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National Building Code 2016 HighLights for Best Practice of Electrical

Equipments Instalation and Safety of Products
Slide -2 Lightning and IEC Code
Slide -4
Slide-5 Wiring & Protection
Slide-6 Earthing
Slide-7 Earthing
Slide-8 Lightning Protection
Slide-9 Earthing Material
Slide-10 Earthing
Slide-11Earthing Design
Slide-12(Smart City)
Slide-13(Smart City)
Slide-14Solar for Building
Slide-15 Lightning
Facts about Lightning
• A strike can average 100 million volts of electricity
• Current of up to 200,000 amperes
• Can generate 54,000 oF
• 10/350MicroSec/50KA Fault Current/Discharge in
Nano Sec
Earthing Design100KA Fault Current/Joints Exothermic
/Flexible Down Conductor with Shortest Route &
Less Corner
• Lightning Protection Standard use in India
(IS2309 Now IEC 62305-5)
Working Principle Angullar No Compromise with Design
Max Protection 30Mtrs from One
No Product warrenty from Manufacturer
Working Principle Radius Compromise with Design
Possible with Increasing Qty of ESE
Max Protection 109 Mtrs Radius from One
Manufacturing Warrenty and Test Certificate for
Products Available
Building Protection from Lightning
Slide-16 Lightning
Slide-18 Lightning Design(IEC62305)
Slide-19 Lightning Design(IEC62305)
Slide-20 Lightning Design(IEC62305)

E.S.E. Type Lightning as Per NFC17-102(2011)
Slide -21Lightning
Slide-22 Bonding Equipotential
Slide-23 Structure Bonding
Slide-24 Lightning Components
Slide-2 Lightning and SPD’s
Slide-2 SPD’s
Slide-29Lightning Protection and Guide
Slide-30 India Chart Lightning
Slide-31 Safety against Shocks
Slide-32 IEC REF Code against IS
Merging with Technologies NBC 2016 & JMV
Copper Clad Steel Solid ROD and Conductor
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