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Great writer and fighter for the independence of Peru, Mariano Melgar Lorenzo
Valdivieso was born in Arequipa on 10 August 1790, 224 years ago.
Since very little he stood out for his intelligence: 3 years learned to read and write, at
8 mastered Latin and before age 10 years, knew English and French.
With a great future in literature and in teaching, because he taught Latin, rhetoric,
philosophy, physics and mathematics, Mariano Melgar joined the independence army
that the August 3, 1814 started a revolution with Brigadier Mateo Pumacahua to
Patriots defeated the royalists at the Battle of Umachiri (Puno), on March 11, 1815,
one day later, on March 12, the poet and independence leader shot died at 24 years

“Año de lA ConsolidACión del MAr de GrAu” “JUAN MANUEL ITURREGUI” Integrantes:  Coronado valdera maría  Cornejo león patricia Docente: Consuelo zapata suclupe Área: Ingles Grado: 5 Sección: “A” Tema: Mariano melgar .