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Case Study

Steel Framing Systems is part of
Tasman Building Solutions group
owned by Jake Gundry and Guy
Wood. Jake & Guy started the
business 17 years ago with two
Scottsdale Panel Machines. Steel Framing Systems plant in Crestmead.

Today they have 18 Scottsdale
machines and factories in 3 states of
Scottsdale uses Steel Framing Systems operation in Brisbane
Australia as a demonstration plant for potential users of its
technology from many countries globally.

Scottsdale regularly has visitors from Asia, Europe, the Middle
East and South America attend production plant tours at Steel
Framing Systems factory to see the most efficient producer of
steel frames in the world deliver fast track steel framed
construction projects on an unprecedented scale.
Visitors are always impressed by the high volume produced by
Steel Framing Systems who have the capability and regularly
produces 25 kilometres of steel framing in one day to meet
customers’ demands. 197 Homes Delivered in Tugan Queensland in 7 months.

The company has expanded rapidly from start-up in 1997 and
are the leaders in providing a total solution for steel framing for
the residential, industrial, transportable and commercial
construction sectors in Australia.
Tasman Building Solutions also has other subsidiaries that
provide structural engineered products, fastening systems, steel
kitset houses and steel frame installation services.

Fast Track Construction
Steel Framing Systems ability to engineer & design, produce
and erect steel framed houses using Scottsdale’s technology to
the highest standards and meet customer’s speed of build
requirements is why Steel Framing Systems is the leader in the Over 1600 Homes Delivered Sanctuary Cove Queensland.
Australian market.

Phone: +64 21 953 343, 17 Cadbury Rd, Onekawa Napier 4110, New Zealand

Benefits: A Total Solution package including:  On-going software support. 76mm. 90mm & 140mm Scottsdale framing and our Scottsdale 600 truss profile. Solution: Scottsdale’s panelised and truss fabrication systems. New Zealand Email: sales@scottsdalesteelframes.  Onsite commissioning of new machines. 17 Cadbury Rd. Transportable and Modular Steel Framed www. This is the equivalent to 5000 x 200m2 . Onekawa Napier 4110.Steel Framing System can and has produced 30 sets of residential house frames and trusses in one week. Steel Framing Systems has purchased: 18 Scottsdale Panelised Fabrication Systems and Truss Fabrication System. SUMMARY Objective: Set the standard for quality and leadership in its industry and continue to have the finest reputation as one of the major suppliers of steel framing systems Australia-wide.  On-going technical machine & software support. The Complete Package The Scottsdale team provide a total solution package for Steel Framing Systems that allows them to produce 70mm. “that the relationship with Scottsdale Construction Systems and its steel framing technology is an integral part in SFS's success since 1997.  Onsite software training of new employees.  On-going software development & releases. Jake Gundry CEO of Tasman Building Solutions commented. SCOTTSDALE CONSTRUCTION SYSTEMS Phone: +64 21 953 343. The Result In August 2013 Steel Framing Systems reached the milestone of 20 million metres of steel framing manufactured in 10 years in Australia. More will be ordered in 2013 Building Queensland’s new schools in steel frame to meet demand throughout Australia.scottsdalesteelframes.