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CVR-30B and CVR-120 Installation Manual

Using the Test Set (P/N 1623-01) along with a compatible terminal, perform the following:

NOTE: Test set (P/N 1623-01) incorporates six high level audio out jacks. These un-switched outputs can be
used to transfer CVR audio into Audacity, via (Yamaha USB audio interface audiogram6) audio mixer.

(1) Verify that the test set (P/N 1623-01) POWER Switch is OFF.
(2) Connect +28 VDC and ground leads from power supply to Test Set (P/N 1623-01) +28V and GND jacks.
(3) Connect the test set harness (P/N 1623-01) to recorder unit front and rear connectors.
(4) Connect an RS232C compatible terminal to the test set harness nine pin connector.

On Putty software (9) Type in 3 (Stop) and press ENTER. NOTE: Putty software should be started before applying power to the unit NOTE: BEFORE APPLYING POWER MAKE SURE ALL SWICHES ON TEST SET (P/N 1623-01) ARE OFF POSITION (6) Set GND EQ INTLK Switch ON. (8) Set the TEST SET POWER switch to ON. (7) Set EXT CVR-FDR PWR Switch ON. F = Forward. clt + R = Reverse x 1000. clt+R = forward x 1000) On Putty software (12) Press “2” (Play) following with ENTER. TEST SET (P/N 1623-01) (10) Connect (Yamaha USB audio interface audiogram6) L cable to PA and R to HI FI AREA MIC on TEST SET (P/N 1623-01) (11) Set PA and HI FI AREA MIC on switch ON position NOTE: On Putty software (R = Reverse. .(5) Set test set SPKR/HEADSET VOLUME to approximate mid-range.

MIXED. Holding R down will accelerate this process. type in 2 (Play) and press ENTER. NOTE: • Pressing R on the terminal will cause the Record counter to reverse 3 seconds per keystroke. (25) Verify that the appropriate announcements and tests are on the PA Channel and that conversation is intelligible. (15) Set gain + level to the marked position on the Yamaha USB audio interface audiogram6 by pencil marks. press R (Reverse) to return to the Record Number recorded in step (9) above. AREA MIC and HI-FI AREA MIC Channels. (28) Repeat step for COPILOT. then type in 3 (Stop) and enter. except PA. Mode must be in PLAY. and 800Hz for PILOT and COPILOT (19) Select record + pause Click audio track + select (split stereo to mono) (20) Set CHANNEL SELECT Switches. PILOT. during the following tests. 23-70-03 Page 410 January 20. (26) Press R (Reverse) to return to the beginning of the recording. 1998 . (16) Make sure recording volume is at maximum (17) Record channel should be on 2 stereo recorder (18) Before start recording set project rate 1600Hz for PA and HI FI AREA MIC. (23) On the computer. (27) On the computer type in 3 (Stop) and press ENTER. note rotor speed frequency on the computer screen as RPM is announced by the crew. to OFF. In order to reverse or forward. The rotorcraft manufacturer must be contacted for the Hz to RPM conversion factor for RPM verification.(13) Press “R” (reverse) to return the recorder number to start which is (-----) and time in brackets (xx:xx) (14) Press “3” (Stop) following with ENTER. (22) Type in 2 (Play) and press ENTER. (24) On the computer. (21) Verify that CHANNEL SELECT PA Switch is ON. • On rotorcraft.