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Determining the best cement manufacturing company in India

When you look at the current cement industry scenario, it is difficult to pick one
company as the best cement manufacturing in India. The fact that India
stands second in the world among the cement producer nations makes every
Indian cement company’s contribution crucial.

The figures say…
According to the latest stats, India today boasts of a cement production capacity
of nearly 390 million tonnes (MT). The countryaccounts for 6.7 per cent of the
total cement output of the world. Estimates say that by the financial year 2020,
the cement production capacity will touch 550 million tonnes.
The public sector of India accounts for 2 per cent of its total cement production
capacity,while the private sector accounts for the remaining 98 per cent.
Similarly, 70 per cent of the total production capacity lies with the top 20

Govt policies signal growth
The Government of India’s newer policies toboost economic growth have
activated and absorbed each and every industry. Its strong focus on
infrastructure development – 100 smart cities, for instance -- will effectively
involve every cement manufacturer irrespective of whether it is the best
cement manufacturing company in Indiaor not. With an investment of USD 1
trillion, the government has already started work on its plans to ease
transportation of cement and reduce transportation costs by expanding the
railways’ transport capacityas well as enabling better handling and storage.
These measures are sure to bring an upsurge in the construction activity, giving
a boost to cement demand as a result.

The top cement companies
There have been several articles about the best cement manufacturers in India.
Let us have a look at the latest list of the top five companies.

1. ACC Cement
Established in 1936, this company has created a rich history of evolution by
virtue of its innovative measures. Among ACC’sseveral initiatives, which
makes it a trendsetter, is the inclusion of environment protection in its
manufacturing process. Besides being the pioneer in bulk cement production,
the company was the first to start integrating pollution control equipmentand
methods in 1966. This was way before it was taken seriously by many
businesses. One of the most trusted Indian cement brands, ACC Cement
Limited has 17 cement manufacturing plants and over 9000dealers and
distributers across India.
2. Ambuja Cement
This brand, established in 1986, has always been known for its unique strength,
quality and reasonable price. While this brand is the most preferred in Western
India, it has also become the best cement manufacturing company in India’s
other regions too. Ambuja Cement, now a part of LafargeHolcim, has a cement
capacity of 29.65 million tonnes. Ambuja is known as a leader in
environmentally sustainable, especially water positive processes. It has won
several sustainability awards.

3. Indian Cements
Establishedjust a year before India's Independence byMr. S N
NSankaralingaIyer and Mr. T S Narayanaswami, the company has
pioneeredinfrastructure development in India. By 1949, its annual cement
production was 1 lakh tonnes. Now it has become South India's premier cement
company and owns 7 state-of-the-art cement manufacturing factories as well as
twogrinding units which have been spread across Indian states as far as
Maharashtra and Rajasthan. The company does not just rule the domestic
market, but also exports cement to Bangladesh, Sri Lanka,Mayanmar, Maldives,
Nepal,Mauritius, and several African nations.

4. UltraTech Cement
This is India's new age cement and the most trusted brand. This cement lives up
to its claims -- Engineer's Choice. Owned by India's the well-known business
conglomerate house - Aditya Birla Group. Both variants of Ultratech Cement --
Grey Cement and White Cement – rule the Indian market. Today, it has 19
grinding unitsand 12 integrated cement plants, along with clinkerisation plants
inUAE, Sri Lanka,Bangladesh, and Bahrain, besides in India. The company is
also the largest exporters of cement. Along with its spread and quality of
cement, a lot of sustainability initiatives such as biodiversity, use of AFR, water
harvesting across its plants, make it a best cement manufacturing company in
5. Jaypee Cement
Recently acquired by UltraTech Cement, Jaypee has a huge presence across
India. It is a subsidiary of Jaypee Group, also known as Jaiprakash Associates
Limited. Founded in 1979 and headquartered in Noida, its 18state-of-the-art
production facilities located in10 different Indian states, produce a variety of
cements.Each of these factories can produce tonnes of high quality cements and
other related products. In its 38 years of existence, Jaypee has earned several
quality certifications. The company’s speciality is its most modern facilities and
process controls.
Something to observe here. Three of these top five companies have made
sustainability an important part of their overall operations.They haven’t made
this choice for a better reputation. Nor is sustainable cement manufacturing a
fad that only bigger organisations go for and others can simply ignore.
Those who have made the choice have realised the significance and need for
environment-friendly measures. It is high time every cement company in the
country understands that if it wants to become the best cement manufacturing
company in India, it has to step its green agenda.