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Critical Analysis – Safe Schools

Safe schools focus on the LGBTIQ community, the program started in 2013 in Victoria for
creating a safe and inclusive environment for students who are gender diverse and their
families. The reality of safe schools is a mixture of people who are encouraging it and other Commented [P1]: Understanding evident

people who oppose the safe schools program, due to religious beliefs or their own person
feelings. This article states the reason for safe schools, how it is important to keep everyone
safe and feel accepted in their community. Critically looking at how the students, teachers, Commented [P2]: Best way to start a sentence here?

education department and parents deal with or feel about the idea of safe schools in their
class rooms. Commented [P3]: Some grammar issues evident
Commented [P4]: Need to set the scene better in the
introduction for what is to follow

An increasing number of children today identify as a different gender from that of their
naturally assigned sex (Bartholomaeus et al., 2016). Throughout the article “The reality of Safe Commented [P5]: Well supported

schools’ they struggle to show the affects this has on the students. No student is asked during
the article how they feel about safe schools, but the statistics prove that it is necessary due
to both verbal and physical abuse that happens when children do not ‘conform’ to how
society feel they should. 50% of children who are transgender attempt suicide at least once Commented [P6]: Interesting

in their lives (Alcorn, 2016). Children should not feel the need to end their lives, but due to Commented [P7]: Well supported

feeling alone and unprotected by the schools they feel this is the best resort as they cannot
deal with already feeling like something is wrong with them but then also being informed by
others that something is indeed wrong and this is their only option out of pain. Commented [P8]: This section done generally well – good
consideration shown

Roz Ward states, ‘We do not teach kids, we train teachers’ (Alcorn, 2016) Teachers have Commented [P9]: Full stop?

important roles in keeping the children safe while in their care at school. Teachers find they
are not listened to when it comes to the care of their students, they understand the issues
that children face in the schools. The teachers are given less opportunities for professional
development and support working with the LGBTIQ community (Bartholomaeus et al., 2016).
Some teachers also due to their religious or personal believes fear how the safe schools Commented [P10]: Beliefs? Spelling

program will damage children later in life. Commented [P11]: Considered generally well here

The government seems torn over whether safe schools should become compulsory. In South
Australia, a law passed for safe schools but in Victoria it was declined. Although safe schools

Nicole Philipson 2081396 phil0356

are coming under fire about whether it promotes or detriments a student’s health, other laws
have passed. One law passed in 2013, it is now unlawful to discriminate against someone Commented [P12]: Well highlighted

based on the gender they identify whether, it does not matter if that have undergone surgery
or treatment (Alcorn, 2016). The education curriculum does deal with sexuality issues in
health and physical education. The issue promoted with this is that in some private or catholic
schools do not do health and physical education or at most do the minimum requirements
for the curriculum. Commented [P13]: This section seems detailed well – well
thought out

Parents care about their children, and most of the time love them no matter who they are,
although there are some parents who do not agree with the safe school program. Parents are Commented [P14]: Yes true

saying it is important for schools to be supportive in the safe school program, especially for
those impacted negatively by the gender stereotyping in schools (Bartholomaeus et al., 2016). Commented [P15]: I like the use of supporting evidence that
resonates through
Parents feel not enough is being done to support their children, which seems appropriate
now, as children are coming home from schools being bullied for being gay or being
transgender and being told they are not normal. This is hard for parents as they do not want
to send their children to school who are feeling isolated, but they are feeling helpless in
dealing with the bullying. Commented [P16]: Well said

Roz Ward explains how safe schools didn’t just appear out of nowhere. For many years, the Commented [P17]: Terms in full in formal report
Commented [P18]: Reference? Cited in?
Gay and Lesbian groups and even now the Trans community are insisting on equality and
respect (Alcorn, 2016). The deserved to be able to walk down the halls and not feel bullied or
ostracized. A generation ago very few people were open about their sexuality, but now the
times are changing and the public as started to want everyone to have equal rights, no matter
who you are or your background. Commented [P19]: Okay yes

Overwhelmingly everyone seems to be questioning what is in the best interest for the
students involved in the safe school program, but they seem more interested in those that
are not actually of the LGBTIQ community but rather those who are straight. They do not
seem to be interested in hearing the children’s points of view to the subject matter though. Commented [P20]: Where is your opinion on the issue –
support with the literature

Nicole Philipson 2081396 phil0356


Alcorn, G. (2016, December 14). The Reality of Safe Schools: More a life-saving support than
queer theory classroom invasion. Retrieved from The Guardian:
Bartholomaeus, C., Riggs, D. W., & Andrew, Y. (2016). Exploring trans and gender diverse
issues in primary education in South Australia. Adelaide: Flinders University.

It is pleasing to see the references used in the work above but at times this could be done
more. The implications section is well considered but other aspects aren’t given the same
amount of attention and they should have been. Really appearance and opinion aren’t overly
evident here in this report and you needed to ensure all aspects were covered in detail. Final
Grade: 67.5% Credit