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Moodlakatte Institute of Technology

Department Of E & C

Seminar Guidelines
The Final technical seminar for VIII semester ECE is scheduled to start from
20/03/17 (2:00 pm to 4:00 pm on Wednesdays and Thursdays). All the students are here
by informed to note the following points for the submission of Technical Seminar Report
and presentation.

1. Two draft copies of the report should be submitted to the department on or
before 10/03/2017, after being corrected and signed by the concerned guide and
2. Attendance is mandatory for all the students during seminar sessions.
3. Dress code: Formal dress-plain shirt and dark pant, neatly ironed and black shoes.
4. Duration of the seminar: 20 minutes for presentation and 5 minutes for questions
and answers.
5. Minimum number of Slides 20 and organize the Slides as per flow of report only.
6. For the report preparation and further guidance contact the concerned guide and
7. All the students need to email the soft copy containing presentation, report, base
papers and reference papers on 10/03/2017.
8. If Student fail to give presentation as per scheduled date, will be permitted by
deducting 10 marks.(Max. duration one week from last date).

• Report should contain a minimum of 25 pages as per VTU format.
• Report should have spiral binding with VTU specified color (purple).
• Before binding, the students should take the approval of the respective project
guide, coordinator and HOD.

• Each student is required to write a comprehensive report about the seminar. The
report should consist of 25 to 30 pages describing the topic selected. The report

Acknowledgments 4.0. Literature Survey 3. should be in the format as described below.M. Evaluation of VIII sem seminar . Statement of Problem 7. Results and Discussion 2-4 9. TYPING INSTRUCTIONS: One and a half line spacing should be used for typing the general text.. bottom= 1.Colour of the outer cover should be PURPLE. Appendices (if needed) 1-2 Technical seminar coordinator: HOD M.75. Abstract 3.25. References 1-2 11. top= 1. Sl no Report content No of slides for presentation 1. Lists of Figures and Tables 6. Two copies of the final report should be submitted to the coordinator. The general text shall be justified and typed in the Font style ‘Times New Roman’ and Font size 12. It is important that you adhere to these guidelines. Introduction about Topic 2. Conclusions 1-2 10. right= 0. Subheading shall be typed in the Font style ‘Times New Roman’ and Font size 14 and bold. PAGE DIMENSION AND BINDING SPECIFICATIONS: • The dimension of the seminar report should be in A4 size. Table of Contents 5. Front Page and Certificate (refer college website) 2.0.Vishwanath Shervegar Naveen B. Heading shall be typed in the Font style ‘Times New Roman’ and Font size 16 and bold. Indent of page setup left= 1. The report should be Spiral bound. Introduction 6-7 1. Approaches and Methods 5-8 8.

Presenter encouraged 3 participants 9. Clear seminar Description 5 2.Sl. Slides organisation 4 5. Knowledge of the 4 presenter 7. Attendance and 5 participation in the discussion total 50 . Logically clear seminar 5 objectives 3. Relevant and organised 5 seminar content 4. Presenter provided clear 2 answers and comments 8. Enthusiasm of the 2 presenter Parameters Marks per Parameter 1. Report 15 10.