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Engr Aerospace

Responsible for assisting technical services engineer in issues concerning aircraft Engine/Structure.

Job Description:

1. Assist in Evaluation effective Engine/Structure Service Bulletins (SB) and Airworthiness Directives
(AD) for accomplishment based on analysis of airline maintenance operations and financial cost-
benefit analyses.
2. Assist the TSE in generating Airworthiness notices to address discrepancies on Engine/Structure
utilizing relevant software.
3. Assist in Preparation of Engine/Structure work scope for maintenance program.
4. Assist in planning engine shop visits from a technical and commercial point of view.
5. Assist in support review and approval of technical manual and maintenance program changes based
on analysis of airline maintenance operations and reliability data.
6. Assist in troubleshooting support to line maintenance as required including root cause analysis and
liaison with Technical Customer Support (TCS) Representatives.
7. Assist in evaluation of Acceptance of Leased Aircraft.
8. Assist in evaluation and approval for the Part number changes, Part number interchangeability.
9. Provide technical support and guidance in Aircraft maintenance manual (AMM) based work and per
all other approved documents to line maintenance personnel when needed.
10. Other duties and responsibilities as assigned by management.

Responsible for the physical checking and inspection of cabin components prior to fitment to aircraft or aircraft component.Senior Technician Cabin Maintenance: Job Description: 1. 5. 6. Provide feedback to the Aircraft Engineer and Shift Manager for any impending service disruptions or problems and ensure that information is properly disseminated without delay. Responsible to follow pertinent safety precautions as published in manufacturer manuals and other publications. Responsible to carry out the cabin maintenance in accordance with the standard practices and maintenance manual. 2. 3. 7. 4. Responsible that replacement of parts and components carried out is done in accordance with the applicable manual and in line with the airworthiness requirements. Perform routine and non-routine cabin maintenance tasks on aircraft as instructed by Aircraft Engineer/Cabin In charge. . Perform any other task as assigned by Management.