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000 Total 75.000-one time pay 6 Google Ad Words Pilot run 40. How much does it cost? Product Activity Delivered Amount (INR)/Month 1 Facebook 12 posts/month 800 likes/month 25.000-one time pay) 5 Website Optimization 15.30 Min Enhancement (15.000 4 Employee Presentation .000 2 Google Plus 500 followers/month 3 Blog 4 / month 10.000 .

Engagement-oriented Contents : 12/month Optimization: Promotional Trend Optimization Contextual Hash tag Optimization.Activity Delivered Activity Delivered Facebook Google + Advertisements: Content: Development 12 items Design and Copy of the Ad Promotional Custom Audience Targeting Contextual Ad Deployment User focused/Testimonial Ad Optimization Info graphics Ad Reporting. User focused/Testimonial Reputation Management: Info graphics Professional responses. Engagement-oriented Real-Time Engagement Social App’s User Moderation App Design Connection Building: App Development Connection Mapping App Testing Connection Adding App Integration Connection Trimming Analytics: Analytics: Insights report Insights report .

Pinterest. Blog Hosting Authorship Verification 2.Premium Subscriptions. LinkedIn. Google+.CMS setup.Connection Building User Moderation Real Time Engagement 6.Platform specific training: Content Deployment Content Optimization 4.Profile optimization Community Management: Professional responses 5.The basics of Social Media - Blog Creation (if required) Facebook. . Instagram. and Blog Planning Commonalities between the platforms. Content Creation: Content Design and Copy 3. YouTube.Functional Differences.Communication Modalities Analytics: Content Insights 7. Blog creation . Twitter.Activity Delivered Activity Delivered Blog Employee Enhancement Content Creation 1.

and Fixing. Activity Delivered Website Optimization Webmaster Audit: Error Reporting. Content Optimization: On Page Content Opt8imization. <meta> optimization. Search Appearance Optimization Search Traffic Optimization. Analytics Audit: Audience Overview. .

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