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Answer the following questions:

Q.1 How day and night takes place?

Q.2 What is the sun made of?

Q.3 What is the difference between the sea and an ocean?

Q.4 What happens when there is a storm at sea?

Q.5 What three things must a map have?

Q.6 What is a climate? How is it different from weather?

Q.7 In which part of the country do we have a coastline?

Q.8 Describe the Pakistani flag.

Q.9 Which of the services named in the lesson do you use?

Q.10 What is tax? How is it used?

Qno2. Write the meanings of these words:

1. Planet _________________________________________.
2. Solid __________________________________________.
3. Season _________________________________________.
4. Temperature ____________________________________.
5. Lightning _______________________________________.

Qno3. Write T true or F false:

1. A plain is low, flat land____________.
2. Low land between the mountains are called a bay_______.
3. Mountains are higher than hills____________.
4. Dirty water damages plant and animal life _____________.
5. Rivers flow from the sea to the land_____________.

Qno4. Write glossary

1. _____________: used to measure rainfall
2. _____________: used to measure air pressure
3. _____________: used to measure wind speed
4. _____________: the time the earth takes to go round the sun
5. _____________: the part of time on the side of the earth which is facing
the sun

Qno5. Fill in the blanks:

1. A _____________ is high, flat land.
2. Water surrounded by all sides by land is called a________.
3. The area where the land meets the sea at the same level is called the
4. A small area of land surrounded by water is called an ___________.

Qno6. Match these names in the correct places:

Sindh Balochistan

Punjab Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

Arabian sea River Indus

Karachi Lahore

Quetta Gilgit baltistan

Qno7. Make sentences

1. Tax 2. Public 3. Private 4. Services 5.

Qno8. Write names of continents:

1. __________ 2. ____________ 3. ____________ 4. __________ 5.
____________ 6. ____________