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Mohamadou Bachir MBODJ, M.D.,M.P.H.
SICAP Rue 10, Rue 4, No. 13,
Dakar-Fann, Senegal,
Tel: +221-77291-3705,

Summary of Experience
I have a strong and consolidated 25 years of experience in programme dialogue, policy, design, implementation monitoring, and evaluation, in
the context of emergencies, reconstruction, and development. I am very familiar with the assessment of humanitarian needs and priorities as
well as the coordination and the delivery of humanitarian assistance to refugees, internally displaced people, returnees or other affected and
vulnerable groups in DRC, CAR, Northern Uganda and the Horn of Africa, within international NGOs , Peace Corps of the USA, UNICEF and
WHO. These experiences have increased my exposure to donors, governments, communities and civil societies. During these past decades, I
have been strengthening my skills in management, policy development, strategizing according to national and international priorities, leadership
and advocacy towards the promotion of human rights and the respect of the humanitarian norms and standards in fragile states. I have been
involved in the process of the United Nations Development Assistance Framework (UNDAF) in three (3) African countries and the realisation of
the Africa Health Transformation Programme, including the Global Health Security Agenda, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and
the post-Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) unfinished agenda analysis. Therefore, I understand the way the UN Country Team, The UN
Humanitarian Country Team and the UN Strategic Policy Group operate. Now, I am looking for a senior position where my commitment to the
to the principle of International NGO or United Nations Quadrennial Comprehensive Policy Review (QCPR) can be utilized, and thereby
influencing the agenda within UN through the Delivering as One (DaO) and for an equitable realization of the SDGs in Low and Middle-income
countries I am fluent in English and French with a comfortable working knowledge of Portuguese and Spanish. I am and flexible I am ready to
deal with new challenges.
1. Work Experience History
June 2016- Present, Health Security and Emergencies Technical Officer for Dem Republic of Congo, P.4.4 level
World Health • Member of the United Nations Programme Management Team (PMT), I involved WHO into the policy
Organization (WHO) dialogue and planning process within UN and with Government of DRC towards the United Nations
Development Assistance Framework (UNDAF), the Humanitarian Action Plan and the Sustainable
Development Goals (SDGs);
• contributed to the policy dialogue and ensured the WHO influences the design and implementation of
the Global Health Security Agenda road map in DRC, the prioritization for the zoonosis/One Health
initiatives and the inclusion within the UNDAF;
• Coordinated and facilitated strategic thinking on WHO DRC Country Office on the new Health
Emergencies Programme WHE (nexus Humanitarian-stabilization-development interventions, the DRC
WHE Country Business Model, the inclusion of the GHSA into the 2017-2021 WHO Country Strategic
• Brought WHO added values into the Nutrition, Gender and Health Clusters and also into the humanitarian
response for the refugees and IDPs and the populations living in epidemic zone;
• Contributed, within the Incidence Management team, to the response to the Yellow fever Ebola Virus
Diseases epidemics in DRC particularly in the case management commission and also as in charge of
external relations and resource mobilization focal point;
•Provided Technical Guidance on preparedness and training on IDSR to the National Programme of
Humanitarian Action and advocated for the creation of One Health Committee in the province of North.
Jan 2016-June 2016 Project Director for Senegal
 Lead Team for technical assistance to MoH to design sound Reproductive maternal newborn child and
IntraHealth International adolescent health in Senegal within 23 Health Districts;
 Bring Long- term technical assistance to Central MoH and Regions to deliver sustainable reproductive
maternal newborn child and adolescent health interventions;
 Disseminates the lessons and contributed to the preparation phase of the Bill and Melinda gates Foundation
Challenge Initiative in West Africa.

Dec.2009-Nov. 2015 Chief of Child survival and Development in Djibouti, then in Guinea Bissau P.4.10 Level
United Nations Children’s  acted as Deputy Representative and/or Representative while Representative and/or Representatives were away;
Fund (UNICEF)  Coordinated Health, Nutrition, WASH interventions within a team of internal expats and national staff and
international consultants;
 contributed to planning process in both countries: UNICEF Situational Analysis, UNDAF, Country Programme
Document, Country Programme Action Plan;
 Designed and implemented H4+ initiative - Mother and Child Health interventions, including RH- in 6 regions
and EU/ Child and Maternal Health Integrated Programme in 5 regions of Guinea Bissau and promoted the
Every New born Action Plan to address high neonatal mortality in Guinea;
 Contributed to the Update of the national nutrition policy, the nutrition strategic plan, Scale Up Nutrition (SUN),
integrated Community Case Management (iCCM) ;
 Promoted strategic partnership with EU, SIDA, USAID, The Netherlands Cooperation, DFID, GAVI, and
 Coordinated disaster preparedness and response interventions towards the nutrition crisis in the Horn of Africa and Ebola
Virus Disease Epidemics in West Africa;
 Ensured linkage between emergency response to long lasting Health, nutrition and WASH Intervention;
 Introduced new vaccines into the National EPI agenda and micronutrient deficiency control Programme.

Oct. 2008- Nov. 2009 Humanitarian Coordinator for West and Central Africa
Plan International  Promoted Humanitarian activities within 12 West and Central African Countries African Countries;
 Initiated DRR and Response with the normal development Programme of 12 countries;
 Liaised with ECOWAS, Countries and AU for H u m a n i t a r i a n Affairs and Disaster Risk Reduction and
 Created a strong network on DRR in Africa and all the around the world.
June 2007- Oct. 2008 Country Health Director for Democratic Republic of Congo & Central Africa Republic
Medical Relief  Coordinated, standardized, and harmonized Health interventions in different sites and different sites for
International (MERLIN) refugees, Internal Displaced people and returnees and other vulnerable groups;
 Scaled up activities in DRC and reinforced representation in DRC (Health Clusters, HAG, and also with MOH,
UN agencies);
 Contributed to the reinforcement of staff HR system (appraisal, training Programme and also
 Designed and implemented Global Funds funded HIV/AIDS project in 10 health districts in Maniema province;
 Contributed to the policy development on SGBV in DRC;
 Co-lead the health cluster operation in DRC with a close cooperation with WHO/HCC team;
 Contributed to the extension of Programme in CAR and also to the contribution at the Health Cluster in Bangui.
 Coordinated infectious diseases prevention in IDPs settings

Jan. 2003-Dec. 2004, Emergency and Humanitarian Action Technical
and March 2006 - March Officer and Roll Back Malaria Focal Point for Democratic Republic of Congo, P.4.3
2007  Coordinated emergency and Health Humanitarian responses with UN partners, NGOs, communities and MOH;
World Health Coordinated Health and Nutrition related project within the Consolidated Appeal Process for DRC;
Organization (WHO)  Designed training Programme in Emergency and Humanitarian Reponses for WHO national Health Staff,
NGOs and MoH.
 Assisted Uganda Country office in the assessment, the design and implementation of humanitarian response
programmer for IDPs in Kitgum, Gulu, Pader and Lira.
 Developed the cartography of the malaria interventions in Eastern DRC and developed malaria task forces
in 4 provinces;
 Introduced Malaria treatment with the Artemisinin Combined Therapy in Eastern DRC; closely worked with
HIV/AIDS and TB Programme managers within the GFATM findings.
 Assisted the WHO East DRC Programme coordinator in the implementation the integrated interventions
May 2005 –Feb. 2006 Consultancy, Health Programme Manager, Somalia
COOPI  Assisted Borama and Burao Regional Health offices in Health Programme Supervision, Health
information System design and health financing. Assisted the Regional Medical Stores in setting up a ‘Drug
Supply/Management System’ in Awdal Region.
 Assisted the Regional Health Boards to participate to the health project implementation and evaluation;
 Enhanced the Borama Regional Hospital capacity in clinical care and reinforce the capacity of the
Emergency Health Unit, the X-Ray Department and the Laboratory.
 Closed the project and handover the project to the local health authorities

Dec. 2004- May 2005  Consultancy Kenya Medical Coordinator
International Rescue  Designed plan to improve Coordination of Health Programme for 90,000 refugees in Northern Kenya and ensured
Committee (IRC), that all components are integrated (Strategic Orientations).
 Initiated ARV treatment for PLWH in Kakuma Camp and participated in the design of the core indicators
in Reproductive Health;
 Introduced HIV Post Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP) Policy for IRC staff and dependents.
Dec. 2001- Sept. 2002  UN Volunteer Medical Officer for United Nations (UN) in Chad
UNDP  Provided medical/health care services to UN staff in Chad and their legal dependents (curative care,
preventions, immunization…), developed Health education programme for the staff: HIV/AIDS, Malaria
 Introduced HIV Post Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP) Policy for UN staff and dependents; followed up the treatment
of the PLWHA among the UN staff and their dependents;
 cooperated with WHO for the implementation of programmes: IMCI, RBM, HIV/AIDS prevention;
 organized and followed up UN Staff and/or dependents medical evacuation in other countries;
 Supervised 4 staff members (nurse, driver, midwife, and janitor) and participated to the UN security board
Sep1999 – Aug. 2001 Medical Coordinator for Guinea Programme
American Refugee  Designed, developed, monitored and evaluated Health/Nutrition Programme/project for refugees from Liberia
Committee International and Sierra Leone in Southern Guinea. Participated to refugees relocation and repatriation in Liberia and Sierra
(ARC) Leone;
 Lead the health Programme during the relocation of the refugees and also during their repatriation to Liberia and
Sierra Leone;
 Coordinated with UNHCR, UNICEF, WHO, NGOs (MSF, MERLIN, MDM, and IRC);
 developed and implemented health training Programme for Local and refugees Health Staff and initiated the HHS
Programme for Forestry Guinea;
 Participated at the National Level to Programme such as RBM, IMCI, and Child Survival Programme.

12/1998 – 09/1999  Consultancy with Child Fund, Health and Nutrition, Advisor for Senegal Programme
08/2002 – 01/2003  Contractor with Peace Corps of the United States of America , Medical Officer in Senegal
05/1997 - 09/1997
Nov 1992 – May 1997  Dakar CHEIKH Anta DIOP University, Senior Medical Officer

2. Education background
Academic  June-July 2001, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, training on Epidemiology and Medical
Statistics, short course;
 September 1997 to August 1998, University of Maastricht (The Netherlands), Public Health, Masters obtained
(Sponsor: Joint Japan World Bank Graduated Scholarship Programme, MPH obtained;
 1882-1992, Cheikh Anta Diop University, Dakar, Medicines, Doctorate Obtained.

Additional Training  October 2016, Incidence Management System by WHO;
 September 2013 UNICEF Management Development Training (Copenhagen;
 September 2012, Public health Leadership Amman, Jordan (Colombia Universit)°;
 October 2011, Cluster Coordination Training, UNICEF Amman; October 2011;
 Workshop: Integrating DRR and Climate Change into the UNDAF, Dakar; July 2011,
 UNICEF Programme Planning and Process Training, Dakar; May 2011,
 UNDAF Djibouti in country training, Djibouti; March 2010;
 Training on Budget policies and investment for children, Istanbul, UNICEF;
 January 2010, Nutrition in Emergencies. Amman UNICEF; April-May 2009;
 Redr London, Certificate in Security Management; January-February 2006, Training on Leadership Effectiveness
Training; April 2004;
 Training on Epidemic Surveillance organized by WHO;
 September 22 to 23//04/2003 Training on Security organized by the WHO HQ Security office;
 April 09 to 18. 2003, training and Environmental health in Emergencies, organized by WHO in Nairobi
 September 16 to 20, 2002,USA Department of State, Training Centre, Training on “the four roles of
leadership” and training on security;
 November 2001, International Health Exchange, Merlin: Nutrition in Emergencies.

3. Languages Kills
 French: spoken and written perfectly
 English: Spoken and written correctly
 Portuguese: Working Knowledge
 Spanish: working Knowledge
 Wolof : native
4. Memberships
 From 2013, Devex - International Development Group, Global Public Health group, Humanitarian Professionals Group;
 From 2011, - Africa community of Practice on Management for Development Results (CoP- MfDR);
 From 2008- the Global Cluster support group
 From December 2002 - Member of the Royal Society of Medicine
 From October 2002 - Member of the Royal Institute of Public Health
 From 1999 - Member of West African Research Centre
 From 1994 - Member of the African Network for Human Rights
 From Novembre 1992, member of Ordre National des Médecins du Senegal
 Former Exchange officer for International Federation of Medical Students’ Association (IFMSA)
5. Other skills and abilities
 IT: Microsoft Word, Excel, email and internet used in a daily basis, Familiar with Handset, Codane, Satellite telephone phone and security
 Familiar with working under pressure and within a cross cultural setting
 Familiar with working with/for donors, governments, UN agencies, NGOs, Communities, Red Cross, refugees and Internal Displaced
People and other civil societies
 Easy learner

6. References

Name Tittle Contact
Mrs. Hodan Haji Mohamud Former UN RC Djibouti
Mahendra Sheth Former UNICEF MENARO Regional Health Advisor
Richard Poole Former ARC Guinea Country Director
Moncef Moalla UNICEF Algeria Deputy Representative
Dr. AYIGAN, Kossi Akla" WR Guinée Bissau