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Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University

List of Programmes


Agricultural Economics and Extension
PhD In Agricultural Extension

PhD in Agricultural Economics

Animal Production
Ph.D Animal Science

Ph.D In Animal Breeding and Genetics

Ph.D in Animal Health and Production

Ph.D in Monogastric Nutrition and Management

Ph.D in Reproductive Physiology

Ph.D.In Ruminant Nutrition and Management

Crop Production
Ph.D Crop Production

Ph.D Genetics and plant Breeding

Ph.D in Agricultural Entomology

Ph.D in Agronomy

Ph.D in Plant Technology

Ph.D in Soil Science


Agriculture and Bio-Resource Engineering
PhD in Agric and Bio-resource Engineering

Chemical Engineering
PhD In Chemical Engineering

D Materials and Metallurgical PhD In Mechanical Engineering ENVIRONMENTAL TECHNOLOGY Architecture Ph.D Architecture Building Technology Ph.D Civil (Structural) Engineering Phd Civil (Water Resources and Environmental) Engineering Electrical Engineering Ph.D Electrical and Electronics Engineering Mechanical Engineering Ph.D Automotive Engineering Ph.D Construction Technology Environmental Management Technology PhD In Environmental Management Technology PhD. Biodiversity Conservation Estate Management Ph.D Civil (Highway) Engineering Ph.D Construction Management Ph.Civil Engineering Ph.D Civil (Geotechnical) Engineering Ph.D Estate Management & Valuation Industrial Design PhD In Industrial Design (Ceramics and Ceramics Technology) PhD In Industrial Design (Graphics and graphics Technology) PhD In Industrial Design (Metal and Jewelry Design Technology ) Quantity Surveying .

D Banking and Finance Management and Information Technology Ph.D Applied Parasitology Ph.D in Management Ph.D Urban & Regional Planning MANAGEMENT SCIENCES Accounting and Finance Ph.D Finance Ph.D MEDICAL MICROBIOLOGY Ph.D Protozoology .D in Management Information Technology SCIENCE Biological Science Ph.D Parasitology Ph.D Entomology Ph.D Management Ph.D Ecology Ph.D Helaminthology Ph.D Accounting Ph. PhD In Project Management PhD In Quantity Surveying Urban and Regional Planning Ph.D Food Microbiology Ph.D Botany Ph.D Accounting Ph.D Industrial Microbiology Ph.

D ENVIRONMENTAL GEOLOGY Ph.D Sedimentology/Petroleum Geology Ph.D Industrial Chemistry Ph.D Polymer Chemistry Geology Ph.D Economic Geology/Mineral Exploration Ph.D Educational Psychology Science Education Ph.D Physics TECHNOLOGY EDUCATION Educational Foundation Ph.D Organic Chemistry Ph.D Environmental Geochemistry Ph.D Mathematics Education .D Inorganic Chemistry Ph.D Educational Administration and Planning Ph.Chemistry Ph.D Curriculum Studies Ph.D Analytical Chemistry Ph.D Computer Science Ph.D Mathematics Ph.D Statistics Physics Ph.D Geophysics Ph.D Stratigraphy/Paleontology Geology Mathematical Science Ph.

D Automobile Technology Education Ph.D Building Technology Education Ph.D Electrical & Electronics Education Ph.D Science Education Vocational and Technology Education Ph.D Production Technology Education Ph.D Business Education Ph.D Agricultural Education Ph.D Woodwork Technology Education . Ph.