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Secours Islamique France

Mario Marenglen Buzo

21 of July 2017

Dear Madam, dear Sir,

I decided to write this letter to apply for the position of Program Coordinator at
Secours Islamique France in Athens, Greece. I just finished my contract with Save
the Children and I am currently looking for a job in the humanitarian sector.

I have always been interested in working and volunteering in non-profit organizations
or associations. Moreover, vulnerable cases sound very familiar to me because I
have been helping specific cases for more than 10 years. Everything started when I
was very young. Some friends and I decided to support the Roma community in
Pyrgos my hometown, by valuing their rights. At the same time, I was part of the
Olympia International Film Festival for Children & Young People and a member of
the Port Festival Council, which provides food and NFIs to vulnerable cases by music
events. This is how the idea to fight for solidarity and human rights entered in my
mind and never left since then. I joined in a huge movement for solidarity supporting
the Pakistani community in the Ilia Prefecture (Peleponnese) for their bad working
condition in the strawberry fields. We fight for the dignity of labor, the human rights
and the local communities to get the information about the Pakistani’s real situation.

One of my main activities is working with children. As soon I finished my musical
studies I started teaching music to children aged 9-18 years old. Pedagogy has
always been part of what I was doing and my contact with children is very good. In
2014, a secondary teacher and I started a school project called Aristophanes Birds
Play, for children attending the 2nd secondary school of Pyrgos Ilias. My role was to
produce the cover music, to teach and build a choir with the young actors. The Play
was successful and run for 4 days in the National Theatre of Pyrgos and later in the
Drama Festival. I also volunteered on Chios in order organize football and sports
activities for the unaccompanied minors.

In 2015, humanitarian work became part of my everyday life as I was volunteering in
the refugee crisis and then getting hired by Samaritan’s Purse on Chios. My
experience on Chios was very important and helped me to learn more things about
refugees and about myself as well. The work was huge and as the emergency was
ruling Chios, my position had been changed many times. I had worked as a
Distribution team leader but also in constructions, cleaning, RHUs management,
crowd control, logistics, etc. After my shift, I used to volunteer for many other actors
as WAHA, MDM, Save the Children, NRC, or the UNHCR.

As I was moved to Athens for my job, I became a part of the Roving Team which did
many UNHCR distributions around Greece. Later I started working for the pre-
Registration Program and was promoted as a Site Officer. I also managed the
transportation for the pre-Registration, collaborating with UNHCR. I also assisted in
organizing and implementing many relief projects for Samaritan’s Purse. I went back
to distributions after my Supervisor changed my position as a Distribution Officer for
the UNHCR winter distributions around Greece. I worked in Data collection using
KOBO software.

When my contract with Samaritan’s Purse ended I got hired from Save the Children
organization as a Shelter Worker (Caregiver) in a shelter for unaccompanied minor
refugees. I had the opportunity to work with unaccompanied minors and to learn
more about their vulnerable and difficult situation. I gave all my strength to provide as
much support as I could and as a caregiver, I got involved in many Medical and Legal

During all this time, I continued volunteering for Diktyo and the Official Syrian
Community on my free time. Today I can not imagine myself working in an other
sector than the humanitarian and working for Secours Islamique France could be a
good opportunity to keep on humanitarian work.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you in advance for your consideration.


Marenglen Mario Buzo