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Dear Recruitment Manager

This is to apply for the post of Representative, Kenya. This is a post I am ideally suited. An
MD, MPH have a strong and consolidated 25 years of experience in Health programme
dialogue, policy, design, implementation monitoring, and evaluation, in the context of
emergencies, reconstruction, and development. I am very familiar with the assessment of
humanitarian needs and priorities as well as the coordination and the delivery of
humanitarian assistance to refugees, internally displaced people, returnees or other
affected and vulnerable groups in DRC, CAR, Northern Uganda and the Horn of
Africa, within international NGOs, UNICEF, and WHO. These experiences have increased
my exposure to donors, governments, communities and civil societies. During these past
decades, I have been strengthening my skills in management, policy development,
strategizing according to national and international priorities, leadership and advocacy
towards the promotion of human rights and the respect of the humanitarian norms and
standards in fragile states.
I have been involved in the process of the United Nations Development Assistance
Framework (UNDAF) in three (3) African countries and the realisation of the Africa Health
Transformation Programme, including the Global Health Security Agenda, the Sustainable
Development Goals (SDGs), and the post-Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)
unfinished agenda analysis. Therefore, I understand the way the UN Country Team, The UN
Humanitarian Country Team and the UN Strategic Policy Group operate. Now, I am looking
for a senior position where my commitment to the to the principle of International NGO or
United Nations Quadrennial Comprehensive Policy Review (QCPR) can be utilized, and
thereby influencing the agenda within UN through the Delivering as One (DaO) and for an
equitable realization of the SDGs in Low and Middle income countries. I would like to bring
all these experience within TDH to contribute to building up the best practice in nutrition
and Child protection.
Working with your TDH will give me the opportunity to use my skills and competencies to
address the inequities in a more systematic manner and enhance reporting on progress
towards equity in our program and ensure accountability towards beneficiaries and
partners as well as communities. TDH is known for its particular focus on the vulnerable,
and the integration of its disaster response and disaster risk reduction work with its longer-
term development program, I would very please, If I could be given the opportunity to
contribute to building a culture of resilience in Africa
As a manager, I value the input of all the staff. I also strive to bring together people with
diverse backgrounds and opinions to design and implement programs. I feel strongly that
organizations benefit greatly from a diverse workforce, and I enjoy the challenge of
bringing these groups together in a friendly and robust work environment. My language
skills enable me to easily communicate in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese and I
am willing and able to improve other skills

Please, find attached a copy of my CV that will give you further details about my career to