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Strategy to 2020

Our strategy at a glance

Academic Being practical Supportiveness Collaborative, Honesty, integrity,
flexible, innovative high professional
ambition and applied and inclusion thinking standards

We are academically strong and ambitious, with an • We deliver excellent outcomes for our students, enabling them
emphasis on being practical and applied. Our strong to succeed in a diverse and complex world characterised by
increasing change.
connections to business and the professions directly • We expand the horizons of our students connecting them to wider
influence our courses and teaching, and help ensure the opportunities through partnerships.
impact of our research and innovation. • We undertake high impact research with an applied emphasis which
secures significant economic and social benefits.

By 2020 we will be recognised as a leading UK university known for
• the excellence of our teaching and student experience with highly satisfied students
• the value that we add to the futures of our students, partners and staff
• internationally recognised research with real world impact

Ambitions Ambitions Ambitions
Delivering an excellent Expanding horizons Building on our strengths in research
educational experience and innovation
The value that we add to the futures of
We aspire to be one of the best universities our students will be recognised as the Our research performance in our areas
for the quality of our teaching and distinguishing factor in the of strength will achieve the highest
learning, excelling in programmes that are Sheffield Hallam experience. international standing.
academically challenging with an emphasis
on professional practice. We will raise aspirations to participate in Through our research and innovation we
higher education and expand the horizons will address important social and economic
Our students will have an excellent challenges and make contributions that
of our students as they progress through
educational experience. Through our have benefits in regional, national and
their studies and into their chosen careers.
learning and teaching they will be international spheres. We will be sought
We will enable our graduates to realise their
stimulated, presented with new challenges after by partners in business, industry,
full potential and to be ready to make a
and perspectives and supported to the professions, government and charities
positive contribution to a global society and
succeed. Their student experience will be to create and transfer knowledge, develop
economy. This will be underpinned by our
underpinned by excellent support services practical solutions and add value to
strong national and global partnerships.
and facilities. Our students will experience their activities.
digital resources and technologies that
support their academic, professional and
social development.

Delivered by Delivered by Delivered by
• high quality and popular • raising aspirations and • world-leading and
programmes supporting success internationally excellent
• outstanding teaching • opening up opportunities research
• a culture of continuous • partnerships • engagement
improvement • a culture of ambition
• an excellent infrastructure to and excellence
support learning and teaching • partnerships

Being a sustainable university
Size and Finance People Infrastructure – digital
Process Reputation
shape – estate technology

flexible and innovative in our inspired by the talent and enthusiasm that thinking. and teaching. this is at the heart of our University. They will inspire bringing quality and inventiveness to our us to achieve the ambitions captured in our teaching. Strategy 2015–2020 | 3 . I am continually We attach great value to the vibrant university community we have developed. We help students to develop strategy to 2020. I see around our campuses. We also pride ourselves in being engaged with the world around us and being collaborative. making us friendly and exceptionally supportive. expectations and experiences of thousands We are proud of our learning environment. their abilities. enable them to realise their potential and encourage them to seize Professor Philip Jones opportunities. We have developed our strategy in We excel at expanding horizons and consultation with our staff and partners. Their feedback and an in-depth appraisal Our connections to business and the of our strengths and opportunities has professions directly influence our courses informed our thinking. and enhance the impact of our research and innovation. Although we are a large Vice-Chancellor university we place great emphasis on February 2015 the individual. of staff.Foreword S heffield Hallam University is a great university in a great city. This is what appealed to me when I became Vice-Chancellor in 2007 and what still holds true for me today. students and partners who all and prouder still of our commitment to contribute to our success. This strategy reflects the achievements.

changes to society The strategy also recognises that our activities • increased international mobility emphasises must be underpinned by being sustainable the importance of working across national – academically.after graduates. It is focussed on delivering an academically challenging and • students have increasing expectations stimulating experience that allows our students • national and international higher education to develop their full potential and become environments are more competitive sought. increasingly important 4 | Strategy 2015–2020 . Context The environment Our focus Our plans for the future recognise that we have Our strategy places students and high-quality to respond to and deliver in a challenging and teaching at the centre of what we do ensuring we invigorating environment where are responsive to student needs. • research and innovation will be focussed on It is important to us that our community and selectivity and impact our partners benefit from our research and innovation. financially. staff and other organisations is recognised as • technological advances are bringing rapid central to delivering our vision. • a difficult economic environment makes it challenging for new graduates to move into the Throughout the strategy our commitment to workplace engagement and partnership with our students. socially and borders environmentally – and defines priorities that we • partnering with other organisations to believe will enable us to flourish in a competitive improve effectiveness and impact is and globalised higher education market.

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with continuing to an emphasis on being practical and applied. connecting them to wider opportunities Our values through partnerships We acknowledge that students and staff achieve • undertake high impact research with an their greatest potential in an environment that applied emphasis which secures significant is intellectually invigorating.Our university Our mission We will support the delivery of this vision by We are academically strong and ambitious. • establish an outstanding reputation for enabling them to succeed in a diverse and engagement and partnership complex world characterised by increasing • make innovative use of our infrastructure to change deliver our academic activities • expand the horizons of our students. and enhance the impact of our • employ skilled. the professions the financial resources to develop and succeed and communities directly influence our courses and teaching. Our mission is to staff • deliver excellent outcomes for our students. partners and staff • being collaborative. economic and social benefits which engages students. Our vision Sheffield Hallam University is characterised by By 2020 we will be recognised as a leading UK a sense of ownership and pride in itself and we university known for value • the excellence of our teaching and student • academic ambition experience with highly satisfied students • being practical and applied • the value that we add to the futures of our • supportiveness and inclusion students. flexible and innovative in • internationally recognised research with real our thinking world impact • honesty. open and fair. Our • build a sustainable university where we have strong connections to business. staff and partners and engenders a sense of belonging. successful and committed research and innovation. integrity and high professional standards Strategy 2015–2020 | 7 .

The value we place on our links with the community was also reflected in the range and Our partnership with the Tour provided an scale of the activities we provided for local people opportunity to showcase excellence from across and school children throughout the duration of the University's academic community – from the Tour de France. brought to life by our outstanding students and talented staff. Case Study: Expanding Horizons Where it all begins I n 2014. We ensured our activities were enjoyed by an incredible number of people across the region Our sports engineers explored the science of – more than 3. I even met someone at the This project exemplified the University's Grand Départ exhibition who has put me in commitment to providing unique opportunities touch with another company. Stage and screen students performed Bespoke. a specially commissioned theatre event which We achieved a global profile for the University. ‘This has been a brilliant project where I've learnt so much. Graphic Design horizons but provide them with experiences that student will help them to distinguish themselves in their future careers. and millions of vehicles that took part in the pre-race parade. It inspired a wide ranging programme of events and activities. drew on local people's stories of cycling. Hosting More than 200 students secured unique placements and volunteering experiences related to their area of academic study. and I've got an for our students that not only expand their internship out of it. thousands of members of the public students created the unique wraps for the at our Tour-themed events. opportunity for our region.000 and exposure to more than six million 2 of the Grand Départ with the Vice-Chancellor to spectators. we became the first university to sponsor the Grand Départ of the Tour de France. raise money to support students who come to the University from the care system. sports engineering to events management and the performing arts. ’ Eddie. and we are proud to have played a significant role in its success. 8 | Strategy 2015–2020 . and our art and design colleges. They are experiences that will not only live long in the memory but also give them a competitive the Tour de France was a once-in-a-generation advantage when they graduate. spectators cheering our caravan vehicles along the route of the Grand Départ.500 pupils in their schools and cycling at public events. And our securing media coverage worth more than cycling club rode the 200 kilometre route of stage £250.

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• encouragement to excel in their area of work Students can expect in the context of clear expectations and high performance to produce results that • an intellectually stimulating and challenging contribute to our goals environment where subject knowledge and its application in practice will equip them with the academic knowledge and expertise Partners can expect to increase their future opportunities and • graduates with ambition and enterprise choices underpinned by subject knowledge and a range of skills that will enhance their business • inspiration from the quality of teaching.Stakeholder expectations T he nature of a university's business means that we have a wide range of stakeholders. or organisation the use of technology and the global and professional perspectives in our courses • research and leading edge practice that is useful to. industry and profession • opportunities to enrich the economic. and can take pride in their contribution to the we do. social and cultural life of the city region Strategy 2015–2020 | 11 . their business. providing increased opportunities to help • help with realising their ambitions through them achieve their potential the expertise we can provide to their business. Therefore our new strategy sets out what University's achievements and the success of our different stakeholders can expect from their students interactions with the University. and has an impact on. Our mission and vision puts relationships at the heart of what Members of staff can expect • an environment that supports their personal and professional development. all of whom have different expectations of their interactions with us. • support throughout their time as a student industry and profession and as part of our alumni community. where they feel a sense of belonging and community.

close to 19.000 placement experiences each year in business. industry. to us with 97% of our student population drawn from state schools – 25% from low We have created more than 140 Knowledge income households and 17% from areas where Transfer Partnerships enabling companies participation in higher education is very low. up 25 places in the national research league Widening participation comes naturally tables. nursing.000. moving the University of 34. In the 2014 National Student Survey our overall student satisfaction score rose from The 2014 Research Excellence Framework 83% to 86% – with many courses scoring ranks us in the top five of all UK modern above this and several achieving 100% student universities. Case study: facts and figures Sheffield Hallam in numbers We are the best modern university in the We are also a leading provider of highly north of England – moving up 15 places from qualified graduates for the professions – each 77 to 62 in the 2015 Times & Sunday Times year more than 700 newly qualified teachers Good University Guide. to employ a graduate to help tackle a business challenge in a three-way partnership between We have one of the strongest track records companies. submitted by Sheffield Hallam received the We are the fourth largest university prestigious 4* and 3* rating as world leading and in the UK – with a student population internationally excellent. healthcare and schools. the graduate and their supervising on work placements of any university – with academic. 12 | Strategy 2015–2020 . enter the classroom and 600 new nurses start on the ward. Over 65% of the research satisfaction.

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personal and professional skills. delivered by professionally be designed to provide students with a sense of recognised. and we will develop career paths based Strategy 2015–2020 | 15 . efficient. thus contributing to a high-quality practice. We anticipates the challenges of the future. encourage contributions and learn from High-quality and popular programmes experiences. 4 An excellent infrastructure to support learning and teaching We will provide excellent learning and information resources. We will build a culture of facilities. Our students will experience digital connectedness that promotes positive staff- resources and technologies that support their student feedback. presented with new challenges and perspectives and supported to succeed. Our services to support academic. using feedback to inform our We will offer programmes that are informed priorities for the future. There will be a strong focus on relevant. be a sector leader in programmes designed with e-learning tools and mobile learning and for employers and the professions. We will will advance our virtual learning environment. Their student experience will be 3 A culture of continuous improvement All academic and professional service departments will be engaged in continuous improvement and the sharing of good practice to ensure high-quality performance underpinned by excellent support services and and innovation. responsive and enabling. specialist laboratory and practice space and flexible learning spaces. belonging and engagement. up-to-date and applicable curriculum that is We will develop our digital resources to pursue informed by and addresses current issues and new developments in learning and teaching.Delivering an excellent educational experience We aspire to be one of the best universities on recognition of teaching excellence. They will challenge students to meet the highest academic standards and will enable them to develop a full range of work-related. well-qualified and experienced identity. academic environment and student experience. professional and social development. 2 flexible and engaging learning environment Outstanding teaching for our students. academic staff. learning and teaching will be reliable. technologies to provide a modern. Our students will have an excellent educational experience. We will continue to work with students to identify inspirational teachers. Staff will have enthusiasm and passion for their subject and a commitment to their professional development. leadership and leading pedagogic practice. We will work with our students How we will achieve this and the Students' Union to understand students' 1 needs. by research and scholarship and which meet the demands of professional practice. academic for the quality of our teaching and learning. We excelling in programmes that are academically will strengthen the links between research and challenging with an emphasis on professional teaching. Through our learning and teaching they will be stimulated. Our estate will be developed Our teaching will be inspiring and to reflect shifts in patterns of learning and will challenging.

QESS why cells die in the brain. linking together a range of biochemical Outstanding Student Support Awards: and analytical methods to find out how and International Student Support Team. Inclusion. as the appreciation that our students have for the Nick was a member of the first cohort of creativity. 16 | Strategy 2015–2020 . The award is a reflection of the high quality experience while studying at Sheffield Hallam.’’ disease. He was very pleased to be feedback and when I need a boost. They of my course and to be more interested in run regular fun events and projects so students science. This process is a great source of pride. Each year more than 1.000 of our teaching. develop their cultural awareness and their knowledge of the world. Childhood and learning. leader of the Equality. David has won an Inspirational Teaching ‘Nick is able to sense when I need critical Award three times. childhood and inclusion. He was a teacher supporting disabled In 2014 more than 3. motivational and reliable – the best David is currently researching Parkinson’s type of supervisor I could wish for. Inspired by the quality and commitment of his colleagues who taught and supported him throughout the doctorate. research and student support staff are nominated by our students for having Inspirational Research Supervisor Awards: Professor Nick Hodge Nick is a reader in education. Diversity and Social Justice had a transformative impact on their student Research Group and research lead for the experience and for having inspired their Department of Education. 2006. During and trouble to nominate their tutors and other this time Nick became a lecturer in autism for staff who they felt had had a significant impact. welcome on arrival. collaboration students to study for a Professional Doctorate and dedication of colleagues is expressed in in Education at Sheffield Hallam. He doesn’t just year. the University of Birmingham and Sheffield Hallam University.500 students took the time children and their families in schools. of teaching and commitment of his peers who Our international students receive a warm give him space to try out new ideas. He is excited by enzymes and DNA. principal lecturer in autism. Case study: inspiration Inspirational teaching T he University’s Inspirational Teaching Awards have been running since 2010. lecture you for two hours – he interacts with his students and is always prepared to offer The team also organise an exciting range of that extra bit of help if you are struggling. He tries to use this background to give context to his teaching and The team provides specialist services to ensure show how the content of the lectures is really all international students have the best possible used. and specialist advice and support specific to their needs throughout the ‘David makes lectures fun. integration activities to help all students get the He has inspired me to do more work outside most out of our international community. academic challenge.’ from different backgrounds can meet. patient. Nick has tried to 2014 award winners emulate this with his own support for research Inspirational Teaching Awards: David Smith students. This is a nominated again by the students – he says it’s rare quality that has kept me motivated and always nice to know someone somewhere can be shows he understands my thinking. graduating in their own words.

’ Colette Beecher International Tim Williams Occupational therapy Student Support Marketing ‘Colette is energetic.’ be her PhD student. motivational outside my course and to be more and has often gone more than the and reliable – the best type of interested in science.’ my home country.Dr David Smith Dr Anne Hollows Professor Nick Hodge Biochemistry Social work Autism ‘David has inspired me to do more work ‘Anne is a fountain of knowledge. ‘Nick is patient.’ supervisor I could wish for.’ placement was invaluable.’ Strategy 2015–2020 | 17 . ‘Ever since I arrived. with such an engaging man has model.’ that knowledge on. His help when I was finding a fantastic teacher and person.’ Neil Sissons Dr Nicola Palmer Dr Heidi Probst Stage and screen Public sector management Radiotherapy ‘To have had the opportunity to work ‘Nicola is an inspirational role ‘Heidi is incredibly knowledgeable.’ extra mile. fun. and I am very proud to and happy to spend time passing been an incredible advantage. they ‘Tim is an amazing and enthusiastic knowledgeable and a truly made me feel like I was in tutor.

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We will education and expand the horizons of our provide opportunities for practical. This will be underpinned experiences will be recognised and celebrated. We will enable our placements and internships. 3 backgrounds to achieve academically. sport ready to make a positive contribution to a global and culture. through our partnerships with business. quality of our academic activities. work-based learning. We will raise aspirations to participate in higher 2 Opening up opportunities We will expose our students to a wide range of experiences which complement and support their academic achievement and equip them for successful futures. colleges. Students’ achievements in these society and economy. Our academic programmes will reflect a global society and will provide a broad international How we will deliver this and cultural experience that equips our 1 Raising aspirations and graduates for the global work environment.Expanding horizons The value that we add to the futures of our students will be recognised as the distinguishing factor in the Sheffield Hallam experience. overseas graduates to realise their full potential and to be experiences. and into their chosen careers. the expand their horizons during their time with professions and employers. professional students as they progress through their studies and enterprise skills. other education partners. Strategy 2015–2020 | 19 . community involvement. the The knowledge and expertise we access though community and employers to create pathways our partnerships will benefit and advance the into the University and beyond into employment. valued and celebrated. to grow Partnerships in confidence and realise their potential. We We will be influential in shaping the will raise the aspirations and awareness of professional workforces of the future students to enter and return to higher education. by our strong national and global partnerships. We will extend our us and support their continuing development global reach through international networks as graduates in their chosen careers. schools. We will and partnerships in teaching and research to develop mutually beneficial collaborations with raise our profile and presence internationally. We supporting success will make the most of diversity in our University Our distinctive quality is that we motivate community so that different perspectives are and enable students from a wide variety of encouraged. projects.

‘ Jonathan. 20 | Strategy 2015–2020 . The Foundation Degree in Residential Development and Construction Our work with sector bodies and global combines learning in the classroom with organisations provides excellent examples of practical applications in the working how we combine academic experience with environment. Case study: partnerships Partnerships for employment W e forge deep and broad partnerships with global organisations to enhance our students' learning and maximise employment opportunities. biosciences difference at work.500 businesses and skills required to be successful in business‘ deliver more than 1. Barratt Developments. successful participants will be Employability Centre which supports students offered a job within the company. for apprentices. ‘We chose Sheffield Hallam as they really understood the importance of employability We maintain one of the strongest track records skills. Rolls-Royce – The company worked with us to Our close links with organisations like Nestlé. graduation.‘ Kay Rogan. Barratt Developments – Our lecturers have Tailored partnerships – developing worked with Barratt Developments to create a skills for industry tailor-made programme. so that they can get the most from their University experience. It turned me from a group. ensuring that delegates are graduating on work placements of any university – annually with great qualifications and also the key we work with more than 3. chairman and for students. Kier. In of their apprentices. return. Rolls-Royce. Courses are co-designed with global CEO Nestlé UK and Ireland companies to meet their current and future skills needs. At the end of the three-year course. these schemes provide our industry partners with well-qualified graduates who really understand their business. as well as BEng courses to meet Bombardier and JCB provide students with their specialist skills needs. ‘The programme has proved to be highly ‘You don't realise how inspiring a placement successful and respected within the Kier is until you've done it. and to provide our students with Kier Group – We have worked with Kier to up-to-the-minute experiences in the workplace design a bespoke programme to meet the skills to enhance their employment prospects on gaps in construction management. with the individuals making a real student to a scientist. industry expertise. Bombardier and JCB opportunities to gain life-changing experiences now use the same courses to enhance the skills through new routes into higher education. foundation alumnus degree manager. This is the first of its kind in the food industry.600 placement experiences Dame Fiona Kendrick. and we have a dedicated Careers and programme. design a two-year bespoke foundation course Kier Group. We offer one-to- one careers advice and mentoring on every Nestlé Fast Start – This programme is a unique scheme that allows school-leavers to 'earn while they learn' by placing them in a salaried training role while they study. DBE.

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the European Commission. of new knowledge. including •  mainstream funders such as the Research partnerships and collaboration. 4 Partnerships We are a responsive university. Through our research and innovation. We will put in place benefits in regional. 2 Engagement Our research has an orientation in which new knowledge produces economic and social impact. the National Health Service. We will strengthen internationally the links between research and teaching. national and international the frameworks to support the development of spheres. to our students • other universities in the UK and and to the wider community. innovation and the dissemination to their activities. We will deliver engagement activities that bring the benefits of our research charities and local government •  business-led innovation and market-driven bodies. producing new developments in knowledge and capacity that We will review our potential for research and contribute to their agendas. the UK our research so our reputation continues to grow. We will be sought after by partners in researchers and their careers. industry. We will maintain innovation to identify new opportunities and and further develop a wide range of relationships grow new areas of strength. Strategy 2015–2020 | 23 . building on our current strengths and developing new areas in which we will achieve a strong reputation. including the Technology Strategy Board and individual firms and innovation to our teaching. reputation through research qualifications and developing practical solutions and adding value activities.Building on our strengths in research and innovation Our research performance in our areas of strength will achieve the highest international standing. developing and growing leading researchers who thrive and advance their careers at Sheffield Hallam. World-leading and internationally excellent research We will nurture our world-class research performance in selected areas. We will support business. We will invest in Councils. government staff to advance their academic standing and and charities to create and transfer knowledge. government. we will address important social and economic challenges and make contributions that have 3 A culture of ambition and excellence We will build our research profile by supporting. thus contributing to a high-quality academic environment and student experience. highly aware of our partners' and funders' priorities and strategic objectives. the professions. We will develop a strong postgraduate research community that will How we will deliver this attract talented research students who are both 1 challenged and supported to succeed. We will attract with funding from a range of sources.

competitors. Professor Hora Soltani. more accurate and suitable for a range of applications. has helped to shape Our REF 2014 submissions emphasise the impact policy improvements that promote access to of our researchers' work. with colleagues from four other universities. Case study: research excellence World-leading research Research Excellence Improving maps for the Framework 2014 visually impaired Our research programme was ranked in the top Our researchers and designers have worked five of all UK modern universities in the national closely with users to develop an affordable Research Excellence Framework (REF) 2014. both in training scenarios and at actual sporting events. and it has dispelled myths about their decline. simple and low-cost 3D measurement. midwifery care for low-risk women. the understand the evidence on the people and work research has informed reviews of maternity available in coastal areas. Ministry of Defence was undertaken by our These methods have been applied to measure Materials and Engineering Research Institute the performance of sports equipment and (MERI). They conducted an international collaborative Understanding employment in Cochrane review which showed explicit benefits Britain's seaside towns for midwife-led maternity care compared with Research by our Centre for Regional Economic other types of care. systems that were simpler. imparts new knowledge and acts as an economic and By evaluating the effectiveness of midwife-led knowledge transfer catalyst. and easy-to-use tactile system. 24 | Strategy 2015–2020 . body armour such as bullet-proof vests. TacMap™ enables visually impaired people to familiarise We moved up 25 places in the national research themselves with how a building. The review was recognised and Social Research (CRESR) has broken new by the Department of Health and informs ground by finding different ways to collect and guidelines on childbirth. independently. Businesses and organisations choose Sheffield Hallam as their academic partner because Helping to shape the future we offer a mix of fundamental and applied of midwifery research which supports their growth. 65% of the research we submitted is laid out so that they can get around spaces received the prestigious 4* and 3* rating. care. including less costly than previous methods. floor or room league tables. vehicle armour and kiln furniture used in the This success led to the centre implementing manufacture of porcelain and other household camera-based analysis systems within ceramics. Capturing live sporting events in 3D Heavyweight investment for Our Centre for Sports Engineering Research lightweight ceramics (CSER) has developed new methods to allow Materials development research funded by the accurate. Internationally. the laboratory was then translated to new in-situ wear-resistant ceramic composite material. providing a influenced policy change in Australia. numerous Olympic GB training facilities in preparation for London 2012 and Rio 2016. This research has services in the USA and Brazil. more subtle view of trends around the coast. Technology developed for This research has produced a new lightweight.

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sustainable infrastructure that supports the We are planning a £15m development that development of academic activities. Looking to the future The main aim is to provide a high-quality. Our current Future •  building on our strengths in research and Spaces strategy is investing a further £64 million innovation in projects including  e recognise that our activities need to W the £30m Charles Street development •  be underpinned by being sustainable – right in the heart of the city which will provide academically.5m investment in the University •  Our two campuses. housing our law. criminology. students and partners. socially and a home for the new Sheffield Institute of environmentally – so we can continue to flourish Education from 2015 in a competitive and globalised higher education the £27m Heart of the Campus Building •  market. The investment in our infrastructure alongside 'The facilities are exceptional our ambitions demonstrates our commitment to because they allow us to simulate the and confidence in our future. financially.Building our future Our infrastructure a £5. Sports Park which provides international- exemplify how the University unites the standard pitches for our sports teams. situations we could face in practice. This will provide new engineering and chemistry includes supporting changes in the delivery of laboratories and a prestigious new home for the learning and teaching to enhance the student Sheffield Institute of Arts.standard performance monitoring facilities for our staff. individually and together. We will deliver sociology and psychology courses our ambitions with the continuing support and a new £6m home for our world-renowned •  commitment of our talented and inspirational Materials and Engineering Research staff. and practical demands of providing first-class Olympic. nursing student around our three ambitions •  delivering an excellent educational experience Future spaces Over the past decade we have invested more • expanding horizons than £110 million our estate. a home principles of social responsibility with the for student. at our Collegiate Campus which opened in Our future is exciting and will provide 2014. club and community athletes. and staff experience. students and the local and analysis technology community.' Our focus for the next five years remains centred Kat. including the revolutionary HIPIMS materials coating centre which provides industrial applications for aircraft turbines. politics. replacement hip joints and satellite cooling systems Strategy 2015–2020 | 27 . Institute. opportunities and challenges.

Sheffield S1 1WB Phone 0114 225 5555 Email .Sheffield Hallam University City Campus Howard shu.