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We had a visit planned to Sunday’s Animal Market. It was a chaotic market with animal vendors from
nearby villages selling variety of animals like Ducks, Quails, Hens, Goats, Sheep etc. Fighter Cocks were
also on sale. People bought those animals not just for consumption but for Raising them and for sacrifice
too. We met with a couple of vendors & enquired about the selling rates. We also inquired about the
cost incurred by them, how much do they usually earn and their other sources of incomes.

Most of the sellers were actually farmers or had poultry farms as their main livelihood. The animals they
bought for selling were raised in the local environment or in their poultry farms. Except for hens from
the poultry farms, other animals didn’t incur significant cost of raising.

Animal Cost
Hen 90-100
Goat 450-500
Goat (for sacrifice) 750-900
Sheep 650-850
Fighter Cocks 4500-10000


Cock Fighting is a popular sport in Patamda. Highly priced Fighter Cocks are traded in animal market.
These fights are organized on every Friday. Huge crowd gathers to watch this sport and heavy betting is
made on fights. This has transformed into a exceedingly profitable business, though highly unorganized.


Next we visited the temple of Goddess Kaali. It was an old architectural design building and had a
separate room nearby where animals were sacrificed. Sacrificing animals is very old belief being
continued for generations. There were very few people as the crowd had left after Sunday’s Morning


We got back to our place of stay after the temple visit where meeting with the section Incharge was
planned. We discussed about our stay, about the activities we carried out, places we visited etc. The
Incharge shared information about the TSRD’s work in that area and how the conditions are gradually
getting better. We also discussed our viewpoints on the issues we observed in the villages and among
tribes. Finally we had a lunch together and then we departed for Campus, ending our Village Excursion