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Calibration of Micropipettes

Learn how to calibrate the Micropipettes using distilled water.
1.0 Equipments Required
Micro tips
Calibrated balance
2.0 Material Required
Distilled water
3.0 Procedure:
3.1 Calibrate the micropipettes in a vibration free room at a constant temperature of water between 20 to 25°C.
3.2 Calibrate the Micropipettes for a volume of 100 and 1000 ml; and for 20 and 200 ml.
3.3 Set the desired volume using the volume‐setting knob.
3.4 Carefully fit tip into tip cone and flush with distilled water by pipetting the adjusted volume at least 3 – 4 times.
3.5 Carefully aspirate the liquid and pipette the sucked volume of distilled water into a tare 10 ml volumetric flask.
3.6 Repeat at least ten times and record the result.
3.7 Calculate the pipetted volume, taking the temperature into account.
3.8 After calibration, immediately put the “CALIBRATION” tag duly filled with necessary information
4.0 Precaution
4.1 Use an analytical balance with a readability of 0.1 mg.
5.0 Frequencies
6.0 Limits/ Acceptance Criteria

Micropipettes ID Volume in ml Tolerance Limit in ml
Min Max
A 100 99.9 100.1
1000 999.0 1001.0
B 20 19.98 20.02
200 199.8 200.2
7.0 Abbreviation
SOP : Standard Operating Procedure

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