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ProCurve Networking by HP

ProCurve 8200 Switch forms the heart of Martifer’s unified network infrastructure

“The ProCurve 8200 series core switch is ideal for our data centre environment. It’s easy to manage, highly secure and provides us with the high level of performance needed for the core of our network infrastructure.”

Nuno Florindo IT manager Martifer Group Portugal

Portugal’s Martifer Group is one of the fastest growing companies in Europe – it saw revenues increase by about 30 per cent in 2005 and 87 per cent in 2006. The group comprises four core businesses: metallic construction, energy systems, electricity generation and biofuels. Martifer operates in 16 countries throughout five continents.

After reflecting on previous experiences with ProCurve Networking and other leading networking vendors, Martifer decided to approach ProCurve and its local partner, Estin, because they had successfully implemented solutions in some of Martifer’s other sub-plants. “We have had good experiences with the ProCurve and Estin partnership in the past and their proposed solution was technically attractive and satisfied all our requirements on a cost-effective basis,” comments Florindo.

Objective • Martifer, a Portuguese construction and energy giant needed a high-performance, high availability networking solution that offered reliability and scalability to satisfy the growing demands of its business. Approach

• Assess the limitations of its
existing Local Area Network.

Planning for future growth Until recently an ageing Local Area Network (LAN) linked several buildings at Martifer’s main headquarters near Oliveira de Frades, to the south-east of Porto, Portugal. Whilst the network had served the business well for many years, its performance and its capacity limited information exchange between multiple sites, and security, particularly of the wireless infrastructure that was also a concern. In order to support its ambitious expansion programme, Martifer decided to review its LAN and create a new integrated adaptive network infrastructure built for future growth. “Over the past few years Martifer has expanded its operations considerably. To support this growth, we decided to construct a new innovation centre to house our data centre which will act as the hub of the LAN,” explains Nuno Florindo, IT manager, Martifer Group. “To provide efficient information exchange, the new network infrastructure needed to interconnect five key buildings and also link them to the new innovation centre. In addition, the network has to provide adequate capacity for the future. We are building two new factories to manufacture various energy devices such as components and assembly for wind turbines and for the assembly of photovoltaic panels. These sites will need to be linked to the network - therefore efficient network management and performance is essential,” adds Florindo.

• Consult with ProCurve Networking
and its local partner, Estin.

• Implement a new ProCurve
Switching to the next generation At the heart of the solution is the nextgeneration ProCurve 8200 series core switch. Based on the industry-proven ProCurve ProVision ASIC™ and located in the new innovation centre, it is the ideal core switch solution for a data centre environment. As the industry’s first core switch with lifetime warranty enabling wired and wireless network from the core to the edge, with unified security and management, the new 8200 series core switch was the ideal solution for Martifer to reduce complexity and lower the total cost of ownership (TCO). “The ProCurve 8200 series core switch is ideal for our data centre environment. It’s easy to manage, highly secure and provides us with the high level of performance needed for the core of our network infrastructure,” says Florindo. Adaptive Network infrastructure based on the new 8200 series core switch.

• Deploy ProCurve management
software for security and manageability. IT improvements

• A reliable, high-performance and
secure network with high availability.

• A unified core-to-edge network
with a shared platform architecture based on proven reliability.

• Reduced complexity from a
unified infrastructure and shared management platform.

• A scalable network to meet future
IT demands. Business benefits • The highly scalable network ensures that Martifer can continue to expand its business.

• Martifer will benefit from lower ongoing support costs thanks to ProCurve’s comprehensive lifetime warranty.

• Martifer will benefit from lower ongoing support costs thanks to ProCurve’s free firmware updates.

• Reduced complexity ensures that
Total Cost of Ownership will fall significantly.

• High levels of network security
protect the company’s interest.

• Martifer’s key applications will
2 perform more efficiently due to a high-performance network environment.

ProCurve’s award-winning 5400 series switches provide the required intelligence at the edge of the network while ProCurve 5300 switches support ProCurve Radio Port 210 units and a ProCurve Wireless Edge Services Module (WESM). The WESM solution delivers Martifer secure, advanced wireless services with simplified management and unified wired and wireless operations across the whole network. 10Gigabit Ethernet ports and 1Gigabit fibre ports provide connectivity and redundancy to the network while 1,200 Gigabit Ethernet ports with Power over Ethernet (PoE) ensure that the radio ports and third party IP phones across the main office sites are supplied with power. To further aid network management, ProCurve Manager Plus (PCM+) and ProCurve Identity Driven Manager (IDM) software ensure a secure and manageable platform. PCM+ allows Martifer administrators to configure, update, monitor and troubleshoot ProCurve devices centrally from the new innovation centre, while at the same time, IDM dynamically applies security, access, and performance settings to network infrastructure devices based on user, location, and time. In this way, access and rights are granted automatically to approved users - wherever and whenever they connect to the network.

ProCurve’s management software not only makes network management easier, but it also enhances our network security levels and actively controls access of core applications such as email, ERP, and HR. The features of IDM were fundamental to permit integration with Microsoft® Active Directory and to authenticate defining policy groups. IDM is also very important for the security of the wireless infrastructure with access rules based on time and location, automatic VLAN assignment and Access Control Lists. In addition, the implementation of Quality of Service has increased performance and ensures high quality and minimal jitter of the third party IP Telephone system,” explains Florindo.

Customer at a Glance Industry sector: Construction & energy Name: Martifer Group Headquarters: Oliveira de Frades, Portugal Founded: 1990 Telephone: +351 232 767 700 Annual revenues: a279 million URL: P a r tner Company: Estin Headquarters: Porto, Portugal Telephone: +351 225 193 540 URL: Business: IT technology Products: Hardware, software & networking solutions and services What Makes it Work? Primar y applications • Networking P r i m a r y har d w a r e • ProCurve Switch 8212zl • ProCurve Switch 5412zl • ProCurve Switch 5300xl

High reliability, high performance and high availability “Thanks to ProCurve we now have in place a highly reliable, high-performance manageable network offering high availability and increased security for both wired and wireless operations. This end-to-end network infrastructure benefits from reduced complexity and will significantly ensure a lower Total Cost of Ownership,” adds Florindo. “Users are experiencing much better access to the file server and applications since the new network became operational. It is essential that applications such as our Enterprise Resource Planning system, workflows, business intelligence and document management work well. I am very happy with this state of the art ProCurve solution and look forward to implementing future phases as our business continues to grow,” concludes Florindo.

• Wireless Edge Services Module (WESM) • ProCurve Radio Port 210 • 10 Gigabit Ethernet ports • 1 Gigabit fibre ports • 1Gigabit Ethernet ports with PoE Primar y softwar e • ProCurve Manager Plus (PCM+) • ProCurve Identity Driven Manager (IDM)

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