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A project report submitted to RNB Global University for the partial fulfillment of
Bachelor of Business Administration

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DR. Ajoy Mitra Romesh Somani

APRIL 2017

But in particular we would extend our gratitude to RNBGU for providing us such platforms where we can get chance enhance our personal skills . Acknowledgement This report would not have been possible without the assistance and participation of many people. (Romesh Somani) .We are thankful to Dr. We sincerely appreciate and acknowledge their contribution. Ajoy Mitra for the constant guidance and encouragement .

The product which I choose is Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate. Executive Summary The project which I choose is on Cadbury Company which made Confectionery items and a different type of chocolate products. Price. At the last my conclusion about the whole marketing process of that company’s product I also give the reference of those websites which provides me relevant material. Micro and Macro Environment of this company also discussed. And the recommendations about this project. It also tells about logo. This project covers the following topics: The introduction and the history of the company. Place and Promotional strategies). mission statement and the customer driven marketing strategies of that company like ( market segmentation. The project also covers the Four P’s of marketing (Product. Slogans and about the target market of this product. targeting and positioning). . Cadbury is a Multinational Company and its business is worldwide. It also covers about the Positioning strategy like how company sets its positive position and in the minds of consumers. Strategic planning of this company like Vision.

1 Cover Page (i) 2 Acknowledgement (ii) 3 Executive Summary (iii) 4 Introduction 5 5 Research Methodology 6 6 Findings 7-12 7 Conclusion 13 8 Limitation 14 9 Bibliography 15 10 Appendix 16-17 . Index S.NO PARTICULARS PAGE NO.

Kit Kat. In 1831 the business had changed into grocery shop and John Cadbury became the manufacturer of the company. Fruit & Nut. opened in 1984 by a Quaker. and now becomes the world’s largest chocolate producers. Cadbury made different types of chocolates and other products which is sold in several countries around the world. France almost all countries. History Cadbury’s started as a one man business. John Cadbury. which becomes nowadays Cadbury Limited. Éclairs. INTRODUCTION Historical Background Cadbury is a multinational company and the Cadbury dairy milk is a brand of chocolate which is made by Cadbury. Cadbury lite. India. Italy. Cadbury Crackle etc… Snacks. It first sold its products in United States in 1905. Product Varieties Cadbury made different types of chocolates and other products like: Chocolates: Cadbury dairy milk chocolate. Cadbury Dairy Milk is a worldwide brand of chocolate of United Kingdom Which made its different types of products and promote in different countries like Pakistan. Five Star. Canada. Cadbury bytes Beverages: Bourneville. Cadbury delight Candy: Cadbury hall (5) .

2 Objective of the study  To study on consumer preference towards Cadbury and Nestle chocolates. To know the consumers view towards the chocolates. To know which category of chocolate is most preferred. To study on various parameters on which the consumer purchases the chocolates. Types of data.Local public.3 Research design Unit. 2.1 Scope of the study  To use the data for the promotion of Cadbury dairymilk and to highlight it’s among people . 2.4 SAMPLE SIZE The study was carried out through levels of the customers and the sample size was 30.  3.Primary Techniques and methods of Data Collection Primary data was collected through questionnaires 2. Chapter 2: RESEARCH METHODOLOGY 2.  4. (6) .  2.

Findings (7) .

(8) .

(9) .

(10) .

(11) .

(12) .

This unique mix of taste and preferences of the consumer makes some chocolate brand the top grocers of the market those are Cadbury and nestle. beliefs. attitudes. income level and spending. There is an immense scope for chocolate industry in India. Indian chocolate industry is unique mix with extreme consumption patterns. The taste of Cadbury chocolates and mainly dairy milk is something more suitable for Indian consumer taste. Chocolates are continually growing their market and consumer base all over the world which will become a market of 98 billion. (13) . This research shows that among these two key players Cadbury is more preferred by the consumers as compared to nestle. There are many reasons for this but the main of them lies in the taste and availability of Cadbury. Conclusion Chocolates are one of the most consumed confectionary and are now becoming a luxury consumable product.

Limitations In attempt to make this project authentic and reliable. every possible aspect of the topic was kept in mind. Hence. The chance of biased response can’t be eliminated though all necessary steps were taken to avoid the same. Nevertheless. despite of fact constraints were at play during the formulation of this project. (14) . So the sample of consumers was not enough to generalize the findings of the study. Some respondents were like that they don’t at all like chocolates People were hesitant to disclose the true facts about how much they spend on their purchase. The main limitations are as follows: Due to limitation of time only few people were selected for the study. the chances of unbiased information are less. The main source of data for the study was primary data with the help of self- managed questionnaires.

html (15) . Bibliography 1) 2) 5)https://en. Chocolate-Sales-Set-for-Steady-Growth-with-the-Entry- 6)http://companies-profiles.blogspot.franchisehelp.html 3) chocolate-markets-in-the-world/ 4)https://successstory.wikipedia.

Do you think standard price of Dairy milk is fair? O Yes O No 4. When you think any choclate which brand comes to your mind? O Nestle O Amul O Cadbury O Other (16) 8. Appendix 1.If there would be a discount on Cadbury Dairy milk. Do you consume / purchase cadbury celebration occasionally or usual basis? 6.Can you give your favorite chocolate one adjective? . Do you prefer to eat Dairy Milk? O Yes O No 2. Have you ever tasted the new Cadbury Silk? O Yes O No you think you will purchase? O Yes O No 5. Which type of Dairy Milk do you Prefer? O Plain chocolate O with nuts O with mint O with fruit (Raisins) 3.

how important is following factor to you? 1 2 3 4 5 Price Taste Packaging Availability Brand ambassador 11. Do you think sugar free cadbury chocolates should be introduced to attract health conscious people? O Yes O No O May be (17) . Do you believe that now people have become more health conscious that the need for chocolate has declined? O Yes O No O May be 13. O Yummy O Tasty O Crunchy O Other 9. Do you think cadbury dairy milk is commodity consumed by children only? O Yes O No O May be 12. 1 being not important 5 being very important when purchasing chocolate. On a scale of 1 to 5.