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Collegiate Campus

A self-guided tour

A walk around Collegiate Campus Our Collegiate Campus is a 20 minute walk from City Campus. lecture on please be quiet. Carry on past the Moot Court and you will enter Next to the Students’ Union office is the the Atrium. Go up the main staircase to the and you have access to events. drinking. including academic matters skills and your wellbeing. you will see the Moot Court where law campuses. At various points you can choose to explore an area further. or even standing to become a rep Centre which provides advice and support with yourself. Notice the range of study and social entrance to a large lecture theatre. but if there isn’t. confidential If you turn left at the main reception and down and independent Advice Centre at both the steps. pick up leaflets about what they offer. whenever you need to. feel The Sheffield Hallam Students’ Union office is free to open the door and have a look. also located here (the main Students’ Union Come back out of the Atrium past the main building is next to City Campus). The text in red gives you directions. depending on what you choose to explore. This area everything else it has to offer. and everything. contacting your right the Student Services Union reps. It’s next to Ecclesall Road. Plus the union also has its own free. find the main reception You can also help shape the direction of the straight ahead and to your Union by voting in elections. As one of our reception. The text in black gives you some more information about what you see. You can represent your fellow students everything from careers and finances to study on a range of issues. To the far side of this area is the students. This tour will give you a taste of what it has to offer. Feel free to enter and and societies. Have a look around. services and first floor and take a clockwise route. Start your tour in the You can choose from over 50 societies spanning main entrance to the a wide range of interests from film to tea Heart of the Campus. one of the main student areas in the city. 2 | Collegiate Campus | A self-guided tour | . You’ll we’ll help you start your own. If you can’t find the one you want. If there’s a spaces available to our students. You can talk to them about anything students practice their legal debating skills. Please note that level 2 is only accessible to staff. 1. It takes around 45 minutes to an hour. you automatically become a member Granary Cafe. then come back and re-join the route where you left it. It includes the Helena Kennedy Centre for International Justice and a range of teaching and tutorial rooms. is home of the Faculty of Development and Society.

via the back entrance. take one of the paths which lead onto Collegiate Crescent. The Mews has several Main Building contains two large lecture lecture theatres. Explore – The Robert Winston Building is At Sheffield Hallam Active. It’s all about gym. and officiating award course. It’s notable for its sustainable theatres and a number of teaching rooms. sports hall. get involved in fun an award-winning virtual training environment social sport sessions. physiotherapy clinic which provides a service to students and staff. Building. Exit through the main entrance and turn left Once you’ve had a look around. Leaving The Mews. services at great prices. cross over and turn of the Campus and exit left down Collegiate via the main entrance. At the end of the 3. an electrotherapy suite and gym. In the 1800s the site was home to deer and stag and this has provided inspiration for the artwork on the Heart of The Campus building. exit through the back onto Broomhall same doors. with Main Building on your right. including a clinical laboratory. you can enjoy a where our healthcare students are based. with The Pearson Building includes a fitness suite. Crescent. To your left is a path Take the next turning on the right back onto leading up the hill to the campus. There’s something to It contains cutting edge facilities including a suit all tastes – whether you want to train in the digital x-ray suite. Bear left and walk down the hill The Mews. reach the Robert Winston Building on your Explore – Feel free to enter the Pearson right. Road. | Collegiate Campus | A self-guided tour | 3 . roof covered in sedum plants. Notice the leafy setting for this campus. Walk downhill along round. Go through the two sets of doors. Once you’ve looked 2 4. Feel fantastic range of sport. Walk back into Heart road. come back down Collegiate Crescent until the stairs and leave you reach the junction Heart of the Campus with Broomhall Road.  . health and fitness free to have a look around. The building also replicates a real hospital. Cross the road and walk As you exit the Pearson down Broomhall Road Building is immediately and continue until you on your left. movement studio and our own giving you the experience you’ll need in the job. A number of the buildings on site are Grade II listed and are maintained carefully by the University. home of Sheffield Hallam Active. or complete a coaching for radiotherapists. take part in classes. a mock operating theatre and ward. 5.

6. Exit Collegiate Hall the hill to the Collegiate and turn right back onto Learning Centre. Collegiate Crescent. They’re open Precinct. but be aware that and well worth walking up and down if you students are working. 7. Cross the car park and take the path on the left to Collegiate Hall. member on the desk to Ecclesall Road is one of let you through as our libraries are swipe card the most popular student areas in Sheffield. Keep on walking down 8. access. then turn social and creative place to study with a mix right up Thompson Road opposite the Berkeley of silent and group work areas. You can also book a PC here and take advantage of a wide range of electronic resources including eBooks. 365 days of the year – so we’re of Sheffield’s 200 parks. have time. You will of the road and you will need to ask the staff be on Ecclesall Road. Collegiate Hall is home to our internationally renowned sports research centres. Explore – Enter the Continue to the bottom learning centre. Exit Collegiate Learning Centre and turn right down the path. 4 | Collegiate Campus | A self-guided tour | . Our sports research is ranked fourth in the UK and we provide services to a wide range of organisations and athletes. In the 2014 National Student Survey. eJournals and specialist databases. Have a look around. If you turn right and walk up the road. you’ll find the Botanical Gardens. one 24 hours a day. including football referee Howard Webb and the British Olympic boxing team. learning centres. You can enter Collegiate Hall and have a look around but be aware that students are working. It’s very popular with ready to work whenever you are. 92% of our students agreed that library resources and services are good enough for their needs. Our learning centres offer you an informal. our students and a great place to revise or meet There are over half a million books in our friends on a sunny day.

but there are several pay and display car parks close to our City Campus and some near our Collegiate Campus. If you’re using a satnav to find us. and the city itself is served by excellent bus and Supertram We hope you enjoy your tour.How to find us We’re in the heart of the country in Britain’s fifth largest city. If you have any questions or comments phone 0114 225 5555 or email enquiries@shu. Campus maps and more detailed directions to help you plan your visit are available at | Collegiate Campus | A self-guided tour | 5 . Major road and rail networks link Sheffield directly with the rest of the country. Sheffield S10 2BP. the addresses and postcode for Collegiate Campus is Collegiate Crescent. If you’re disabled please phone us before your visit and we’ll arrange suitable Car parking Car parking at both our campuses is limited.

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