work Whichof the placesin PartA do you havewhereyou live?

the places.
"There'sa nicestatuein the centerof the square."

2 Language in eontext Attractionsin the city

A {',,) Readaboutwhatto do in thesethreecities.Whichcitiesaregoodfor shoppingl

Enjoy shopping, cafls, You shouldn't miss the small Love history? Then you should
fountains, and statueson El neighborhoodof Insadong.It's visit the Egyptian Museum.
Malec6n,a popular walking a greatplace to shop for books, You can't seeit all in one
area.It'sa fantasticplace to pottery, and paintings. Later, day, so be sure to seeKing
take a long, slow walk or ride you can walk to a nearbypalace Tut's treasureand the famous
on a tour boat. or relax at an old teahouse. "mummy room."

B what about you?Whichcity in PartA would you like to visitl Whyt

3 Grammar
Should for recommendations Con for possibility
WhereshouldI go? What can I do there?
Youshouldvisitthe Egyptian You can enjoy caf6s,shops,and fountains.
Theyshouldn'tmissInsadong. Youcan't seeall of the museumin one day.
( = TheyshouldseeInsadong.)
Shouldshego to Cairo? Can they take a taxi?
Yes,sheshould. No,sheshouldn't. Yes,they can. No,they Gan't.

Complete the conversation can, or can't. Then practice

with should,shouldn't,
with a partner.
Az thould I renta carin Seoull
B: No,I thinkyou takethe subwav.You get around
quicklyand easily.
A: 0h, good.Andwhat places I visit?
B: Well,you missthe palace, andyou alsogo to the
art museum.You seeit all in oneday becauseit's very big,but you
buy reallyniceart booksand postcards there.
A: 0K.Thanksa lot!

4 Listening Mycity
A Listento threepeopledescribe the pictures
theircities.Number from 1 to 3.


B Listenagain.Writetwo thingsthe peoplesayvisitorsshoulddo in theircities.

5 Speaking only oneduy

A Pair work lmaginethesepeopleare planning
to visityourtownor city for only
. a familywith teenagechildren o two collegestudents
. a businesspersonfrom overseas . youngchildrenon a schooltrip
'l think the familyshouldvisit the town square.Theycan eat and shop there."

youranswersfrom PartA. Doyou agree?

B Group work Compare

6 Keep talkingl
Goto paget42 for morepractice. I cansaywhat people doin a city.O
r I r |'d
I, l l
recommendgoing ., r
l lnteractions
A tookat the pictures.
Whatdoyouthinkthewomanis goingto do soon?
WasyourguessfromPartA correct?
B {l)) tistento the conversation.
Thenpractice theconversation.

Lucy:Hi,Alex. Alex:l'd recommend goingto a samba

Alex: 0h, hi, Lucy.Areyou readyfor your club.
trip to Brazil? Lucy:A sambaclub/Really?
Lucy:Almost,but I don't reallyknowvery Alex:Yeah.Youcan danceor just listen
muchaboutRio.Whatwouldyou to the music.Everyonehasa good
recommend doingthere? time.

C (D Listento the expressions.

Thenpracticethe conversation
againwith the

Whatwouldyou recommend doingtherel l'd recommend going

Whatwouldyou suggestdoingthere/ l'd suggestgoing. . .
Whatdo youthinkI shoulddo therel I thinkyou shouldgo

D Putthewordsin order.Thencompare
witha partner.
1. you lthere/ recommend / would
/ what/ seeing
2 . l'd / the castle/ visiting/ suggest
3. thesquare I l/ should / thinkI youI goto
4. suggest / would/ doing/ whatI you/ in Tokyo
5 . bus/ recommend
/ l'd / the/ taking

2 Listening one dayin Taipei
A {l} Listento Carrieand Davidget information
fromthe touristinformation
Check(/) the recommendations
deskin Taipei. you hear.
1. E l'dsuggest Taipei
visiting 101.
E Youshould visitTaipei
2. E l'd recommendgoingto the nightmarket.
E Youshouldn'tmissthe nightmarket.
3. E goingto the FineArtsMuseum.
l'd suggest
E l'd recommendgoing to theFineArtsMuseum.
4. E I tninfyoushould takethesubway.
! l'd recommend takingthe subway.
B {D Listen again. the recommendations
in PartA thatCarrie
andDaviddecideto follow.

3 Speak-ng Roleplay
Pair work Role-ptay
the situation.
StudentA: Youarea touristin London. Askfor
recommendations for threethingsto do.
StudentB: Youwork at a touristinformationdesk.
Giverecommendations for threethingsto do.

The British Museum The Tate Modern The London Ey"

See the famous Rosetta See great art for free. Enjoyviews of 55 famous
Stone. places.

Trafalgar Square Tower Bridge Buckingham Palace

Takeyourpictureby the the bridge.
Walk across Seeoneof the RoyalFamily's
lion statues. Fantastic city views! many homes.

A: Hello.CanI helpyouT
B: Yes.Thisis my first time in London.Whatwould you suggestdoinghere?
A: Well,thereare a lot of things to do, but I think you shoulddeftnitelyvisit
the BritishMuseum.Youcan see. .
forandgivea recommendatio,
I can ask
Cl 7s
t Uocabulary Adjectivesto describecities
A {,) Matchthe wordsandthe pictures.
Thenlistenand checkyouranswers.

a. beautiful b. dangerous c. dirty d. modern e. stressful

, Jtlf I


B (D) Writethe opposites.
Usethe wordsin PartA. Thenlistenand check
clean relaxing safe traditional ugly
G Pair work Describe whereyouliveusingthe wordsin PartsA and B.
")ur city is beautifulandclean,but Iife herecan be stressful."

2 Gonuersation Lifein Sydney

A {D Listenand practice.
Peter:So,Akemi,how do you likelivingin Sydney?
Akemi:I missJapansometimes, but I loveit here.I thinkit's
the mostbeautiful and oneof the mostexcitingcities
in the world.
Peter:But do you find it stressful?
Akemi:Notat all. I knowSydneyis the biggestcity in Australia,
but remember, l'm fromTokyo.
Peter:0h, yeah.Whatelsedo you likeaboutlivinghere?
Akemi:A lot of's verycleanand safe.Thepeople
arefriendly.0h, and the food hereis fantastic.
Peter:I agree.I think Sydneyhasthe bestrestaurants
in the country.
Akemi:Hey,do you want to get something to eat?
Peter:Sure.I knowa nice's cheapbut good.

B {,)) Listento their conversation

in the caf6.HowdoesAkemi
describethe caf6?HowdoesPeterdescribe the food/
3 Grammar.D
Adjective Superlative
Sydneyisthe biggestcityin Australia. clean the cleanest
Sydneyisoneof the most excitingcitiesin the world. safg the safest
in the country.
Sydneyhasthe best restaurants big the biggest
ugly the Jgliest
What'sthe cleanestcity in yourcountry? stressful the most stressful
Whatcityhasthe most traditional restaurants? good the best'
ls it the worst restaurant? bad the worst
Yes,it is. No,it isn't.

A Complete thequestions formof theadjectives.

withthesuperlative Thencompare
witha partner.
1. What'soneof (old)universities
in yourcountry/
2. What's (Uig;cityin yourcountry?
3. What's (modern) cityin yourcountry?
4. What's (beautiful)
5. Whatcity has (good)restaurantsl
6. Whatcity has (bad)weather?

B Askandanswer yourideas.
in PartA. Discuss

4 Pronunciation Word stress

A {D Listen Notice
andrepeat. in the names
thestress of thesecities.

Sydney Madrid Ganberra NewDelhi

B {D Listenandwritethecitiesin thecorrect in PartA.Thenpractice

witha partner.
Amsterdam Berlin Caracas Lima

5 Speaking What'sthe ...?

aboutyourtownor city.
Pair work Askandanswer
expensive / hotel exciting/ neighborhood mo d e rn/ b u ild in g
beautiful / park big / departmentstore relaxing/ place

A: What'sthe mostexpensive hotelT

but the GrandHotelis veryexpensive.
B: I'm not sureit's the mostexpensive,

6 Keep talkingl
Goto page143for morepractice. I canmakecomparisons myt,r,
A g1
Thehestplaceto go
1 Reading rD
A Read
the message
Whoanswers question
Miguel's ibout safety?

Austin br San Antonio?

May t7
Hi! | livein Mexicoand am plbnningto visitmy unclein Dallas,Texas,nextyear.I'd also
liketo visitAustinor SanAntoniofor a few days.I likethe outdoors,
friendly people,
etc. Are bothcitiessafe?Anyothertips appreciated.Thanks!Miguel
rocker Posted:May I'i'
I'm a musicianand livein Austin.I thinkthe musichereis the bestin Texas.In fact,Austin's
nicknameis "the LiveMusicCapitalof the World."I can sendyouthe namesof somecool
musicclubs.We havefantasticrestaurants here,too.
biker6S Posted:
visitSanAntonio.The RiverWalkis oneof the mostpopularthingsfor visitorsto
do. There'sa lot to do outdoorshere,too. And everyonein Texasis veryfriendly.Checkout
my pics:myphotos
susanp Posted:ftdryf f f'
I disagree
I thinkthe musicis betterin SanAntonio.
I livedin bothcities.There
is a lot to do outdoorsin SanAntonio,but there'sjust moreto do in Austin.
richard Posted:May f88;
Bothcitiesaresafe,by the way,so don'tworry.I live in's the largestcity in Texas.
Youshouldvisit here,too.(::/ Readmy travelblogat
traveler Posted:
SanAntoniohasthe bestfood in Texas.Doyou like Tex-Mex food?Youshouldgo in
springor fall (summeris hot!).I suggesttravelingby bus. lt's not expensive.
with anyquestions.
miguel Posted:May {8

B Readthe message the questions.

boardagain.Answer (/) youranswers.
Who...? rocker biker6S susanp richard traveler
livesin Houston !D !tr!
givesa linkto seepictures D! TtrT
writesaboutthe weather TD T!T
the musicin SanAntonio DD DTD
hasa travelblog !T trTD
i s a m usician trT Ttrtr
G Pair work Whatdoyoudowhenyouneedadvice
or a recommendation?
uni tf .I
2 Writing A messageboard
A Choose board.Thenwritea question
a topicfor a message Canyou suggesta good
askingfor a recommendation aboutyourtopic.Usethe model restaurantnearour school?
to helpyou. 1. You shntr,l/.go to AIK*I/!. ft't
. food o music . outdooractivities . transportation hLt ttt 6feflt4'ue.
Z. I lhirrk Thati Patlarce hats
B Group work Passyourquestion on your
to the classmate
right.Readand answeryourclassmate's question.Continue
to fhe besf PooA.
in yourgroup.
pass,read,andanswerall of the questions 3. I agree.l+'sfhe mosf popular
reslaurant near here.
to yourquestion.
C Readthe answers Whichrecommendation
is the best/

3 Speaking The bestof the city

A Pair work Complete aboutthe bestthingsaboutyour
the chartwith information
city or town.Civereasons.
The best things about Reasons

A: I think the best thing about our city is the people.Theyare veryfriendly
and helplul.
B: I agree.
yourideaswith anotherpair.Doyou agree?
B Group work Compare

G Class activity Makea listof all the thingsfromPartsA and B.Which

is the mostpopular/

\ *r.

rL \

I can discuss
ofa city.f
I Ouick pair reuiew
Lesson A Brainstorm! Makea listof fun places
to seein a city.Howmanydo
Lesson B Do you remember? Check (/) the questions
youwanta recommendation.
! whatwouldyourecommend doingthere?
! wnicnplaceis moreexpensive?
! whenareyougoingto China?
! whatwouldyousuggest doingthere?
! wnatareyougoingto do in Brazil?
! whatdo youthinkI shoulddo there?
Lesson G Test your partner! Sayan adjective a city.Canyour
to describe
partnersaythe superlative?
B: Themostmodern.
Lesson D Guess! Describe a city,butdon'tsayits name.Canyourpartner
guesswhatit is?Taketurns.Youandyourpartnerhavetwo minutes.
A: lt's an old city in's hasa lot of squaresandfountains.
B: ls it Florence?
A: Yes,it is.

2In the real world

Whatcity wouldyou liketo visit?Coto a travelwebsiteand find information
city in English.
. Whatcountryis it in?
. What'sit like?
o Whatis thereto do in the cityl
. What'sit famousfor?

i I wouldlike to go to
Montreal, It'e in Canada.It's
modernand safe, , . .