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She does all because she made this her ambition to make her child a better person. May Allah be with us in all the transitional modes of our life. However. This is miserable world. Every well-known human being in the history got inspired by their ambitions that led them to win this battle against sluggishness. this is life and its painful and at the same time it is a bandage too. Everyone has an urge to be someone but not himself. They want him to be their ideal. just do it with your way with perfection and dedication. Build your own identity. will to stick on ambitions. I conclude that wherever you are. Very few on earth can understand the true feelings of a mother’s love. she has many hopes for her child. It’s the fire in us that’s simulates us not to fade away our dedication towards our ambitions. They worked hard till the end. Even sometimes your loved ones also join the club of critics – this is harsh situation. Allah has given man a very powerful thing through which he can conquer everything and everyone and that is persistency. when you are successful. But we never stop dreaming. In the road to success. Many times people oppose you with your opinion and the way you think about matters and in fact what you do with your life. doctor or an army officer but we remain her child.dream about what we can and sometimes the things we cannot. We want to be a very famous politician. why cannot we? It is a very famous Chinese proverb: use your own resources. In the end. Everyone wants to seek someone whom they can obey. When she can never stop trying can we? If she can inspire herself from her ambition. but they restrain themselves not to be the slave of their desires. whatever you want to do. singer. remember one thing. They were also full of desires. be skillful and be professional in your respective field and above all be humble. Pakistan Zindabad! . have to face hurdles. everyone who passes through it. Fame eradicates. She works hard and does everything for her child to meet the needs of the world to make her child a better human on earth. you will get everyone and everything. We are living in a country whose founder never give up for his ambition. The thing which made them not to give up is the will to achieve their ambitions. they were humans too. every night we again go to sleep and dream. sportsman. A mother when gave birth to a child. haunted the most. So. in short. so it is useless to wait for someone to be your inspiration be someone’s inspiration. that really matters. engineer. to achieve what was demanded from them. The battle against love ones. the bad in you.but you have to say yourself just start moving never stop. Everyone in this world has ideals to whom one follows in one’s life to be successful and victorious. AMBITION IS INSPIRATION From our childhood to until this very age we do one thing-dream. my advice for them is to live your life at full and be the first drop of rain because it is a hard task to ask for. Some uetians are saying good-bye to this university and some are about to step in. he never stopped utilizing his mental and physical resources for the nation of this green land rather he became the inspiration for millions of people on this planet.

W). that he is with us and he will be. Being a Muslim. . I also do have but he sis the messenger of Allah. Muhammad (S.A. the faith in Allah.We are the Muslims and we do believe in true faith.

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