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Role Title

Adult Courses Coordinator

Role Information

Role Type Pay Band Location Duration Reports to:

Coordinator Teacher Hanoi 36 months Senior Teachers

Role purpose

• To provide up to 18 hours per week of high-quality teaching on Adult courses, and occasionally
other courses when needed. To deliver 2 hours per week of cover as paid overtime if needed.
• To help develop, promote and support the Vietnam myClass, IELTS and other Adult products
• To lead on and/or coordinate value-added activities for myClass in Hanoi (e.g. myClub,
newsletters, events, etc.) and support students on myClass
• To participate actively in the Vietnam (Hanoi & Ho Chi Minh City) Adults team to help deliver
• To work towards the regional myClass team strategy and with regional colleagues and peers.

About us

The British Council is the UK’s international organisation for cultural relations and educational
opportunities. We create friendly knowledge and understanding between the people of the UK and
other countries. We do this by making a positive contribution to the UK and the countries we work with
– changing lives by creating opportunities, building connections and engendering trust.

We work with over 100 countries across the world in the fields of arts and culture, English language,
education and civil society. Each year we reach over 20 million people face-to-face and more than
500 million people online, via broadcasts and publications. Founded in 1934, we are a UK charity
governed by Royal Charter and a UK public body.

Geopolitical/SBU/Function overview:

The Hanoi Teaching centre currently delivers myClass to around 600 learners, and IELTS to over 150
more students. myFoundation is a relatively small feeder product. The business has stabilised in
Hanoi, and the challenge is to grow our numbers in the coming years. There are around 35 teachers
in Hanoi, and they deliver both YL and Adult courses, with YL courses being the bulk of our business.
The TC Management team consists of the Head of Young Learners, 4 Senior Teachers, 5
Coordinators, and an Operations Manager. (The Head of Adults is based in Ho Chi Minh City, but
visits Hanoi on a regular basis.)

Adult Courses Coordinator is an important post working primarily on providing ongoing support to
teachers and Adult learners in British Council Hanoi, especially with the myClass product and its
associated activities.
You will work in a supporting role to the Senior Teacher Adults to help ensure quality teaching and

1 [Adult Courses Coordinator Hanoi] | [27 May 2017] | The British Council

The Coordinator will have responsibilities for the logistical management of myClass materials. IELTS Preparation. • To contribute to Adult Courses Training for teachers at the British Council. VN Adults team. as well as the development of materials to suit the local context. • Contribute to E&E strategy by delivering teaching to the highest standards of ELT. Introduce and communicate changes to teaching team. • Lead on planning. and stored on shared drive for all teachers to access. • To support the Senior Teacher Adults in the day-to-day running of Adult courses in Hanoi. to help ensure that they are meeting needs and expectations as well as quality standards. British Council Vietnam is a strong believer in CPD. relevant posts of a high standard. in support of our products. • Be involved in developing and trialling new myClass and IELTS materials and pathways. you would be expected to act as a Trinity tutor. and be co-responsible for introducing and communicating changes to the teaching team. as well as working closely with marketing. and OBS communication. particularly regarding myClass. The job will also involve supporting the development of other key areas of the Adult offer. • To assist Head of Adults Vietnam with product development and implementation of regional Adults products. Be involved in developing and trialling new myClass assessment systems. ST Adults. Experience with the myClass product is therefore an essential competency for this job. scheduling. need to work with the wider regional team. Main Accountabilities: • Support the Senior Teacher Adults to provide extra value for students of Adult courses in Hanoi. Main Responsibilities: • To support Senior Teacher Adults in providing extra value for students. running annual TYLEC and Diploma courses in- house. • To provide support to teachers when planning lessons. myFoundation (beginners). The Coordinator will also work as part of the Vietnam Adults team to drive all this forward. and Regional myClass Coordinators about developments with assessment. and delivery of high-quality myClub sessions. scheduling. The Coordinator will lead on the planning. They will also be involved in training for myClass. • Work with the myClass Student Advisors in HN and HCMC to provide support to myClass 2 [Adult Courses Coordinator Hanoi] | [27 May 2017] | The British Council . enhancing British Council’s reputation as a world authority in ELT.learning on Adult courses. e. and will be trained up for this if needed. and delivery of high-quality myClub sessions. helping provide guidance and training to teachers as well as counselling to students and support for the Student Advisors. and off-site Corporate courses. As well as acting as a line manager and member of the wider Hanoi TC management team. sales. Help introduce and communicate changes to teaching team. on occasion. and effectively manage and support teachers in delivery of myClub.g. ensuring regular. Hanoi. Adult Courses Coordinator main duties (25-50%) • Work with ST Adults. customer management and student advisors on communicating activities in order to increase student engagement and to grow numbers and satisfaction. and Regional myClass team to ensure all locally stored myClass materials are current and up-to-date. helping arrange and deliver both induction and ongoing training. • Liaise with Head of Adults. • Manage the myClass / myClub newsletter. • Work with teachers to ensure materials and adaptations made for all Adult courses are appropriate for local context and on-brand. and will.

e. • Provide ongoing mentoring and support to teachers new to myClass and other Adults products.g. prepare and deliver high quality English language teaching that meets the needs of different customer groups taking into account individual learning styles • To monitor progress and provide regular feedback to help manage students’ performance throughout courses. mutually beneficial relationships by enhancing students’ understanding of contemporary UK • To support local marketing and promotional strategy. evaluation. VN Ministry of Defence) • Wider EFL community Role Requirements: Threshold requirements: Assessment stage Passport requirements/ • No passport restrictions Shortlisting Right to work in country • For work permit to be processed. and improvement of English language courses. Teacher main duties (50-75%) • To plan. students locally. in order to meet students’ needs by actively working as a member of the teaching team • To complete teaching related administrative tasks to specified standards • To engage actively in professional development and performance management to ensure quality and high standards in teaching and learning. materials and related services. original 3 [Adult Courses Coordinator Hanoi] | [27 May 2017] | The British Council . and maintain British Council’s position at the forefront of best ELT practices • To contribute to the development of lasting. Hanoi • TC Marketing colleagues. and Diploma tutor where needed. and actively promote learner autonomy • To contribute to the development. • Support implementation of cross country training plans for myClass and other Adults products. Hanoi • Regional myClass Team External • Students • Visitors and enquirers at Hanoi Teaching Centre • Corporate clients (eg. through counselling meetings. and assist the teaching centre team in delivering excellent customer service • To ensure safeguarding and guidelines are applied and upheld in line with standards and policy for the following areas:  Child protection  Equal Opportunity and Diversity  Health and safety Key Relationships: Internal • ST Adults Hanoi • myClass teachers • Student Advisors Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City • Head Adults Vietnam • ST Adults and Adults Coordinator Ho Chi Minh City • Operations Manager and Teaching Centre Management Team Hanoi • Sales and Customer Management colleagues. • To act as a line manager. and making decisions on student progress based on assessment of learning.

Person Specification: Assessment stage Language requirements Minimum / essential Desirable Assessment Stage  High proficiency in English i.e. Band 9 in each of 4 sections of the  Certificate or Diploma in academic module Educational Management  Undergraduate/university degree Role Specific Knowledge & Experience Minimum / essential Desirable Assessment Stage • 5 years post-certificate i. full CELTA. certificates including your university/undergraduate degree. on arrival for the purposes of obtaining a work permit. • Please also note that the definition of a legal partner in Vietnam is for people who are legally married. • All staff have to undergo a medical examination. TYLEC. All the above need to be applied for prior to post. In addition all new teaching staff should acquire a police check from their current country of residence. CELTA/Trinity cert TESOL experience  Experience in teaching Short listing in teaching Adults General English.) mastery of English across all 4 skills  MA/MSc TESOL. Academic English and interview including beginners (1600+ hours) 4 [Adult Courses Coordinator Hanoi] | [27 May 2017] | The British Council . teaching certificates as well as a police check from previous country are required • Valid DBS check & police check from previous country is required. etc. YL Extension to  High proficiency in English i. TEFL or equivalent to user (CEFR C2) IELTS Applied Linguistics.e. Direct contact or Yes. full Shortlisting mastery of English across all 4 skills equivalent to user (CEFR C2) IELTS Band 8/9 in each of 4 sections of the academic module Qualifications Minimum / essential Desirable Assessment Stage  Cambridge DELTA/Trinity Dip  Certificate in YL teaching Shortlisting TESOL/PGCE (e. managing staff working with children? UK nationals need to apply for a UK DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) check. with certification ‘FIT FOR WORK’ status.e.g. etc.

• Experience of teaching myClass  Distance Delta Local Tutor • Experience in teaching IELTS Preparation courses • Experience in course coordination and/or line management of teachers • Experience in teaching Young Learners 6-17 (600+ hours) Role Specific Skills (if any) Assessment Stage All 5 Teaching competencies (all at level 2): Shortlisting AND Interview • Subject Knowledge • Understanding your Learners • Course and lesson planning • Classroom Management • Learning Technologies • Organised. all behaviours will be used for performance management purposes.  Being accountable (essential)  Shaping the future (essential)  Connecting with others (essential) Prepared by: Date: Andrew Milner. Head of Adults Vietnam 27 may 2017 5 [Adult Courses Coordinator Hanoi] | [27 May 2017] | The British Council . responsible and independent • Good communicator • Customer Service focussed • Commitment to own professional development • Good understanding of rationale of myClass British Council Behaviours Assessment Stage  Working together (more demanding) Interview  Creating shared purpose (more demanding)  Making it happen (essential) Please note: the other behaviours below will not be assessed at interview. However.

As well as supporting over 40 teachers and other TC colleagues in Hanoi. Hanoi is a wonderful city with an intoxicating mix of the old and the new. There’s a thriving 1 [Branch Young Learner Coordinator] | [20 May 2017] | The British Council . We are seeking a new Adult Courses Coordinator who will work primarily in a supporting role to the Senior Teacher Adults in the successful delivery of myClass in Hanoi. as well as the regional myClass team on the implementation of regional strategy and initiatives. In addition. Your timetabled teaching hours will be managed to facilitate your coordination role. You will also be expected to play a part in the centre’s professional development programme. newsletter. Flexibility and the ability to work well with others will be of paramount importance in the position. It is a city of lakes and contrasts – tree-lined roads with colonial villas can be found around the corner from moped- filled streets with modern glass skyscrapers. You will teach up to 18 hours per week of mainly adult learners. although you may need to teach children and teenagers if operationally necessary.5 Up to 18 + 2 hours contractual cover. like all teachers. there is a contractual requirement to teach an additional 2 hours per week (paid as overtime) if operationally needed. The job will also involve helping develop and improve other products in the Adult offer (IELTS Preparation and myFoundation). for example delivering INSETT and acting as a Trinity Diploma tutor. you will work as part of the all-Vietnam Adults team (Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City). etc. You can still live off the delicious and cheap street food or dine out at great restaurants. Vietnam Job Type Teacher Applications 22 June 2017 (23:59 Start Date 10 Aug 2017 Close UK Time) Number of Posts 1 Role Information Contract Renewable Contract No of Staff Contract Contact Teaching Length Period Type Managed Hours Hours 36 months Renewable Full time Up to 3 37. events. as well as leading on coordinating and delivering value-added activities around myClass (myClub.) in order to increase customer engagement. This role is ideally suited to those teachers who would like to develop management skills and gain a better understanding of managing an Academic product as well as the running of a teaching centre operation. It is a city of fast paced change.Information about the vacancy Job Title Adult Courses Job Code VIE-T-1550 Coordinator Location Hanoi. paid overtime Job Overview British Council Hanoi is a high profile Teaching Centre which plans to expand to meet an ever growing number of potential clients and students. and will also have the opportunity to work with Sales. Customer Management and Marketing colleagues on local initiatives.

1989 and that every child matters .e. Once the work permit has been received you will be able to get a work visa. inclusion and human rights. We are required to submit the following legalised documentation to obtain your work permit: • A university/undergraduate degree and an internationally recognised EFL qualification (i. To facilitate our getting your work permit. by qualified hospital upon acceptance of the offer. Local restrictions on employment Vietnam has recently updated its immigration laws. All staff have to undergo a standard medical examination. The medical examination report will have to be legalised for the purpose of applying for a work permit. The updated details are as follows : With the new immigration laws in place from January 2015. Valuing diversity is essential to the British Council’s work. recognising discrimination as a barrier to equality of opportunity.Please include your most recent end-of-year-record and copy in both your line and centre managers when submitting your application. If you are coming from the UK this is the UK Disclosure and Barring Service (former CRB check) • A Vietnamese police check if you used to stay in Vietnam • A medical examination. you will need to send the completed application and documents to us 50 calendar days before your expected arrival date. Internal applicants only . We believe that all children have the right to be protected from all forms of abuse as set out in article 19. In line with the British Council's Child Protection policy. we need to get a working permit for you before you arrive in Vietnam. with certification ‘FIT FOR WORK’ status. Your salary goes a long way and many find it difficult to leave after they have acclimatized to Hanoi’s way of life! Enquiries about the post can be sent to the East Asia Regional Teacher Recruitment team based in Singapore. Cambridge CELTA/Trinity CertTESOL) including original copies of certificates • Verified teaching experience • A police clearance from your most recent country of residence. The British Council is a full member of Keeping Children Safe (KCS) and has achieved level 1 child safe certification. any appointment is contingent on thorough checks including criminal record checks. All staff worldwide are required to ensure their behaviour is consistent with our policies. Interviews are likely to be held one week after closing date. You will need a marriage certificate as proof of marriage for your partner to get a visa • The British Council cannot guarantee that work permit applications for people over 60 will 2 [Teacher of English] | [24 April 2017] | The British Council . UNCRC. • Passport photos (digital) The following are constraints on working in Vietnam : • The definition of a legal partner in Vietnam is someone who you are legally married to. We will do our utmost to support you in getting into post in Vietnam and will be in contact regularly after your appointment is confirmed to assist you.everywhere in the world. We aim to abide by and promote equality legislation by following both the letter and the spirit of it to try and avoid unjustified discrimination. in line with legal requirements. not to mention picturesque Ha Long Bay close by.underground art and music scene. Most of our staff live near the centre of the city or around Tay Ho or Truc Bach lakes either in spacious apartments or houses.

document legalisation.28 (May 2017) Visa and Work Permits With the new immigration laws in place from January 2015. It has stunning views over West Lake. secondary students at their schools. as well as training to become an IELTS examiner. We have an experienced management team.689 USD per month gross 10 point salary scale. and send the complete set of application documents to the centre. Across the British Council Hanoi we employ about 80 staff in the Teaching centre.3. £1 = US$1. We support learning through a personal learning plan and longer term professional development through developing career objectives and planning. We are the premium English provider in Hanoi. 11 state of the art classrooms. In addition our weekly INSETT programme focuses on skills and knowledge about our day to day work in teaching and the customer journey. over half of whom are teachers. Centre information British Council Hanoi’s main centre is the hub for our teaching operations in Hanoi. and translation will be reimbursed by the centre upon your arrival. We currently have one branch in the rapidly developing “New Hanoi” west of the centre. The office in Hanoi (or Ho Chi Minh City) will assist in submitting the dossier to the local Department of Labour. and day times. Costs related to health check. teens and adults in the evenings. Competition is tough so our reputation for teaching quality is our highest priority. which has 10 classrooms. Although no maximum age for expatriate workers is specified. where we teach children. Four times a year we also have a Team Day where we work together to improve key aspects of our offer and standards across our courses / products. the working visa for your relocation will be arranged accordingly. We are a 7 day a week operation. weekends. we have learnt that it can be difficult for applications to be accepted by the authorities when the applicant is over 60. Salary 24-hours contract 2. We also deliver courses for special groups. Our service quality supporting our teaching offer also differentiates us and we aim overall to deliver the highest quality available. at least 30 working days (or 50 calendar days) before the expected arrival date. Points are awarded for relevant qualifications and experience. We offer financial and academic support to teachers pursuing the DELTA. courses to primary. including intensive courses sponsored by companies or partner organisations.906 . and also provide training leading towards the Trinity Young Learners Extension Certificate. all those who come to work in Vietnam will be required to obtain a work permit before their arrival. We see training and development as helping you to do your job better and preparing you for future career steps. In the coming years we expect to open further branches with resulting career opportunities. be accepted. Income taxes and national insurances 3 [Teacher of English] | [24 April 2017] | The British Council . Individuals will need to make sure they complete all preparation for the work permit application well in advance. Once the work permit is issued.

accompanying partner and children from previous post or the UK. This means every month. Transfer Package – for those recruited outside Vietnam only Airfares on transfer Economy class air fare(s) paid for member of staff. it is required that all foreign staff who legally work in Vietnam will have to contribute to the state mandatory health insurance. Please email EAteacher.recruitment@britishcouncil. who have been resident and working in the UK immediately prior to going abroad for employment. 4 [Teacher of English] | [24 April 2017] | The British Council . The contribution rate is currently 1. 2.teaching hours) is also given in order to seek accommodation on first arrival.5% of monthly base salary by the staff member and 3% by the employer (base salary cap at 24.Income Tax Vietnamese tax is payable on gross salary at between 5 and 35% (deducted at source) National Insurance Applicants. but we will put you in touch with a local estate agent.000 GBP for staff with accompanying partner and /or children per transfer. are liable for UK National Insurance Class 1 contributions for one year. accompanying partner and children to the UK or home country upon leaving post after completing a minimum of a two-year contract. Economy class air fare(s) paid for member of staff. You may also request up to 3 months' salary advance (net) to help with rental down payments given valid rental contract is provided. If so the Council will pay the employer's share and will deduct the employee’s share from your salary at the source. Mandatory Health Insurance contribution applied to all foreign staff In our recent update with the Social Insurance Organisation. a staff member has to pay maximum 363. Accommodation Allowance No accommodation allowance.000VND (~16USD) to the state health insurance fund. Settling-In Allowance Unaccompanied teacher allowances: 2 weeks' salary + up to 2 weeks’ hotel accommodation Accompanied teacher allowances: 3 weeks' salary + up to 2 weeks' hotel accommodation Vaccinations Essential vaccinations (recommended for people coming to Vietnam) upon arrival are all covered and arranged by the British Council. settling in allowance etc with the exception of medical insurance. Annual leave allowance 35 working days per annum plus 10 public holidays as designated by the Teaching Centre Manager and/or Operations Manager. for the teachers and their eligible dependents. baggage. Baggage Allowance Accountable allowance of 1. the employer contributes 32USD accordingly.2 million VND). Please note that successful candidates based in Vietnam do not receive transfer benefits such as flights.200 GBP for single should you need further clarification. all teachers and expat staff working under employment contract in British Council Vietnam will be put into this mandatory scheme. and time off (during non. From September

Induction: A structured Induction programme. 5 [Teacher of English] | [24 April 2017] | The British Council .vn At the end of contract it is advisable for teachers to apply for a Vietnamese Police background check before they leave Vietnam. Any Other Allowances Pension support: The British Council will match contribution to pension scheme up to 1. Help and advice will be given to any teachers applying for this background check.Medical allowance International cover under the excellent and very comprehensive British Council BUPA medical scheme for member of staff and eligible Qualifying period of 3 months in first contract with the centre.britishcouncil.Recruitment@britishcouncil. Additional Information Enquiries about the post should be sent to the East Asia Regional recruitment team: E-mail: EAteacher. This police check is difficult to get once teachers have left the country and it is often a necessary document for future teaching posts.800 GBP. Whilst the above information was accurate at time of writing. Meet and greet service on arrival. specific details and entitlements are subject to Deadline for applications: Information on the Centre's current courses can be found at www.