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Fabled Lands #6

Compiled by Underdogs for Home of the Underdogs,
Based on PDF files provided by Fabled Lands Yahoo! group,

To use an ability (COMBAT, THIEVERY, and so on),
! Face ! Fortress roll two dice and add your score in the ability. To
! Faded ! Fossil succeed you must roll higher than the Difficulty of
! Farm ! Fracas the task.
! Feral ! Frame
! Fern ! Fresco Example:
! Fire ! Fright You want to calm down an angry innkeeper. This requires a
! Fist ! Friz CHARISMA roll at a Difficulty of 10. Say you have a
! Flag ! Frog CHARISMA score of 6. This means that you would have to
! Fleet ! Fruit roll 5 or more on two dice to succeed.
! Flimsy ! Fuligin
! Flood ! Fuchsia Fighting involves a series of COMBAT rolls. The
! Flux ! Fusty Difficulty of the roll is equal to the opponent’s
! Foment ! Future Defence score. (Your Defence score is equal to your
! Fog Rank PLUS your armour bonus PLUS your
COMBAT score.) The amount you beat the Difficulty
by is the number of Stamina points that your
opponent loses.

That’s pretty much all you need to know. If you have
any detailed queries, consult the Adventuring in the
Fabled Lands 6 document.

Adventurer’s Journal
For the keeping of notes

with your choice of profession and the ability scores given for there are virtually unlimited adventures to be had in the Fabled that profession. You are limited to carrying a total of 12 items. throughout the series. Warrior: CHARISMA 5. coming back to earlier SCOUTING 8. but you can never have an Adventure Sheet now. because if it does rules before starting at section 1 of Lords of the Rising Sun. Your initial score in each ability ranges RANK from 1 (low ability) to 8 (a high level of ability). THIEVERY 8 characters in Lords of the Rising Sun begin with a platinum earring but have no money. MAGIC 5. ABILITIES You have six abilities. Keep track of your Stamina that section now. . enemies. SANCTITY 5. but your starting out as a 6th Rank wanderer in Lords of the Rising Sun. THIEVERY 6 books whenever you wish. The reason is Wayfarer: CHARISMA 4. By completing quests and overcoming ability score lower than 1 or higher than 12. Anything marked in this way is an item which can be picked up and added to your list of possessions. so note this on the will change during your adventure. Everyone has some 4th Master/Mistress strengths and some weaknesses. THIEVERY 3 more than this you'll have to cross something off your Adventure Sheet. like this: gold SCOUTING 4. COMBAT 6. THIEVERY 6 compass. score throughout your travels and adventures. SANCTITY 2. SANCTITY 4. Adventuring in the Fabled Lands Fabled Lands is unlike any other gamebook series. 8th Earl/Viscountess SCOUTING 6. MAGIC 5. THIEVERY 2 9th Marquis/Marchioness 10th Duke/Duchess Mage: CHARISMA 4. MAGIC 8. MAGIC 3. All starting SCOUTING 4. You will be told during the course of your adventures when CHARISMA the knack of befriending people you are entitled to advance in Rank. MAGIC 6. You need only one book to start. 6th Baron/Baroness 7th Count/Countess Priest: CHARISMA 6. All you need is two dice. SANCTITY the gift of divine power and wisdom SCOUTING the techniques of tracking and wilderness lore Rank Title THIEVERY the talent for stealth and lockpicking 1st Outcast 2nd Commoner PROFESSIONS 3rd Guildmember Not all adventurers are good at everything. Turn to Stamina is lost when you get hurt. SANCTITY 1. COMBAT 8. that you can play the books in any order. SANCTITY 8. COMBAT 4. You start with 27 Stamina points. you will know your entry point into this book. Lands. COMBAT 7. COMBAT 4. so if you get SCOUTING 5. read the rest of the against your Stamina score dropping to zero. you have the chance to go up in Rank. SANCTITY 6. luckier and generally better able to deal with MAGIC the art of casting spells trouble. COMBAT 5. an eraser and a pencil. Record your Stamina in pencil on the Adventure Sheet. but by collecting other books in the series you can explore more Fill in the Adventure Sheet included in the Adventure Pack 6 of this rich fantasy world. You must guard If this is your first Fabled Lands book. You can carry up to 12 possessions on your person. Ability scores You start in this book at 6th Rank. Possessions are always marked in bold text. You can carry unlimited sums of money. THIEVERY 5 POSSESSIONS Rogue: CHARISMA 7. MAGIC 4. If you have already adventured using other books in the STAMINA series. will keep the same adventuring persona throughout the books – Lost Stamina can be recovered by various means. wealth and experience Rank. Stamina cannot go above its initial score until you advance in but gradually gaining in power. Instead of just one single storyline. 11th+ Hero/Heroine SCOUTING 7. You you are dead. Your choice of profession 5th Gentleman/Lady determines your initial scores in the six abilities. Characters of higher Rank COMBAT the skill of fighting are tougher. Troubadour: CHARISMA 8.

Uttakin. If you are told to lose a you have picked up a codeword in a book you have already point off an ability which is already at 1. death might not be the end of your increase in Rank or COMBAT ability. Cities of Gold and score of 11. one book to another. career. which refers to entry 321 in Book 5. If you survive. Otherwise. When you get a chance to use one of your other Just turn back. and Adventure Sheet and Ship's Manifest into the new adventure. and to succeed in the task you must get higher than the Difficulty. you can always abilities.2 Adventuring in the Fabled Lands DEFENCE book to check (i. The fight Rank before exploring the wilder regions. adventured in. you then get a chance to attack again. When you need to stop playing. You need to roll higher than the enemy's Defence. known Fabled Lands. Do NOT rub out codewords when you are passing from If you later lose the codeword. Over the Blood-Dark Sea deals with the Defence is therefore 10 (=4+3+3). it is from Book 3: Over Your Defence score is equal to: the Blood-Dark Sea). the old adventure so they will be blank when you return there. including any weapon bonus plus your Rank SOME QUESTIONS ANSWERED plus the bonus for the armour you're wearing (if any). your COMBAT score. Remember to update it if you get some armour or learn about them later). Just think of it as real life in carry several suits of armour if you wish – but because you can a fantasy world. Suppose you have chain mail (Defence +3). This Lastly.e. They can never go lower than 1. What should I do when travelling on from one book to the next? It's very simple. you will be guided to another adventure in the series. it stays as it is. Are there any limits on abilities? This makes it easy to check if you picked up a codeword from a Your abilities (COMBAT. so you lose 1 Stamina and can then southern seas and so on. power for it. The colour map shows the land of If the enemy is now down to zero Stamina then he is Akatsurai which is covered by this adventure – Lords of the Rising defeated. Stamina 6). You can use THIEVERY to climb it. Adding your COMBAT gives a total of Where can I travel in the Fabled Lands? 12. best armour you are carrying. so it loses 5 Stamina. erase the tick. begins with your attack (you always get first blow unless told otherwise). Generally. When fighting an enemy. Write your Defence score on the Adventure Sheet now. How long will my adventures last? As long as you like! There are many plot strands to follow in the Every suit of armour you find will have a Defence bonus listed Fabled Lands. the closer you are to civilization (the area of Example: Sokara and Golnir covered in the first two books) the easier You are a 3rd Rank character with a COMBAT score of 4. Make friends and foes. if you are enslaved by the attack again. This is 5 more than the goblin's Defence. you only get the Defence bonus of the the entry you are at and later you can just resume at that point. the climb is Difficulty 9. added to its Combat of 5. Suppose your THIEVERY score is 4. FIGHTING ticks and money recorded in the book. USING ABILITIES Fighting is often not the easiest or safest way to tackle a What if I don't have the next book? situation. They 'remember' the places you've been and the people you've When this happens. CODEWORDS What about codewords? There is a list of codewords included in the Adventure Pack 6. you'll first have to erase all codewords. It adventure. you might be asked if 12. You can and prestige. The codewords are arranged alphabetically for each book in the series. For instance. using the same Sun. Make a note of the entry you'll be turning to in Example: the new adventure. Gain wealth. Sometimes you will be told you have acquired a codeword. Then copy all the information from your You are at the bottom of a cliff. If you do. The letter of that codeword will tell you which . gives a total attack (The War-Torn Kingdom deals with Sokara. met. so it gets to strike back. and you your adventures will be. Explore wherever you want. Defence 7. Anywhere. Suppose you roll 8 on two dice. for example. The higher the bonus. rub out the Adventure Sheet and Ship's Manifest data in means you must roll at least 6 on the dice to make the climb. Codewords report important events in your adventuring life. and the battle goes on until one of you is victorious. Wait until you have reached higher have to fight a goblin (COMBAT 5. Are some regions of the world more dangerous than others? Yes. Otherwise he will strike back at you. dice and add your score in the ability. To What happens if I'm killed? start with it is just your COMBAT score plus 6 (because you are If you had the foresight to arrange a resurrection deal (you'll 6th Rank). etc) can increase up to a maximum of book you played previously. If you journey to the edge of the map in this The goblin still has 1 Stamina point left.) For example. roll two dice and add your COMBAT score. if it begins with C. you will be guided to The Court of Hidden Faces 321. you can always start adventuring again with a new persona. rolls 6 on the dice which. all codewords begin with F. make a note of wear only one at a time. procedure. The What do the maps show? amount you roll above the enemy's Defence is the number of The two black and white maps show the whole extent of the Stamina he loses. you will be told the Difficulty of the task. You roll two return and venture onwards. When you do get that book. put a tick in the box next to that codeword. the better the armour. Your Glory deals with Golnir. In this book.

but not your potential (unwounded) score.e. Wounds will reduce your current Stamina. a sword. Count only the bonus given by your best item for each ability. etc). but you could have one COMBAT. but never more than one of the same type. If Stamina ever goes to zero. Stamina increases each time you go up in Rank. The type of weapon is up to you. you are killed. spear. so whenever you go back there. one THIEVERY and one CHARISMA blessing. Are these cumulative? No. Price is not affected by the weapon's type. You can't have several COMBAT blessings. you don't get a +4 bonus. you can choose what type of weapon it is (i. Does it matter what type of weapon I have? When you buy a weapon in a market. only +3. Adventuring in the Fabled Lands 3 Are there any limits on Stamina? There is no upper limit. How many blessings can I have? As many as you can get. you go to the paragraph that corresponds to that place. If you already have a set of lockpicks (THIEVERY +1) and then acquire a skeleton key (THIEVERY +3). Why do I keep going back to entries I've been to? Many entries describe locations such as a city or castle. for instance. . but only by whether it has a COMBAT bonus or not. Some items give ability bonuses.

She believes all conflict is best settled by morally superior to mankind merely because they compromise. He believes he will find this court of the sovereign – a signal honour for a travelling in Akatsurai. He is intrigued by the because he was unjustly exiled from his homeland. him as constantly seething with proud anger. adventure. KINTU IRONHANDS PANJANG OF THE EMERALD FLAME Rank: 6th Rank: 6th Profession: Warrior Profession: Mage Stamina: 27 Stamina: 27 Defence: 14 Defence: 10 Money: 0 Shards Money: 0 Shards CHARISMA: 5 CHARISMA: 4 COMBAT: 8 COMBAT: 4 MAGIC: 3 MAGIC: 8 SANCTITY: 6 SANCTITY: 1 SCOUTING: 5 SCOUTING: 7 THIEVERY: 3 THIEVERY: 5 Possessions: platinum earring Possessions: platinum earring Kintu believes weapons are for sissies and prefers to A quietly competent young man. she would like to play music at the single all-embracing truth. and breathing exercises. he Elektra always has a sweet song on her lips to charm the questions whether the gods should be regarded as people she meets. Panjang has dedicated himself fight with his fists. an attitude that makes her a natural diplomat created the universe. Transfer the details of the character you have chosen to the Adventure Sheet. or pick one from the following – except for the last two listed. perhaps meditation. . People who have met Kintu describe to mastery of the mystic arts through a regime of fasting.Starting characters You can create your own character. His quest is for a religion that and peacekeeper. ABRAXAS THE SEEKER ELEKTRA NEMORA Rank: 6th Rank: 6th Profession: Priest Profession: Troubadour Stamina: 27 Stamina: 27 Defence: 10 Defence: 11 Money: 0 Shards Money: 0 Shards CHARISMA: 6 CHARISMA: 8 COMBAT: 4 COMBAT: 5 MAGIC: 5 MAGIC: 5 SANCTITY: 8 SANCTITY: 5 SCOUTING: 6 SCOUTING: 4 THIEVERY: 2 THIEVERY: 6 Possessions: platinum earring Possessions: platinum earring Although Abraxas has a strong spiritual sense. but knows he has heard about the skilled martial artists of Akatsurai must train hard before he will be ready to undertake the and intends to show them a thing or two. minstrel. He mysteries of the Black Pagoda in Oni Province. As well as helping to calm the tense military transcends man and the gods and instead aims for a situation in Akatsurai.

longer there. he was can never hold on to treasure for very long because he is placed under a curse that would force him to produce one always planning and outfitting his next great expedition. gamebook series after another until the end of eternity. She is determined to obtain the antique and Colin Baker was the best Doctor Who. He Falling in with a cabal of writers and publishers. His latest ambition is to scale the Kenen Mountains and Confronted with this doom. when you look for Shikibu she’s no sequels. a target he has maintained ever since. Dave is adamant in such beliefs as her voice like a wisp of silk. that Timothy Dalton made the best James Bond. this slip of a girl clad all in black. himself by writing no more than fifty words a day. interactive software. Then you miss your hoard that Alien and Terminator were vastly superior to their of gold or silver too. Jamie sensibly decided to pace see if the rumours of silver mines are true. Ithacus suffers from a Jamie was born in Iran but later exiled to Great Britain. restless nature that forces him to stay on the move. All of which golden katana kept in the Imperial Palace in Chambara could explain why he is still writing gamebooks instead of – and nothing will stop her. with A contrary individual.Starting characters The authors SHIKIBU DAVE MORRIS Rank: 6th Rank: 12th Profession: Rogue Profession: Author Stamina: 27 Stamina: 40 Defence: 12 Defence: 17 Money: 0 Shards Money: 2130 Shards CHARISMA: 7 CHARISMA: 7 COMBAT: 6 COMBAT: 5 MAGIC: 6 MAGIC: 11 SANCTITY: 2 SANCTITY: 1 SCOUTING: 4 SCOUTING: 7 THIEVERY: 8 THIEVERY: 4 Possessions: platinum earring Possessions: Eye of All-Seeing Wonder She’s easy to miss. . ITHACUS JAMIE THOMSON Rank: 6th Rank: 15th Profession: Wayfarer Profession: Gamer Stamina: 27 Stamina: 74 Defence: 13 Defence: 26 Money: 0 Shards Money: 1 Shard CHARISMA: 4 CHARISMA: 7 COMBAT: 7 COMBAT: 11 MAGIC: 4 MAGIC: 8 SANCTITY: 4 SANCTITY: 7 SCOUTING: 8 SCOUTING: 2 THIEVERY: 6 THIEVERY: 10 Possessions: platinum earring Possessions: Toyota MR2 A clever and resourceful survivor.




You feel as weak as a kitten. coughing sea water out of your lungs. We thought you were dead. First sounds: the dull roar and The only drawback is that he insists on buying all the armour mutter of words. a man in finer clothes who seems to be a merchant You are on the lower slopes of the massive Kenen range.’ coast to try to get your bearings. She tells you she belongs to the extensive Black bearers carry him swiftly by. turn to 55. can see long valleys stretching up the mountainsides. Your clothes here there is a dusting of snow on the pine trees. Score 4-5 turn to 471 Make a CHARISMA roll at a Difficulty of 11. Accept her challenge turn to 614 3 Show her an agate swan if you have one turn to 485 You are in the uplands that separate the east and west coastal Turn back turn to 568 regions. At the mid-point you are stopped by a occasionally you pass a group of merchants with their packs. or a female warrior who wears maroon armour over a tunic of black dignitary being bounced about inside his sedan chair as his and scarlet silk. ‘I don’t know. Further up you are wet through. add the money to your and the smell of the rope on which your head is resting. ‘The Sage of Peace promises resurrection in the life to Chain mail (Defence +3) 270 Shards come. A salty Adventure Sheet and turn to 79. Even captain. cross it off and turn good bargain. the great lords of the military families hold sway.’ Slowly the world seeps back. Score 2-8 No significant encounters turn to 671 ‘If you wish to cross the bridge you must face me in a duel. You can only nod. whose members are famous for their martial Roll two dice. Lords of the Rising Sun 1 1 Heavy plate (Defence +6) 2000 Shards ‘Wait a minute. where the wind whips up an clinging to a broken spar.’ Score 9-12 The victim of a mugging turn to 346 she says. Otherwise turn to 222. It is best to keep to the boardwalks on either Go west turn to 672 side. but as you set out across it. mingled with bile– everything. The main streets of the outer town are channels of churned-up Go east turn to 495 mud and dung. so you are able to strike a If you have a blessing of Safety from Storms. steps forward and helps you to your feet. Swan family. After makeshift repairs. This is as much a political barrier as a geographic one.’ At last the storm abates. Back current position. turn to 389. ‘Where are you from?’ You press your fingers to your head.’ Plate armour (Defence +5) 950 Shards ‘Mere philosophy!’ you cry. The west is under the dominance of the imperial court. to 247. You must Score 3 turn to 662 begin afresh. I can feel a pulse. It is beneath his dignity to haggle. Armour To sell 10 Leather (Defence +1) 60 Shards Why has your god not returned you to life? The little priest has Ring mail (Defence +2) 140 Shards no idea. prowess. you limp towards the to work. It creaks slightly There is not much traffic on the Northern Coastal Road. the lot of you. The navigator has no idea of the ship’s The captain looks at his crew. 7 2 The Chu River is spanned by a wooden bridge. ‘We’re talking about my life!’ . ‘but his teaching advises us to forget our Splint armour (Defence +4) 450 Shards attachment to worldly things. like ‘We fished you out of the sea. still too dazed to string a sentence Descend turn to 137 together. platinum earring.’ he says. A circle of sailors are standing looking at you. Your only belongings are the clothes on your back and a Roll one die. If you fail. Then the hard wooden planking under your back you sell him all your suits of armour. If you refuse to sell him taste in your mouth. You sit up suddenly. If you succeed. ‘You are a merchant?’ he demands in an imperious voice. One of their 5 number..’ Storm clouds swell like black mushrooms above a churning sea.’ eternal mist of ice. ‘I am interested in western styles of armour and would 9 like to purchase any stock you might have. Score 6 turn to 543 turn to 370. in the 8 east. ‘That’s enough gawping. Go south turn to 552 Visit the market turn to 313 Go north turn to 336 Seek admittance to the inner keep turn to 613 Find a temple turn to 607 4 Look for a tavern turn to 628 One of the guards catches up with you a few streets away from Leave the city turn to 634 the palace. Your hair is matted 6 with blood and brine..’ says the captain. Everything else was lost in the shipwreck – Score 1-2 turn to 184 including all memories of your life until this moment. ‘You were wounds gouged into the rock. the creak of timbers. Ascend turn to 185 ‘Who are you?’ asks one of the men. the fluttering of canvas in you have on you – including any you happen to be wearing! If the breeze.

‘We meet again. who comes to meet you in the He nods. permanently lose 1-3 points (roll one die and halve it. decide whether to go east (turn to 568) 14 or west (turn to 356).’ redoubtable Tadachika. the ‘Talanexor the Fire Weaver . What can I say?’ basics of his fighting style. ‘You are not ‘Let’s stop over for a few days. sparkling time. After comparing one of the faces drawn there with your own. This enabled him to travel to a Lose the codeword Friz if you had it. secrets. You have to force his mouth away. ‘Begone!’ he booms. ‘It would take too ‘Did you pass on my letter to Baroness Ravayne?’ asks Kiyomori many years. 19 13 You and he recognize each other at the same instant. ‘I can help you to do the same. A guard summons the Lord Chancellor’s steward. If you have something to say. Turn to 289. But I will show you the rudiments of the art.’ ‘Sounds good. Mister Dragon offers to teach you the a moment he stares at you as though on the point of a . Roll two dice. But if you roll exactly equal to your 11 COMBAT score you are badly injured in sparring and If you have a ship in the harbour you can travel on by sea. turn to 79. have just a split second in which to act. sword (COMBAT +1) and you are given the title Junior Court Successful roll turn to 729 Rank.’ Turn and leave turn to 362 20 Attack Tadachika turn to 680 You are at the mouth of the Gai River. For the last reception hall. It is hardly a mystery to you. Young Lord Shigemori is a fat waddling fellow with personal habits that would do no credit to 23 a hyena. For Acknowledging defeat. Go east along the highway turn to 2 Go west over open country turn to 493 18 Enter the forest turn to 398 The commanding officer stops his horse beside you and unfurls a Set sail (if ship docked here) turn to 224 scroll.’ mastering the Pure Land sutra. rounding Otherwise you must brave the lonely countryside of Akatsurai’s up) from your unwounded Stamina score. Above.’ The tengu king tells you about a man calling himself Tatsu.’ Put into the bay turn to 556 ‘What must I do?’ Sail on turn to 524 ‘The saint of Vulture Peak will advise you. Takakura is overjoyed.. yet ready for enlightenment. I suspect. there is 21 a country inn amid a blaze of irises. After noting that on your Adventure Sheet. He is a man with a heavy bald brow. Morituri scratches your chest with one long sharp fingernail and laps up the blood that spills forth. Now go. If your ship is docked here. He does not wish to be bothered with affairs of Deflect the spell turn to 663 state. Then turn to 259. If you roll less than north coast – or the perils of Kwaidan Forest. your COMBAT score there is no effect. If you get higher than your current COMBAT score. He clings like a limpet until 17 you begin to feel dizzy. Will you teach me?’ 16 He laughs a long dry creaking laugh.’ he says..’ with a frown. To avoid capture you You manage to persuade Kokoro to return with you despite her must make either a COMBAT or a THIEVERY roll (your choice) misgivings. You don’t mention this to Kiyomori. He presents you with a at a Difficulty of 14. ‘Lord Kiyomori is enjoying a few days’ Jump out of the basket turn to 140 peace and quiet. ‘I Ask for his help turn to 525 trained him in the secret art of Oak Limb boxing. fabulous realm in the night sky where he learned many arcane Turn to 211. entitling you to enter the palace precincts whenever you Failed roll turn to 452 like.2 Lords of the Rising Sun ‘I’m sorry. increase it by 1.’ points (the roll of one die).’ 12 Four soldiers come forward at a trot. Now turn to 297. The bosun points out a bay fringed with white sand and palm trees. Turn to 322. turn to 429. skipper!’ the crew urge you. he snaps his fingers and says. You chest. ‘I cannot understand why she has not shown any Permanently increase your unwounded Stamina score by 1-6 interest in marrying my son. ‘Arrest this outlaw. not exactly smiling. on a wooded hillside overlooking the sea. present yourself at his Cut the balloon loose turn to 685 residence in Chambara later in the month. ‘That is something you must discover for The monk tells you that he acquired marvellous powers after yourself. which made Attack him turn to 425 him invincible to attack on all points of his body except the top Bid him goodnight turn to 610 of his head. ‘as long as you are 22 genuinely pious. If not. ‘Go back out into the world.’ advises the abbot.’ eyes and thick arms that barely seem to reach across his vast A scythe of red fire sweeps from his hand towards you.’ ‘Where will I find him?’ 15 The abbot smiles.

If you have the codeword Frame. lose it and turn to 358. Permanently reduce your unwounded Stamina score by 1-6 ‘Would you sooner sail in the deep north. angry looks that this is not a social call. turn to 96. but the ambitions of the White Spear Clan of Yarimura. but then rationality returns to his face. your belt (add it to your list of possessions) and then look around ‘The south. It South turn to 309 looks as if there is a man-made doorway leading off it.’ cawing of tengu’s cousins somewhere off in the cold white haze Make an investment turn to 440 of day. If you have the codeword Dog. turn to 76. You are in a rugged land of sharp dry grass and stunted trees ‘So. then sends you on your way with a jaunty 28 kick. it is better for Morituri. 29 ‘Your life force is strong. Turn to 694. to drown comfortably. ‘ he says appreciatively. waterspouts. permanently unless you have Immunity to Disease/Poison turn to 612 36 Score 3-6 You reach Chambara safely turn to 612 She strips you of your best armour. the principal 33 merchant in the town. You do get a hyperium wand flows sluggishly on the verge of freezing. 30 Successful SCOUTING roll turn to 701 Not many travellers use the lonely Northern Coastal Road. Check on investments turn to 483 Go up into the mountains turn to 319 Leave turn to 8 Follow the coast south turn to 706 Go west turn to 633 27 It is only once you’re under way that the captain remembers to 34 mention the dangers of travelling by sea: ‘Pirates. exploring or trading. however. greatest concern is not the coming civil war with the Starburst When your business is complete. Get the codeword Fuligin if you didn’t already have it. His on the Ship’s Manifest. where the sea points (the roll of one die). 35 Score 1 Sunk by a tidal wave turn to 241 Note on the Ship’s Manifest that your ship is now docked at Score 2 Plague: lose 2 Stamina points Mukogawa.’ he says at once. You are given tea at the clanhouse of Hofuna. licking the In a whimsical mood. Turn to 583. You can tell from their bridge. record its details the diligence with which he ferrets out secrets for his master. which will require a SCOUTING West turn to 90 roll of Difficulty 16 – or Difficulty 15 if you have climbing gear. 25 Score 2-9 The days pass uneventfully turn to 53 Once you have your own ship you can go anywhere on the Score 10-12 Unexpected hospitality turn to 328 high seas. If you have a cursed sword turn to 448 If not turn to 58 . Go east turn to 178 Ship Type Cost Capacity Go west turn to 704 Barque 200 Shards 1 Cargo Unit Go north turn to 552 Brigantine 400 Shards 2 Cargo Units Go south turn to 54 Galleon 700 Shards 3 Cargo Units 32 If you already own a ship docked at Hagashin you can sell it for Lord Shuriyoku is known as ‘the Eyes of the Shogun’ because of 20% less than these prices. The crew quality is average. shark men and giant squids…’ Roll one die. turn to 57. If you do buy a ship. You East turn to 100 thoughtfully assess the climb.’ he says. captain?’ 24 North turn to 406 You are intrigued by a ledge jutting out over a sheer cliff. him a glass of brandy. Lords of the Rising Sun 3 murderous rage. to sweeten the pill.’ He sets down the glass. ‘What course. ‘have you come to invest some money with where the only signs of life are foxfires in the night and the me? I have some really profitable ventures on the go right now. but he has already departed. your best weapon and any cash you are carrying. 26 Otherwise. ‘If one must drown. If not. Clan. For Failed SCOUTING roll turn to 689 company you have the sea breeze and the song of skylarks in the Not attempting it turn to 646 trees. turn to 302. you call the mate to your cabin and offer gore off his lips. Her peals of scornful laughter follow you to the end of the Lord Shuriyoku and his men are here. The shipbuilders of Hagashin are renowned throughout the Orient and you can get a good vessel 31 at a fair price. or in the balmy south?’ (MAGIC +6). You tuck it into you ask him. You are crossing a high saddle of land between the eastern and Three types are available: western coastal plains. then turn to 695. Roll two dice.

Then. Sure ‘Help me!’ pleads the old gentleman. You learn that the Lord Chancellor. and Mister Dragon takes your other leg out from under – especially now. You can have only one Luck blessing at a Bidding Kokoro farewell. It would be blessing can be used once to allow you to reroll any dice result. decide Successful MAGIC roll turn to 355 whether to help the old man (turn to 660) or to stay out of it Failed MAGIC roll turn to 394 (turn to 79). To break the wizard’s spell and free the deity. turn to 66. Otherwise turn to 397. the shutters hanging askew. Turn to 226. reactions make it easy for you to outmanoeuvre them. You can see that many of Sneak inside turn to 205 the roof-tiles are missing. If you Return to the palace turn to 131 have a piece of parchment. but their slow but just to slink off quietly. 45 As you are leaving. who imprisoned me under a boulder in the ravine 41 nearby. The whole fight took about three The courtyard of the shrine is fined with flocks of well-fed seconds. As the You hop back. The white butterflies on a field of blue-washed grey. pigeons. You look around for a priest.’ ‘It is nothing to do with you. Not making the attempt turn to 44 42 49 There is a scream of agony – from you. you with a graceful sweep. He is too preoccupied by 44 his own cares. If you have the codeword Fleet. finally catching the eye of a slight youth in a long- 43 sleeved white robe. add it to your list of possessions even if it After using the blessing. Juntoku is very popular with soldiers broken. and where the stench of Take your leave turn to 79 refuse mingles on the breeze with temple incense and delicate perfumes. not from Mister Dragon. How will Takakura react when you give him the bad 46 tidings? Perhaps it would be better not to go back to the palace The vampires move with long powerful bounds. dampening your of Lord Kiyomori. Dozens of soldiers patrol the estate like smoke into the air to swirl about in the early sunlight. On your right is the bell-tower. angered by The countryside of Shaku is an emerald patchwork of rice Takakura’s affair with a girl who had also besotted the terraces that climb towards forests of tall palm trees where chancellor’s own son-in-law. ‘It’s not as simple as that. rude to refuse this. Clouds of midges rise Chancellor of Akatsurai. Turn to 63. When you are through at the temple. Make a MAGIC roll of Difficulty 15 to bear the brunt of its blast. you going to beat me up. He explains his plight: ‘I angered the wizard Shugen. and now his thugs are with ivy. Otherwise turn to 116.’ says one of the youths. the special messengers of the god. If you bought the dragon mask. on the eve of civil war. a valuable garment of brocaded silk with raised Write Luck in the Blessings box on your Adventure Sheet. Lose yourself in the city turn to 79 47 39 You are standing in the weed-choked courtyard. behind his white walls capped with iron spikes. Donations have been streaming into the shrine lately. clutching your toes which you are sure must be overlord of the battlefield. If not. Takakura to the palace without servants to wait on him. turn to 62.’ the walls of golden palaces and verdant parks. dawn begins to show as a cherry-blossom tinge over the eastern hills. where dingy wooden shacks cluster right up to He manages a bleak smile. if you paid the actor more than 250 37 Shards. turn to 155. court robe. 38 Nothing you say will persuade Kokoro to come back with you. Adventure Sheet. Free me and I shall reward you.’ need to make a MAGIC roll at a Difficulty of 18. you set out back to the city just as time. where beggars Offer to find the girl turn to 679 walk the same streets as mighty lords. ‘I dared to speak out enough.’ he . Approach the main shrine turn to 92 40 Go to the bell-tower turn to 67 The ghost raises its hands and you are outlined by a discharge of Leave right away turn to 398 eldritch energy. has sent the girl away and confined orchids glitter like fabulous jewels. remember to add it to your ‘Just leave a donation and tell the god what you want. When you wake up you take a look in the ravine. Takakura turns out not to be very curious as to why you are prowling around his palace at night. she makes you a present of her finest lady’s The Sage of Peace bestows blessings on his initiates for free. remember to cross it off your means you have to discard something else.4 Lords of the Rising Sun list of possessions. Pampas grass It is late afternoon when you arrive at the heavily fortified manse stands all around to the level of your shoulders. 48 Successful MAGIC roll turn to 158 During an afternoon nap you are visited by a deity who is Failed MAGIC roll turn to 140 wailing in anguish. turn to 232. there is a massive boulder at the bottom all overgrown against the chancellor’s dictatorial policies. On the north coast is the city of Hagashin – a place of ‘But surely you’re the Sovereign?’ curious contrasts. The man Go up to the gate turn to 60 on the porch of the main building has not noticed you. Patriarch of the Starburst Clan and clothes with dew as you press forward.

The Strike out to the south turn to 336 normal protocol allows for hauntings. You must not already be an initiate of the Sovereign’s court. Score 3-4 Lotus talisman (SANCTITY +1) whose dominance of this region is so well-established that it is Score 5 Splint armour (Defence +4) virtually the clan’s private kingdom. COMBAT 7. those who go west are considered uncouth blessings. Also.) Imperial Guard. pay compensation of 40 while passers-by look on aghast. otherwise turn to 132. 58 Yoritomo reads quickly. ‘This is how I know that on the outskirts of Sakkaku. To become an initiate you must pay a donation of 50 Shards. ‘People If you have a blessing of Safety from Storms. the central district of Note the item on your Adventure Sheet and turn to 553. nightmares and curses. Otherwise. 59 Score 1-2 Sword (COMBAT +1) Chompo is the stronghold of the Northern Wistaria Clan. The Go east into Mukogawa turn to 178 blessing works by allowing you to try again when you fail a Go west towards Shingen turn to 124 COMBAT roll. cross off the dragon mask and roll 57 two dice. Shards to avoid the god’s wrath. COMBAT in the Blessings box on your Adventure Sheet. 55 and you can then write Juntoku in the God box on your ‘Varlet!’ he says darkly. The other opens on to level Kumonosu will never amount to anything. sword. he draws his sword and leaps at you want to renounce that status now. Defence 11. If you defeat him. a derisive smile playing on his lips. barbarian’s hand!’ Go east to Sakkaku turn to 522 Your reward is not in the form of cash.’ another god. You can use the blessing only once. ‘I’d make a lot more money if I wore that. Storm clouds swell like black mushrooms above a churning sea. If you fail the CHARISMA roll you lose all your current effete courtiers. which would be an Go west turn to 568 insult to any proud Akatsurese knight. Successful SCOUTING roll turn to 241 60 Failed SCOUTING roll turn to 140 Turn to 109 if you have the codeword Fleet. turn to 222. 54 To obtain a blessing requires you to make a CHARISMA roll A long road stretches through gently rolling countryside. you can have only one Leave the road going south turn to 220 COMBAT blessing at any one time. Chompo is enclosed by high fortifications built of round timbers. On a successful roll Juntoku gives you a blessing: write provincials. Buy cargo turn to 127 Make an investment turn to 152 51 Hand over any sealed letters that you have. 53 You are in the middle of the highway that runs from Chompo 61 to Narai. Make a SANCTITY roll at a . get the codeword Fracas. He writes with a countryside with only a few distant farms in sight. Within are the homes of the aristocrats: austere but 52 imposing mansions that lie in a curve around the hillside.’ If you agree to the deal. Score 6 Spear (COMBAT +4) Unlike most of the southern cities. You call on the gods to bear witness to this travesty of natural Follow the road east turn to 98 law: that a ghost should arise at once from the corpse of its Go west turn to 703 former self and commence to wreak summary justice. or a Difficulty of 12 if you are an initiate of travellers take this route. If you get more than your current THIEVERY score The merchant asks if you would like to buy specific cargo for then you can increase it by 1. Remain in the outer town turn to 8 Make a SCOUTING roll at a Difficulty of 15. At one end of the bridge are the huts of the rivermen who live ‘See this calligraphy?’ he snorts. Then turn to 79. turn to 178. cross it off and would be so frightened that I wouldn’t even have to draw my know that turn to 471. Those who go east are thought of as Juntoku. your ship. but not this kind of brashness. Cross off your ship and crew as well as and craftsmen. Your prayer is that the gods will intervene to set matters aright. or do you want to make a general investment? Now turn to 316. it is then Leave the road and go north turn to 444 used up and you should cross it off. (If you were already an initiate of Juntoku and With no further ado. Stamina 14 When you have finished your devotions. You can also take his sword if you wish. ‘I will teach you not to defy a knight of Adventure Sheet. your possessions and money – you’ll never see them again. Lords of the Rising Sun 5 says. 50 The thief says he win train you in stealth and lockpicking in 56 return for the dragon mask. and it Enter the inner keep turn to 613 will be a miracle if you survive to see dry land.’ he says. Roll one die to see what your lord gives you. The pirates strip you of everything you own and then jeeringly Outside this stockade are the humbler dwellings of merchants toss you into the sea. Few at a Difficulty of 15.

he lays claim to any money that you are armoured warrior with a terrible rictus of glee on his scarlet face. but cannot make out the details of his face in the dim open like melons than suffer the slightest shame. roll one die to see which (e. Takakura looks up at you and smiles. sea is the colour of shattered tombstones under a sky sketched in charcoal and indigo ink. If it like that roaming the city in packs. You have made a useful friend today. rendering the Thunder. you Palm trees line the paths between the rice paddies. 69 Nai is the awesome god of earthquakes. Something flutters against your face and you awaken.’ you tell the youths. Make a MAGIC roll at a Difficulty of 14 to see if you write Roll two dice. turn to 142. but who would believe you? passing between the great cities of Chompo and Mukogawa. but he has time to greet you. Acquire a blessing turn to 94 Turn to 297. Roll two dice. You sky of limpid violet. Turn to 79. Score 2-9 Plain sailing turn to 29 ‘This time he will live. If not.’ says the stranger. Swiftly tearing the 74 parchment into strips (cross it off your Adventure Sheet).’ ventures the old man was already ticked. Yoritomo is as busy as ever. Go to the shrine building turn to 92 Grumbling. Leave and resume your journey turn to 398 No doubt they’d like to beat you up as well. the If you have the codeword Frog.’ a peasant tells you. when you get curs If the box above is empty. he takes Renounce the worship of Nai turn to 143 the fourth item listed on your Adventure Sheet). snap and claw as you dodge between them. 73 ‘A miracle!’ cry the physicians. ‘Go to Yarimura as my emissary and advise him to stay 65 neutral. sceptre. The other courtiers present take no notice as the newcomer sweeps up to where you 72 are sitting. He is a lord of the Wistaria Clan. You steer a course between Dragon Island and the strange ‘There is something of mine you have. Score 2-8 A quiet journey turn to 632 Successful MAGIC roll turn to 91 Score 9-12 A near disaster turn to 231 Failed MAGIC roll turn to 116 75 67 You emerge at the top of a well. ‘I am Score 2-9 All is quiet turn to 113 concerned that Lord Kumonosu of Yarimura should not Score 10-12 Pirates turn to 145 intervene in our struggle against the Starburst Clan. turn to 95. 71 Roll two dice. which are a constant 63 danger in this part of the world. You empire of Akatsurai. His statue shows him as an As winner of the bout. North. they slope off with sullen glances back at you. volcano.’ You keep up a vigil by Takakura’s bedside. If you have no money. turn to 120. igniting stellar baubles in a from above and a couple of roof tiles come crashing down. If your MAGIC works. put a tick in it and turn to 118. the symbols correctly. a vast mountain as insubstantial as a shadow at dawn lazily vampire’s forehead. Lord Kiyomori. candlelight. night an imposing figure enters the room. A breeze rustles his Score 10-12 In shallow water turn to 588 robes. Turn to 553. Ring the bell turn to 141 62 Call up to them turn to 117 ‘I’ll vouch for this man.’ says a voice.6 Lords of the Rising Sun Difficulty of 13. As you approach the tower there is a frantic skittering sound Dusk is falling over a strange city. ‘That is Lord freeze the vampires’ deathly spirit-essence. glance up in time to see a couple of hunched figures scrambling Successful SANCTITY roll turn to 110 out of sight inside the belfry. Get the codeword Fuchsia and turn to 79. if you roll a 4. You know what he has come for: the royal Roll two dice. In the dark of the You bow and withdraw. Off to the scribble mystic symbols and try to paste each strip on to a north. the symbols will trails a plume of dark smoke across the blue sky. He is referring to the god of the immobile.’ he confides to you. Cross it off your Adventure Sheet. 68 ! ‘This country’s gone to the dogs. carrying. he takes one of your possessions Become an initiate turn to 119 instead. all right. Leave the shrine turn to 323 64 70 South lie the quiet misty waters of the Ugetsu Straits. shakily. It is dawn. Score 2-8 An untroubled journey turn to 396 66 Score 9-12 A talkative youth turn to 70 The vampires hiss. where knights would sooner cut themselves look up.g. From the brief glimpse it looked as Failed SANCTITY roll turn to 133 if they might be giant crows. but they know you are a personal friend of the chancellor. Their clumsy reflexes give you an idea. You look around in surprise at the low . ‘The sickness has gone!’ The Eastern Coastal Road is busy with traders and messengers You know the truth.

It is time to move on. To the north-east is imperial Go back down the well turn to 538 Chambara. Away from the capital. the Sovereign has his palace. 83 Now turn to 357. capital city of the exotic land of Akatsurai. at the north end of The two nearest guards see what you are planning and slash Chrysanthemum Avenue. You cannot possibly kill them all. have failed. 78 The current Sovereign is well-meaning but inexperienced. you still take a nasty gash and Visit a temple turn to 301 must lose 1-6 Stamina. Enquire after trade goods turn to 34 ‘It is my taboo label. but that has not been my destiny. ‘What was it like?’ 76 ‘I don’t know. you get back 1-6 Stamina points. the Sokaran captain can put you in touch with the local no point in going back to the palace to tell the Sovereign you merchants. Armed now with Tadachika’s sword (COMBAT +3). against the sides of the ship.’ The captain of a Sokaran vessel gives you a friendly word of Set course for Chambara turn to 150 advice: ‘The Akatsurese have old-fashioned ideas about trade. Once they’ve got Head for Ankon-Konu Over the Blood-Dark Sea 98 you pegged as a merchant. Do some shopping turn to 223 A man in colourful robes comes out on to the porch of a Find a swordsmith turn to 469 nearby house. etc. You Decide against trading here turn to 79 slink off and lose yourself in the city streets. but it is better You spend a few days at the villa enjoying the sea air.’ Steer due north turn to 300 Think about it. Ask him to introduce you turn to 104 82 77 Kiyomori is pleased to see you. Put your CHARISMA score in travel with him for part of the way. is the imperial capital of Akatsurai. Explore the city turn to 79 ‘My brother went there. ‘How is it possible you don’t know that? Are you deranged?’ 80 ‘I came here by magic. But if you’re not bothered about As dawn is breaking you finally have to admit defeat. It is here that Your only hope is to fight your way out of the villa and escape. Even if house option below. Get the codeword Fracas.’ The Ghostwaters of Nyg are a place of ill repute. There is that. Difficulty of 14 to avoid being cut down where you stand. If cross off the money and put a tick in the box beside the town you fail the COMBAT roll. to the up curving gates that stand at the entrance of Akatsurese he soon returns to his favourite topic: ‘When I came to power shrines. the mask will do: a courtier’s mask. Turn to 79. Explore the city turn to 578 Go to the palace turn to 123 84 Go to the chancellor’s mansion turn to 39 When you tell him about the ticket in his hat he gives you a Go to your town house ! (if box ticked) turn to 284 look of steely-eyed outrage. If than scaring them witless. then turn to 105. Lords of the Rising Sun 7 wooden buildings with their curved roofs and austere design. ‘It is just as the geomancer said. You CHARISMA roll from now on. If it matters to you that you are regarded as a member of the nobility.’ He nods. imperial capital of Akatsurai. and Get the codeword Face. Mist lies in a ‘Ah. Visit a shrine turn to 246 If you survive. That would only make him more despondent. he is The harbour mouth is surmounted by a ceremonial arch similar briefly able to forget the demands of office. Leave the city turn to 299 ‘This is Chambara. you can make a break for it: turn to 696. at you with their curved swords. And now we The only remedy is to wear a mask if you have one. out of that well. you confront the Lord Chambara. dragon mask. injured. the country was all but paralysed as a result of docked at Kaiju.’ the ship’s surgeon tells you. Note on the Ship’s Manifest that your ship is now twenty years ago. Soon Kiyomori’s If you do not have a mask you will automatically fail any duties call him back to Chambara. Moku River. you succeed in the COMBAT roll. The poor devil never returned. turn to 173. affecting to ignore you until you pester him with Go to the harbour turn to 612 questions. you’ll find it devilish hard to break Go west turn to 202 into high society. you oaf! It signals to all and sundry that .’ He heavy blanket across the sea and sends white tendrils writhing disappears back into his house.’ he says. anything for the sake of his unwholesome arts. Make a COMBAT roll at a You can buy a town house here for 350 Shards. his father Shirakawa is a crafty sorcerer who would sacrifice Your blank features will startle and horrify anyone you meet. you are dead – turn to 140. which 79 you can add to your list of possessions. a city built on a grid pattern at the mouth of the Chancellor’s elite guards. I had hopes then of putting things in order and then retiring to a monastery . As you sit chatting. court intrigues. Any sort of have those Moonrise rebels in the east to worry about. People damnable dogs!’ might think it odd that you go about masked. If you do. brackets and make a note beside it that you cannot use CHARISMA as long as you have no mask.’ Steer due east turn to 200 ‘Old-fashioned in what sense?’ Follow the coastline south turn to 102 ‘They don’t think it’s at all respectable. you’d better give up any idea of making 81 trade deals here in Chambara.

turn Failed SCOUTING roll turn to 307 to 144. Now turn to 323. 89 You come across two knights in threadbare robes who are 96 making a pilgrimage to the Clearwater Shrine. The blessing is 87 then used up and you should cross it off. a pirate captain’s head or a Successful SCOUTING roll turn to 257 ghoul’s head that you are willing (and able) to part with. If you If the box above is empty. Make a SCOUTING roll at a Difficulty of 16.’ says to travel with them. you can only try to set matters You search the corpses and find a sword (COMBAT +1). The dawn light. Fuchsia or Frog. He is glad 88 to have someone to whom he can pour out his troubles. Make a SANCTITY roll at a Difficulty dragon mask and a set of silver chopsticks. The burial mound contains a heap of gold and gems worth Turn to 226. Take these if you of 14. has proved himself. ‘I hear this is the home of Ranryu. balanced on one leg with his left arm stretched out to the side ‘but because of the envy of others we were discredited and lost and his right folded in front of him. Spear Clan.’ Roll two dice. uses it to shield his eyes. put a tick in it and turn to 188. ‘We were servants in a noble household. Drop anchor and go ashore turn to 418 Score 2-8 A peaceful journey turn to 551 Sail away from the island turn to 122 Score 9-12 A storm brewing turn to 160 .’ cautions one of the Rice paddies climb in sculpted green terraces towards the north. If don’t have any of those codewords. If you have either Fleet. a right with a benediction. or tatsu. deckhands. They invite you ‘I require you to undertake a mission on our lord’s behalf. Chaos. If mother. You You search for the rock face where you found silver on your last learn he belongs to a warrior clan but is in disgrace because of trip. The snow smothers most features. capital of the Divine Wrath blessing at anyone time. turn to 115.’ says the older man. You can have only one You are roughly on a latitude with Chompo. skipper. He has adopted a curious pose. skipper?’ asks the helmsman. If successful. Unless you have a blessing of as he is making his way across the mountains to visit his sick Immunity to Disease/Poison you soon succumb: turn to 140. blessing can be used once at the start of a fight to inflict 1-6 Stamina points of damage on your opponent. The tatsu’s gaze is deadly. but luckily the land-holder you do have such a blessing. then turn to 396. turn to 558. the Serpent of This is the fertile country between the Gai and Chu Rivers. that dog Kumonosu. ‘Go you to Yarimura. His family has told him not to come back until he one mountainside is much like another. slanting our position. If not. If you have a dead head. It is not easy to find. Wistaria Clan. The turn to 416.8 Lords of the Rising Sun I am in ritual seclusion and should not be approached. that threatens a land-holder makes blisters appear on your skin. turn to 213. it was already ticked. Steer south turn to 745 Steer north turn to 161 95 You encounter a young man who is beset by worries.’ interior of the hall. somewhere between 500 and 3000 Shards (roll one die and multiply by 500). Otherwise you can only advise the young man to bear up. Find out if his army would be any threat to us.’ Get the codeword Fog and then turn to 553. 90 You have entered the coastal waters of Dragon Island. There is also one antique of considerable 94 value. You know the expression shoja hissui? Those who over his shoulder. cross it off your Adventure Sheet has been given an iron fan by his wife before setting out and he and read on. roll two dice to see what it is: To get Nai’s blessing you must donate 50 Shards (25 Shards if Score 2-4 Jade crown (CHARISMA +5) you’re an initiate of Nai) and make a CHARISMA roll of Score 5-9 Stone arrowhead (SCOUTING +4 ) Difficulty 16. turn to 504. domain. The magnate of the White If you have an ivory-handled katana. and cowardice.’ 91 Having broken the taboo. inflict 1-6 Stamina points of damage on your opponent. want and then turn to 529. picks out a glint of metal in the shadow filled flourish are destined to fall. Successful SANCTITY roll turn to 714 Failed SANCTITY roll turn to 730 92 ! The man is standing stock-still with his back to you under the 85 ivy-strewn eaves of the hall. write Divine Wrath in the Blessings Score 10-12 Vajra baton (SANCTITY +5) box. 86 93 The skeleton crumbles to leave a foul-smelling vapour that The play is about a dragon. ‘Where now. Shuriyoku. has his eyes on our lord’s turn to 138. 97 ‘We must be careful. This blessing can be used once at the start of a fight to When you have added the loot to your Adventure Sheet.

You are taken to the household of the Autumn Moon family. proffering a cup of rice wine. West turn to 250 101 East turn to 150 Do you have a royal sceptre? If so. If not. Turn to 572. From time Head for the Sea of Hydras turn to 309 to time you see scarlet-sailed warships from Chambara. courtyard is filled with long grass and weeds. but you cannot be sure which route the signpost originally marked out. turn to 154. ‘Espionage is never a pleasant business. ‘We can sail as Head in the direction of Narai turn to 30 soon as the tide turns.’ he says. You are sailing ‘Come down to my villa. which of the country. but strangely I know. 108 Make for Dragon Island turn to 72 You are skirting the coast roughly south of Sakkaku. Women. The Make a note of the money and then turn to 553. Score 11-12 Pirates turn to 145 Get the codeword Fleet and turn to 362. gives a majestic view out to sea. put a tick in it and turn to 157. Lords of the Rising Sun 9 98 ishi. ferocious screeches echo across the barren landscape. the north-western aside to let you pass. Sinuous grey dragons crawl along the high If the box above is empty. but this gold will sweeten the aftertaste of treachery. ‘What course.’ there are no birds singing. where you find a tiny shrine to the 110 river god. a signpost has rotted and fallen in the ‘May the gods see that our association brings mutual prosperity. turn now to 134. Dawn sunlight is turning the morning mist ‘Well done. then roll two dice. he is the most powerful man in Score 2-10 Peace and quiet turn to 443 the country. was already ticked. as long as out leaving only a wisp of brown smoke and the acrid smell of you didn’t already have one. and then at you. Akatsurai is an empire comprising three islands. Akugenda’s vengeful ghost is snuffed can gain a blessing of Immunity to Disease/Poison. Once the ripples have vanished there is no sign to If the box above is empty. the head of the household. You turn it over and read: The House of the Ugly Get the codeword Frame and then turn to 57. most of whom are crouching back in terror. You look in through the gate. captain?’ asks the helmsman. Their was already ticked. they stand You are in coastal waters off Oni Province. If you succeed in a SANCTITY roll at Difficulty 14 you Your prayers are answered. making friends with Kiyomori.’ long grass. ‘We’ll have supper. Steer due south turn to 250 Choose your next course. gives you a baleful look. put a tick in it and turn to 129. They are wearing Failed MAGIC roll turn to 468 the grey-and-mauve livery of the House of Wistaria and each carries a spear whose blade shimmers like liquid fire in the 100 sunlight. Kiyomori looks at his men. You have done well for yourself Recover 1 Stamina point if injured. 103 111 Shuriyoku presents you with your reward. Strike out cross-country turn to 282 Put to sea turn to 745 Disembark turn to 128 99 You go ashore to discover a terrifying vista of wind-blasted crags 106 ! and smoking vents. standing boldly with your hand 102 upraised to ward off evil. The shrine buildings look derelict and overgrown. Turn to 111.’ close to the straits that separate the southern island from the rest You spend a pleasant evening dining on the veranda. and 109 ! submerges. Then you notice a man 104 standing on the porch of the main shrine. ozone.’ says Ko- . pelting each other with jets of fire and acid. but they Tack along the north coast turn to 224 are interested only in pirates.’ he says with a wary glance Take the third path turn to 146 towards the town. ‘We will be happy to do much business with you. South turn to 80 read on. outpost of the Akatsurese empire. Three roads meet at this point. 107 Successful MAGIC roll turn to 466 Soldiers stand at the gate to the inner keep. The serpent opens one eye. If it show it wasn’t just a trick of your imagination. if need be. Recognizing you as a person of distinction. to gold dust and the trees to faded watercolours. of Kwaidan Forest. Make a MAGIC roll at a Difficulty of 20. a pouch containing You come to a shrine gateway that stands close to the outskirts 350 Shards.’ he says. turn to 180. 105 Go south-east towards Chompo turn to 194 The mate reports that everything is ship-shape. Go through the gate turn to 47 who arrange all the commercial interests of the powerful Continue on your way turn to 398 Wistaria Clan. By the side of the road. You climb the side of the valley to where the stream gushes out from a cleft in the rocks. If it ridges.

. a group of white-clad women come out to dance for the local spirit. south of the town of Shingen. Go south turn to 309 First Vampire. earth on both sides. 114 Takakura weakens fast and before dawn he is dead.’ says Shirakawa. Defence 10. This news only makes your men possessions before turning to 488. Troubadour. Takakura. COMBAT 6. You are no longer welcome at the palace. Defence 10. making changes. Stamina 14 123 ! Fifth Vampire.’ says one of the 121 knights darkly. Every so Like a dragon. put a tick in it and turn to 172. As you stand watching. sleepwalkers in the throes of a homicidal nightmare. If you want to defuse the situation you will overgrown with creepers and you would never have noticed it need to make a CHARISMA roll at a Difficulty of 14. They’re going to try and execute him at Shingen. and Akugenda already a year in his grave. as you strike exactly right. turn to 317. ‘He was murdered in Golnir. you study 125 your reflection in amazement.’ the title Senior Court Rank (and also Junior Court Rank if you ‘Shingen is a long way off.’ 115 He shrugs and walks off. you have become tough. Stamina 14 Go east turn to 72 Second Vampire. however. Willows droop from the banks of Some of the dragon’s essence has seeped into your own soul. You awaken to see the moon rising over the mountains. Fight them Go north turn to 406 one at a time. Defence 10. It is their sword-hilts. disqualifies you from the Ron two dice. Your skin is as hard and dark as You are on the middle stretch of the Western Coastal Road. often the road opens out to give you a breathtaking view of the Increase your COMBAT and MAGIC scores each by 2 but reduce sea crashing against the base of the cliffs. keeping the road in cool shade. Reduce your SANCTITY score to 1. Make a CHARISMA roll at a Difficulty of 17. Stamina 14 Go west Over the Blood-Dark Sea 55 Third Vampire. 1 to the dice roll for every 50 Shards you offer to tempt the creatures down (remember to cross the money off). They both turn to face you. You fall and lie in a dead faint for Press on turn to 147 nine days and nights. then turn to 69. If rafters. COMBAT 6. Defence 10. Warrior 113 or Wayfarer) and alter your Adventure Sheet accordingly. turn to 91. ‘He was 120 never strong. unimpressed. Successful CHARISMA roll turn to 163 Enter turn to 169 Failed (or not attempted) roll turn to 186 Walk on turn to 31 116 122 The vampires lunge at you with outstretched arms like You are sailing out of the waters around Dragon Isle. 124 Successful CHARISMA roll turn to 165 A shrine reveals itself as a splash of gold and red half-hidden in Failed CHARISMA roll turn to 141 the trees beside a waterfall. COMBAT 6. Set course for the Jawbone Isles turn to 239 119 Make for the coast of Yodoshi turn to 136 To become an initiate of Nai costs 75 Shards. Turn to 396. You can add it already has a tick. his father. edgy. hands hovering over At dusk you come to a yawning hole in a hillside.’ you reply. Your dragon nature. The navigator reports that he has found the passage that could Remember to cross the tatsu pearl off your list of take you to the Jawbone Isles. they fear to travel where no man has gone before. before ‘Have you heard?’ says an excited youth as he goes by. priesthood. Stamina 14 Fourth Vampire.10 Lords of the Rising Sun 112 CHARISMA by 2. Lose but I’ll bet he’s got a few tricks up his sleeve yet. This is the home of the Sovereign. ‘The forgot to erase it earlier) and then turn to 79. COMBAT 6. Stamina 14 The palace is a complex of buildings set in ornamental gardens If you defeat them all. Defence 10. chancellor’s men have caught that villainous wizard Akugenda Later a courtier comes to inform you that Shirakawa is the Unseen. but for the glimmer of grey light corning from within. Finding a rock pool inside the cave. 118 Stop at the shrine turn to 731 Oblivion engulfs your mind. Small glassy eyes peer back at you from the darkness above the If the box above is empty. . inside a low white wall. even as a child. The knights recognize the katana as having belonged to a clan cousin of theirs. news might be out of date. Write Nai in the God box on your Adventure Sheet. ‘The turning and sweeping out of the room. wily and unrelenting. COMBAT 6. If you are a Priest you must choose a new profession (Mage. You can also permanently increase your You may have found Mister Dragon’s one weak spot – as long unwounded Stamina score by 1-6 points (roll one die). just lead and your eyes burn like silver coins. who is supposedly a direct descendant of the Spirit of 117 the Sun. Rogue. You may not Steer south into the straits turn to 745 already be an initiate of another god. Cross the Gods Score 2-8 turn to 17 Box off your Adventure Sheet entirely – you can never be an Score 9-12 turn to 454 initiate of any deity from now on.

‘Not all your piety nor wits will save you when this lightning When you have completed your business. Secretary broken timber and it takes all your strength just to keep your Masayori will see you are rewarded for your efforts on the way head above water. Furs 250 Shards 160 Shards Obviously you are not going to get anywhere by being Grain 80 Shards 60 Shards direct. The coastal cliffs form walls of rock on one side. bowing.’ you say. ‘Lord Kiyomori is too important Cargo To buy To sell to be bothered with the likes of you. storm-clouds tower on the other. Turn to 140. you ask if she is all right but she turns away 136 and buries her face in her sleeve. A man in Visit the warehouses turn to 153 elegant black silk steps on to it. reducing 128 your flesh to bubbling fat and ashes.’ cautions the helmsman.’ says their captain. Drawing level. and you should therefore note it on the Ship’s Manifest. Score 2-9 A safe journey turn to 87 l30 Score 10-12 A blustery wind turn to 447 Shingen lies on the Western Coastal Road from Chambara to Hidari. ‘It is not your fault. ‘Let’s not get trapped between Offer to help turn to 177 them. her straw sandals are worn through and her slight shrug of the shoulders. The prices he quotes are for entire Cargo Units. turn to 79. Now turn to 79. Masayori. What you took for a serpent’s head Go into town turn to 270 really is just a large rock in the middle of the stream. She catching it between the palms of his hands. hits!’ it shrieks. Sometimes pilgrims pass through here on their way up to 137 Noboro Monastery.’ he says. Go aboard your ship (if docked here) turn to 105 ‘Excellent. ‘you have brought my sceptre. Turn to 338. off the Ship’s Manifest. A web of dazzling blue fire leaps from its fingers. Make a SCOUTING roll at a Difficulty of 14. Lords of the Rising Sun 11 Go north turn to 362 Set sail (if ship docked here) turn to 200 Go south turn to 733 Leave the road turn to 653 131 Takakura takes the lady’s court robe from you and holds it to 126 his face. ‘No doubt you will buy the goods that are cheap and plentiful in ‘You won’t come back here if you know what’s good for Akatsurai and transport them to foreign lands where you can sell you. Continue on your way turn to 357 Roll two dice.’ Successful SCOUTING roll turn to 241 And so you are dismissed. you see it is a Mister Dragon parries whatever weapon you are using by woman wrapped in a thin ragged tunic and carrying a sack. quietly to herself. You are cast into the sea clinging to a Takakura heaves a deep sigh. breathing in his lost love’s perfume. ‘I am sorry I Your ship goes down and is lost with all hands. Beyond the warehouses and shipyards lining the seafront. affairs. Then. Any cargo Well. you can see the pretty blue-lacquered lodges of Kaiju rising up the 134 high tree-lined slopes at the back of the bay.’ he says. Cross its details couldn’t persuade her to return.’ Buy a ship turn to 176 Give it to him turn to 159 Pay for passage on a ship turn to 199 Keep it yourself turn to 182 129 135 As you get closer to the person walking ahead. walls of black It is obvious she is very upset. You take it slowly but surely. You blink and look again. a disdainful individual with a long thin neck and globular head. From this vantage point it is easy to spy out the paths leading Take the road north turn to 173 back down. Take the road east turn to 195 Follow the river turn to 359 . Metals 700 Shards 550 Shards Sneak in after dark turn to 205 Minerals 550 Shards 500 Shards Give up any hope of seeing Kiyomori turn to 79 Spices 600 Shards 500 Shards Textiles 180 Shards 150 Shards 133 Timber 200 Shards 150 Shards A vaunting laugh issues from the heart of the ghostly image. gives you a purse containing 127 150 Shards for your efforts. Perhaps that is why she is sobbing weapon from your list of possessions and turn to 719. with only a must be very poor. you buy will be delivered to your ship in the harbour. Remove that feet are raw with blisters. he snaps it in two. 132 The guards refuse to let you in. reaching the foothills Take the road south turn to 125 after a couple of days. you’ve been told. out. Cross the lady’s court robe off Failed SCOUTING roll turn to 140 your Adventure Sheet. Her weeping is quite piteous. ‘We don’t need foreign devils meddling in court at an indecent profit!’ says Ko-ishi with a broad grin.

12 Lords of the Rising Sun

138 ‘He’s always on the lookout for new henchmen,’ he says.
They belong to the Camellia Clan, a once-prosperous house that You have made a useful friend. Get the codeword Frog and
has fallen on hard times. ‘But there is a new wind blowing from turn to 396.
the east,’ says the younger knight, ‘and the fortunes of our family
may rise again.’ 145
They start to reminisce about past glories, entirely forgetting A ta1l-prowed vessel with triangular sails comes sweeping
about you. Turn to 243. without warning from the east. Along her rail you see warriors
of olive hue whose dark eyes gleam with avarice and bloodlust.
139 There is no mistaking men of that stamp, whatever their race or
The tengu pelt you with sticks and pine cones, flutter down to flag: pirates!
tear your clothes, and cavort about tormenting you on all sides. It is too late to put about. The pirates pull alongside and
There are far too many of them to fight. You can only run for come swarming aboard. Their leader issues a challenge to single
your life. Lose 1-6 Stamina points, all your possessions and half combat. He is a huge insane-looking man with a wiry brush of
of any money you’re carrying. Assuming you survive, the tengu hair sticking straight up from his scalp. You have to beat him in
finally tire of their sport and let you go. Turn to 603. order to survive.
Wacko, COMBAT 12, Defence 22, Stamina 29
140 Surrender turn to 52
You are dead. If you have a resurrection deal, turn to the section Fight on and win turn to 218
noted on your Adventure Sheet after first erasing your current
possessions, money and any details on the Ship’s Manifest. 146
If you don’t have a resurrection arranged, this is the end and You are on a road that looks as if few people use it. Clumps of
you can only start afresh with a new character. First make sure to limp, grey grass protrude from mist-covered marshland on either
erase all ticks, codewords and Adventure Sheet details in all your side. The few trees look like broken bits of stone.
Fabled Lands books. You can begin again at 1 in any of the Go to the end of the road Into the Underworld 633
books in the series. Go back to the lands of men turn to 98

141 147
You only succeed in frightening the creatures away. With Pulling yourself away from the serenity of Clearwater Shrine,
disgruntled squawks they fling themselves off the tower and go you decide which way to go now.
flapping heavily off into the woods. Make for Shingen turn to 195
Investigate the main building turn to 92 Take the road to Mukogawa turn to 54
Leave the shrine turn to 398 Go north cross-country turn to 444
Go due south turn to 220
This time you are completely transformed into a dragon. You 148
become very powerful indeed, but the bad news is that you Much of the way simply consists of arduous climbs up steep
forget all about your previous life as a human being. Perhaps mountain paths, but from time to time you have to scale a rock
when you lie curled up in your cave you will sometimes dream face.
of a time when you were human, but when you awaken to slay Make a SCOUTING roll at Difficulty 12; you can add 1 to the
the adventurers who disturb you those memories will soon fade. dice roll if you have climbing gear.
That is the end for you in your current persona. To start Successful SCOUTING roll turn to 5
again, erase all the ticks, notes, codewords, etc, in all your Fabled Failed SCOUTING roll turn to 219
Lands books and then start with a new persona at 1 in any of the
books in the series. 149
Get the codeword Frog if you didn’t have it already. Also, if you
143 gave the priests at least 100 Shards, you receive a blessing of
You take a lighted taper to the altar and silently announce your Safety from Storms. When you are ready to resume your
decision to the god. As you depart, a slight tremor makes the voyage, turn to 745.
ground shake under your feet. No one else seems to have
noticed. Could it just be a message to you from Nai himself? 150
And if so, what does it portend? ‘Ah, you can almost smell the rich spices of the Orient!’ says the
Turn to 323. bosun as he stands at the rail and sucks in a deep breath.
‘That’s seaweed you’re smelling, you lubber!’ laughs the first
144 mate. ‘Either that or your own sweet grog-soaked breath.’
Cross the head off your Adventure Sheet. ‘Enough skylarking!’ you call. ‘Look lively now.’
‘This is excellent’ says the youth, knotting the head’s hair to Roll two dice.
his belt. ‘It looks really fierce! I can go home now – everyone Score 2 Pirates attack turn to 145
will think I’ve slain my first foe.’ Score 3-10 Nothing untoward turn to 381
He reveals that he is the nephew of Lord Yoritomo, self- Score 11-12 Submerged rocks turn to 588
styled Shogun of the realm. He promises to recommend you to
his uncle.

Lords of the Rising Sun 13

151 Troubadour, turn to 227. Otherwise, turn to 251.
You are accosted by the side of the street by a blind man who
stares at you with milky-white eyes. ‘Travel straight to the 157
woods from here,’ he hisses in a tone of great urgency. ‘Go Kiyomori is pleased to see you. ‘I would have sent you an
upstream and look for a door under an old oak. Take the left- invitation to the banquet if I’d known you were going to be in
hand path.’ town,’ he says. ‘You’re just in time for the play. I’ve had a stage
He veers off, tapping the boardwalk with his cane, and is lost built in the garden and a theatrical troupe is going to give us a
in the crowd. A strange encounter. performance of a play called “No heads”. Intriguing, eh?’
Lose the codeword Cenotaph and turn to 8. ‘It’s a curious title, certainly,’ you have to admit.
Stay and watch the play turn to 557
152 Sneak inside the house turn to 205
‘The Autumn Moon family has handled all the financial affairs of Make your excuses and leave turn to 79
the Wistaria Clan for seven generations,’ says Ko-ishi. ‘Your
money could not be in safer hands.’ 158
Get the codeword Fuligin if you didn’t have it already. The force of the ghost’s attack staggers you, but you refuse to
Make an investment turn to 175 fall. Summoning all your occult skill, you divert the energy into
Check on investments turn to 198 two blistering white streams that spill off to either side, charring
Bid him good-day turn to 79 the grass but leaving you unscathed.
Luckily, Kiyomori is himself a priest, and your intervention
153 has bought him the precious seconds he needed to chant the rite
You enter a whitewashed building at the back of the harbour. of exorcism. Akugenda’s ghost gives a dismayed wail as it feels its
Apart from a few crates, the warehouse is almost bare. The power beginning to fade. Hastily you join your own prayers to
merchants tell you most of their stock has been sold to the those of the Lord Chancellor.
Moonrise Clan in Mukogawa. They quote the following prices: Turn to 110.

Cargo To buy To sell 159
Furs 125 Shards 75 Shards Cross off the royal sceptre.
Grain 225 Shards 200 Shards The god of the valley rewards you with a blessing of Safety
Metals 750 Shards 650 Shards from Storms. However, unlike an ordinary blessing, this will
Minerals 500 Shards 450 Shards never be used up; it is permanent. Note it on your Adventure
Spices – 600 Shards Sheet (and remember to mark it as permanent).
Textiles 250 Shards 175 Shards The god waves his hand in front of your face. You wake to
Timber 200 Shards 100 Shards find yourself lying on the bank of the stream, although you
cannot remember dozing off. The rock is again just that: a flat
These prices are per Cargo Unit. Any Cargo Units you buy will mossy boulder shaped vaguely like a serpent’s head.
be taken to your ship, so note them on the Ship’s Manifest. Turn to 111.
After you’ve completed your business, turn to 128.
154 The world flickers deathly white as though a god had opened his
You catch up with a pilgrim on his way to the Wistaria Clan eyes, followed at once by a boom of thunder that shakes right
shrine in Chompo. ‘Ordinary riff-raff aren’t allowed into the through your body.
shrine,’ he tells you, ‘but I’m assured of a welcome because I If you have a blessing of Safety from Storms or a
saved an old Wistaria lord from getting beaten up by skinheads catastrophe certificate, cross it off and turn to 551. (In the
in Chambara.’ event that you have both, you decide which to cross off.) If not,
Turn to 357. turn to 183.

155 161
Narai is a city of high wooden stave-halls and long bridges built An overcast blurs the boundary between sea and sky. If not for
between the many tranquil rock gardens. Seen in winter, with the dark line of cliffs to the south you could imagine yourself
snow dusting the rooftops and smudging the contours of the suspended in a pale grey void. Roll two dice.
landscape beyond, it is a place of almost ethereal beauty. Score 2 Carried by a strong current turn to 745
You can buy a town house here for 300 Shards. If you do, Score 3-10 An uneventful day’s sailing turn to 184
put a tick in the box beside the town house option below. Score 12 Pirates turn to 145
Visit your town house ! (if box ticked) turn to 414
Go to the harbour turn to 433 162
Go shopping turn to 511 A draught snuffs out your light. Or was it a draught? As the
Visit a temple turn to 532 thick darkness closes around you there is a sound very like a
Leave the city turn to 11 chuckle might sound in a dead and desiccated throat.
Run for your life turn to 584
156 Fight blind turn to 563
If you have the codeword Flux, turn to 204. If not but you are a

14 Lords of the Rising Sun

163 correspond to an item on your Adventure Sheet then you get
You convince them that you slew their cousin in a fair fight. the compass without losing anything.
‘Tsebaka was like an unsheathed sword,’ they say, nodding. Turn to 3.
‘He never could stay out of trouble.’
They advise you to give them the ivory-handled katana in 169
case you run into other warriors of their clan who might not be You enter a warren of enchanted tunnels that link places all
so amenable. Cross it off your Adventure Sheet if you do, then across the world. From here you can travel to distant places,
turn to 243. emerging by magic through a vent in empty space.
To Aku The Court of Hidden Faces 444
164 !!!! To Dweomer Over the Blood-Dark Sea 571
You are taken to the tengu king, whose throne is a lightning- To the Great Steppes The Plains of Howling Darkness 118
split cryptomeria tree swaddled in a century’s growth of moss. To Yellowport The War-Torn Kingdom 10
Put a tick in one of the boxes above. To Erebus Into the Underworld 689
If you have just ticked the first box turn to 22 To Hagashin turn to 226
If you have just ticked the second box turn to 187
If you have just ticked the third turn to 212 170
If you have just ticked the fourth turn to 235 You are sailing in the Ghostwaters of Nyg. When you enquire
If all the boxes were already ticked turn to 259 the reason for this region’s name, none aboard can enlighten
165 ‘Nyg was a wizard of old,’ says the navigator with a shrug. ‘I
Down from the belfry come two tengu: scampering creatures know no more than that.’
with glossy black plumage and crow-like beaks. They tell you Go east turn to 80
the shrine was abandoned because of a terrible massacre many Go north turn to 309
years ago that caused it to become defiled. Go south Over the Blood-Dark Sea 98
‘We used to roost in the main hall and store our loot on the Go west Over the Blood-Dark Sea 136
altar, but we gave that up when a goblin spider took up Head for land turn to 250
They soon lose interest in talking to you. 171
‘Come to the heart of the wood if you dare,’ says one, tilting The priests can offer a range of blessings. Pay 35 Shards and roll
its head to one side and giving you an inscrutable look. ‘Our randomly using one die, or choose the blessing you want for 60
king likes mortals.’ Shards.
They flit off into the brightening sky. Score 1 A CHARISMA blessing
Go over to the main building turn to 92 Score 2 A COMBAT blessing
Leave the shrine now turn to 398 Score 3 A MAGIC blessing
Score 4 A SANCTITY blessing
166 Score 5 A SCOUTING blessing
Something catches your eye among the heaps of silver and gold. Score 6 A THIEVERY blessing
At first glance it is only a plain wooden baton, but you sense a The blessing allows you to try again when you fail an ability
powerful aura of magic. It is surely the royal sceptre you have roll. Blessings only work once and are then used up. You can
been searching for. Add it to your list of possessions and lose the have only one blessing of each type at a time, so if you rolled for
codeword Fresco, then turn to 646. a random blessing and got one you already had then you have
wasted your money.
167 Turn to 79.
You find an inn where you can stay for 1 Shard a day. For each
day you spend at the inn, you can recuperate 1 lost Stamina 172
point until your Stamina score is back to normal. When you are A shopkeeper gives you directions, but you take a wrong turn
ready to move on, turn to 323. and get lost in a derelict part of the city. There is no one to ask
the way.
168 By the time you find your way to the palace gates it is nearly
If you possess a dead head or a ghoul’s head, turn now to dark. Curiously, there are no guards on duty. Peering inside the
191. If not, read on. gate, you see a garden filling with purple dusk and a solitary
You fall asleep under a tree and dream about huge black lamp burning in a gazebo surrounded by ivy-strung trellises. The
birds that live in the middle of the woods and teach tricks of main buildings of the palace are plunged in darkness.
magic and martial arts to a few favoured travellers. One of the Go across the garden turn to 615
birds offers to trade a magic lodestone that will help you find Search the palace buildings turn to 636
them. Turn back turn to 79
When you wake up, you find that a compass (SCOUTING
+1) has replaced one of the items in your knapsack. Roll one 173
die and the result is the number of the item replaced, counting The road runs from Chambara, the capital, to the town of
from the first (e.g. if you roll a 3, the third item listed on your Shingen where the Lord Chancellor has his private residence. It
Adventure Sheet is replaced). If you roll a number that does not would be a daring highwayman indeed who tried to ply his trade

swiftly driving the Leave the city on foot turn to 203 shadows of clouds ahead of it. 179 Bastion. When you sourly remark above the pines. that you are hardly spoiled for choice. Otherwise. You no longer have a face. Defence 20. it vanishes in a mass of hissing up. Lords of the Rising Sun 15 along this heavily-patrolled route. Successful MAGIC roll turn to 207 You can sell a ship for 10% less than these prices. where her face should be. An old farmer with a lantern is hobbling 1000 Shards you are carrying. Then it strikes. turn to 345. ‘Is it not true that the Sovereign’s while you are away from the city. reduce the damage inflicted by 1 for every beside the path. Get lodging at an inn turn to 717 Go to the armoury turn to 744 175 If you have any of these codewords. 183 With a terrifying screech. (This is because its electrical through the fields towards you. compressing his lips. ‘What are you will use this money to buy and sell commodities on your behalf saying?’ he mutters darkly. turn to 551. the senior midshipman. Her fingers brush your lips. Your heart freezes when you see that she of a slavering muzzle. 184 ‘The cliffs of Kito Province. as he sees you look If you kill the thunder beast. White banners flutter and snap in the Score 9-12 A military patrol turn to 505 breeze and soldiers in white surcoats patrol the streets. There is must fight this creature. Ko-ishi face tells you that he is not pleased by your reply. Thunder Beast. Stamina 20 You recover at dusk to find yourself lying half in the ditch When it hits you. When you have Difficulty of 15 to wriggle out of it.’ says Mister Stone. 181 Wrapping a fur rug around your shoulders. Then. Catalyst or Eldritch.) 182 ‘Such temerity. COMBAT 15. the crew quality is average. wish is second only to the decrees of heaven?’ Write the sum you are investing in the box below – or This is a sticky situation. If you buy a Failed MAGIC roll turn to 230 ship. and rebounds towards you. Ship Type Cost Capacity He turns his back on you. Successful CHARISMA roll turn to 271 Failed CHARISMA roll turn to 286 Money invested 180 If you have the title Paladin of Ravayne. A ghastly moan splits the air as she If you are a Priest. (Don’t forget to cross off the money. Note that the ship is docked at Kaiju and then turn to 128. with a sigh. The frown on Takakura’s You can invest money in multiples of 100 Shards. the owner of the ships Roll two dice.) ‘Are you hurt?’ he starts to ask. Go to the harbour turn to 281 If the box is empty. Choose a ship if you still want one and copy her Score 9-12 An uneventful night turn to 610 details on to the Ship’s Manifest. and for a time you feel as if you Visit the Moonrise Clan manor turn to 726 are the last person alive in the world. It collides with a tree. ‘My wife’s family hails from there. a blazing creature drops directly out of 177 the sky. turn to 192. up to feel. You will need a CHARISMA roll at a withdraw a sum you invested previously. you sit out on the 176 veranda with a cup of hot rice wine and watch the moon rise You are shown a couple of vessels. and wet fur engulfed in has no eyes or nose or mouth – there is only a featureless blank dazzling light. The wind races across rolling grassy hillsides. whose ancestral shrine is just 174 ! across the straits on Udai Island. This is the stronghold of the Moonrise Clan. If it was Visit the shrine of Juntoku turn to 49 already ticked. Brigantine 550 Shards 2 Cargo Units Make a MAGIC roll at a Difficulty of 25. delete them now: Almanac. steps off the rock and vanishes in a Barque 250 Shards 1 Cargo Unit fount of black water. put a tick in it and turn to 570.’ . You put a hand sparks. turn to 79. muscular body. throwing up a fountain of white No sooner have you spoken than the woman drops her sleeve sparks. then you pass out. You catch a fleeting glimpse and rounds on you. turn to 289. attacks are dissipated by strings of cash. an instant of blind panic. completed the transaction. he gives a frightened whimper and runs off. Otherwise you reaches out to touch you.’ says the god. and your worst fears are confirmed. remarks that the Moonrise Clan has bought up the best vessels Score 2-8 A holy visitor turn to 366 for its navy. turn immediately to 208. The courtiers look at you in shock. Turn to 78. 178 Roll two dice. Mukogawa is a city of strong gleaming ramparts built on cliffs Score 2-8 A quiet journey turn to 196 overlooking the sea. You feel a sudden baleful influence.

’ says one of the sailors. but it seems to work. There is a ship bound for Hagashin. Stay in Hidari after all turn to 323 Go up the coast to Chambara turn to 79 Go south to Shingen turn to 362 Go east over open country turn to 704 .’ After looting the bodies. they all get to strike back at you.’ You get lost in a sudden fog that rises without warning off the ‘And his captain the only master. Lose 2-12 Stamina points and also reduce your unwounded Stamina score by 1 point 185 permanently if you don’t have a blessing of Immunity to From here on the climbing gets much harder. your Adventure Sheet. One of them stands back as his First Spider. Also remember to cross off the head. a pedlar’s cart creaks lopsidedly along. Successful SCOUTING roll turn to 233 192 Failed SCOUTING roll turn to 210 You are suddenly beset on all sides by huge spidery things that dart up out of hidden burrows.’ and you pull off your haversack to find that the head has gnashed Go south turn to 136 its way out. Defence 14. COMBAT 7. ‘A mariner’s 191 ship is all the mistress he needs. The head gives you a painful bite before you Go west turn to 684 manage to throw it away into the fog. Melt into the West Over the Blood-Dark Sea 172 background until you scarcely exist. you can add 1 to the Turn to 3. with no better excuse than to test the containing 9 Shards. If you win. There is little contact between the chancellor’s 189 court at Shingen and the rebel military government of the east. Fight them all at once: each time 186 that you strike at one of them. ‘And yet. dice roll if you have climbing gear. since they are not both attacking you at once. If not. Make a SCOUTING roll at Difficulty 14. The road curves down towards Chompo with farmland to either side.16 Lords of the Rising Sun ‘Wives are for landlubbers. edge of his sword. Stamina 14 Second Knight.’ It sounds esoteric. Stamina 12 Fight them one at a time. Increase your 194 THIEVERY score by 1. The knights demand satisfaction. then turn to 259. Ice-laden wind Disease/Poison.’ says the ship’s carpenter. You cannot escape from them. 196 Bees hum in the blossom-laden branches overhanging the road. and though you cling the pack and you have no hope of finding it now. Go north over open country turn to 704 low-lying grotto where the walls are spattered with patches of Strike out to the south turn to 220 lichen. I’m setting a new course. turn to 214.’ he says.’ growls the bosun. Press East to Akatsurai turn to 250 yourself down until you have no thickness. Third Spider. COMBAT 12. Where now? 188 To Chompo turn to 59 The long grass rustles as you walk up to the main shrine To the coast turn to 98 building. so cross it off to the mountainside it returns a rough embrace. From this idyllic captain wants 10 Shards to take you along. To the north turn to 72 ‘You must become a shadow. Defence 13. Stamina 17 193 If you defeat them you can have their two sets of ring mail ‘In Chambara. Suddenly you hear a champing noise alive. turn to 243. Defence 12. Defence 12. do you know what they call us? White- 187 faced devils! They are irredeemable!’ The tengu king throws aside dignity to teach you the art of Where will you set your course? concealment. ‘Slide across the South to the Sea of Hydras Over the Blood-Dark Sea 136 ground without weight and you will make no sound. ‘Look waterlogged rice paddies. mister. but the man on the veranda apparently hasn’t heard Due east turn to 242 you. Due west turn to 282 Go up and touch him on the shoulder turn to 432 Advance with caution turn to 510 195 Turn and leave turn to 398 Apart from pilgrims seeking the Clearwater Shrine. turn to 280. on the south island. Almost as bad. few people use this road. Defence 12. ‘I once saw a knight cut a (Defence +2) and their swords. COMBAT 8. half your money has fallen out of from the peaks makes your fingers numb. The followed by a gaggle of laughing children. There is also a pouch man down and walk away. You stumble on a region of broken decayed rock overgrown Go south-west to Shingen turn to 362 with stunted trees and rank grass. Visit the shrine turn to 124 If you have the codeword Fist. 190 Some way ahead.’ you remind him. Deep channels form a dank. First Knight. Stamina 13 get a fair fight. Stamina 17 cousin advances with drawn sword. turn to 237. At least it looks like you will Second Spider. scene you would never guess that Akatsurai is a country poised Pay for passage to Hagashin turn to 302 on the brink of civil war. ‘The Akatsurese are bloodthirsty fiends. COMBAT 8. COMBAT 8.

‘Hallo.’ says the bosun with a sigh. stream. in the box there after adjusting it according to the result you have just rolled. You look back Flying fish patterned like jewel-coloured dragonflies go towards the stream. ‘Where now. But Kiyomori has not risen There are two ships leaving Kaiju harbour within the next week. In a remote village where you are invited to spend the night. 203 Three great roads converge on Mukogawa. Take the road to Chompo turn to 495 Score 2-3 Lose entire sum invested Go west to Chambara turn to 552 Score 4-5 Loss of 50% Go south-west towards Shingen turn to 54 Score 6. If not. (Bear in mind that if you wish to Successful THIEVERY roll turn to 670 carry on your adventures in Metriciens you will need Cities of Failed THIEVERY roll turn to 693 Gold and Glory and Over the Blood-Dark Sea. drive them off with a protective spell. Go now to Score 5-10 All’s quiet turn to 170 the Yasai Mountains and retrieve my royal sceptre and you will Score 11-12 Blown off-course turn to 309 be richly rewarded. To help sell his wares he gathers the villagers around You jump lightly on to the serpent’s head just as its eyes snap and starts to spin a yarn. frightened by your power. Catalyst and Eldritch. or you can hire passage on the Majesty. you Score 14-15 Profit of 50% make sure to blow the dust out of the flute before starting to Score 16-17 Profit of 100% play. but there is now no sign of the serpent. Lords of the Rising Sun 17 just as night is falling.’ With those words he departs. SCOUTING and THIEVERY) – but remember that ability bonuses 201 from two different items cannot be added together. but the two leading 198 west are seldom travelled these days because of the hostility that To find out how well your investments have done. A ‘Many are the marvels of the sea. melt into the shadows 199 and double-back into the mansion. Note the sceptre’s powers on your Adventure Sheet and . a traveller arrives with a haversack of odds 197 and ends.7 Loss of 100% Go south along the coast turn to 438 Score 8-9 Investment remains unchanged Score 10-11 Profit of 10% 204 Score 12-13 Profit of 25% Forewarned by the cautionary tale of the hermit Jobutsu. Without If you possess a mask of any sort. trees. Bastion. the coast 207 of Akatsurai resembles a delightful tapestry in soft green and blue Unseen hands try to remove the sceptre from your belt but you dyes. 205 You walk around the corner out of sight. Make a THIEVERY roll at a for 15 Shards. Take the guide turn to 229 200 Go alone turn to 253 Here the waters are pale as moonstone and there is the scent of luxuriant blossoms on the breeze. tall man in long robes of dark green silk is standing under the ‘If I live to be a hundred I could never hope to see a tenth part trees just in front of you. You jump back a pace. turn to 248. Get the codeword Fresco and turn to 111. Where did he come from? of them. There is a flicker in the corner of your eye.’ ‘I am the god of the valley. where the Wistaria Clan rules in ancient splendour. for 35 Shards. Recover 1 Stamina point if injured. I know you Score 2-4 Attacked at sea turn to 145 will not shrink from undertaking a dangerous task. and there are guards You can travel aboard the Divine Wind. ruffling your clothes. SANCTITY. Now turn to 175. Tie up at Shingen wharf turn to 470 and you are left with only your own reflection. open. you catch a glimpse of the god’s face shimmering there the main island. then roll two dice.’ he says.) Chambara. at the end of every corridor. turn to 324. you hurry on up the valley towards the 225. He draws away. skimming across the azure water. enough to cross the river by stepping on my head. Steer south turn to 350 At last you understand the powers of the royal sceptre. roll two exists between the lords of the Moonrise Clan and the official dice.’ reports the navigator.’ says an imperious voice. where you can withdraw the sum recorded Otherwise. It Steer north turn to 150 can be used as a weapon with a COMBAT bonus of +5 and also Head out to sea turn to 80 gives +5 to your other abilities (CHARISMA. The third road goes north to Fortunes. to Metriciens. Add 1 to the score if you are an initiate of the Three government of Lord Kiyomori. Viewed from here. bound for Chambara. Also add 1 for each of the following codewords that Chompo. captain?’ in the dark depths. turn to waiting for it to attack. cost 35 Shards Over the Blood-Dark Sea 260 You can hire a local guide for 10 Shards or go hunting on your Stay in Kaiju turn to 128 own. MAGIC. to be dictator of Akatsurai by being careless. If you have the codeword Cerumen. you have: Almanac. Leaning down over the ‘Our current position is just off the west coast of Yodoshi. turn to 343. cost 15 Shards turn to 27 206 Metriciens. ‘Since you were brave Recover 1 Stamina point if injured. It felt as if a cold 202 wind blew past you. You feel as though your heart skipped a beat. returning Difficulty of 16.

(If you were already an initiate of Sanobu and want to Make an offering to the spirits turn to 496 renounce that status now. Score 7 The lesson teaches you nothing Score 8-12 Increase your COMBAT score by 1 218 After your lesson is over. The You move closer through the long grass. head. If you are lucky. however. turn to 270. The time you have spent traversing the mountains has left you lose any blessings. but it Priests in white robes come down to the beach to meet you. On a successful roll you get a blessing of At the back of a cliff-lined bay on Udai Island stands a shrine Safety from Storms which you can write in the Blessings box on dedicated to the worship of the Moonrise Clan’s ancestral spirits. Adventure Sheet. Her long hair hangs down around her face as she digs.’ he has just had. Go east turn to 535 lose a point of CHARISMA. With a roar like a cannon-shot. 210 You lose your grip while negotiating an overhang. The pirates obey their own warped code of honour. Score 5 550 Shards and an iron fan you notice a young woman burying something under a tree Score 6 350 Shards and a bag of pearls nearby.18 Lords of the Rising Sun then turn to 111. supposed to prohibit them from shedding blood. turn to 732. He is not shaken by the close call if you get it wrong in a fight it’ll prove worse than useless. it leaps back up into the rock which is supposedly Sanobu’s footprint. in which (You can use the bonus of any one item you possess that case lose only 1-6 Stamina. turn to 259. just a dim chamber at The thunder beast cannot abide the scent of holy incense on the back of the shrine where you can view the exposed mark in your robes. Go north turn to 220 217 212 The occupant of the sedan chair is none other than Lord ‘Pay attention. Lose 4-24 Stamina points (roll join in with a song. but still he has not new pirate leader also presents you with the pirate captain’s noticed you. turn to 294. and slide back down the ravine. where they hand over their loot. Go south turn to 74 After amending your Adventure Sheet. obscuring her vision so that she hasn’t noticed you. Regain 1 Stamina point if injured. sailing high over your head Yoritomo of the Moonrise Clan – the self-proclaimed Shogun. the clouds. it is time to go back down to the world of men. You must not already be an initiate of another Attack the priests turn to 291 god. turn to Score 2-6 Reduce your COMBAT score by 1 375. the tree branches The music of the flute is so beautiful that you are inspired to below might just save your life. Go over to her turn to 311 219 Stay hidden until she’s gone turn to 261 You slip. if you want it. your Adventure Sheet. but they will and you can then write Sanobu in the God box on your fight to defend the shrine. a scythe on the other. invigorated. To obtain a blessing you must pay 35 Shards and make a CHARISMA roll at a Difficulty of 15 (Difficulty 12 if you are an 209 initiate of Sanobu). As the new leader he agrees to take you to Announce your presence turn to 236 their lair in a secluded cove midway between Shingen and Sneak up on him turn to 260 Hidari. You can have only one They are armed with moon spades – poles with a shovel-shaped Safety from Storms blessing at a time. just like making a normal CHARISMA roll.) When you have finished your devotions. Turn to 551. There is no effigy of the god. When you wake.’ says the tengu king. Roll two dice. surrendering now that you’ve slain their leader. ‘This is a tricky technique to master. works only once and is then used up. grab a handful of weathered rock that crumbles under your fingers. Score 11-20 Your song pleases the gods. with an effortless leap. you must pay 30 Shards by way of Embark and set sail turn to 745 compensation. If you have the codeword Frog. Turn and depart turn to 398 Roll one die to see what you get: Score 1-2 1000 Shards and lockpicks (THIEVERY +1) 214 Score 3-4 750 Shards and a silver nugget You take a nap in a moss-lined cleft of rock. just annoyed with himself for getting careless. Lose 3-18 Stamina . plunging 216 down a sheer precipice. Sharp rocks tear at your clothing and batter your tumbling body. You can take his 213 sword (COMBAT +1) and splint armour (Defence +4). Their vows are To become an initiate you must pay a donation of 50 Shards. Roll two dice and add your CHARISMA. Now. augments your CHARISMA. 215 Sanobu’s shrine is built on a wide shelf of rock overlooking the 208 waterfall. blade on one end. four dice) unless you have rope or climbing gear.) 211 Score 2-10 Your hideous racket offends the gods. Go west turn to 653 Score 21+ Your singing makes the gods jealous. gain a point of CHARISMA. turn to 5. This blessing may help you at sea. If not. Record the loot on your Adventure Sheet and turn to 556. and or First General of Akatsurai. If you survive the fall.

following: Turn to 324. preferring a You examine the flute. after many adventures. the wife recovered. Pine trees throw stripes of spikes and long bronze bells.’ Agree to deliver it turn to 252 When you have completed your business. The hermit claimed that such a pearl . The storm keeps up for days. Roll two dice. Go to your town house ! (if box ticked) turn to 238 three if it’s a galleon. After the dragon’ s death silver.’ Score 10-12 The wind gets up turn to 9 At the end of a long day you return to the lodge weary and footsore. ‘But on no account should you open Platinum earring – 750 Shards it. and wild boar. It had cursed the knight’s wife In the uplands. was the only thing that could heal the knight’s wife. so that as you walk along a street you catch glimpses of Strike out due north turn to 337 silhouettes watching from the verandas on either side. Tatsu pearl 2500 Shards 1000 Shards proffering a lacquer box. night brings moonlight as dazzling as polished because of an old feud with her family. Visit the theatre (at a cost of 5 Shards) turn to 256 Roll one die if your ship is a barque. You brace yourself against the rail of The guide’s name is Akoboshi. Get the codeword Farm and turn to 611. Browse around the market turn to 262 add 2 if you have an excellent crew. making the skyline seem ablaze in shade across a dusty road washed with sunlight. You are careful to blow all the bartering around the city you are able to buy or sell any of the dust out of it before starting to play. When you ask him what game the waves. If still alive. in which case lose only 1-6 Stamina. badgers sails.’ she says. Add 1 to the roll if you have a good crew. Cross off his fee of 10 Shards if the bridge and listen to the mariner’s constant lullaby: the roar of you haven’t already done so. the dour muttering of the there is hereabouts. Items To buy To sell 228 Compass (SCOUTING +1) 400 Shards 350 Shards If you have a lacquer box. Tall porticoes enclosed by filigree screens front each Travel to the capital turn to 79 building. turn to 319. Parchment 5 Shards 3 Shards ‘Please deliver this to my sister on Toho Island. and they lived happily and meandering flower-lined paths. Roll one He tells a story about a poor knight whose wife became die. and if you get more than your SCOUTING score you can inexplicably ill. Cross-staff (SCOUTING +2) 900 Shards 650 Shards Dusk is lost in a swirl of cold grey clouds when a woman Sextant (SCOUTING +3) 1500 Shards 900 Shards stops you on a lonely moorland path and asks if you will do Lantern 90 Shards 80 Shards something for her. Hagashin presents a very different 221 appearance from the cities of the north. and the soft reassuring creak as the ship flexes her timbers. so that it seems a the sunlight. but it’s risky to bother creatures like those. there are foxes. If you do. because all dragons have a magical pearl in the roof of their mouth. but by a long process of untended in a drawer for years. fierce statues of demons that stand waist-deep in the green Follow the road west turn to 500 water. often live to a ripe old age. he replies: ‘Well. You never got a glimpse of a 225 deer. clad in gold leaf and adorned with sweeping Province. Score 2-7 You see no one turn to 243 Score 8-12 Two poor knights turn to 89 226 Built over a network of canals. a place of sinister renown. Eventually. The bridges that span the canals are supported by giant tiger lies lazily across the landscape. They Roll two dice. the scream of the wind. Tall conical towers rear You are on the road running west from the capital towards Oni above the rooftops. Your only recourse is to strike the Lodge at an inn turn to 667 sails and let the ship run before the wind until it blows itself out. you see. finally encountered an old hermit who told him that he should Turn to 610. the knight encountered the dragon and slew it. two dice if it’s a brigantine. Sometimes these old heirlooms lie system of gift-giving and favours. turn to 79. morning mist unveils pretty meadows the curse was lifted. Otherwise read on. You can buy a town house here for 200 Shards. Lords of the Rising Sun 19 points (roll three dice) unless you have rope or climbing gear. turn to 748. It’s safer if we just hunt deer. With the sunrise. Find a temple turn to 690 Score 1-3 The ship founders turn to 126 Go to the docks turn to 302 Score 4-20 You weather the storm turn to 6 Leave the city turn to 249 223 227 The Akatsurese do not have much use for currency. He roamed far and wide searching for a cure and increase it by 1. 222 put a tick in the box next to the town house option below. but Akoboshi has given you a few hunter’s tips. Lose 1 Stamina point. and learn many magical Score 2-9 An uneventful voyage turn to 247 tricks. ever after on the fortune they got for selling the magic pearl. Decline to help turn to 376 224 229 These are rough waters. He then discovered that the hermit had 220 been the dragon in human form. search for a dragon.

He Somehow you manage to keep your head above water. the knights are still can be used to augment your magical strength. (If you do have a seconds later. turn to 226. To dodge the boulder. put a tick in it now and turn to 257. Even with you on their side. still keeping his odd stance. The abbot explains that this is not a decision to be taken lightly. injured. He could be thirty years old. You 231 breathe in a lungful of them. Also lose any resurrection Ignore him and go into the shrine turn to 352 deal as well as any blessings you may have had arranged. roll two dice and try to score less 238 than or equal to your Rank.’ he 239 says. If If you have the title Enlightened One.’ An exaggeration? Who can tell? Get the codeword Foment Items at town house and turn to 397. ‘In these sinful days it is so rare to find a If your town house has been destroyed. Unless you have a blessing of Immunity to volcano.e. You raise your arm and give a of the Way while he is practising qi gong?’ feeble cry. the town house and its 232 contents have been destroyed unless you Overwhelmed by such kindness. ready to leave. 234 The town house is a good place to relax after your travels. causing a You notice a distant plume of smoke rise off the cone of the bronchial disease. a Rogue. turn to 88. ‘The demons of your own unconscious mind. scattering a cinnabar-coloured cloud of spores into the air. When you are read on. restore your Stamina to its normal score. ‘Demons?’ Successful SCOUTING roll turn to 650 He nods. You are hauled . Successful COMBAT roll turn to 217 Turn to 259.20 Lords of the Rising Sun 230 Apologize and leave turn to 398 The royal sceptre has gone. Ask him to teach you turn to 310 Cross it off your Adventure Sheet. or seventy.i. roll two dice to see what has happened in your absence: Fail to dodge turn to 255 Score 2-9 Your belongings are safe Score 10-12 Earthquake. Otherwise read on. Roll two dice. ‘Achieving enlightenment requires strenuous effort. 237 Turn to 111. ‘I think you are destined the tick beside the town house option there. Failed COMBAT roll turn to 140 236 241 The man turns and looks at you. to be a great saint.’ he says. If you want to or even years? And have you the strength to prevail against the proceed you must make a SCOUTING roll at a Difficulty of 13 to demons that will beset you?’ steer a safe course. If it was already ticked. The distant whip crack of an explosion follows several reduce your unwounded Stamina score by 1.’ Failed SCOUTING roll turn to 588 Begin your training turn to 258 Turn back turn to 64 Leave the monastery turn to 211 240 235 You race down the side of the hill and launch yourself into the The tengu king demonstrates some esoteric finger exercises that fray. Blazing white snow makes the clear backdrop of the sky seem as dark as ink. They later germinate. A grey fungus as big as a football explodes without warning. At this distance it is like a puff of incense from an altar Disease/Poison you must lose 1 Stamina point permanently . turn now to 508. Each time you Dodge the boulder turn to 632 return. turn to 226 and erase person of honour and charity. you. ‘Are you prepared to withdraw from the world for months Surges of white foam warn of hidden reefs ahead.’ he says. outnumbered. You has eyes of such startling intensity that you hardly take in the swim until you have no strength left and it is only determination details of his face. ‘that you interrupt a Master A ship heaves into view. just loud enough to draw your attention to the blessing. 1. By some miracle you are spotted. Reduce the dice roll by 1 if you are You can leave possessions and money here at your town house. whisked away from you by magic. remember to cross it off) huge boulder that is hurtling through the air straight towards Turn to 529. If the box above is empty. as the god has exerted his power to cancel them. lamp. You will need to make a COMBAT roll at and if you get higher than your MAGIC score then increase it by Difficulty 14 to turn the tide of battle. ‘Have you no manners. and 2 if you are an initiate of the Three Fortunes. he assures you he will tell all are an initiate of Nai his friends about you. 233 ! It is with a feeling of exhilaration that you stride the snow-clad slopes just below the highest peaks. Record anything you leave in the box below. If not. that keeps you going.

making the crags seem to Score 10-12 The fury of heaven turn to 56 be icebergs adrift in an arctic sea. Lords of the Rising Sun 21 aboard. 242 you put some questions to the storyteller. If it was already ticked. Think of all those stolen faces. But is it Roll two dice. a creature that lurks on lonely of game. You Failed SCOUTING roll turn to 283 failed to realize that an ancient heirloom like this is often left unused for years. You are travelling in the foothills of the Yasai Mountains. a shaft of sunlight picks out a badger in the gloom under shock when it just spins round to you and goes BOO!’ he says. ‘I’d say your career as a deities of the rocks and streams. eh?’ One of the children starts to cry. It lumbers off into the undergrowth as you approach. true? That I cannot say. wrapped in blankets and given a bowl of hot soup. turn to 272 in this book to find what is inside. ‘As to where it lives: in Kwaidan Forest. Creepy. and next to You are sailing along the north coast of Yodoshi. ‘Its face is completely blank. Score 3 Hidari turn to 323 the mujina is envious of people’s faces so it just rips them off and Score 4 Mukogawa turn to 281 keeps them in a sack on its back. the sky is thick with muttering clouds. Roll one die. They have a Go east turn to 438 gleam of wanderlust. Leave the shrine turn to 79 252 247 Record the lacquer box on your list of possessions. Make a SCOUTING roll at a Difficulty of 13.) Head west turn to 100 Turn to 376. You see. where you such as Juntoku. You specifically addressing the smallest children sitting in front of have been rescued by merchants from Metriciens who will drop him. revere a vast pantheon that ranges from the great celestial spirits Masayori leads you outside on to the veranda.’ he goes on. you later hear that your Junior Court Rank Make an offering turn to 171 title has been revoked. If you look into the box at Akatsurese islands. ‘Storms or dark sorcery. You look round. Around midday. ‘Your eyes. (You mate.’ remarks the bosun in a doomful voice. Score 2-9 The portents come to nothing turn to 471 Pockets of mist lie deep in the valleys. the other courtiers Akatsurai is known as the Land of a Thousand Gods. ‘Oh no. down to little hearth gods and slowly recover. gasping for a cup of water. will have to remember the number of the entry you are reading Put into Narai harbour turn to 268 at the time because 272 will not guide you back there.’ be of service. Score 1-2 The capital turn to 612 ‘But that’s not the worst bit. ‘Is it true? Where does You pass through fields of wheat where peasants’ huts stand the mujina live?’ amid islands of white poppy flowers. 250 turn to 595. the trees.’ Set out into the countryside turn to 457 244 ! Go to the harbour turn to 302 You are admitted to the palace without delay. you can add 1 251 to the dice roll if you have climbing gear. 245 Roll two dice. where the hereabouts. I’m told. If the box above is empty. put a tick in it and turn to 574. The people look down their noses at you.’ says a voice. Score 5 Narai turn to 433 wriggling and squirming and muttering to themselves in the Score 6 Kaiju turn to 128 dark. just as you are thinking of taking a backroads at dusk. You go into one and the priest asks how he can public disgrace like that. largest of the it write ‘Lords of the Rising Sun 272’. They look as if they’d like to run and hide under the you at their next port of call. . ‘Bad luck. The sea tosses fretfully. the heart of Akatsurai. Venture into the mountains turn to 359 ‘How did you know I was thinking of travelling on?’ Visit the Clearwater Shrine turn to 124 The shadow gives a thin old laugh. bedclothes but are now so scared they can only huddle together. and that’s quite a break. you set off through the woods in search He tells a story about the mujina. You put the flute to your lips – and immediately start coughing Successful SCOUTING roll turn to 626 and spluttering as though your lungs are about to split. Score 9-12 A flying lantern? turn to 560 249 243 ‘There is not much these days to be seen in the countryside You are in Banshu District. gathering a lot of dust in that time. Beyond a fretwork screen hovers an Join the road to the north turn to 195 indistinct shadow. On almost every street corner courtier is pretty much over. As he is taken off to bed.’ he says. Lord of War. As you 246 collapse helplessly. Cross it off your Adventure Sheet and Buy or sell a wand turn to 267 then turn to 79. No one ever recovered from a there is a shrine.’ Score 2-8 Nothing of note turn to 266 Get the codeword Fist and turn to 611. Sure enough. land climbs slowly towards the great Urushi Range. Head east turn to 684 253 248 Taking your weapons. ‘Where shall I set our course?’ asks the first any time.

Platinum earring – 810 Shards 257 Items with no purchase price are not available to buy. The boulder comes down like a The markets of Hagashin consist of many narrow shops jammed giant’s foot about to stamp out your life. Your time wasn’t up yet. though. You spend an evening at the theatre watching the usual Other items To buy To sell entertainment: roistering heroes foiling the schemes of skulking Compass (SCOUTING +1) 400 Shards 350 Shards wizards. if you have no other possessions). 265 260 You swim out through the breakers to where the boat is The man seems to be a Taoist recluse. turn to 274. you think it may be time to get going. 263 ! If the box above is empty.’ says the voice. A following: few small fragments break off and go whizzing in all directions. Kiyomori. hurry off before the woman comes back.’ says a voice. ‘Assure her that both our houses would be enriched They look like rubber masks. one scratching your face for 1 Stamina point. When you have done all your can gather as many silver nuggets as you can carry (a shopping. When she straightens up and sweeps back her hair you get a nasty shock – she has no face. sly silver-tongued witches and bumbling animal spirits. although You find a cliff where the crevices give off metallic glints. Turn to 420. Lose the codeword Frog if you had it and turn to 280. I am told she is a comely wench – and and make soft twittering noises when you touch them. up in flames. ‘My mistake. Afterwards Candle 2 Shards 1 Shard you take a stroll by the canals and watch the moonlight dance on Parchment 8 Shards 5 Shards the water. If not then you possessions before turning to 289. 259 They leap joyfully about. turn to 226. but they are warm to the touch by stronger links. as they pat you on the back. you see only seven big black crows flapping off into the woods. Indeed. Armour To buy To sell ‘Sorry. Inside the sack you find dozens of peeled human faces. turn to 277. you wait for her to leave and then go to see what she ‘You must communicate my good wishes to your mistress. Turn to 226. the return journey is completed in (COMBAT +2) from the wreckage of the sedan chair as it goes the space of seven wingbeats. Pressing back out of 254 sight. put a tick in it and turn to 276. When you are ready to descend the mountain. Though reaching the You can salvage a lady’s court robe and a dagger centre of the forest took days.’ Leather (Defence +1) 50 Shards 45 Shards You look around but can see no one. Add it to your possessions and turn to 632. You can see the two children huddled miserably of balancing exercise. Weapons (sword. He hands you a diplomatic letter.22 Lords of the Rising Sun It seemed to be limping – an injury might explain why it is out Failed THIEVERY roll turn to 373 and about in the middle of the day. to escort roast the corpses. 264 With your help the barbarians make short work of their foes. If the box above is empty. To track the badger to its set you will need to make a SCOUTING roll of Difficulty 14. Make a THIEVERY roll at a Difficulty of 16. When they start building a fire to He gives orders for his elite guard. These are my son Shigemori is yet unmarried. so you might be able to get past without together in the stern as the current drags them steadily further him noticing. out to sea. A scroll is pressed into Ring mail (Defence +2) 100 Shards 90 Shards your hands. 261 Successful SCOUTING roll turn to 305 She puts a sack in the hole she’s dug and quickly fills it in with Failed SCOUTING roll turn to 288 loose soil. Lockpicks (THIEVERY +1) – 300 Shards The Akatsurese audiences lap up this kind of thing. but at the last instant it along a warren of backstreets. Splint armour (Defence +4) – 300 Shards You now have a catastrophe certificate. As you turn to thank your escort.’ says buried. ‘This will ensure the same sort of thing doesn’t Chain mail (Defence +3) 200 Shards 180 Shards happen again. cavorting over the bodies and grunting The tengu king cannot teach you anything more at this time. turn to 292. They are so frightened that they can only stare in Successful THIEVERY roll turn to 352 silence when you pull yourself up over the side and start to raise . Add it to your list of If you have the codeword Face. You can buy or sell any of the changes course and crunches into the earth a few paces away. He is intent on some sort drifting. If it 258 ! was already ticked. the Leaflet Knights. turn to 334. Otherwise read COMBAT bonus +2 – 380 Shards on. you safely to the edge of his domain. turn to 275. 255 262 You trip and go sprawling. You if you have one you can sell it. put a tick in it and turn to 48. If it was already ticked. etc) To buy To sell Without COMBAT bonus 50 Shards 35 Shards 256 COMBAT bonus +1 250 Shards 180 Shards If you have the codeword Foment.’ real faces. maximum of twelve. turn to 529. axe.

Go to pray at the shrine turn to 215 Successful SCOUTING roll turn to 750 Do some shopping turn to 354 Failed SCOUTING roll turn to 318 Leave town turn to 285 266 271 You are on the headland near to the city of Chompo. the god Sanobu paused to wash his hillside. Lords of the Rising Sun 23 the sail. ‘Whoever can you be Join the road to the south turn to 73 referring to?’ Go into the city turn to 59 The sick look on Masayori’s face shows that he can see what’s coming. For breaking your word not city create splashes of glimmering amber light in the gloom. rounded ends. Celestium wand (MAGIC +5) 8000 Shards – Turn to 595. Overtaken by nightfall on a deserted hillside. Also. turn to 661. but the priest assures you that the wands function sometimes hear playing so melodiously in the middle of the perfectly well. to look inside the box. the barn. from the wands of the west as they are wide and flat with Takakura turns with a smile to the trembling Masayori. you take shelter in a ramshackle barn. ‘Aha. Kaiju is the town of performers so that the sea and sky form a spectacular backdrop.’ Decide what you will do now. COMBAT 8. Defence 18. Kaiju is a charming fishing town of smart villas with low-pitched ‘Those are just for the punters. lose 1 point from each of your abilities (CHARISMA. turn back to the entry 269 you were reading previously. COMBAT 8.’ you overhear Third Flying Head. night. This means that they will all wind outside you are soon fast asleep. You are so weary after your travels that the 273 straw feels as comfortable as a feather bed. If you manage to kill all three. I meant only that I would be ashamed to display region is known as Kito Province. The Amber wand (MAGIC +1) 500 Shards 250 Shards Sovereign is not fooled. get a die roll to try to injure you while you are striking back at You wake in pitch darkness. and in spite of the raw All three heads attack you at once. Make a SCOUTING roll at a Find an inn turn to 702 Difficulty of 15 to sail the boat back to shore. according to legend.’ River cascades down through the town in a spectacular waterfall You are taken to an open-air theatre built high up on the where. you do not get the benefit of your voices is what must have woken you. ‘Blue like smoke under rails of spring rain. When you have amended your ability scores. etc). Stamina 5 someone say. They steer you away from the 270 humdrum plays performed at the canalside theatres.’ Join the road north of Chompo turn to 194 ‘A true master?’ Takakura is intrigued. After you have finished your business here. ‘Lord 267 Masayori taught me all I know. The Shi into yours. 272 Make sure you know the number of the entry you were just 268 reading. . ‘We’ll just rest a bit before going on. Defence 18. The shape is different hear.’ you announce for everyone to The priest shows you a selection of wands. Lanterns hanging along the raised verandas of the human eyes! What a gruesome gift. You later Cobalt wand (MAGIC +3) 2000 Shards 1000 Shards hear that he has been dismissed from his post and sent to be Selenium wand (MAGIC +4) 4000 Shards – governor of Oni Province. The glyphs inscribed along the side are unfamiliar my esteemed Secretary of the Left! So it is you who we to you. you look out on a sombre moonlit scene. Defence 18. A group of First Flying Head. but it is too late for him to slip away. Stamina 5 outside. The sound of bells and hushed just one of them.’ There is no way to back out. Crawling to the door of armour because you won’t have gone to sleep wearing it. my meagre ability in the presence of a true master. He knows now that Masayori was Ebony wand (MAGIC +2) 1000 Shards 500 Shards trying to embarrass you in front of the whole court. which a famous poet wrote: Roll two dice to see which play is being performed today. This ‘Your majesty. Score 2-8 The yeoman and the dragon turn to 93 The town where my heart dwells Score 9-12 The artful frog turn to 708 Is surely half in the next world. Stamina 5 mourners in ceremonial white stoles have set down a coffin right Second Flying Head. turn to 79. where the audience sits on stone benches above the feet after traversing the lost lands of the east. Go to the seafront turn to 128 The wind is getting up. this entry will not guide you back there.’ says one. slipping his arm roof climbing a hillside tufted with feathery pine trees. then. Dusk is falling as you come into the harbour and there is a nip of To your horror the box turns out to be full of gouged-out frost in the air. ‘We’ll show you something better. COMBAT 8. Show yourself turn to 303 Watch from hiding turn to 401 274 Go back to bed turn to 521 You are well-known to the actors of Hagashin. Masayori takes the flute from Magical Equipment To buy To sell you with a distraught look and plays it as best he can. Take the flute and entertain us now. you are cursed and must permanently Note that your ship is docked at Narai and then turn to 155. who respect your reputation for generosity.

Record anything you leave in Put on your original face turn to 353 the box below. Score 2-8 A peaceful journey turn to 316 Score 9-12 A rogue in a thicket turn to 727 283 You stumble while climbing. possessions left here back to your Adventure Sheet. You can leave possessions and money here to save having angel. and Successful SCOUTING roll turn to 5 the whole edifice is decorated with sinuous silver spikes that Failed SCOUTING roll turn to 210 look like icicles pointing up at the sun. the town house and its contents have It proves to be quite comfortable if you ignore the spartan been destroyed furnishings and the slightly musty smell. transfer the Moonrise Clan is only too eager to expand its fleet. If you have the codeword Faded. Score 11-12 Fire. The roof to the roll if you have rope and 1 if you have climbing gear. If you have the codeword Friz you can retrieve any items you left here previously and must then turn to 21. twisting your ankle painfully. The high wind has blasted grotesque shapes in the rock. You are in the desolate countryside of Kumo Province. turn to 79 and erase ‘We get so few travellers passing through these days. read on. strong countenance Your town house is a single-storey villa on Plum Blossom and hair the colour of honey. Initiates who are attempting to achieve enlightenment 281 cannot take any belongings beyond this point. Otherwise turn 276 to 435. all the money you left here is gone The innkeeper’s wife bustles about getting a room ready for you. listening to the haunting cry of wild deer off in the woodlands. Incense rises from smouldering sticks set around its feet Go up into the hills turn to 245 and runs in thin white rivulets across the smooth contours of Follow the east coast turn to 706 stone. Each day spent at the inn costs 1 Shard and allows you to recuperate 1 Stamina point. If your town house has burned down. you If you have the codeword Fruit.’ says the the tick beside the town house option there. turn to 453 straight away. A vast statue of the Sage of Peace towers up to the Head towards Kaiju turn to 592 rafters. Just as you are about to put it back on. pay your bill . rises in sweeping tiers resembling the high prow of a ship. If you don’t have 280 the codeword Friz then read on. If you have just finished the test. clear grey eyes. If you are about to start preparation for the civil war which everyone expects within a your training. then (if still alive) turn to 245. Beside a lake stands a mansion with ornamental dragons carved Make a SCOUTING roll at a Difficulty of 14. It has a smooth complexion. When you are ready to move on. complex. 277 You are relieved to find your own face among the ones the 284 woman buried. If notice a particularly beautiful face that stands out among the rest. roll two dice to see what Take the other face instead turn to 332 has happened in your absence. Sell a ship turn to 315 Commence your training turn to 349 Buy a ship turn to 655 Leave the monastery turn to 211 Get passage on a ship turn to 462 Trade at the warehouses turn to 676 Worldly goods Go aboard your ship (if docked here) turn to 695 Hire crewmen for your ship turn to 724 Go to the city centre turn to 178 282 You pass through fields dotted with villages. home You enter the great hall at the centre of the monastery only to wild savages and hairy spider-goblins. It is the face of a prince or an Street. like distorted gargoyles hewn by a mad sculptor. you can add 1 from blocks of blue jade on either side of the entrance. If you have a ship here you could easily sell it. turn to 44. as them in the box. to carry them around with you. They crouch above 279 the chasms and leer blindly at you as you descend. innkeeper’s wife in a tone so apologetic it sounds as if she might burst into tears. Success or failure The quayside is bustling with activity as ships unload supplies in depends solely on the initiate himself. Score 2-8 Your belongings are safe 278 Score 9-10 Theft.24 Lords of the Rising Sun 275 and turn to 522. you can leave your possessions here by writing few months. Each time you return. Roll two dice. Lose 1 Stamina point. up to the limit of your unwounded Stamina score. Otherwise read on.

of such exalted rank. restore your Stamina to its normal defeat the three priests. 294 287 Yoritomo clasps you by the hand – a signal honour from a lord You have the misfortune to encounter a spectral lady at twilight. then turn to 79. You scour the woods without success Turn to 280. Stamina 21 The town house has an ornamental garden overlooked by a Third Shrine Warden. the Moku River flows down into Kotobuki 290 Bay. as is Go west across the Moku River turn to 337 the custom in Akatsurai nowadays. she implores you you the title Hatamoto. on mortal ears. You have to fight the priests alone. If not. inhospitable moorland that stretches to the horizon in all Score 2-4 A quarrel turn to 327 directions. When it is used. The two of you sit long into the night discussing all sorts of things. Cross it off. A recent shower has washed Go north to the Kwaidan Forest turn to 398 away part of the earth covering the mound to reveal a patch of Go south and join the road turn to 631 . Get the codeword Fusty. 292 285 Do you have the codeword Ink? If so. which you can write in the Blessings box on your Adventure who planned this to disgrace you in front of the court. turn There are no proper roads out of Kaiju. Go west over the fields turn to 554 overseer of the many roads and remote trails. then! If your music is so precious that it cannot be wasted only have one Safe Travel blessing at a time. The proprietor greets you cheerily. Stamina 20 simple but delightful veranda. turn to 573. until finally it begins to get dark and you have to make your way back to the hunting lodge. turn to 79. When you are ready to leave. take yourself to the mountains and play instead cross it off your Adventure Sheet. turn to 304. You must pay 2 Shards a day to stay at the inn. Sheet. In the north hovers a smudge of violet shadow that Score 5-12 A pleasant evening turn to 79 marks the high expanse of the Kwaidan Forest. Each time you hit one of them. Sakkaku is famous for being the home of the god Dosojin. Stamina 22 Second Shrine Warden. Here you can rest and recuperate If you flee back to your ship and sail off. Defence 15. most of the citizens to 21. You stand on an outcrop of rock and survey the majestically Roll two dice. Defence 15. Each day you Turn to 181. He is the patron Travel east out of the city turn to 592 god of travellers. If not. have no desire to venture into the barbaric hinterlands of Toho island. travelling to a new region. If injured. turn to 499. 295 ‘A good day’s sport?’ he enquires. Far to the south runs the Great Saddle Road. You are ushered out and your title of Junior Court Rank is Now turn to 522. COMBAT 9. score. turn to 308. This blessing allows you to reroll the dice once when Finally Takakura dismisses you with a bad-tempered gesture. His shrine is an imposing structure of black Go to the harbour turn to 128 wood decorated with polished silver plaques. ‘Come to visit me soon in Mukogawa.’ says Yoritomo as he 288 sets off. Note this on your Adventure Sheet. You can ‘Go. means that you have the right to wear the Moonrise Clan’s If you have a lacquer box. Westwards. from weighty 296 affairs of state to the ideal time to view the cherry blossom. To obtain a blessing you must pay 45 Shards and make a 286 CHARISMA roll at a Difficulty of 14 (or Difficulty 10 if you’re a You try to extricate yourself but succeed only in sounding Wayfarer). revoked. Lords of the Rising Sun 25 Items at town house bare white stone. livery and to act as the Shogun’s emissary. On a successful roll you get a blessing of Safe Travel obstreperous – much to the delight of the scheming Masayori. people used to bury their dead rather them cremate them. Kiyomori calls for music. When you are ready to leave. though. In front of his surviving guards he gives Reaching towards you with dead white hands. COMBAT 9. all three will get to strike back at you. while the east You come across an old burial mound from the time when is open country as far as the sea. Defence 15. turn to 325. Tunnel into the mound turn to 306 Continue on your way turn to 416 291 The crewmen who came ashore with you are too superstitious to join in the fight. If you from your travels. COMBAT 9. so as to avoid an encounter. wine and dancers. turn to 745. by your reckoning. It to give her news of her dear sister in the west. You will then need to come for the entertainment of the celestial powers. First Shrine Warden. rest here you can recover 1 lost Stamina point.’ back here to get another one. Remember that your Stamina will not increase above its normal unwounded 289 score. If you wish to travel on from here by sea you should go 293 down to the harbour.

it will get a final free blow at your monastic contemplation and lay worshippers can come for retreating back doing 2-12 Stamina points less the Defence healing. sails furled like curling autumn leaves. You reach out to ocean. Defence 20. you could strike out over open country or take passage you realize it or not. in desolate If not turn to 322 territory where no sane man would make his home. If not. Buy a talisman turn to 421 Fight on and win turn to 86 Ask for healing turn to 399 Run away turn to 416 Seek a blessing (if an initiate) turn to 380 Become an initiate turn to 320 307 Instead of silver deposits. Buy or sell a ship turn to 25 Go aboard your ship (if docked here) turn to 321 308 Hire new crew members turn to 586 You hold out your hand to the abbot. You are travelling over open country between the Chiku and At first you think they are overwhelmed by grief. turn to 348. you have run a wicked errand for these two on a barge going upriver. two long thin hairy arms suddenly sprout out of the Go upriver turn to 593 hole and seize you by the throat. You are chuckling at Score 9-12 An enemy vessel turn to 145 your own overwrought imagination when the boulder opens its jaws with a gleeful clacking sound and sits up. Several ships ride at anchor. bonus of your armour. You have unearthed the monstrous There are numerous temples in the suburbs of Chambara.’ he says. You must fight for your life. you stumble across a cave inhabited by 302 a giant white tiger with an imperial glyph imprinted on its The canals of Hagashin debouch into a lagoon sheltered by a forehead. dedicated to the Sage of Peace whose example guides men Skeleton Spectre. Join the road turn to 125 ‘I’m afraid they can’t see you because you’re dead. ‘You died Travel south to Hidari turn to 323 of exposure seven nights ago. Ever since you touched Pay for passage to another port turn to 647 the saint. Stamina 21 towards enlightenment. Go to the harbour turn to 612 Take the road to Sakkaku turn to 221 305 Take the road to Mukogawa turn to 631 The badger has taken refuge in a hole in a bank. but lose 2 points from SANCTITY. There seems to be a large chalk boulder plugging the tomb Roll two dice. all skeleton of an ancient giant. but the arms will rake at your retreating back for a final 1-6 Stamina points if you do.’ 306 Perhaps he is right.’ she says in her reedy voice. Now turn to 298. turn to 329. As you stoop to Take the road to Shingen turn to 173 peer inside. but your hand passes straight through him.’ 298 If you have a resurrection deal turn to 10 You are at the north-western tip of Toho Island. As you clear away the earth it dawns on you that the Score 2-8 A voyage without incident turn to 108 boulder looks very like a gigantic skull. touch one. ‘and since you’re a Go up into the mountains turn to 359 stranger in the district we’ve had to go to the expense of burying you. Stamina 12 Head north-east turn to 672 You can break free and run off. You turn to see a little fat priest standing there. a fragrance like sandalwood has hung about your Buy cargo for your ship turn to 606 fingers. but then it the Hitsu. ‘Good. blessings and advice. good. ‘Your reward is to be fearless from now until your dying day. If you do not wish to travel possible score of 12. COMBAT 13. Whether by road. COMBAT 9. shrugging the soil 301 off ancient white limbs.’ says a Travel north to Shingen turn to 362 voice. witches. South-east turn to 319 good. Here the clerics can live a life of If you turn and flee. Alternatively. you could put to sea. entrance.26 Lords of the Rising Sun Go further east turn to 515 Go into the city turn to 226 Travel to Chambara turn to 79 303 297 The mourners take no notice when you step out among them.’ 299 Gain 1 point on your COMBAT score up to the maximum Many routes converge at Chambara. 300 Flee back to the lodge turn to 181 Occasionally the bosun surprises you with a profound thought. Head north-west turn to 337 Hairy arms. . low headland of piled stones. Defence 18. their If you have the mirror of the Sun Goddess. Choose your next move: 304 South turn to 554 She receives the lacquer box with the almost witlessly pleased East turn to 446 expression of a small child being given a bag of candy. The sun rises over mountain peaks and sets in deep dawns on you that they really can’t see you. Fight on and win turn to 326 Today it is this: ‘We are nearer to the next life by sea than by land. This is no ordinary beast.

’ calls down the 315 sailor in the crow’s nest. Successful MAGIC roll turn to 492 Failed MAGIC roll turn to 140 309 The sea heaves and swells. Lose the codeword Ink and turn to 276. Whether this is so or not. an offer – you must sell him your ship. ‘Thus perish all evildoers!’ booms the animal’s voice. When Press on into the mountains turn to 148 you have finished. If you have the codeword Face. face ought to be. turn to 8. Items with no purchase price are not available locally.’ Make a MAGIC roll at Difficulty 14 to protect yourself. the sudden horror is Go south turn to 515 more than you can take. turn to 244. He cannot Compass (SCOUTING +1) 400 Shards 350 Shards thank you enough. the little girl against the flanks of the inner stockade. Go to the city turn to 59 Otherwise read on. ‘A good answer. Cross it off the Ship’s Decide what item you are presenting to him (if any) and. If you have neither. 311 316 The woman looks up. until finally you reach a verdant island spire of grey rock. scorch the grass where they touch it and you are right in their ‘I have changed. The boat speeds on all night and all the next day with current like tarnished silver. the home of the sea elves. You soon lose sight of land in the gathering between banks of bare earth. turn to 374. Manifest. 312 The woodland is a tangled green web of roots and branches 318 pinpricked with stray shafts of daylight. Karamochi. Court Rank. for second-hand ships: Score 2-3 The ship runs aground turn to 588 Score 4-11 A peaceful voyage turn to 193 Type Sale Price Score 12 Prey for pirates turn to 145 Barque 240 Shards Brigantine 500 Shards 310 Galleon 900 Shards He strokes his beard and considers your request. offers the following prices Roll two dice. towards the ice- covered peaks. if you want to see the local merchants about Turn back while you still can turn to 338 investing some money. Head west into the highlands turn to 336 Here in this desolate woodland spot. Has anything changed?’ He The animal bounds over your head. Instead Guards in scarlet and grey surcoats stand at the gate ready to bar you creep off into the undergrowth before the woman comes your path. the serenely incandescent wings as it flies through the air. and turn to after crossing it off your Adventure Sheet. where bubbling brooks pour through leafy glades. the fisherman is Item To buy To sell delighted to have his children back safe and sound. the chief of naval strategy. On the way back. Lords of the Rising Sun 27 The abbot nods and says. 178. She has left her sack. Above the treetops nearby rises a open sea on all sides. You can’t bring yourself to look inside it. recovering much later to Join the Northern Coastal Road turn to 98 find that night has fallen. At last he announces that he will train you in magic if you can give him ‘a You cannot back out of the sale now that Karamochi has made wand that wounds’. sweeping down with its gestures all around him at the ivy-clad buildings. Restore your Stamina to its normal score if you were 313 injured. . There is no sign of the faceless woman. turn to 377. You pass out.’ path. Turn to 529. Bag of pearls – 200 Shards past huddled pines and cliffs of bare grey rock. Check your Titles box. and the mountain peaks above the treetops. Slender men Go upstream turn to 330 and women in gorgeous silks come down to the beach to offer Go towards the rock spire turn to 351 you wine and crystallized fruits. add the money to your Adventure Sheet. your hosts point you in the The market stalls are laid out under a long colonnade built up direction of the mainland. turn to 333. wet stones glinting through the murk. ‘No sight of land. You may attempt the test again. Cross-staff (SCOUTING +2) 750 Shards 650 Shards Get the codeword Fire and turn to 514. After a couple of days. If you have the tide Junior back. displaying a featureless blank where her You are in the countryside not far from Chompo. A stream runs down It starts to get dark. ‘You have journeyed right across 314 the world and returned to us. turn to 392. announces that the island must have been Horai. If you have Senior Court Rank. turn to 539. The wingtips smiling statues. Lantern 80 Shards 60 Shards Parchment 8 Shards 5 Shards 319 Platinum earring – 525 Shards The rugged precipices of the Kenen range are enough to deter Silver nugget – 150 Shards all but the most experienced mountaineers. which is wriggling and squeaking as if filled 317 with mice. Your gaze rises up. If not.

You are astonished to see the long . COMBAT score by 1 and then turn to 298. turn to 369. turn to 434. Increase your CHARISMA score to 12. Lose the codeword Face and get Feral instead. is a town of closely The stream emerges from a cleft in the rocks ahead. If not.. Perhaps the local folktales are right when enlightenment you must free yourself from desire. ‘But I always advise souls to the mirror of the Sun Goddess off your Adventure Sheet and pass on to their next incarnation without regret. they attribute strange powers to animals like badgers and foxes. Reduce your Then turn to 529. ‘As a result The tiger leads you to the back of its cave where there is a pile of this I have magical powers. You wonder who 325 the face you now wear originally belonged to. ‘The force of your spirit is like a wild it but refuses to share in the meal out of fear. 327 Successful SANCTITY roll turn to 339 Kiyomori tends to get short-tempered when he’s drunk. Visit the shrine to Nai turn to 69 Go towards the oak turn to 509 Pay for passage on a ship turn to 190 Climb the ridge above the waterfall turn to 412 324 331 The entire court is entranced by your haunting melody. The proprietor cooks He shakes his head. If you have the codeword Fossil. the room fills up with nobles who heard the in the recesses above the rafters.. The essence of the sage’s teaching is to make Leave it turn to 181 you a whole person. Failed SANCTITY roll turn to 360 Suddenly. People cannot help but be impressed by your striking good looks. You also find a ‘It is the foreign devil!’ you overhear someone say. preserved by the venom that slew them.’ of gold and jewels. Failed CHARISMA roll turn to 407 Put to sea turn to 450 Leave the ship turn to 302 328 ! If the box above is empty. It allows you to stuff several handfuls of this ‘Including resurrection?’ treasure into your haversack in exchange for the mirror. You must tame this horse so that Eat the badger turn to 344 you can ride it. you can leave: turn to After the recital is over. The experience has lose the codewords Bullion. scattered emeralds. warhammer (COMBAT +4). Suddenly the struggling stops. There is only an old badger lying in front of The abbot explains the sage’s teaching. If not you 321 must make a CHARISMA roll at Difficulty 13 to calm Kiyomori The first mate reports that he can have the ship ready to sail down. ‘How is it that you can see me?’ you ask the priest. at the mouth of the Hitsu River. unnerved you more than you might care to admit. Insist that he resurrects you turn to 341 The tiger watches to see that you leave its mountain Accept your fate turn to 559 forthwith. Also to run off with your hands over your ears. moved that you are immediately elevated to the highest position of privilege. You begin to think that perhaps Successful CHARISMA roll turn to 386 the Akatsurese make him nervous. the Sovereign declares himself is so 398. If it 322 was already ticked. As you Inside the shrine there are many white cocoons strung high up continue to play.’ you want and perhaps said a quick prayer.’ Make a SANCTITY roll at a Difficulty of 15. turn to 26. ‘To achieve you breathing its last. then turn to 595. ‘Surely a person without desire is merely apathetic?’ You return to the lodge with your kill. 333 326 If you have the codeword Frame. for no reason at all. whenever you give the word.28 Lords of the Rising Sun 320 limbs have gone. Some are wrapped around music outside and came in from the garden to see who could be nothing but desiccated bones. a suit of splint armour ‘Ssh! Do not speak thus of the Sovereign’s favourite (Defence +4) and 660 Shards.’ get 8000 Shards in its place. ‘I have diligently chanted the Peacock Sutra every day for 329 eighty-five years. put a tick in it and turn to 347.’ he says with reluctance. turn now to 367. Not far off stands a hollow oak whose Continue your journey turn to 342 twisted boughs are so swollen and heavy that they barely clear Take lodging at an inn turn to 167 the ground. Clanger and Fracas if you had them. Lose the title Junior Court Rank and get Senior 332 Court Rank instead.’ he says. Turn to 275. When you have taken whatever courtier.’ he says in a tone of quiet modesty. others contain dead bodies well- playing so beautifully. 323 330 Hidari. he is ranting at you with spittle on Do not make the attempt turn to 79 his lips and his eyes wide in a wine-flushed face. forming a packed dwellings situated in between the ivy-trailed rock walls little waterfall that catches the green light like handfuls of of a narrow valley. What about you? horse that pulls you headlong. Perhaps you will She rants and lays curses in a terrifying voice until you are forced never know. Cross ‘Yes.

Roll one die. you could never hope to outrun the 340 tiger. Score 2-9 Not a soul in sight turn to 357 Masayori takes the flute from you. They ply you with wine and food and insist on hearing you The abbot is pleased with your progress. (This 348 does not prevent you from also being an initiate of another The tiger resents your intrusion. Now turn to 380.000 Shards in treasure Note on the Ship’s Manifest that your ship is now docked at from its lair before setting off back down the mountain. Thickets of pampas grass stir 343 fretfully in the breeze. From the smug look on Score 10-12 A solitary traveller turn to 106 his little round face you suspect that somehow he has got one over on you. is all. ‘The priests of the west do not deprive a Score 3 Lantern person of their ki when bringing them back to life. When you go to set it free. Go west towards Sakkaku turn to 378 Go east over the Moku River turn to 672 345 ! If the box above is empty. turn to 388. you find an 341 item lying under the bushes nearby. as though spirits were passing just outside You play well enough not to become a laughing stock. of the remote monasteries. Lords of the Rising Sun 29 334 Hagashin. 337 Caught in a sudden downpour. Turn to . When the sun emerges from behind the clouds After the meal you sink into a deep sleep. the terrain rises into a desolate range of gently undulating moorland.’ he says. It is a night are strange and full of wonderment. because the sage is not a jealous god. but that your range of vision. Score 2 Silver chopsticks You complain. If you scene of breathtaking beauty. roll is higher than your COMBAT score. turn to 16. Defence 22. Take the item if you want it and then turn to Change your mind turn to 559 44. The undulating foothills of the Kenen Mountains.) battlefield daggers and prepares to leap. The priest can only bring you back to life if you agree to Roll one die.’ Note that you are now an initiate of the Sage of Peace. Score 6 Crimson arrow Agree to the revivify spell turn to 382 The fox limps off. A fox has its foot caught in a snare. ‘You have mastered all recount the stories of your many adventures. 342 335 The imposing cliffs that enclose Hidari give a clue to the The wind blows in icy gusts out of a coal-black sky. the Sage of Peace used to bring enlightenment to his followers. put a tick in it and turn to 254. Turn to 595. Also. If you have immensity of the great Urushi Mountains that lie inland. cross it off and turn to 713. sacrifice some of your innate vital force – an energy he calls ki. If you defeat it you can take 12. Travel up the east coast turn to 74 Go up into the mountains turn to 359 336 Set sail (if ship docked here) turn to 450 Beyond the wheat fields. Take the road to Shingen turn to 673 Otherwise. COMBAT 12. then turn to 321. Score 1 Paper sword This means you must lose 2 points off your MAGIC score. Your dreams that at last. turn to 409. It flexes claws as long as temple. increase it by 1. Go south to the coast turn to 221 turn to 610. ‘I Score 5 Peacock feather must revivify you with nothing but my own skill. If it 338 was already ticked. Finally you cannot stand its cries of pain any longer.’ he points out. you find shelter under the eaves 344 of a small shrine. with their many secluded valleys and dense pine groves. No wonder that the people of roll higher than your MAGIC score.’ Score 4 Rope ‘But they call upon the gods to restore life. Stamina 44 There is no point in fleeing. If not. Go south turn to 674 See if you can help turn to 368 Go north turn to 633 Pass by on the other side turn to 671 Go east to the sea turn to 446 347 339 At the end of a long day you are happy to be offered a bed by an You train hard and are soon an expert in the holy riddles that old couple who live down on the beach below the road. turn to 222. A man is lying in the roadway. it floods the wet fields with dazzling golden light.’ is the only remark the Sovereign makes after you Roll two dice. a blessing of Safety from Storms. ‘Hmm. ‘To progress further you must travel to one If you are a Priest. For all you know he might be Head for Kaiju turn to 592 dead. King Tiger. After Go north to the forest turn to 398 making any necessary amendments to your Adventure Sheet. have finished. if the Akatsurai revere all the gods of nature that surround them. gradually give way 346 to rolling moorland. I can teach. increase that by 1.

you cannot see him but you can hear his private residence. so that even Go east turn to 282 when you catch a glimpse of the sky it is difficult to make any Go north turn to 30 real progress. Silver nugget – 170 Shards Bag of pearls – 120 Shards 361 Note on the Ship’s Manifest that you have docked at Hidari When you have finished your shopping. Make a SCOUTING roll at a Difficulty of 14. You are traversing wide. turn to 694. indeed. turn to 398. You are skirting the high. hence he is more dangerous. you find the water is ice cold. 355 362 A bolt of lightning splits the boulder in two and the deity leaps Shingen is a quiet seaside town where the Lord Chancellor has forth. in his prime. The merchants of Kaiju offer these goods for sale: Roll two dice. ‘The 352 chancellor is a lion. The abbot sees that you are not yet ready to achieve Tatsu pearl – 700 Shards enlightenment. the catacombs below the monastery. Your first thought is that it feels good to have a nose again. When you are ready to offended. Score 2-5 Asked to run an errand turn to 228 350 Score 6-12 Nothing untoward turn to 376 You drift down the coast at a leisurely rate. This is a special boon. Failed SCOUTING roll turn to 371 Roll two dice. and alpine meadows where the air is clean and scented with heather. In your despondency (SANCTITY +2) 500 Shards 300 Shards you succumb to material pleasures. seeking solace in wine and Parchment 8 Shards 5 Shards wild living. his words: ‘You have given me the greatest of gifts. Streams splash and gurgle down steep rocky slopes and. If and when you possessions that you did not leave in the great hall. Turn to 44. These are parlous times and we must be watchful in resume your journey. cross them off your Adventure Sheet. forested Kwaidan Mountains of Score 2-5 A small bay turn to 14 central Akatsurai.) A stone plug the deity grants even if you have another resurrection deal is raised from the floor and the monks lower you on a rope into arranged. turn to 710 in this book. If not.’ Among the decaying strands of webbing you find 5-30 Shards Shuriyoku gestures for his guards to search you.30 Lords of the Rising Sun 275. but he is an old lion. but it proves too much for you. then turn to 529. Kumonosu is a rodent Spider silk hangs like wisps of mist over a mildewed altar. which confiscated. which is freedom. 351 Enter the forest turn to 312 Dense thickets clog the ground in every clearing. 354 when you stop to drink. The first test requires you to find your way through a 356 darkened maze. Platinum earring – 500 Shards Lose a point of SANCTITY and turn to 79. (If you have any Arrangements box on your Adventure Sheet. Dazzled by the blast. Now you can use CHARISMA without having to wear a mask. turn to 270. harbour.’ The abbot searches you to verify that you are not carrying Write Lords of the Rising Sun 710 in the Resurrection anything that could help you cheat in the tests. If death should ensnare you. then turn to 323. The locals believe the forests are the abode of Score 6-12 Nothing of note turn to 524 cantankerous spirits and. Go south turn to 515 Press on the way you’re going turn to 372 Turn back and try another path turn to 529 358 Lord Shuriyoku is pleased to receive your report. ‘Don’t be (roll one die and multiply by five). I in my turn will set you 349 free. 357 Roll two dice. There is no mistaking the building: a . Score 2-8 Alone in the mountains turn to 379 Item To buy To sell Score 9-12 A magnificent beast turn to 415 Compass (SCOUTING +1) 380 Shards 360 Shards Cross-staff (SCOUTING +2) 700 Shards 660 Shards 360 Lotus talisman (SANCTITY +1) 250 Shards 150 Shards You try for several days to master the doctrine of the Sage of Paradise talisman Peace. The breeze is barely enough to rattle the canvas. case of double agents. turn to 353 103. windswept heathland where it is Successful SCOUTING roll turn to 390 possible to go from dawn to dusk without seeing a living soul. The deity departs.’ If you possess a crimson arrow. and tells you to come back when you have Climbing gear 65 Shards 40 Shards gained more wisdom. Erase 359 the brackets around your CHARISMA score and lose the You ascend the Urushi Mountains through thick pine forests codeword Face. they are get killed. the very word kwaidan means a ghost story.

invisible at a distance. Kiyomori gives you 400 Shards to buy a whisperings and stygian murmurs. You remember seeing a play about these flying-head about trade? It is easy to get rich when a country is making itself goblins.’ the shaven-headed youths who comprise the secret police. Turn to 296. 373 Roll two dice.’ ‘Such as?’ 364 ‘You might consider becoming a mercenary. In the east a new power paladin asks you to accompany him to see his queen. never fear.’ he says. Lords of the Rising Sun 31 sprawling mansion of polished cedarwood with scarlet gonfalons 369 streaming from the eaves. as you leave. ‘Well. ‘I can’t remember You divert Kiyomori’s anger by mentioning the behaviour of leaving the catacombs. ‘Is there no career without such drawbacks?’ At dawn you continue on your way. (Roll one die. The lulling with the guiding advice of the Wistaria Clan. The Tao master takes out a fan and waves it at you. though for an adventurer Continue on your way turn to 211 like yourself it opens up a world of opportunities. Traditionally While your men go off to replenish the water supplies and catch the country has been ruled by the Imperial Sovereign. ‘I’ll deal with those kaburos. riches and honour. front of the effigy of the Sage of Peace. assures you.’ he says. The silvery glimmer of departing night filters into the incense-filled haze. You can take a dead ‘The career of a wanderer. Captain Numachino Noboro Monastery stands in a secluded valley.’ Score 6-7 turn to 408 The first wave of the fan creates a breeze. What makes this odd is that he is sitting cross-legged in 371 meditation and hovering through the air. they insist that you Take lodging at an inn turn to 393 stop over for the night at their home and tell them of your Call on the chancellor turn to 523 travels. you . ‘Come with me. ‘Get you gone. magic and ancient treasure. turn to 405. ‘Those wretched young thugs! Oh.’ ‘Your town house was burned down? Kiyomori is taken Get the codeword Friz and turn to 276. ‘We are living in interesting times. you say? Confusing.’ 366 Turn to 389. He invites you to his cabin where he tells you with the surrounding trees. making the monastery almost about Akatsurai over a cup or two of hot rice wine. a paladin in black and yellow livery Clan – specifically Lord Kiyomori. you should have come to me at once. and the third sends you sailing high into the air and over Score 9-12 turn to 477 the treetops. 367 ‘What is happening?’ you ask. ‘You failed the tests. and as he weakens so does the You look around for your men. Although you hold on tight to your possessions. Score 2-7 You find a game trail turn to 412 Score 8-12 Bitten by a snake turn to 480 368 You kneel beside the body and feel for a pulse.’ You are lost deep in the interior of the wood.’ he Roll two dice. for the wild places of Akatsurai abound with monsters. the town like a tiger sunning itself on a rock.’ replies the monk. If not. usually a few birds. quite dead. is ascending: the Moonrise Clan. glaring down on You come across an old couple who make a living selling clams. if politics does not interest you. ‘Interesting times. A smiling monk approaches from the direction of the woods. You take a skewer from the wall and pierce the heart of attached to being a merchant. at least as far as the ruling classes each in turn. has Go with him turn to 608 proclaimed himself Shogun and intends to sweep away the Attack him turn to 629 Starburst Clan by main force.’ heads drop to the ground. Travel on from here turn to 130 370 363 A tall intense man with a piercing gaze. the second brings a Score 8 turn to 427 gale.’ You roll your eyes. man. 365 certainly!’ Looking outside. turn to 15. Suddenly his anger has a fresh target. The buildings are might seem intimidating to some but your natural charm soon made of unpainted wood and the green tiles of the roofs blend wins him round. you see three heads flying around in the He laughs. a night country of Later. It sits on a hillside. The Sovereign is a young appears and greets you in the name of his queen. In that way you can win both head if you think it might be useful. If you have the A monk comes to wake you. You are lying on a prayer mat in codeword Fusty. you stretch out under a shelf of rock. confused. my dear 372 old friend. The hero of the play destroyed them by attacking their ready for war. Since they rarely get to hear much news. 1- 6 of them are torn away by the raging wind. but just when you’re twenty years real power has been in the hands of the Starburst on the point of dozing off. Lose the codeword Fossil and turn to 79. but for the past sound of the waves makes you feel sleepy. The legitimacy of the Starburst government. ‘That is Stop at the monastery turn to 383 considered a curse among my people. They are not in sight. But I must warn you there is a certain stigma bodies. Yoritomo. what moonlight. not in the best of health. aback. new town house. From outside come three terrible sighs and the are concerned. Their leader. Regain 1 Stamina point if injured and turn to 53. ‘You are Score 2-5 turn to 387 beginning to irritate me.

If not. turn to 4.32 Lords of the Rising Sun decide which possessions to lose.’ Not even the greatest knight in the world could fight ten well- There is nothing you can do. If not. Roll two dice to see where you land. they will cut you to ribbons! Roll two dice. Your sword pierces the you have the codeword Frame. stomach of the first man. Permanently reduce your MAGIC score by 2. Make a MAGIC roll at a amid the flooded rice shoots. ‘This is the 385 Sovereign’s palace. Gathering his surviving The monastery is a centre of learning dedicated to the arts and guards.) 381 At last the wind abates. If you don’t night you sleep under a roof of leaves and stars. You know you must be alive If you slay her you can unearth the sack she was burying. Lose Senior Court Rank and get Junior Court Rank Go down to the sea turn to 20 instead. Turn to 277. The blessing can be used once to allow you to reroll any dice result. her embrace is deadly. Recover 1-6 Stamina points if injured. the codeword Frog and then turn to 280. spears and can only stand helpless while they relieve you of your Turn to 79.’ says the captain of the guards. thus appealing If you are an initiate of the Sage of Peace. You make your way past fields where peasants stand knee-deep Your only chance is to feign death. time. then turn to 611. Once it is his accomplices emerge from the bushes. manage to fool them. Write Luck in the Blessings box on your Adventure Sheet. Successful MAGIC roll turn to 404 Score 2-7 An uneventful journey turn to 397 Failed MAGIC roll turn to 140 Score 8-12 A penniless actor turn to 455 386 379 You readily admit to being an unworthy friend. turn to 363. Is you go as stiff as a board. You are surrounded by used. full of stolen faces. hungry and you ache all over. close to the mouth of the Score 2-5 The capital turn to 79 Moku River where stands Chambara. ‘who can command duty but cannot even ask for Cross the Gai River to the east turn to 568 loyalty!’ By way of chastisement he orders Masayori to revoke Make for the Black Pagoda turn to 472 your title. 375 Yoritomo assures you there will always be a warm welcome for 383 you at his clanhouse in Mukogawa. to Kiyomori’s sentimental nature. Defence 13. It is because you are cold. but you are too slow to parry the attack of the guard right behind him. The Sovereign is disappointed in you. 377 ‘Get you gone. You The priest pokes his finger in the middle of your forehead and cannot read any emotion in the pale smooth blank of her face.’ says the chief robber. 380 ‘You really know how to handle Dad!’ says his son The Sage of Peace can be called on to help his followers at any Shigemori enviously as he sees you out. ‘What it is to be a prince. You can rest here for a while if you are in need of the You loot the barbarians but find only two axes and a spear.’ . ‘Don’t you want my belongings?’ you ask sarcastically. ‘Nah.’ Head north turn to 395 he sighs. 384 Clouds cast doleful shadows on the heath. Score 6-7 Up in the mountains turn to 275 Make for Chambara harbour turn to 400 Score 8-9 Wild countryside turn to 674 Steer south-east turn to 200 Score 10-12 A lonely road turn to 500 Steer west turn to 300 Head out to sea turn to 80 374 The mujina greets you with a strange hollow sound – a sigh like 382 wind under the eaves of a derelict house at midnight. ‘Too hard to get rid of. which gradually Mujina. which soon gives way to a comradely hug and a fulsome apology for being so cantankerous. money. turn to 79. You are sailing in Kotobuki Bay. tired. By day you listen to their songs. His angry rant turns into a turn to 211. falling back against the side of the barn she angry at being surprised? Delighted by the thought of fresh where you remain immobile while the moon sets. you have only to return here to get a new one. Turn to 79. COMBAT 8. sciences. by Difficulty of 15 to temporarily stop your own heart. he gets back in his sedan chair and continues on his way. After using the blessing. Resume your travels turn to 211 Train as a monk turn to 234 376 You are in the demon-haunted wilderness that is Oni Province. If trained opponents at the same time. of course. Turn to 79. Stamina 15 thaw out so you can move. You turn and walk away. Get monks’ healing skills. At dawn you pickings? Either way. The man suddenly sits up and holds a knife to your throat while You can have only one Luck blessing at a time. You cannot simply wander in off the street. remember to cross it off your 387 Adventure Sheet. begin to get some feeling back in your limbs. the imperial capital. Lose 2-12 Stamina points 378 (the roll of two dice). stern ticking-off.

up to the limit of the land hereabouts. It seems that a ghoul roams the 395 district and unless a priest can be found to administer the last The landscape sweeps as far as you can see in all directions. so he got lumbered with the funeral costs. Apparently old Kitsuno owns here you can recover 1 lost Stamina point. Head west over the Chu River turn to 707 Score 2-4 Kaiju turn to 270 Go further east turn to 337 Score 5-6 Chambara turn to 79 Make for Sakkaku turn to 522 Score 7 Hidari turn to 323 Journey south turn to 500 Score 8-9 Mukogawa turn to 178 Venture into the forest turn to 398 Score 10-12 Narai turn to 155 398 390 Steep hills whose flanks are thickly grown with hoary groves of You emerge from the maze into a passage that leads to a small pine trees comprise the sinister Kwaidan Forest. The wizard Shugen instantly appears in a gout of blue flame and Speak to the mourners turn to 303 deals you a crippling blow with his wand. your only option is to make a run for it. 388 Turn to 44. You sneak a peek and then wish you hadn’t. If you agree to sell. turn to 373. 401 ‘Who was it?’ one of the pallbearers asks. funnel-shaped chamber. Successful SANCTITY roll turn to 620 396 Failed SANCTITY roll turn to 478 You are on the great highway running down the east coast of Akatsurai. It is not a pleasant experience to see your own 394 dead body. Lords of the Rising Sun 33 Cross off all your money and turn to 671. He says you will be put ashore at the next port. alert and ready to deal with any interloper. COMBAT bonus of at least +1. The old couple tell you the tragic story of how their daughter drowned this very afternoon. The granite door is set straight into a bank of tumbled earth and stones. Weakened by your efforts to free the trapped god. If you gave anything else. For each day you spend this very barn. They will heal 1-6 lost Successful THIEVERY roll turn to 411 Stamina points for 3 Shards or 2-12 Stamina points (the score of Failed THIEVERY roll turn to 371 two dice) for 5 Shards. for example) with a Chambara harbour.’ healed (or when your money runs out). turn to 79. When you have taken your medicine and paid the priests 391 their due. Make a SANCTITY roll at a Difficulty of 12 if you are an initiate Score 2-7 Nothing of note turn to 416 of Tyrnai. The trellis of withered ivy suggests it is very old indeed. then turn to 79. Died of exposure. Roll two dice to see where this is.’ replies another. ‘They found the body in The innkeeper charges 1 Shard a day. MAGIC score. wuthering expanse of barren heath and grey swamps. turn to 413. 392 Note on the Ship’s Manifest that your ship is docked in If you gave him a weapon (a sword. Peering out from behind a cleft in the Roll two dice. he can afford it. 393 ‘Just a vagabond. rock. Roll two dice. ‘This is the renowned warfleet of the Starburst Clan. 397 Captain Numachino cannot organize his voyage for your You are travelling through the rice paddies of Midwest convenience. They are staring fiercely in Score 8-12 Footfalls in the gloom turn to 741 all directions. a rites it will come in the night to devour the body. 389 Head north to Chompo turn to 59 One of the crew is very taken with your platinum earring and Leave the road and go west turn to 282 offers you 75 Shards for it.’ your unwounded Stamina score. When your injuries are fully ‘Poor chap. Hundreds of longboats are moored in the harbour. the clerics expect a small Make a THIEVERY roll at a Difficulty of 14. Lose 2 from your Go back to sleep turn to 521 . Nergal or Score 8-12 A burial mound turn to 290 Gashimra. Chthonios. 400 It looks like a tomb entrance. cross the Travel south to Mukogawa turn to 417 platinum earring off your Adventure Sheet and make a note of the money. Akatsurai. You offer to perform the rites yourself. The sail- Enter the tomb turn to 530 master points out the red-dyed canvasses and the monkey totem Turn back while you still can turn to 583 on top of each mainmast. The lid of the coffin is open. otherwise the SANCTITY roll is at a Difficulty of 18. turn to 362.’ he avers. In return for treating your injuries. you see five grotesque warriors guarding a book that rests Score 2-7 An eerie silence prevails turn to 529 between them on a jewelled lectern. Nagil. donation to the upkeep of the temple. Still. North of here lies the immense Kwaidan Forest. the Sage of Peace. You know without being told that your task is to steal the 399 book from their midst.

Stumbling out to the and if you get higher than your SANCTITY score then increase it stream behind the cottage. In common with the other monks. smell like rotten fish. throwing shifting patterns of blue-green light across the walls.’ 410 A few days later. safely out of sight of the villa. Stand up to the ghoul turn to 527 but you are safe now because I have caused the curse to rebound on the one who sent it. if you roll exactly equal to your SANCTITY then with luminous grey flesh and red eyes loping down the path you get bored with the rituals of devotion and must lose a point. You get up in the night feeling thirsty. ‘Take this stranger!’ cries out a voice from behind you. It was sent by an evil man who plots your destruction.’ the chamber to snatch the book. Write Luck in the Blessings box on your Adventure 402 Sheet. from the cliff top. Your men are too fearful to come ashore with you. There stretches the Unbounded Ocean. know what ‘oni’ means? It’s the Akatsurese word for devil. They invited you to stay You drive off the creature with a spell that causes strong winds overnight so that the ghoul would devour you rather than the to disperse the dark cloud. All the same. you slip out into the shadows and across ‘Good. ‘Don’t you Masayori has got his just deserts. a dish of pickled vegetables. It is a daunting sight. your Run off into the night turn to 506 majesty.’ says the mate. Lose Go into the shrine turn to 352 the codeword Fleet and turn to 79. You disembark alone.34 Lords of the Rising Sun blessing. and if the number rolled is higher than your MAGIC score 407 then increase it by 1. 404 411 You sink into a trance in which voices roar and blur. Look for a brook turn to 431 Roll two dice. You follow it to a grotto where a them off your Adventure Sheet) and then flung off the cliffs. Is it day or night? You can hardly The whole crew gathers at the rail to stare into the north-east. and a mug of soup. while they are ‘The assassin is dead. Kiyomori calls for Ask him to teach you more turn to 373 his manservant and has you all but thrown into the street. Score 2-9 A trouble-free voyage turn to 465 413 Score 10-12 On the rocks turn to 588 He explains just a few of the arcane secrets of his sect. When the current has carried you up on to a stretch of shoreline The light glitters on the surface of an underground lake. but you know ‘This is Oni Province.’ Turn to 423. Stamina 35 The monk offers to preach the sermon of the Thunder Peak. You distract the warriors with a pebble and. roll two dice to see what’s happened in your absence: . you catch sight of a scraggly creature by 1. You can leave possessions and money here at your town house. Turn to 671. ‘Just leave our daughter’s body untouched!’ 403 It is the old man and his wife. In return for your kindness he gives you a return. However. You help him up and see that he is well enough to continue on Record anything you leave in the box below. eat only twice a day – a bowl of rice. Your studies continue apace. tell. Others say how awful it is. Roll one die. Turn to 422. Sovereign: ‘The creature will not trouble you again. After using the blessing. Turn and run turn to 371 which he says will give you protection from danger. remember to cross it off low-pitched roofs standing beside a grove of fir trees. Thank him and leave turn to 398 408 414 It is a poor old friar who has been hit on the head and robbed. 405 The Enemy. so if you had one already the only thing the old friar can and a pitcher of water. A Turn to 362. Nothing you say can patch up this argument. you give you is his gratitude. Turn to 356. shaft of light pierces the gloom from a hole in the ceiling. Defence 22. He attacks without waiting to see why you have come. a time. Fight and win turn to 430 Listen to his sermon turn to 619 Fight and lose turn to 479 Attack him turn to 639 Go to bed turn to 610 412 Vines as heavy as hawsers dangle from the sombre black 406 branches clustered overhead. You are stripped of all your possessions and money (cross Another passage lies ahead. a book of sutras. you cancel the trance spell. Throw the body into the sea. Each time you his way to Narai. your Adventure Sheet. skipper. The next morning you report to the corpse of their daughter. my lord. Roll two dice.’ searching in the tunnel. The blessing can be used once to allow you to reroll any Gaman Monastery consists of dozens of small buildings with dice result. masked figure steps out of the shadows. you soon feel 409 refreshed and alert. Lord Masayori is obliged to retire from Note that your ship is now docked at the mouth of the Gai court life because his skin has erupted in weeping sores that River. COMBAT 12. You can have only one Luck blessing at You are given a cell containing a bed mat. a stark wilderness of Follow the rise of the land turn to 372 unending grey water.

thriving on the dank gloom. Soon of Kwaidan Forest. turn to 516. the town house and its contents have Score 2-4 turn to 2 been destroyed Score 5-6 turn to 337 If your town house has burned down. turn to 99. After several days you collect your belongings and prepare to set Iota. ‘You probably won’t be able to sell them outside Akatsurai. Follow the road north turn to 73 Lord Kiyomori and his guards stand in a circle around a man Follow the road south turn to 495 who is kneeling with his hands tied behind him. Akugenda. where you are vow: I’ll be revenged on the pack of you!’ made welcome by the locals who are curious for any news. Note these gifts on your Adventure Sheet and then turn to 576. Jiro. Recover 2-12 Stamina points (the roll of two dice) if injured. out again into the world. turn to 314. to the envy of all the Go south turn to 356 other courtiers. To bring him down Travel west turn to 337 you must make a MAGIC roll at a Difficulty of 15.’ warns a beggar sitting at the temple gates. Recover 1 Stamina point if injured. Mushrooms squat like old toads in the 426 hollows. Fracas. Seeing a light.’ says Kiyomori. Lords of the Rising Sun 35 Score 2-9 Your belongings are safe find you have quite lost your bearings. ‘Repentance.’ your travels. ‘You are always welcome here. Clanger. trying to stay out of your reach. all the money you left here is gone Roll two dice. ‘Enough of this. If you have Bullion. ‘Why would anyone want to do that?’ 415 Decide if you are buying either talisman and cross off the You catch sight of a fabulous golden animal standing above you money. turn to 155. 419 you pious hypocrite? I call upon the Thunder Spirit to hear this The boat takes you upriver as far as a little village. kill stay with them for a few days. 416 Turn to 675. 421 Items at town house You can buy a lotus talisman (SANCTITY +1) for 200 Shards. or Kink. You are crossing the northern reaches of Oni Province. If not. When you are Score 12 turn to 515 ready to leave. ‘Will Stand and watch turn to 697 you come back with us?’ asks the barge master. wings like forks of lightning and a dragon-like face with a single horn 422 set above large thoughtful eyes. If not. you make for it . Check your codewords. a long feathery tail. restore your Stamina to its normal score. turn to 155 and erase Score 7 turn to 97 the tick beside the town house option there. on a ridge. Successful MAGIC roll turn to 503 420 Failed MAGIC roll turn to 475 Streams trickle over hard-packed earth carpeted with dead brown pine needles. ‘you are unrepentant even If you have the codeword Fire. A woman with a tiny baby slung on 424 her back hurries out into the road to offer you a welcoming cup It is a long steep climb. Score 11-12 Fire. Then turn to 79. The Stop at the inn turn to 437 late afternoon light is the colour of blood. 417 You arrive at a wayside inn. It has the body of a stag. as you emerge from the trees and look along the clifftop. The monks gather to see you off. now. Otherwise read on. Stop the execution turn to 474 Soon it is time for the barge to make its return journey. 418 ‘So. 423 Strike out east towards Narai turn to 493 Takakura heaps every honour on you. Score 10 Theft. ‘Or do you Leave before they spot you turn to 362 intend to go looking for that shrine?’ Go back to Chambara turn to 79 425 Go further upriver turn to 517 He floats higher in the air. The breeze Strike out due west turn to 515 whips his long loose hair around his face as he looks up at them with a scowl of almost demonic ferocity.’ The man called Akugenda spits on the ground. regaling them with the tales of him.’ says the abbot. a lute Cross the Gai River to the south-west turn to 97 (CHARISMA +3) and personal apartments here in the palace. or a paradise talisman (SANCTITY +2) for 400 Shards. turn to 492. You are on the outskirts One afternoon the sky darkens and the wind turns cold. He presents you with a golden katana. but as you emerge into open country you you are caught in a downpour. You Kiyomori looks away in distaste. If Score 10-11 turn to 672 injured. ‘Sell them?’ snorts a priest. The sun is sinking towards the horizon of green tea as thick as soup. Score 8-9 turn to 493 The town house is a good place to relax after your travels. Judas. and Travel east turn to 672 starts to veer off back towards the woods. a place of baleful repute.

You can increase your unwounded toll. Get Hagashin. Make casual conversation turn to 504 Then you see a long bristly leg extend out across the porch. If you can’t or won’t pay. ‘The tide brightly stained flowers have taken root in the bark.’ he says. but it is hard to drink in all the details. 436 431 A distraught fisherman tells you how he left his boat pulled up You enter a glade where an old tree has toppled. He wants you to give him 200 Shards for crossing his lawn. ‘How do you Galleon 990 Shards 3 Cargo Units steer it?’ ‘You have put your finger on the one aspect of the design If you already own a ship you can sell it for half these prices. It Ask them who they are turn to 85 dangles puppet-like. and if you get higher than your SCOUTING Barque 240 Shards 1 Cargo Unit score you can increase it by 1.’ a 429 Sokaran spice trader tells you. Remember that going If you are willing to pay. exiled swings around. across it. For the nonce we must rely on fate. On all sides came in and my boat drifted off – along with my little son and of the clearing there are saplings stretching hopefully up towards daughter who were on board!’ the bare patch of sky.36 Lords of the Rising Sun and come to a ramshackle cottage where two men and a woman 432 invite you inside until the rain stops. although highwaymen have stolen all his money. 427 He is still alive.’ Go ashore turn to 568 Turn to 8. Beetles scurry on the shore while he went to call on a friend. ‘Where can I get one?’ Set to sea turn to 250 He shakes his head. cost 30 Shards turn to 302 the codeword Fuchsia if you didn’t already have it. though you might like . ‘Let’s get going to show that you’re trustworthy.’ Chambara. cross off the money and go on your up in Rank also increases your Defence by 1. She charges only 1 Shard a day. member of the prestigious Wistaria Clan. but you can upgrade it to good for 75 Eventually the balloon comes to rest in the upper branches Shards and to excellent for a further 150 Shards. silent and deadly Swim out to the boat turn to 265 competition to be the fallen tree’s replacement. If you can afford to buy a ship of your own then you can sail 428 wherever you want. Stamina score by 1-6 points permanently.’ crew quality is average. If that I have yet to perfect. chance and wishful thinking. You find from the capital for some reason? yourself staring into the rigid parchment face of a cadaver. Your hosts cannot be At the slightest touch of your foot on the porch step. 433 You help him to a roadside inn where you learn that he is a Here you can buy a ship or set sail if you already have one. ‘You need a letter of introduction Your men are surprised to see you return alive. and Tell them you must be going turn to 476 terror turns the warmth of daybreak to ice. Your aerial journey gives you a marvellous opportunity to study the lay of the land. Try asking in Chambara. have transported here from other ports.’ urges the first mate. as weightless as an empty wasps’ nest. Turn to 481. then turn to Kaiju.’ you say to the wizard. Once you own of a tree and you hastily disembark. you could pay for passage on a vessel bound for ‘These are troubled times and evil men abound in the land. Three ship types are available. Score 2-4 turn to 632 Buy and sell cargo turn to 482 Score 5-6 turn to 298 Set sail (if ship docked here) turn to 224 Score 7 turn to 609 Return to the town centre turn to 155 Score 8-9 turn to 296 Score 10-12 turn to 44 434 ‘The merchant houses keep their doors closed to outsiders. cost 30 Shards turn to 128 671. you do buy a ship. 430 435 A hard-won victory like that must have taught you a thing or The wizard emerges from his home to demand that you pay a two. way by turning to 44. record its details on the Ship’s Manifest. Brigantine 480 Shards 2 Cargo Units ‘An extraordinary craft. held up by a mass of fine silken strands. Advance one Rank. ‘Not here. Alternatively. The prayer. the figure peasants. a ship you can stock it with local goods or sell cargo that you Roll two dice to see where you are. Decline to help turn to 514 Press on across the clearing turn to 583 Turn back and find another route turn to 351 437 The inn is run by a young widow who has several small children. and a profusion of ‘I got talking and forgot about the time. engaged in a slow. their manners are too refined. cost 20 Shards turn to 27 You are always assured of a warm welcome in Chompo. Ship Type Cost Capacity Roll two dice.’ without delay. turn to 441. burrowing into the dead wood. captain.’ these destinations: he says. Are they courtiers. ‘It is heartening to meet a good person like yourself. Now turn to 479.

Turn to 79. If still alive you are forced to weapon will become a sword (COMBAT +2). North is the city of Mukogawa. centre of Moonrise Go south-east turn to 550 Clan power. He is tall and thin as a candle. 448 The cursed sword is securely stuck to your hand. Go west Over the Blood-Dark Sea 98 the untamed outpost of the Akatsurese empire. Its head alone is longer than your ship! stayed out of sight. A dark cloud blots out the curse. Otherwise a building specifically described as a temple. (Shrines and monasteries don’t count. or maybe you can cross so quickly that 445 the serpent doesn’t react? The innkeeper charges 1 Shard a day. When you are ready to move on. If you are in an adventurous mood. both at a 450 Difficulty of 15. withdraw a sum you invested previously. Unbounded Ocean. Should you strike out across Gashmuru Gulf towards the forbidden city of Dangor? Or venture over the Sea of Hydras to 438 the Feathered Lands? Or put in at an Akatsurese port? The Urushi Mountains are a great blue bruise against the limpid Go east turn to 450 sky at dusk. leading the paladins down the You slip out into the street. For each day you spend Use the serpent’s head as a stepping stone turn to 197 here you can recover 1 Stamina point. As it gets closer you can hear the buzzing of a million angry enter a temple. 449 442 From your hiding-place you watch the man with the lamp glide ‘The dragon has entered the palace!’ screams a footman. If you have the codeword Flood. Write the sum you are investing in the box below or Roll two dice. Not far off the starboard bow. Go north turn to 80 Go south turn to 535 Go south The City in the Clouds 77 Go west turn to 220 Go up into the mountains turn to 359 444 Go north to Mukogawa turn to 178 To the west are fertile rice paddies. Make COMBAT and CHARISMA rolls. From his bizarrely patterned robes you paladins and lead them down the long staircase. Glistening darkly in the sunlight with its eyes closed. Catalyst or Eldritch. it is time to move on: turn to 591. causing the permanent loss of 1-6 There is one bit of good news: when the curse is lifted. you are spoiled for choice. up to the maximum set by your normal Stamina score when 443 unwounded. The curse will vanish automatically the next time you sun. Either you’ll have Score 9-12 An unearthly gleam turn to 121 to go the long way round. turn to 484. cross it off and turn to 87. turn to 8. You give the order to attack. You must 441 fight with it in every battle until you manage to remove the The wizard starts chanting a spell. up to the point where the stream gushes out of the rocks. flee: turn to 44. the points from your Stamina score. Hofuna A narrow. When you have Score 2-8 No one and nothing turn to 33 completed the transaction. If you have any of these codewords. delete them now: Almanac. hidden rocks break the waves into Both rolls successful turn to 709 surging white froth. blotting out the sun. up to the limit set by Go the long way round turn to 101 your normal (unwounded) Stamina score.) the wasps sting you repeatedly. Each day Either or both rolls failed turn to 692 you spend at the inn allows you to recover 1 lost Stamina point. The dragon guess he might be a sorcerer – that. If you have a blessing of Safety from Storms. Bastion. it must be wasps. 439 Roll two dice. 446 You can invest money in multiples of 100 Shards. turn to 494. The past. but here the long grass lies withered across lanes of dry earth. A good thing you defenders in its maws. Now turn to 58. the river Score 2-8 A quiet journey turn to 31 serpent really does look like a large flat rock. Score 9-12 Hungry ghosts turn to 734 Money invested 447 A storm sweeps with relentless speed across the sky. On the port side lies open ocean. desolate strip of land separates the jagged smoke-blue will use this money to buy and sell commodities on your behalf shadow of the Kenen Mountains from the gunmetal grey of the while you are away from the city. . with deep-set eyes and a face courtiers fly to and fro in panic while you marshal the best of the of ascetic concentration. Lords of the Rising Sun 37 to give her a little more if you’re feeling charitable. Across the Ugetsu Straits lies the island of Toho. When you have either fully recuperated or run out of 440 money. and the way the lantern squats in the vast hall below chewing the palace’s valiant floats obediently in the air just above his head. The dragon bares its fangs and spits venom. staircase in a reckless charge. Otherwise turn to 222.

Lose the codeword Fruit and get Fossil instead.’ he explains. Swallow the pearl turn to 68 Pay him whatever you are willing to give (if anything) and Explore the dragon’s lair turn to 488 turn to 43.’ says the captain. Still follows you outside. COMBAT 10.) success in my chosen profession. 462 456 The local sea captains no longer ply their trade with the western The guards were expecting you to back off and make a run for ports because of the threat posed by the fleet owned by the it. He will not sell for less than 100 Shards.) Then they each take you can smell smoke.’ he says. Yelling The vampires take the precaution of removing any weapons you madly. then turn to 79. ‘Who ‘You were a fool to come here. He is 454 inconvenienced by the light. Add it to your list of possessions.38 Lords of the Rising Sun Roll two dice. Roll two dice. Delete any you cannot carry as treetops. no time to gather it up). Only the large bronze bell gives any clue to its function. me in these poor rags she will die a disappointed woman. The guards are right behind you.’ he jeers. smiling. Successful COMBAT roll turn to 362 457 Failed COMBAT roll turn to 452 You go for a walk in the entrancing countryside of Shaku Isle.’ your life. 453 Now turn to 566. Rushing inside. and the dragon’s mouth. Defence 20. ‘But I have not had much wound him already. ‘There’s no way out!’ Score 2-9 A safe voyage turn to 543 At the back of the courtyard stands a plain building of Score 10-12 Attacked at sea turn to 145 unpainted wood with a moss-lined roof. The man chained to the bench Score 9-12 A wizard’s mansion turn to 279 next to you gives a deep groan that turns into a bitter chuckle. To fight your way free and escape escape route. I am next to the gods themselves!’ 455 Dawatsu Morituri. turn to 321 in you can increase your unwounded Stamina score by 1-6 points The Court of Hidden Faces. so I was Since defeating the giant was possibly the toughest challenge of sentenced to slavery in Uttaku instead. Stamina 38 You meet an actor who wishes to return to the town where he (Remember to reduce his Stamina score if you have managed to was born. Mister Dragon takes hold of your wrist and puts you on ‘Pathetic. everything in sight. they pour in through the windows and start to smash may be carrying and throwing them into the undergrowth. turn to 489.’ . back into the town you must make a COMBAT roll at a Get the codeword Fracas and turn to 385. you come 451 across a statue that gazes down at you with a look of great A group of patrolling sentries accost you on your way up the serenity. got you cornered now!’ shouts one. You well as any money you may have left at the town house (there’s are left alone. They chase you through to the courtyard at the back. After doing that. but after a moment’s hesitation he It is not unlike slamming your fist against a tombstone. cowering back to my coffin by the light of day. to be sent the ground with a single deft movement. Difficulty of 17. we have to make the long haul . adding after a 458 doomful pause. the street and watch your town house burn to the ground. you also deserve to advance one Rank. you can only stand in Turn to 391. a finely made You remember to prise the magic tatsu pearl out of the roof of dragon mask. ‘I am no mere sheeted ghoul. Turn to 63. permanently (the roll of one die). Unless you can think of an They mean to arrest you.’ 461 He offers to sell you his only possession. I am Morituri of the Dawatsu. obviously would not normally even go as low as that. ‘I almost got the death penalty. depositing you at last in front of a grim house. to see his aged mother. A man in priest’s robes looks up from his prayers. description has been circulated throughout the west. If you prevail. ‘We’ve ‘To make a living these days. 460 Dawatsu stands blinking in the entrance of the tomb. This means To see what fate has in store for you now. I don’t want her last thoughts to be full of worry for my future. so when you run further into the villa it takes them unawares. Remember that going up a Rank also means your Defence will increase by 1. You can only rescue items if there is room on your stone doorway. the vampires retire rapidly back into the darkness. Your town house is attacked by a gang of the tonsured 459 youths employed by the chancellor as his enforcers. As the tallowy gleam of dawn shows beyond the Adventure Sheet to carry them. Starburst Clan. 452 Score 2-5 A plaintive cry turn to 263 You are shackled and flung into the hold of a slave ship bound Score 6-8 Nothing disturbs your reverie turn to 44 for the distant land of Uttaku. ‘If my mother sees There is no retreating now. By the time you succeed in driving them off (Cross these off your Adventure Sheet. path to Kiyomori’s villa. ‘but my crime was too serious. ‘Your dares invade the temple of the Sage of Peace?’ he says sternly. They have set fire to the building! hold of one of your limbs and carry you jerkily for miles into the Turn to 284 to rescue any possessions stored in the town wild depths of the forest. this is where you must make your stand.

Note that your ship is now docked here and then turn to 362. you can stay To Kaiju.’ he says. turn to 423. Thus I’ve had to try my luck as a highwayman. The stone from which the pagoda is built was reputedly quarried from the doorway of hell itself. Your charts show you are not far from the Black Stamina to normal if wounded. The crew refuses to remain in this hellish place. If not. if an indifferent fighter. glaring from Go west Over the Blood-Dark Sea 55 the black cloud like an old pike hidden in the depths of a muddy Go south to Dragon Isle turn to 90 pond. Stamina 20 desolation. turn to Don’t trust them an inch!’ 519. Turn to 122. You pass your fingers across your eyes. ‘In return for three hours because he refuses to talk to anyone before let me give you this advice. favourite place for the Black Swan sisters to waylay travellers. sending up high spouts of white foam. If not.e. turn to 553. If not. Possessions and money can be left without fear of robbery. turn to 178. You jump up on to the roof and run along boldly to strike the Go south-east turn to 72 creature. Pagoda. The prospect of adventure may be tempting. from good to average. requires a CHARISMA roll of Difficulty 14. 471 Your room contains only a pallet. 474 Kiyomori and his retinue could not be more astonished if a faery . He makes you wait on the veranda of his house ‘Well. Steer north turn to 100 Make for the open sea turn to 202 Private apartments 472 The Black Pagoda is a seven-storeyed tower set above sheer cliffs where the sea crashes furiously against the rocks. COMBAT 8. turn to 50. If you decide again once this voyage is over. cushions. Lords of the Rising Sun 39 all the way to Yarimura. ‘I am an expert thief. attack as normal but do not use your normal Defence score. Knock at the door turn to 507 Sneak inside turn to 567 465 Turn away turn to 501 You turn aside from the Unbounded Ocean. turn to 553. turn to 316. poor. restoring your along the coast. To convince them otherwise to stay in Mukogawa for the time being. 470 464 Shingen is set in a small bay at the mouth of the Chiku River. restore your Stamina to its cost 15 Shards turn to 128 unwounded score) and. turn to 281. Put in at the mouth of the Gai River turn to 410 just record them in the box below. If you previously left a sealed letter here. If you fail this roll. turn to 498. or from average to He tells you his sob story whether you want to hear it or not. Many of the cost 35 Shards The City in the Clouds 197 men are so terrified that they swear they will never put to sea Don’t forget to pay the fare before you travel. when you’re ready to leave. Defence 9. but the old established burglars’ clans will not allow me to ply my trade in 469 the towns. 467 You can get passage to these destinations: If you have the title Hatamoto. If you have the codeword Frame. Otherwise read on. Instead. thanks anyway for sparing my life. charm to dispel illusions. cost 30 Shards turn to 749 468 To Dangor. Swirls of darkness seem to emanate from a point somewhere You can rest from your adventures here. To Yarimura. Go north to Druids’ Isle The War-Torn Kingdom 136 In this fight. use your SANCTITY score in place of 466 your Defence. and two floor You are sailing past steep cliffs like the flanks of a titan’s fortress. You also discover that he is ‘That’s for sure. Get the codeword Fire and turn to 516. If you have a dragon mask. muttering a If you manage to kill it.’ complains one. The bridge over the Chu River is a taking his midday meal.’ a little eccentric. The cool breeze on your face is at odds with this scene of fiery Chimerical Beast. you must reduce your crew quality by one step – i. Follow the coastline east turn to 300 When you are ready to leave. as a guest at the mansion (if injured. from 463 excellent to good. a low table. You can see it a little more clearly now. Its colour is so deep a black that the pagoda looks like a hole in space. turn to 28 at once. and Chomei of the Green Lodge family is widely acknowledged as I’m just not cut out for it!’ the greatest swordsmith in Akatsurai. A maid has left a single flower in a celadon vase. but no ship has ever returned from 473 crossing those leaden waters. Like any knight of Akatsurai you are expected to live simply.

where you can withdraw the sum recorded in which you gained by confounding the Five Great Sins. Jiro hefts his sword and steps closer. Also add 1 for each of the following codewords that you have acquired on your travels: Almanac. The abbot puts a hand on Score 8-10 Investment remains unchanged your shoulder. If you have Frame. It would take a brave man to face such a thing without flinching. defeat means nothing in that encounter. Take these if you think they are worth having and Grain 100 Shards 75 Shards then turn to 671. Victory or rolled. If not. If you The rain does not let up and by nightfall you are drenched. The wizard has no defence and is soon lying dead on the veranda of his . ‘The labyrinth represented Score 15-16 Profit of 50% the false paths you might have taken in your life. a solitary tree. its body hanging between long Run for it turn to 577 ebony legs like a fat oilskin full of poison. turn to 526. You are watching from behind a door. Run for your life turn to 585 Lose any blessings you have noted on your Adventure Sheet.’ Score 13-14 Profit of 25% You describe your experiences. Lastly. but in their haste to rob him the highwaymen Cargo To buy To sell missed a rabbit’s foot charm. at the same time. The prices given here are for single Cargo Units. Fight and win turn to 605 then turn to 610. It climbs in through an open window and lopes on long thin legs over to the trestle When you have completed your business arrangements. the wasps turn on the evil wizard. in your ankle. the box there after adjusting it according to the result you’ve just you faced the embodiment of your own passions. Pain floods into your veins. You are standing over Score 2-3 Lose entire sum invested the body of your own twin. Defence 20.’ poison by succeeding in a SCOUTING roll at Difficulty 14. or slip away into the 483 night? To find out how well your investments have done. ‘Jiro. rests the tip of his two-handed The snake slides off into the undergrowth having sunk its fangs sword on the turf and shakes his head. Add 1 to the score if you are an initiate of the Three Leave while it’s eating turn to 53 Fortunes. Jiro. 480 the chancellor’s executioner. 477 He is quite dead. Score 4-5 Loss of 50% and the scene melts away.’ 484 Increase your SANCTITY score to 12 and get the title Instead of attacking you. Then turn to 383. 475 Spider Creature. goods. Two other guards are Survive turn to 412 moving to get behind you. Enlightened One. you cannot overcome your inner self.’ explains the Score 17 Profit of 100% abbot. Any cargo 296.7 Loss of 100% front of the altar in the great hall. Then you take a closer look. If not. a four-leaf clover and a silver Furs 220 Shards 150 Shards horseshoe. 482 476 In order to trade you must have the codeword Frame. and to 155. turn where the body lies. the local merchants refuse to have anything to do with slog over muddy fields in search of shelter. execute them Immunity to Disease/Poison (if you have one) or suck out the both. You don’t. but all you can find is you and you should turn to 155. ‘You have been meditating for forty-nine days.’ Score 11-12 Profit of 10% he says. you can only learn to live with it. blink. COMBAT 10. turn to are much more than one person could hope to carry. ‘The book was the true teaching of the Sage of Peace. roll two Fight the ghoul turn to 527 dice. read on. turn to 705. Now you are sitting cross-legged in Score 6. You lay your head on a mossy root and the patter You must have a ship docked in Narai harbour to transport of rain lulls you off to sleep. when you see the ghoul begin its grisly meal you know it is time to decide: will you step out and confront it. Metals 700 Shards 550 Shards Minerals 550 Shards 500 Shards 478 Spices 700 Shards 600 Shards If you have salt and iron filings. There are so many that the noise is deafening. which If you have the codeword Future. Succumb turn to 140 What now? Fight all three turn to 618 481 Cut Akugenda’s bonds turn to 598 It stalks out of the darkness. Textiles 180 Shards 150 Shards The ghoul arrives at midnight but is undeterred by the Timber 180 Shards 140 Shards benediction you spoke over the girl’s body. so note it on the Ship’s Manifest. Catalyst and 479 Eldritch.40 Lords of the Rising Sun creature from the overworld had just fallen into their midst. you buy will be delivered to your ship in the harbour. read on. Bastion. Stamina 33 As he fades off into the darkness he hurls a curse back at you. To survive you must either use up a blessing of ‘Who is this fool?’ demands Kiyomori. ‘and now you have truly attained enlightenment. icy cold and lava-like ‘Now what do you think you’re up to?’ he says. All your injuries are mysteriously healed. Now turn to 440.

as the days pass. If you have a sealed letter. It was the kirin. you can take his ring mail Ship’s Manifest. and then turn to 583. and these are the best Giving a warcry that sounds like a chicken breaking wind. You Galleon 700 Shards can then treat any wounds you deal him as subdual damage only. Inside the mansion you find a celestium wand (MAGIC If you decide to kill him. turn to 316. Then. I say this for his own good. turn to 71. absorbed day and night in 485 planning the battle for dominance of these islands. Shards. She waters from the hills. turn to West turn to 515 646. Which way are you headed? You fill your haversack with between 1000 and 6000 Shards North turn to 417 (roll one die). cross it off along with the money. 497 490 The Akatsurese are not great seafarers. calls you up on to the veranda beside her and listens without Roll two dice. turn to 291. The of the Moonrise Clan. a green gem. the prices you can get for a second hand vessel: little fellow runs forward and pokes his knife towards you with an extravagant flourish. Type Sale Price Ridiculous Rogue. To do that. chamber. She recognizes the pendant and allows you to pass. Failed THIEVERY roll turn to 722 493 487 Journeying on. decide which item hyperium wand (MAGIC +6) and 2500 Shards in bizarrely you are handing over. and all have the hard-bitten look dragon’s throne is a long stone bench against the far end of the common to the warriors of the eastern provinces. Stamina 30 Barque 180 Shards You can try to take him alive if you want. turn to 463. and shaped antique coinage. 496 489 The priests will accept a donation of 10% of your cash and any You can help yourself to the pick of Lord Morituri’s funerary one possession listed on your Adventure Sheet. If you are a You duck out of sight just seconds before the person with the Troubadour you might be able to make up an impressive song lamp arrives at the far end of the corridor. and 494 it is dangerous to antagonize him. if you were fighting to subdue him. Take the road north turn to 73 Make a CHARISMA roll at Difficulty 14. a scarab amulet and a bottle of faery mead. South turn to 178 If you have the codeword Fresco. All bear the white banner You enter a long hall whose walls sparkle and gleam. a fretwork key. The wasps rise into the air and go swarming off to the (Defence +2). but a hand these over. You must Take the road south turn to 495 try your best to convince her to come with you. turn to 166. ‘But you must Score 10-12 Lost children turn to 436 explain to him that I cannot return to court. you must Brigantine 450 Shards fight without a weapon and taking a COMBAT penalty of 1. about this encounter: roll two dice and if you get higher than Make a THIEVERY roll at a Difficulty of 14. you cannot go half a league without 488 seeing parties of soldiers on horseback. suspecting that it would not go well power of great aristocratic clans. Lords of the Rising Sun 41 mansion. Take anything you want and get the 491 codeword Faded. +5). both the centres of You listen with a frown. turn to 51. ‘Have at you!’ he cries. If not. If you agree. Turn to 612. Successful THIEVERY roll turn to 449 Turn to 379. then turn to 44. Note it all on your Adventure Sheet turn to 149. Score 2-9 A quiet journey turn to 514 ‘I knew my lord would find me!’ she says. the 486 celestial stag that roams the world meting out justice. remember to cross the ship off the Whether you kill him or not. your CHARISMA score you can increase it by 1. Here he sits among his generals. his knife and his money pouch containing 15 north-east. surprise as you tell your tale. If you go ahead with the sale. Go west towards Oni Province turn to 568 Go east to Sakkaku turn to 522 492 The animal swoops off into the woods. You cross the bridge leading to Lord Yoritomo’s audience hall. COMBAT 4. The Lord Chancellor bears a grudge against me. you see the full moon rise above Knocking at a narrow green door. If you refuse to treasures – not only the spear that you already have. you are admitted to a muddy forests of pine and sunlight mingle with the gushing spring courtyard where a beautiful lady sits with a flute in her lap. If not. Treasure lies in great heaps on the polished white tiles. for you if you returned to the palace empty-handed. Travel west turn to 515 Successful CHARISMA roll turn to 12 Failed CHARISMA roll turn to 38 495 This close to Mukogawa. Defence 16. and he will still be alive when his Stamina reaches zero.’ The road runs from Chompo to Mukogawa. .

The pagoda stands malevolently on the cliff top: a lighthouse Run away turn to 501 built by demons to lure sailors to their doom. Make your excuses and leave turn to 476 Spend the night here turn to 683 499 You get three moon spades (COMBAT +1).’ the walls. You cannot look Stand your ground turn to 528 at it without shuddering. His name is Jobutsu. you see. immediately can strip the altar of gold plate worth 1000 Shards but you must recognizable as the Lord Chancellor’s troops by the many- also lose all blessings and reduce your crew’s quality to poor. You are on the road that runs from Sakkaku to Chambara. The pine It is only when you have gone a mile down the road that you trees to the north look as blurred and colourless as if they had realize you have left your money behind. out here in the countryside. The crew is anxious to set sail. you find an old badger lying Armour To buy To sell dead among the pine needles. day I was asked to play a very ancient flute that had been handed Climb down to the door turn to 391 down through the generations.’ he says. half buried in the debris. 510 Unable to bear the shame. Browsing around the many tiny shops and market stalls. One doorway of pitted granite. you Something falls out of the sky with a plop. laughing. Then you notice something else: a the Sovereign’s notice because of my musical skill. and so I was reduced to a coughing fit. of course.’ he says sorrowfully. In places it is covered with gravel or even paved. you edge closer to the unmoving figure. turn to 18. Otherwise the soldiers pass by without a word and 500 you can turn to 196. I retired from court and came to live Warily. There is a rusty screech as the bolts are 501 drawn back. Travel north turn to 395 508 Make for Sakkaku to the east turn to 568 The abbot is amused by your little joke.They are works of art. It drives away 498 the chill. Adventure Sheet and turn to 53. Leather (Defence +1) 50 Shards 45 Shards Cook and eat the badger turn to 344 Ring mail (Defence +2) 100 Shards 90 Shards Go to bed turn to 610 Chain mail (Defence +3) 200 Shards 180 Shards Splint armour (Defence +4) 350 Shards 300 Shards 504 Get the codeword Future. ‘I came to between the chunks of stone. The bosun 505 advises against looting the shrine itself. Stalks of grass protrude from ‘But I was undone by pride. Turn to 79. uncomfortable you become.) To buy To sell . When you go to investigate. ‘My swords are of crawling over the bare earthen floor. Alas. If you have the codeword Fracas but not the codeword Face. Failed THIEVERY roll turn to 432 503 511 Lose the codeword Fusty. I am glad you found the time to visit us 502 again but I am sure you have better things to do elsewhere. Go west to Sakkaku turn to 522 Go north off the road turn to 378 507 Head for Chambara turn to 221 Your knocking is answered by heavy footfalls as something drags itself over to the door. and not to be handled the thatching and the way the wind blows in through cracks in by those whose fingers are grubby with coinage. which he explains by telling 509 you how he was once a nobleman at the imperial palace in The tree stands at the brink of a precipice of weathered rock that Chambara. A sad story indeed. pointed red star embossed on their breastplates. Turn to 745. It was full of dust because it had not been played for so long. You start to notice the insects ‘I do not deal with merchants!’ he says. but more often it 506 is no more than a bare track running through tall grass. ‘Well. Successful THIEVERY roll turn to 531 Get the codeword Flux and then turn to 652. etc. Follow the Gai River to the sea turn to 20 ‘You mean. that one’s training never ends. If you ignore him you You run into a group of soldiers from the capital. It didn’t look big soon discover that you have to haggle if you want a bargain. enough to be the monk. I did not think to examine Go back turn to 583 it before I started to play. but the longer you sit in the cottage the more Chomei flatly refuses to forge a sword for a you. Weapons (sword.42 Lords of the Rising Sun The woman gives you a cup of hot green tea. Cross it off your been drawn in watered ink. but you cannot see any sign of him now.’ Make a THIEVERY roll at a Difficulty of 15. has sloughed off into a small gully. the rustling of rodents in the highest quality . axe. You cannot help noticing that he has very courtly manners. his way home.’ You strike up a conversation with a hermit who you meet on Turn to 211. His servant shows you out.

turn to 565. box below. floats like golden mist on the breeze. 513 Ship Type Cost Capacity The raven slips out of its cage and. The air is filled with perfume and Platinum earring – 790 Shards sweet music and the animals are so tame that they will eat from your hand. It will be here when you return. Items with no purchase price are not available to buy. carrot and garlic When you are ready to sail away. Currently. If the box above is empty. ‘Kill him before he breaks the rope.’ You examine this and many other ships. Barque 200 Shards 1 Cargo Unit flies swiftly in circles around the giant. a good meal and a massage you soon begin to 517 ! feel in the pink. nut cakes. a boulder is actually the head of an enormous river serpent. Cabinet 518 ‘Why not buy this excellent vessel?’ says a man whom the harbourmaster introduces you to. COMBAT bonus +1 250 Shards 180 Shards Score 2-8 A quiet few days turn to 3 COMBAT bonus +2 550 Shards 380 Shards Score 9-12 Uncanny happenings turn to 168 Other items To buy To sell 516 Compass (SCOUTING +1) 400 Shards 350 Shards The place that mortals know as the Dragon Isle is in reality Lockpicks (THIEVERY +1) – 300 Shards Horai. COMBAT bonus +5 1600 Shards . You just cross it off your Adventure Sheet and note it in the Cabinet were just about to use it as a stepping stone. salad. pickled squid. ‘West lies Oni Province. in a district that the Go aboard turn to 571 locals tell you is called Satsu Province. taking the rope in its beak. He gestures to a sturdy craft whose triangular sails remind you of a folded paper fan. name her if you wish. Ladies-in-waiting come to your room with little trays of spiced average to good. ‘They spell out the name of the ship: Hell Spawn. of course.’ Return to the city centre turn to 79 a young woodcutter tells you. After a hot bath. You are travelling in north-west Akatsurai. you can Make a COMBAT roll of Difficulty 14 to do the deed in time. ‘Quick’ says the raven. it was already ticked. turn to 122. You are able to see it as it Parchment 8 Shards 5 Shards really is: pretty green gardens dotted with crystal lakes and Tatsu pearl 1000 Shards 900 Shards phantasmagoric woodland. To leave something here. They give you magic fruit that restores your Stamina to normal if you were injured. the giant opens a bleary eye. Arriving at a stream. although The sea elves come down to the shore to greet you – a if you have one you can sell it. Just as it is tying the Brigantine 450 Shards 2 Cargo Units knots. rice. and various fruits mixed with liana syrup and shaved ice. dragonflies dance metallically in the sunbeams. The crew quality is Failed COMBAT roll turn to 712 average. or good to excellent). Restore your Stamina to its normal unwounded You traverse a flower-filled valley towards a ridge of sombre score. pine trees. put a tick in it and turn to 439. Also 512 increase your crew’s quality by one step (poor to average. ‘What’s going on?’ he says in Galleon 900 Shards 3 Cargo Units a voice like a hippopotamus gargling with mud.’ Record the details of your ship on the Ship’s Manifest. Remember to cross off the cost from the Successful COMBAT roll turn to 549 money recorded on your Adventure Sheet. remember to change the entry in the Docked column. ‘It is the home of bone-eating Hire better crew turn to 536 demons!’ Go east to Narai turn to 155 519 Go west to Oni Province turn to 395 Chomei will forge a sword for you for the following prices: Go south turn to 609 COMBAT bonus +1 250 Shards COMBAT bonus +2 450 Shards 515 COMBAT bonus +3 900 Shards Above muddy rice fields where the water lies in pools as still as COMBAT bonus +4 1200 Shards mirrors. ‘What do those characters mean that are written along the side?’ you ask him. If When you are ready to leave. Choose from the types listed below. Lords of the Rising Sun 43 No COMBAT bonus 50 Shards 35 Shards Roll two dice. Each time you arrive at a new destination. 514 the ship is docked at Chambara. you are about to cross when you Your room contains a lacquer cabinet where you can store notice that a large lump in mid-stream that you had mistaken for up to 5000 Shards and six possessions. turn to 155. turn to 101. roast pheasant. who keep it veiled under a Candle 2 Shards 1 Shard frightening illusion to deter visitors. It is the home of the sea elves. When you have done all your carefree company in pastel silks with pale eyes and long hair that shopping.

’ he says. or though you have been drugged. COMBAT 7. Lose the codeword Future and turn to 140. Fight and win turn to 544 Take the road to the capital turn to 500 Go north cross-country turn to 378 528 Go west across the Chu turn to 594 If you have the codeword Fright. Assuming the swordsmith thinks you measure up. making him look like a 569. Enter the tomb turn to 546 Take a room at an inn turn to 278 Leave turn to 583 Visit the local shrine turn to 293 Leave the town turn to 520 531 As you tiptoe past you discover why he didn’t notice you. What is left of you goes back to title of Junior Court Rank or Senior Court Rank you can add 2 sleep. Now it is Press deeper into the woods turn to 562 time to set off again. If you have the grins. The treatment allows you to regain into the western night sky. If you buy a 527 sword. Stamina 15 The road leads in only one direction: east. To You have a horrid dream that three disembodied heads come convince him that you are worthy to buy one of his swords. remember to cross off the money before turning to 79. turn to limbs are held up by a giant cobweb. watched darkness becomes absolute. 521 The morning dawns clear and bright. indicates your Run away turn to 398 position to be roughly on a latitude with Noboro Monastery. gong in my temple you must drop whatever you are doing and Discuss initiation turn to 725 return at once. He is 523 long past caring about the affairs of this world. The navigator’s chart. ‘This path will take you there. Few If you flee it will get a free parting blow as you run off. The heads look up with gory Difficulty 22 if you belong to another profession. turn to 545. The web tells you what to look for – and sure enough. The ghoul gives vent to a loud screech and lashes out with its dirt-caked claws. grotesque puppet left hanging in front of the shrine. phantasmagoric idyll. If you have the codeword Fuchsia you can add 3. Turn to 611. then resume their meal. His dead dry If you have the codeword Fracas. at a cost of 5 Shards. the main island of of bristly legs and tiny jewel-like eyes. It would present a very baleful sight if not for the locals’ a lantern or candle for instance. 524 crouching just inside the entrance. you make out a tense clump You are skirting the west coast of Yodoshi. There is no sign of what 529 became of the funeral procession. to the capital. and shrines. which are Follow the coast north turn to 200 dedicated to the mortal prophet they call the Sage of Peace. ‘but you type. feeling warm and numb as CHARISMA roll at a Difficulty of 20 if you’re a Warrior. Look for a path out turn to 420 522 530 Sakkaku is a town built from the near-black timber of Kwaidan To enter the tomb you must have something to light your way: Forest. You half wake.’ He scatters The monks can provide you with medicinal herbs if you are some dust from his hand and a shining path appears leading up unwell. In 525 Narai the only significant religious building is of the former ‘I can show you the way to the Pure Land.44 Lords of the Rising Sun He is not interested in buying anything from you. Otherwise turn to 561. Steer for open ocean turn to 102 532 Follow the coast south turn to 450 The Akatsurese draw a distinction between temples. the Akatsurese group. to the dice roll. you flying over the moor while you are asleep and start to devour need to offer a goodwill payment of 40 Shards and then make a you from the feet up. turn to 451. You cannot even see where You are surrounded by dense forest. to come back and explore it another time – assuming you can which in spring and summer transforms the town into a ever find your way to this spot again. because at sunrise the path will vanish. but after nightfall the You breakfast on a stew of herbs and mushrooms. where you can make offerings to their many deities. Otherwise your only option is custom of planting flowers in the mossy thatching of their roofs. based on a map Attack the creature turn to 547 painting he once saw on a paper fan in Yarimura. travellers care to venture over the Chu River into the gobIin. Be 2-12 lost Stamina points. If not. will only be able to remain there until daybreak. from a distance by a solitary fox crouched on a log. Defence 12. Turn and run turn to 506 infested countryside of Oni Province.’ Get a blessing (if an initiate) turn to 45 Set out along the path turn to 542 Leave the temple turn to 155 Stay here after all turn to 610 533 526 The swordsmith is an ancient fellow as thin as a mantis. 520 Ghoul. Splashes of gold sunlight they could have been taking the coffin. penetrate the green gloom by day. he will . up to the limit of your unwounded sure that you do not stray off it! When you hear me ring the Stamina score.

535 Volunteer for the job turn to 669 A narrow alluvial plain separates the high-thrust Urushi Try to get out of it turn to 384 Mountains from the eastern shore. ‘Dog of a merchant. They Racing back to your room. the small southern island. so upgrading a give way and you plunge downwards with a scream. face and long nose. They have no money to repay you across the garden. darkness. if it isn’t our foreign friend.’ He gives you a wide smile. which is what made it sound Failed MAGIC roll turn to 658 as if a giant was corning to answer the door. only the assurance that you will always be a and you lose your footing and go sprawling. and I took the liberty of Turn to 712. You gaze up through the hole in the roof to 537 see a beady-eyed rooster watching you with haughty disdain. from the main part of A long tunnel stretches off into the glistening subterranean Akatsurai. He casts a spell 545 that manifests a swarm of venomous sprites who start buzzing You look down to see a tiny hunchbacked man with a thin dark around your head. House of Wistaria. turn to 576. your feet the old scholar comes gliding rapidly across the lawn towards you. They good to excellent. lurching to his feet. remember to cross off the money sugared sherbet. Lords of the Rising Sun 45 charge the following for a sword depending on the quality you require: 541 COMBAT bonus +2 350 Shards By dint of intrigue. to fall miles back to earth. the Fabled Lands. Here you meet a venerable sage who explains many 536 mystic truths.’ You must remain in the outer town. The helmsman looks to you to set the course.’ he says grumpily Make a MAGIC roll at a Difficulty of 16. Turn to 53. put a tick in it and turn to 541. you discover that your weapons. but the clouds Shards to upgrade average to good. Here the peasants grow rice and cotton. As you jump to welcome guest at their cottage. 543 You are sailing the coastal waters west of the straits that separate 538 Shaku. and 100 Shards to upgrade underfoot have become dingy and dry. The proprietor of the turn to 612. It venerable sage breaks off from his sermon to shout. The Go south turn to 74 path takes you up beyond the stars to a place of invigoratingly cold air. draw their swords as you approach and regard you with scowls armour and money have gone. . before turning and strutting off. But the grass is slippery because of the rain for your help. ‘Eh?’ he says. before turning to 572. lodge pauses in the act of striking the breakfast gong to stare at you in amazement. 544 540 ‘Now we can take our daughter’s body to the cremation You dive through a side door leading to a terrace and run off ground. ‘A moment of your time. thwack in the middle of the kitchen table. Someone has to crack your bones open and use them for soup!’ be found who can destroy this creature. your presence would defile the Sheet and lose the codeword Fusty. ‘So you’re back again. and weave silk for the clothes of great lords. expecting poor crew to excellent requires 165 Shards. You give the briefest of greetings and try to move past. The size of the stairwell Successful MAGIC roll turn to 637 magnifies the echo of his footsteps. There are sentries at the gate leading to the inner keep. 542 Go up into the mountains turn to 359 You have to leave your weapons.’ he says in a tone like over- If you purchase a sword. These prices are cumulative. Turn to 8. the artful Masayori has managed to raise COMBAT bonus +3 750 Shards himself to the position of minister of the interior. In the quayside taverns there are sailors from every part of the Suddenly you hear the gong. if you please. ‘I’ll descends by night to perch on the palace roof. 50 doodle-do!’ You jump up to look for the path. reminiscent of a cat who has the key to the canary’s cage. ‘Cock-a- will cost you 15 Shards to upgrade a poor crew to average. You run across COMBAT bonus +4 900 Shards him in the bark-roofed colonnade that leads from the outer COMBAT bonus +5 1400 Shards palace to the rock garden. Lately the 534 Sovereign’s rest has been disturbed by an evil creature that The giant wakes instantly. but in fact you land with a solid Once you’ve recorded any changes on the Ship’s Manifest. Cross them off your Adventure of derision. East turn to 649 Follow the tunnel Over the Blood-Dark Sea 445 North turn to 350 Climb back up turn to 79 West turn to 102 South turn to 550 539 ! Put in at Hagashin turn to 340 If the box above is empty. If it Put in at Hidari turn to 361 was already ticked. putting your name forward. all eager to sign on and resume their life at sea. his robes belling out around him. COMBAT bonus +6 2800 Shards ‘Ah. armour and money behind Go north turn to 438 because these things are not permitted in the Pure Land.’ say the old couple. At the same time. then turn to 654. rustling like straw.

547 Enter your apartments turn to 464 If you have a crimson arrow. turn to 572. Shards. Island. Turn to Eastwards turn to 178 501. Go east over the Chu River turn to 735 When the play is over. Ranks of guards bow deeply as Take the right-hand tunnel turn to 162 you pass between them along the quiet corridors. turn to Request an audience with the Shogun turn to 491 481. Go to see his spymaster turn to 32 Leave the manor turn to 178 548 The armoury is run by the Thunderhead Clan. to Metriciens will cost 35 Shards. and to Yarimura will cost 25 Shards. Otherwise. whose members 554 maintain a proud tradition stretching back five hundred years. which kills A farmer puts you up for a couple of days. The rain is capital. 552 558 The Great Saddle Road is a metalled highway linking the With the corning of night a paper lantern is lit. recover 1 Stamina if them. The whole thing is artfully portrayed using masks. and Mukogawa. The rural estates of the lords of Toho are very different from the They will not make a suit of armour for just anybody. with injured. where the rule of the Moonrise Clan falling heavily by now. You dwellings of their cousins on the western island. North over open country turn to 515 South towards the Clearwater Shrine turn to 444 546 You are immediately presented with two routes: low brick-lined 553 tunnels extending straight back into the ground. A servant waits in front of the door to your private apartments. It gives no country’s two great centres of power: Chambara. 556 550 Note on the Ship’s Manifest that the ship is now docked near to You are sailing in the placid coastal waters south-west of Shaku the Inn of Perfect Contentment. Fleet their lord. You can add 2 to temple’s. and Frog. Go north turn to 450 The play concerns a knight who is given hospitality at a Make for the open sea turn to 102 lonely house where the inhabitants are flying-head goblins. the imperial warmth. but you are better off here than outside. to Aku will cost 40 When you have finished your business here. You are one of the Shogun’s trusted lieutenants and can roam Take the left-hand tunnel turn to 604 the inner precincts unchallenged. During the night he overhears the flying heads plotting to kill 551 him but foils the plan by destroying their bodies. one of the actors offers to sell you his Go south turn to 568 paper sword as a souvenir for 5 Shards. Buy it if you wish and Go west to Oni Province turn to 356 then turn to 289. Passage to Dweomer on the Sorcerers’ Isle will cost 35 Shards. didn’t you? Call yourself a hero?’ Stay in Chambara turn to 612 Turn to 566. If you’re accepted you can buy one suit of armour Go north turn to 633 only at the following prices.46 Lords of the Rising Sun There is nothing here any more to interest you. Travel to Dweomer Over the Blood-Dark Sea 242 549 Travel to Metriciens Over the Blood-Dark Sea 260 The giant’s body slumps to the floor with a noise like a Travel to Aku The Court of Hidden Faces 502 collapsing sack of potatoes. garbed actors standing against a black backdrop so that only their Go north turn to 609 terrifying white masks are visible. As you make ready to set out. the farmer tells you that the effect of the flying heads being achieved by having black Gaman Monastery lies to the north. Westwards turn to 590 You doze off. turn to 564. in fear of attacks from the upland barbarians. Go into the mountains turn to 319 Travel to Kaiju turn to 270 Leather (Defence +1) 25 Shards Cross the river turn to 592 Ring mail (Defence +2) 75 Shards Chain mail (Defence +3) 150 Shards 555 Splint armour (Defence +4) 280 Shards Several merchant ships from distant lands are riding at anchor in Plate armour (Defence +5) 600 Shards the harbour. Head south into Gashmuru Gulf The City in the Clouds 77 557 Follow the coast eastwards turn to 601 Get the codeword Flimsy. waking in the middle of the night to see a . Where are you headed? pouring in rivulets on to the porch. You can hear it rustling the thatch and lords is unchallenged. The peasant huts are clustered close to the home of the dice roll for having each of these codewords: Fuchsia. ‘Phew!’ snaps the raven. ‘You cut it Travel to Yarimura turn to 749 a bit fine. on the west coast of Yodoshi Island. Here you see have to convince them you are worthy by paying 50 Shards and great log-built manor houses with thatched roofs as big as a making a CHARISMA roll at a Difficulty of 21. Then turn to 733.

’ he says. ‘Want a lift window. force of hairy fur-clad barbarians.’ he informs you. After a thorough search of the pagoda you find 2500 Shards. ‘East lies the town of not but you have a lady’s court robe. neither. Seeing a fox hanging around outside. where it is easier to tell the devils from the men. and in house is your house. Down in a gully you see an overturned sedan chair. Half a dozen Haniwa Warrior. There is no sign of your assailant. a canister of rat poison. three suits of 560 chain mail (Defence +3). a battle axe (COMBAT +3). The interior of the tower is an architect’s nightmare of anywhere?’ long shadows. If you don’t. It is not easy to fight a foe you cannot see. If A shrine warden gives you directions. just a tiny broken clay figurine Help the knights turn to 240 on the floor. Take whatever you want and turn to 501 when you’re ready As it descends you can make out a man in wizard’s robes to resume your travels. ‘My last. If it 563 was ticked previously. Make a THIEVERY roll at a Difficulty of 16 if you decide to 561 risk it. Go to the Gai estuary turn to 20 Successful SCOUTING roll turn to 583 Failed SCOUTING roll turn to 398 569 ! If the box above is empty. You hear no more noise from the funeral procession. It skipper. the fields. a good night’s rest even if it really should turn out to be your Hidehira is always happy to welcome an ally of his clan. monster.’ Head towards Sakkaku turn to 7 562 Cross the Gai River to the west turn to 356 The rise of the land is your only clue about which way to go. turn back to 572 and choose again. Defence 20. A lumpish Failed THIEVERY roll turn to 534 skull covered with warty hide sits between shoulders as wide as a Back out and leave turn to 501 log. Treasure lies in heaps Thank him but say no turn to 266 around his feet. but you must be careful not to wake him. a An object resembling a giant paper lantern comes drifting over dragon’s head and a pink rice grain. Muscles like huge sacks of flour strain in a torso weighed down with fat and hair. but also out of relief. COMBAT 8. a pirate captain’s head. and all of sudden you know where that smell is coming Shrines to the rice god are a common sight at the end of every from. country lane. You had better retrace your steps and either leave Help the barbarians turn to 264 the tomb (turn to 583) or try the other passage (turn to 604). twisting stairs and crazy angles. conjuring gouts of flame that he sends shooting up inside it. ‘Stay as long as you like. ‘We’re ready to sail. Get the codeword Fright. put a tick in it and turn to 597. Travel north turn to 97 Make a SCOUTING roll at a Difficulty of 13. Stamina 21 knights wearing white pennants are struggling against a larger If you win. The door swings open.’ says the priest. you can retrieve your light source and rekindle it. which seems to prove Leave turn to 572 you are no ghost. Lords of the Rising Sun 47 horrific sight. Intermittently it gives off a gleam of fiery yellow light. not two as you normally 570 would.’ he says. Fuchsia. You climb up to the first balcony and slip in through a narrow ‘Hallo. If you You stomp off back to your bed of straw. 567 The strange craft bumps to a landing on a nearby hillock. you startle it Pray in the family shrine turn to 648 with a loud cry. – the bodies of your hosts! Turn to 481 to fight it but note that you have already reduced Leap up and look around turn to 600 its Stamina by 3-18 points (the roll of the three dice). here in the rich farmlands of western Akatsurai. releasing a gust of thick foul air. You laugh at the fox’s fright. turn to 623. turn to 602. turn to 617. ‘West over the Gai River is Oni Province. Wait and watch turn to 579 565 559 To get in to see the patriarch you must have the codeword ‘It’s your funeral. You are Successful THIEVERY roll turn to 651 confronted by a face that almost fills the doorway. Three headless corpses are lying against the far wall gives a series of spasms and drops from its web. turn to 582. If you have the seal of the Black Pagoda. Roll only one die for your COMBAT rolls in this fight.’ calls the occupant of the basket. read on. In fact you feel Rest and recuperate turn to 512 famished. standing in a basket slung underneath the lantern. It bolts off into the trees. Then the giant opens his mouth to 568 speak. . determined to get do have Fuchsia. horribly injured. What a 566 strange experience. Continue on your way turn to 280 564 571 Without a second thought you hurl the arrow straight at the The mate calls the men to attention. catching it straight in the middle of its cluster of eyes. In the top-most Get into the basket turn to 581 chamber you see a giant dozing in a chair. If you have Sakkaku. Turn to 611.’ the morning you feel very far from dead.

Even so. the patriarch of the clan.’ 579 Everyone is waiting. The pattern is supposed to represent the forces of nature and you find it relaxing to gaze on while 581 meditating. it is time to resume your travels. When you are ready to leave.48 Lords of the Rising Sun Put to sea turn to 150 to save having to carry them around with you.’ he says. Go south-east turn to 653 ‘Was I expected?’ you retort in surprise. the palace. because you had Go south cross-country turn to 336 the setting sun at your back. Score 10-12 There has been a fire. Follow the coast north turn to 641 Outside your room is a terrace that overlooks a serene Sail west towards the Sea of Hydras turn to 450 courtyard of raked white sand on which rocks have been laid Go south towards Gashmuru Gulf turn to 601 out in a mystical pattern. your way before dawn. very moment for you to play to him. where the Score 4-9 Everything is fine mansions of the Wistaria Clan stand proudly on the hillside. Kiyomori’s Take the road to Chompo turn to 30 guards don’t bother to give chase. Fortunately. the wisest course seems to be to 574 leave town at once. Takakura sits impatiently on a raised dais surrounded by Roll two dice. comes out to Kiyomori sends out patrols. They all have purple juice dribbling Tell him that you cannot turn to 179 down their chins and insects’ legs stuck between their teeth. if not for him. You watch the ground drop away until the fields and Stamina points. Go north-east turn to 704 ‘Ah. He flings a glittering trail of dust in your ‘Ssh!’ says the chief head. sleep. He mutters a spell and another jet of flame takes the balloon You can rest in your apartment to recuperate any lost aloft. located in the east wing of morning to set the new course. ‘You’ll wake our guest. Score 2-5 A queer duck turn to 682 ‘Ah!’ he says brightly as he sees you enter. ‘Masayori has Score 6-12 Skinheads turn to 599 spoken of your great talent which. Suddenly a great we daren’t harm someone with such powerful friends. ‘Why can’t we have a succulent bite of human flesh The old scholar raises his hands. Come. You know direction. where cherry trees. roll two dice. You set out on Make a MAGIC roll at a Difficulty of 18. anxious to get far away from here. Failed MAGIC roll turn to 596 580 576 There is a grey mist covering the sea as you rise early in the You go to your personal apartments. They wind sucks you backwards and you plunge into the painting. Successful MAGIC roll turn to 616 Turn to 296. 577 Take the road to Narai turn to 2 You turn and scramble back down the cliff path. turn immediately to 739 No merchants are allowed into the inner stockade. would have remained forever hidden by modesty. Find a swordsmith turn to 533 Find an armourer turn to 548 Apartments Visit the patriarch turn to 565 Pray at a shrine turn to 587 Leave the inner keep turn to 8 573 Your stay at the inn has been so restful that you are reluctant to leave. displaying nails as long as a for a change?’ hawk’s talons.’ whose canals and wide. give us a tune. which settles on the painted screen. gravelled thoroughfares are lined with You are hurried through to the inner apartments.’ Now you are surrounded by demonic horsemen with The heads attach themselves to their bodies and appear to nothing but clouds in all directions. The Sovereign is waiting at this You are strolling around the great metropolis of Chambara. The rest of the night passes uneventfully. glaring in your 575 direction. courtiers. What will you do? After half an hour the disembodied heads of the three come Play as the Sovereign requests turn to 156 drifting in out of the night. ‘Beetles again. greet you as you cross the lawn. ‘This is the famous flute Twilight Mourner. Secretary of the Council of the Left. would send priests and wizards to exact revenge. Go upriver turn to 359 Masayori puts a flute into your hands. turn to 79. yuk!’ says the woman’s head. Also you can leave money and possessions here treetops look like tiny details in a painted mural. Each time you Go ashore turn to 612 return. You decide not to travel by road in case Masayori. Nonetheless. It is a priceless heirloom handed down 578 by the Sovereign’s ancestors. Score 2 You receive a gift of 50 Shards 572 Score 3 Bad tidings. you are here at last. If you have the . cross off any money Over all looms the massive curved roof of the palace of Lord and possessions left here Hidehira. you doubt if any of them got a good look at your face.

‘It’s every man for himself!’ Gnarled branches dripping with rampant foliage twine high Turn to 126. 589 Penetrate deeper into the forest turn to 644 The sky becomes overcast. Toho. that’s a commodity that will never be in Score 6 A THIEVERY blessing short supply. lose resurrection deal In your pell-mell flight you drop the light. The shrine is lit by hundreds of candles. There is no going Score 5 Forsaken. Successful THIEVERY roll turn to 583 Here you could rest for a few days. back of the hall. Your struggles grow on the road between Shingen and Hidari. You come to a large hunting lodge beside a grove of pine trees. In remote rural areas you see constant reminders of the threat of turn to 302. You sense the displeasure of the gods. Score 1-2 Ill-fated. In his Amber wand (MAGIC +1) 400 Shards 250 Shards shovel-like hands it looks no bigger than a pinhead. Turn to 630. Once you’ve recorded any changes on the Ship’s Manifest. Seeing a Score 6 Cursed. otherwise you must continue your numbly like one already dead as the spider creature hauls you journey on foot. ‘Come this way ‘ he growls. T o squeeze through before it has closed entirely requires a THIEVERY roll at a Difficulty of 12. and in the occasional burnt- 587 out husk of a harvest shrine. You can make Score 2-6 A funeral turn to 269 an offering of 25 Shards if you wish. ‘She’s 583 going down!’ cries the first mate. is a very different place from Yodoshi. cross it off your Adventure Sheet. If you roll a blessing that you Score 10-12 A storyteller turn to 201 already have then the offering is wasted. Ability blessings can be used once to reroll the dice when using Roll two dice. You stand waiting until the giant points towards a staircase at the When you are through here. no blessing Passage on a barge will cost you 10 Shards. lose all blessings 584 Score 3-4 Doomed. ‘Let’s face it. lose 1 Stamina permanently gleam of daylight ahead you give a gasp of relief. each illuminating a tiny Roll two dice. You can upgrade a poor crew to average for 25 Shards. Ebony wand (MAGIC +2) 800 Shards 450 Shards After a moment he gives a grunt. Turn to 140. 588 The ship’s hull smashes into the sharp ridge of a reef. The door booms shut. that ability. only to notice The gods treat mortals in the same way that small boys treat that the doorway is sliding inexorably shut. Put to sea (if ship here) turn to 350 Take the Shingen road turn to 125 586 Take the Hidari road turn to 673 In every port there are always unemployed sailors in search of Head due east turn to 653 work. and beckons you inside. The eastern island. half satisfied and half Cobalt wand (MAGIC +3) 1500 Shards 900 Shards disappointed. lose initiate status (if any) back for it now. utterly paralysed. . Turn to 643. insects – toying with us for their amusement. because you can only have one blessing at a time of each type. Score 2 turn to 622 You can also buy wands from the sorcerer’s booth at the side Score 3-12 turn to 428 of the shrine. overhead. Roll one die. in which case roll one die Score 7-9 All is quiet turn to 611 to see what response you get. Failing that. niche in which there is a statue of a different god. Score 3 A blessing of Immunity to Disease/Poison Otherwise read on. you can only watch moored here you can set sail.’ he says with a laugh. Lords of the Rising Sun 49 codeword Cheese but not the codeword Fortress. choking out the daylight and leaving the ground in a perpetual pall of green dusk. turn now to 19. and a good crew to 592 excellent for 90 Shards. His stock is small but inexpensive. you will be 590 sealed inside the tomb until your air runs out. Soon. Score 4 A COMBAT blessing The wizard tells you his invention uses hot air to stay Score 5 A MAGIC blessing airborne. turn to 572. an average crew to good for 50 Shards. the stout palings defending each village. ‘What is to be found Score 2 A blessing of Safety from Storms at the source of the Moku River?’ you ask the barge master. Failed THIEVERY roll turn to 140 Take a room at the lodge turn to 610 Continue on your way turn to 654 585 You have not gone half a dozen steps when a web shoots out to 591 engulf you. into the shrine and hangs you in its larder. casting a dreary shadow over the Search for a way out turn to 603 land. If you have a ship weaker and weaker. 582 To buy To sell The giant takes the seal and puts it close to his eyes. A heavy weight bears you to the ground and sharp You are outside the quaintly named Inn of Perfect Contentment horny fangs dig repeatedly into your flesh. 593 Score 1 The gods ignore you. barbarian raids – in the pinched faces of the field workers.

where you spend city of Dangor. The prices given here are for single Cargo Successful MAGIC roll turn to 638 Units. If you have a blessing. pickles. If the spider bit you and you don’t have a Akugenda reacts with outstanding vigour. Servants bustle Tack around Shaku Island turn to 550 in with lunch. If not. A long wooden bridge supported by heavy wooden pilings Help the old man turn to 660 stretches across the Chu River.’ you say. The youths Pay 10 Shards to go upriver turn to 419 all have short hair and wear red robes. We simply 599 carry goods from the villages along the riverbank. and trembling. Cross off all your possessions and money before turning to Score 2-7 A woodland path turn to 529 79. He points to a path winding through pine trees If the box above is empty. ‘Are you going to keep me abandon every possession and all the money you are carrying. they all look as if they’d rather 594 not get involved. You can hardly believe it – he is using sorcery to drain your You must have a ship docked in the harbour in order to soul! Make a MAGIC roll at Difficulty 15 to resist. The fog lifts and you find you are wandering the city streets. To escape their stinging spears you are forced to ‘I’ll bet. none of the people walking past is going to help the old man. If it above the villa. he blessing. Roll two dice. turn to 688. Go back the way you came turn to 522 Show her an agate swan if you have one turn to 485 601 To the south lies the daunting expanse of Gashmuru Gulf. you inside. ‘Come back another time. ‘Don’t get many visitors as delectable as you. If you have the codeword Flimsy. 606 ‘Sorry to be such an ingrate. running his bloated sweaty fingers over your The horsemen chase you for miles across the nebulous limbs. Any cargo you buy will be delivered to your ship in the . turn to 140. which consists of baked fish fresh from the Moku Head north for Yodoshi Island turn to 649 River. Only 595 the most foolhardy mariners dare to strike out for the fabulous You go through to the outer royal apartments. touches your throat in a caress that suddenly becomes a steel grip. Their excited He gives you a look that is ingratiating and menacing at the cries and the fierce snorts of their steeds gradually recede into same time. A woman in warrior’s garb Ask what’s going on turn to 41 awaits you at the halfway point. If it injured you even once then you are doomed unless you have a blessing of Immunity to 598 Disease/Poison. To your surprise. The aftermath of your ordeal leaves you miserable Turn to 643. Later you take a bottle of rice wine and sit on the terrace 602 exchanging poems until the moon sets. pulling away. turn to Accept her challenge turn to 614 640. and then turn to 331. making them look like Stay in Chambara for now turn to 79 temple acolytes. Leaping to his feet. glad to have got away with your life. In the afternoon Strike out for Dangor The City in the Clouds 77 you take a nap while a lady-in-waiting strums idly at a lute. a pleasant morning chatting with other courtiers.’ read on. Apparently she wishes to test her martial prowess against you – she has 600 drawn her sword and stepped out to block your path.’ You see a group of youths persecuting an old man. The door closes with a sound like a bell tolling. At standing in the hall?’ last you lose your tormentors in a bank of fog. rice patties and iced sherbets. announcing herself as the Mind your own business turn to 79 daughter of Lord Chudaifu of the Black Swan Clan. remember to cross it off For a prisoner who has been chained up without food or water. 603 A cock crows and people start to open up their shops. turn now to 627. ‘Come upstairs. turn to 365. then turn to 79. transport goods. put a tick in it and turn to 666.’ he says. Score 8-9 A great black bear turn to 624 Score 10-12 An eerie grotto turn to 189 597 The Lord Chancellor’s servant tells you his master has gone up 604 ! to the cliffs. Otherwise boost of life-energy right now. Regain 1 Stamina for The giant peers at you. ‘but I could really use a If you have the codeword Frame.’ he suggests. They are You feel as if you are wandering in an endless labyrinth of moss- astonished to see an exhausted and haunted-eyed wanderer clad rocks and ancient trees. Go up to the clifftop turn to 424 605 Return to the town turn to 362 The spider’s bite was poisonous. which are much more than one person could hope to Failed MAGIC roll turn to 140 carry. was already ticked. landscape.50 Lords of the Rising Sun ‘There is a shrine where the river emerges from Kwaidan Forest.’ he replies.’ sniggers the 596 giant obscenely. then sticks his huge paw out and pulls your peaceful sojourn at the palace. ‘No one goes there any more.’ the distance. stumbling by.

But the occupant of Ask what reward she will give turn to 629 the gazebo seems oblivious of the beauty of the moment. If not. But. the monks will instruct you in the sacred doctrine. Here you can set sail if you have a minded and don’t mind if you were already an initiate of ship. If you have the codeword Frame. the doctrine your own nor the money to buy one. 609 Turn to 747. covering his face with his sleeve. Still further east turn to 674 If you wish to become an initiate of the Sage of Peace. If you are an initiate. translucent clouds and ferns gently ruffled by the wind. The blessing can be used once to allow Hire passage to another port turn to 555 you to reroll any dice result. The Sage of Peace bestows these on his initiates for Hire crew for your ship turn to 536 free. allowing you to recover 1 . He reels back. turn to He shakes his head. turn to 537. ‘I would not want you to think I had an unfair takes you to the throne room where the hubbub of courtiers’ advantage simply because my father’s wealth can buy the best chatter gradually subsides as everyone notices your arrival.) If you try the SANCTITY roll and fail. so note it on the Ship’s Manifest. If Extensive quays enclosed by a broad sea wall comprise the successful you are accepted as an initiate. you can also enjoy some sport while you’re here.’ queen sweeps forward. Lords of the Rising Sun 51 harbour. You can have only one Luck blessing at a time. 613 When you are through at the temple. (The monks are open dockland area of Chambara. soaking the ivy Do as she bids turn to 442 and giving the evening air a delicious tang. Rain starts to fall just as you reach the gazebo. To comprehend 612 this doctrine requires a SANCTITY roll at a Difficulty of 15. If you have neither a ship of another god. He is gazing sadly with many heartfelt sighs at a portrait in his hand. turn to 8. Cargo To buy To sell Go hunting turn to 206 Furs 250 Shards 175 Shards Put your feet up turn to 181 Grain 150 Shards 100 Shards Resume your journey turn to 654 Metals 700 Shards 600 Shards Minerals 550 Shards 500 Shards 611 Spices 580 Shards 540 Shards ‘Up in the hills.’ 302. in addition to rest and relaxation.’ says the lady with a can you have failed to notice it as you sailed in? The paladin polite bow. up South to Kumo Province turn to 174 to the limit of your unwounded Stamina score. we can exchange weapons. 616 Roll two dice. write Luck in the Blessings box on Sell a ship turn to 497 your Adventure Sheet. The swords in the land. 608 You are taken to a high-gabled wooden palace whose airy halls 614 are patrolled by hundreds of magnificently armed guards. How ‘If you wish. With its split-log walls and thatched roof. remember Go back into the city turn to 79 to cross it off your Adventure Sheet. and Score 10-12 The monastery turn to 402 retaliates by sending out a glowing web of energy to ensnare your wits. the hunting lodge Successful MAGIC roll turn to 637 looks like any rural inn. Stamina point if injured. Failed MAGIC roll turn to 658 This includes a meal and a warm bed. She has heard of your heroic reputation and asks 615 if you will slay the dragon for her. turn to 107. Tell her to get on and fight turn to 656 She tells you that her realm has lately been menaced by a terrible dragon. 610 Make a MAGIC roll at a Difficulty of 16. it is also possible to hire turns out to be so confusing that you lose 1 from your passage on a vessel bound for other ports.’ a peasant tells you. ‘lurk the uncivilized emishi – Textiles 200 Shards 150 Shards the earth spiders who burn our crops and steal our womenfolk.’ Timber 200 Shards 150 Shards ‘Earth spiders? Why do you call the barbarians that? Is it because they are hairy and unwashed?’ When you have made all your business arrangements. Across the Shi River turn to 554 The treatment allows you to regain 2-12 lost Stamina points. her resplendent skirts of gold-laced black Agree to exchange (if you have a weapon) turn to 635 silk supported by a group of identical ladies-in-waiting. or buy one if you do not. After using the blessing. A night’s lodging costs you 3 Shards. You walk briskly up the street leading to the stockade. Where now? North into the hills turn to 319 607 To Kaiju turn to 270 At the temple you can get medical treatment for only 8 Shards. SANCTITY score. If your ship is docked here turn to 571 The advantage of being an initiate is that you can get a Buy a ship turn to 518 blessing. Score 2-4 Bad omens turn to 589 erupting out of the painted screen amid flooding tendrils of Score 5-9 Nothing of note turn to 630 smoke. It’s because they’re giant spiders. This is a picturesque region of sugarloaf hills. You counter the scholar’s illusion with magic of your own. ‘No.

Defence 13. turn go 151 now. and you start groping your way hurriedly back Nunobiki. A seller of incense sticks tells you that this road is called the . You take shelter for the night in a cave that turns out to be Successful roll turn to 402 occupied by an old bear. COMBAT 7. turn to 529. and the roof lets in the rain. Note it on your Adventure Sheet. somehow. to 580. but as soon as it so Metals 680 Shards 600 Shards much as licks the corpse it recoils with an agonized shriek and Minerals 550 Shards 500 Shards flees off into the night. famous for its textile industry?’ he says. They all attack at the same time . Stamina 14 towards the exit. Stamina 17 If you have the codeword Fleet. 620 Cargo To buy To sell The ghoul arrives at midnight. If If you have the codeword Cenotaph. cross it off and turn Otherwise read on. COMBAT 10. If. This will stand Go higher turn to 24 you in good stead when you are travelling at sea. When you are ready to leave. At night the room fills with smoke 622 from the taproom below. The balloon breaks up into charring fragments and the spend here. Seeing you are that you get a good deal. You have gathered several handfuls of silver. COMBAT 9. you have a blessing of Safety from Storms. Then you hear a soft sigh of laughter that can only Jiro. He knows how to maim. Inside the lair you find a jar Timber 180 Shards 140 Shards of faery mead and 250 Shards. its Failed roll (or not making the attempt) turn to 675 shaggy coat blurring into a deep darkness at the back of the cave. Turn to 584. A shooting pain Stamina points you lose in this fight are permanently lost! stabs up your arm. Turn to 610. Spices 550 Shards 500 Shards The next day you find it dead in front of its lair. turn to your Adventure Sheet and turn to 53. rooted in world matters. Defence 11. poking its grey face in through Furs 250 Shards 175 Shards the window of the room where the dead girl is lying. and any The paladin presses his lance against your wrist. poisoned by Textiles 150 Shards 100 Shards the holy aura you laid on the corpse. COMBAT 9. turn to 82. To locate the monastery you will need either a SCOUTING roll at Difficulty 15 or a SANCTITY roll at 624 Difficulty 13. Stamina 13 Surrender turn to 452 626 Fight and win turn to 738 Sharp peaks gleaming with snow pierce the sky.52 Lords of the Rising Sun 617 Bear. Otherwise turn to 222. Note anything you are taking on When you have made all your business arrangements. You Grain 120 Shards 80 Shards watch from behind a door as it creeps inside. You can also take the ghoul’s head as a trophy if you want. If not. Defence 22. but on a roll of 6 you get dysentery and lose 1 Stamina. 621 628 The storm whips up the sea into white-frothed grey breakers. It lumbers forward with a growl. roll a die. Defence 13. If you win. worth a total of meaning that you only get to strike one blow (against whichever between 10 and 60 Shards (roll one die). you can continue on your way. The only place you can find to stay is a tiny rat-infested garret above a noisy tavern. 627 although this monk’s blessing is spiritual rather than divine. If you did not have one already. 618 625 This will be a hard fight. Far off you can make out a few thatched cottages huddled mournfully below a 619 ridge of wind-blasted pines. You have a contact in the Autumn Moon clan who makes sure By now it is the early hours of the morning. You must fight it at a penalty of -2 to COMBAT unless you have 631 a source of light such as a lantern or candle. settle your bill and 623 then turn to 8. blackness. the monk bids you goodnight. Stamina 51 Remember to keep track of each time he injures you and reduce 630 your unwounded Stamina score by that amount if you survive It is not easy for a person to find Gaman Monastery if his mind is the fight. On a score of 1-5 you can regain 1 two of you plummet to the ground. Giant. ‘May I point out that Hagashin is tired. the The wizard misjudges one of his spells and sets fire to the paper innkeeper wants 1 Shard a day for this hovel. you get a blessing of Safety Descend out of the mountains turn to 646 from Storms. Turn to 692. The giant slams the door shut on your leg. Turn to 140. Yoshio. Defence 13. Stamina point if injured. you defeat him. turn to 13. COMBAT 15. Stamina 10 bode evil. causing you the loss of 1-6 Stamina points and trapping you while he slams punishing 629 punches into your gut. turn to 458. You are plunged into utter you. Each day you balloon. 302. when a sudden gust of opponent you choose) in the time that all three get to strike icy wind extinguishes your light. It works exactly like a blessing from the western gods Alvir and Valmir.

points from your SANCTITY score permanently for attacking a Score 2-8 A quiet journey turn to 652 blameless holy man. The climate here is subtropical. Concentrate your attacks on him. Make a SCOUTING roll at Difficulty 14. Turn to 677. Now it is time you made yourself scarce: turn to 79.) 635 If you are still alive and kicking. and the sky looks like ink This is wild cloud-swept moorland where the trees grow bent. roaring and shaking his fist. 636 At last you reach the top storey. far west along the coat. (At least those are Stamina Explore the land to the east turn to 242 points you can get back by resting. tinge the breeze. Wait to see what happens turn to 659 The gaping hole in the man’s chest slowly closes as the dead grey flesh knits itself together. but the mountains to the north wear caps of They give vent to shrill cries of fury when they discover you are snow. With their faces contorted into devil masks of hatred and Travel up into the mountains turn to 359 blood running down their chins. however. You strike the monk down. then turn to 657. cold and deserted. performing a series of complex Successful SCOUTING roll turn to 665 magical gestures that cause a thick mist to spring up from the Failed SCOUTING roll turn to 603 grass. Hauling the door open you Take the road to Narai turn to 194 dash outside. Lords of the Rising Sun 53 Great Saddle because of the lay of the land between Chambara 639 and Mukogawa. Turn to 273. family of spiders who were living inside them. the moon comes up. 645 Grab Akugenda’s ankle turn to 681 Add the spear (COMBAT +4) to your list of possessions. While you are you notice a fine golden katana hanging on the wall. tips out the to your list of possessions if you wish. Akugenda only laughs. Add this to your list of possessions if you Drink the wine turn to 664 want it. against the polished slate of the sea. You must give her anyone weapon from among the possessions you are carrying. From outside to sit at his dining table. squeezed together in a sack full of dung – except that wouldn’t small this bad. Your score. What you thought at first was a dirty comes the growl of distant thunder and then the sound of light lace tablecloth turns out to be a thick layer of dust that is thrown rain gusting against the shutters. sir giant. 632 You are at the southern tip of Yodoshi. Add this coughing. Roll two dice. Pretend to drink turn to 686 Attack him turn to 712 638 Akugenda recoils with a grimace. Roll two dice. like a man who had sipped at a 644 wine-cup only to discover it contained vinegar. Land of Roots’. Follow the coast up to Mukogawa turn to 535 641 633 Night falls. like old man pushing wearily into a strong wind. The Akatsurese name for hell is ne no kuni. the main island of 640 Akatsurai. You utter a curse of undeflectable force and the aged scholar falls ‘Call me Big Boy. unlike any you may have lost battling the giant in person.) Score 9-12 A hermit turn to 502 The monk levitates away nursing his injuries.’ now. cannot go below 1. 637 ‘Your health. mirror (MAGIC +4). and pours you some wine.’ you say for want of anything better. Lose 1-6 Roll two dice. The giant stands on the landing and Mukogawa to the south. and exotic scents The door bangs open and the heads of the three hosts swoop in. awake. gleaming like . but then a massive chair comes hurtling down Set out for Mukogawa turn to 73 from the top of the pagoda and smashes to splinters on your Go west over open country turn to 282 head. where the giant invites you Room after room is unlit. His just yet as you might get it back. which means ‘the ‘Never mind the foreigner. Lose 2-12 Stamina points. You catch a glimpse of his silhouette rising into the air as the chancellor’s guards mill about in confusion. You are about to leave when up into the air the moment you sit down. Score 2-8 Nothing in sight turn to 298 Score 2-9 An untroubled journey turn to 662 Score 9-12 A woman in white turn to 287 Score 10-12 Attacked by pirates turn to 145 634 642 Two roads leave Chompo – for Narai. above.’ says Kiyomori to his guards. the giant fetches a couple of rusty goblets.’ he says. He does nothing to resist. Are you at all ashamed as you slope off to your bed? Turn to 610. wobbling bulk puts you in mind of two water buffaloes She hands you her own sword in return. turn to 501. His eyes open. You could easily believe that is where you are ‘Akugenda is the real threat. you wonder how you could Go west to Hidari turn to 323 have mistaken them for human beings. slobbering wine all down his clutching his heart. You search his body and find a spirit chin. You race off down the stairs. (You could give her a paper sword if you 643 have one.) Do not cross the weapon off your list of possessions The giant heaves his way up the stairs ahead of you.

From your vantage point here in the hills you can Chambara. in the other to Teleos. if you don’t intend to set sail right away. streams and scattered farmsteads. remember to change the entry in the Docked column on the Ship’s Manifest. Her shrine is Go south-west turn to 704 in the east garden of the mansion. your stocks of fresh water. pay 35 Shards Over the Blood-Dark Sea 260 Aku.54 Lords of the Rising Sun polished golden orbs with no sign of irises or pupils. The giant yawns like a volcano about to go off. Recover 1- Morituri holds up a long-taloned hand. The men are glad to have something You start to reply. pay 35 Shards The City in the Clouds 197 Score 2-8 An uneventful journey turn to 297 Dweomer. pay 35 Shards Over the Blood-Dark Sea 242 Score 9-12 A challenge is issued turn to 698 Metriciens. Run for it turn to 501 Head north turn to 674 Do battle with the giant turn to 712 Head south turn to 174 Head west turn to 592 652 Head east turn to 706 You are on the road not far from Chambara. turn to 281. who is Go south-east turn to 444 believed to be the first ancestor of the Sovereign. but 646 then the giant’s pet raven peers out from its cage and gives a You find a steep rocky trail that carries you down out of the screech. ‘I am Lord Morituri of the Dawatsu Clan. . nomads from the Blue South over open country turn to 704 Grasslands of western Ankon-Konu. Travel to Chambara turn to 631 Travel to Mukogawa turn to 552 648 Go north-east turn to 515 Because the House of Wistaria is related to the royal family. cross off the money and record the ship’s Roll two dice. stay in Hagashin after all.’ are ready to set sail turn to 136. and when you matters. Two painted screens that show the veiled goddess arising from the cavern of night slides 655 back to give entry to the inner chapel. Leave the shrine turn to 565 Ship Type Cost Capacity 649 Barque 240 Shards 1 Cargo Unit The lookout says he can see Shaku Island to the south-west and Yodoshi Island to the north. turn to 302. 647 To the capital turn to 79 Hagashin is much more cosmopolitan than the other cities of East along the road turn to 590 Akatsurai. The crew quality at the moment Score 2-10 An uneventful voyage turn to 580 is poor. pay 15 Shards turn to 27 see the countryside tumble down to west and east in a profusion Remember to pay the fare if you decide to travel. pay 80 Shards Legions of the Labyrinth 18 Mukogawa. ‘And I am–’ other than fish and ship’s biscuit to eat for a change. Coarse tufts of docked at Mukogawa. If you have the title Chosen One of Nagil. 650 ! So. masked lords of Uttaku and even iron-dark priests from far Chrysoprais. the capital city. Score 11-12 A storm brewing turn to 621 Each time you arrive at a new destination. persistent effort you find a small vessel with a worm-eaten Speak to the goddess turn to 668 figurehead that might just suit your purposes. If not. grass sprout above weathered cliffs of chalk. turn to 711. mountains. Mithdrak. details on the Ship’s Manifest.’ he says in a voice You lay up in a cove for a couple of days while replenishing made thick by centuries of silence. You take a flightless birds glare with disapproval at your insolent invasion. If it was already ticked. turn to 742. a room whose bare The only ships available for sale are the ones rejected by the wooden floor and walls have been polished until the gleam like Moonrise Clan as unsuitable for their fleet. step back as he drifts into an upright position and unfolds his If the box above is empty. As you walk down the streets you might rub Towards the Kwaidan Forest turn to 672 shoulders with wizards from Braelak. 364. Decide where your travels will take you next. note that the ship is You lead your men ashore on one of the cliffs. pay 15 Shards Over the Blood-Dark Sea 535 The road leads in one direction to Chambara. Choose from the following water streams down in quicksilver torrents and the sunlight destinations: sparkles across fields of flowers. Your life is behind you now. If you decide to buy it. spirit of the sun. 651 You get a couple of handfuls of jewels worth 200 Shards. Dangor. After several days of red gold. put a tick in it before turning to arms. pay 70 Shards The Isle of a Thousand Spires 8 Roll two dice. they Go north-west turn to 672 especially revere the goddess Nisoderu. where melt- is willing to take on a passenger. If you want to of fields. A few ungainly When you have finished here. ‘That no longer 6 Stamina points (the roll of one die) if injured. 653 You soon strike up conversation with a foreign captain who Pine trees line the flanks of the Urushi Mountains. read on. pay 55 Shards The Court of Hidden Faces 502 654 Smogmaw.

If the box is empty. scattered antique oblong coins. you must add it to your list of possessions and To obtain the favour of the goddess you must make a note that you can only dispose of it once you have visited a CHARISMA roll of Difficulty 16. deadly. a . but read on. the goddess does not deign to cannot prise its jaw open even when it has stopped struggling. 669 pointing to the reef-bound shore.’ Make your excuses and leave turn to 501 murmurs the old scholar. Akugenda by now is visible 666 only as a small floating shape against the fiery sunset.’ wait.’ he says. ‘We’d be best off making for You station yourself outside the Sovereign’s apartments and Mukogawa. ‘Those shaven-headed youths are Kiyomori’s private Each day you spend at the inn costs 2 Shards and allows you army of thugs. Stamina 18 Difficulty 16.’ he snaps. Lords of the Rising Sun 55 Steer due east The City in the Clouds 77 656 Follow the coast south turn to 649 The woman takes a spinning leap towards you. receive you. All around him on the floor of the chamber are the codeword Fern and turn to 618. up to the limit of your country!’ unwounded Stamina score. On a catafalque of blue- eyes narrow in focused rage. If you fail this roll. If you succeed. The effect is to hide is behind a painted screen that shows hunters riding on similar to being half drowned and then held over a bonfire. The only place instant later the alcohol fumes hit your brain. He main canal. ‘slay the interfering clod. Failing this. Get the codewords Fruit and Fuchsia before turn to 79. If you gave her a weapon. just as the moon has risen. Fight and win turn to 746 Successful MAGIC roll turn to 718 Surrender turn to 36 Failed MAGIC roll turn to 140 657 664 You make your way back down the silent corridors towards the You knock back the wine before you have time to gag. A glimmer of lamplight warns you that like your insides are being scoured out with a wire brush. He spits on the ground at your 667 feet before leading his gang away. Help yourself to some treasure turn to 625 660 Withdraw the spear turn to 645 The youths back off. Kiyimori’s The passage leads to a tomb chamber. When you are ready to move on. Defence 16. Turn to 140. Get of the latter. An someone is coming this way. ‘It’s deplorable what’s happened to this to recover 1 lost Stamina point. He throws out both hands. 11. ‘You should keep your nose out of things that don’t concern you. The spear driven right through his chest argues in favour Jiro and two other warriors spread out to encircle you. You look around. horseback across a landscape of clouds. you have the ear of the goddess: turn to 691. virtually blotting out the sunlight. COMBAT 8. causing his long sleeves to make a snapping sound like a sail going taut in 665 the wind. Search for a way out turn to 687 Go deeper into the woods turn to 715 659 The mist blows away on the breeze. Lose 1 point permanently from all your ability scores except Hide behind the screen turn to 486 SANCTITY. Now turn to 296. bonus (if any) to her COMBAT and Defence scores.’ reckons the mate.’ says the ringleader. To counter his fire jets you must make a MAGIC roll of Warrior Maid. 661 668 ! One dead head sinks its teeth into your forearm and you If the box above has a tick in it. turn to 226. You drop as though poleaxed.’ dead. Kwaidan Forest. The occult force he propels at you is invisible but Soaring pines lean overhead. Chancellor. veined white marble lies a man who might be either sleeping or ‘Jiro. the box above and then turn to 565. 662 ‘There’s no anchorage to be found here. turn now to 565. but they seem surprised rather than afraid Leave without rifling the tomb turn to 583 of you. Every morning you can buy fresh fruit for breakfast made his common mistake of opening criticising the Lord from punts that come right up to your window. whirling through the air so fast that her attacks comes thick and fast in a blur of 663 furious motion. It feels palace entrance. Offer him faery mead if you have it turn to 740 658 Attack him turn to 712 ‘Regrettably I cannot afford the luxury of toying with you. clutching your sides as the You are a solitary traveller adrift in the immensity of the spell turns your innards to mush. add its COMBAT Talanexor is a powerful mage and pyrotechnics is his speciality. You take lodging at a quaint inn standing on stilts out over the The old man is Lord Yasutaka of the Wistaria Clan. Set a course north turn to 745 About two hours after midnight. put a tick in temple or shrine. do not put a To dispose of it you have to make a MAGIC roll at a Difficulty of tick in it just yet. Stand your ground turn to 678 One thing’s for sure – you can’t handle much of this stuff.

I’ll drop you off right here. You are travelling through the central region of Toho Island. a tatsu pearl. whose leafy paths are more often trod by sprites have me executed. it also Around the central mountains of Akatsurai. COMBAT 11. Textiles 250 Shards 180 Shards Timber 300 Shards 250 Shards 671 You are on the road that follows the coastline between Narai When your business is complete. more than a single person can carry. Stamina 21 trees. Get the codeword Fern and turn to 733. Failed MAGIC roll turn to 473 Cargo To buy To sell 670 Furs 200 Shards 150 Shards You find your way into Kiyomori’s private chambers. You doubt if you’ve seen the last of him. Forested hills loom large as thunderclouds against the southern sky. The only the chancellor’s guards to stay back. but by the time they get up to the cliff top you are 675 out of range. hunters. sure you can make out a monstrous squirming shape. weeping through fishing villages where you are offered cups of bitter bitterly into his long sleeves. that she has been taken to a small house with a green door Follow the road north turn to 733 somewhere in the suburbs. He prices quoted here are for entire Cargo Units – much Make a MAGIC roll at a Difficulty of 17. ocean under a wide sky of racing clouds. turn to 79. Score 2-8 An untroubled journey turn to 296 678 Score 9-12 Unexpected hospitality turn to 426 If you took the golden katana from the other room.’ Enter the forest turn to 398 Oh. It passes along cliff tops and down ‘How can you possibly find her?’ laments Takakura.’ Go south to Hidari turn to 323 If you are a Troubadour. Signalling between the Kenen and Yasai mountain ranges. You will need a ship to Successful MAGIC roll turn to 403 transport goods in these quantities. the terrain is rugged reduces your Defence. and Chompo. Defence 17. delighted at the opportunity of showing off his skill. The hills rise steeply in the east. Roll two dice. You can take 1000 Minerals 600 Shards 550 Shards Shards. you are coming war. ‘Alas. a pole axe (COMBAT +2) and silver Spices 700 Shards 650 Shards chopsticks. blue-tinted heather seethes like an If you gave her a paper sword. Chambara. Strike out towards the mountains turn to 653 680 674 ‘You are brave enough. so you have plenty of Metals 950 Shards 800 Shards time to sort through his treasure chest.’ says Akugenda. . turn to 723. Swept by the wind. turn to 721. turn to 656. Otherwise turn to 747. ‘Actually I’m wondered how we’re going to get down. than mortal men. 673 The Western Coastal Road runs all the way from Hidari to the 679 Imperial capital. turn to 281. This is the ‘I expect you’re wondering why the chancellor was going to Kwaidan Forest. nestled beside boulders or half-hidden in a copse of Tadachika. I know only green tea. Because it affects your COMBAT score. Kiyomori sends for his archers. Turn and run off turn to 696 Go east turn to 706 Fight and win turn to 728 Go west turn to 592 Go south turn to 245 681 Go north turn to 319 Akugenda’s spell carries both of you aloft.’ he says laughing. The breeze bears you steadily southwards. To sneak back out. At the same time a baleful Senior members of the Moonrise Clan supervise all trade at the influence can be felt settling over everything like a chill wind warehouses to make sure that they have ample supplies for the from a graveyard. turn to 736. Go east turn to 703 Worse. he draws his sword and dwellings you see hereabouts are the log cabins of solitary advances on you. Peering into the depths of the cloud. 677 Go south turn to 398 The sword she has given you is as heavy as an iron bucket. Go west turn to 155 You have no choice but to fight with it. Go north turn to 493 A kick sends you plummeting down into the sea. it seems to have magically welded itself to your hand. blue and tree-clad. I’ll give you that!’ roars Tadachika. poor Kokoro.56 Lords of the Rising Sun black cloud comes drifting from the woods west of the city and 676 hovers over the roof of the palace. turn to 722. He is Grain 300 Shards 250 Shards outside in the garden watching a play. If not. You swim Go south turn to 97 ashore in time to see Akugenda drifting off into the sunset. and wild. even though it is a cursed sword (-2 to COMBAT)! Note this on your list of 672 possessions. Otherwise.

If you survive that. you should die. turn to 646. turn to 710 in this book. lose the codeword Fuchsia. The Score 2-7 You follow a steam turn to 529 mate is bending over you. If successful. but there are still You see a richly attired gentleman strutting down the street at a plenty of those odd oblong coins strewn around. ‘Were you having a dream. To become an initiate of Nisoderu you must now make a Score 2-5 A flash of lightning turn to 335 SANCTITY roll at a Difficulty of 15. make a CHARISMA roll at a Difficulty of 14 (or 20 if you’re not 686 an initiate). the wide sky. A failed roll means you slip and fall. The green half-light is gritty and filled with creeping 692 shadows. very smart pace for someone with such a dignified appearance. A successful roll means you manage to get safely back to the base of the cliff.) Adventure Sheet. ‘We ought to be getting back on board. Assuming you survive. lose that status and write Nisoderu in the God box on your Adventure Sheet. The stench of loam and pine needles makes you feel slightly sick. There is Resurrection box on your Adventure Sheet. and that’ll make you sad all right!’ 691 Roll two dice. Do you have an edged weapon If you are already a initiate of Nisoderu and want to such as a knife. rearing upright with an resurrection arranged at a time. Dangling halfway up the cliff. I see Also. if you failed any of these CHARISMA or SANCTITY If you have a bottle of faery mead. 687 To leave the shrine. turn to 565.’ wide awake. You can only have one don’t you like my wine?’ says the giant. This place is like a nightmare brought on by fever. If you fail 685 the SANCTITY roll. In the small hours of the night you are confronted by It is characteristic of the people of Hagashin that they do not three disembodied heads that come drifting through the air bother with the usual distinction between temples to the Sage of towards you. fancies try again when you fail a roll for that ability. You must Roll two dice: have dozed off on the beach and now the tide is coming in. ‘Belay that talk of lightning. Blessings are available for turn to 273. angry look. Has he forgotten to remove the You soon get into serious trouble. it is then used up and you should cross it off.’ As you row back out to the ship. Pick up some silver turn to 625 His eyes are fixed straight ahead of him and his stern expression Get out of here turn to 583 as he brushes past is enough to deter you from saying anything. by a sign and they will ostracize you from now on. ‘All creation is divine. down. cross her name off the God box on your cut the balloon’s ropes? (A paper sword with not do the trick. Lastly. Nisoderu will not accept you. you can only have one blessing for each ability at any one it and am fearful. If not. then it fades and I am sad. Gazing out to sea he says: ‘Under the blessing once. The blessing works by allowing you to One of the Akatsurese sailors. ‘Here. As you watch him go bobbing down the street. ‘so heaven and earth are one. If not. Talanexor’s spell hits you while to see how she responds to your ingratitude. you are still fumbling with the ropes – turn to 140. You can get a blessing for 35 Shards – or just 20 Shards if Lose 2-12 Stamina points (roll two dice). turn to 699. skipper?’ Score 8-12 Unseen tormentors turn to 700 he asks. the constant trickle of rainwater and the draught coming under the 690 door. CHARISMA.’ time. sword or other sharp implement with which to renounce her worship. Check your list of possessions. a man named Narakami. If you succeed and were Score 6-10 A quiet voyage turn to 713 already an initiate of another god. Now turn to 226. Simply pay the money and note the appropriate ability in the Blessings box on 684 your Adventure Sheet. you notice a 689 ticket sticking up out of his hat. Lose the codeword Future. losing 683 4-24 Stamina points (roll four dice). SCOUTING.’ shouts the mate superstitiously. a scintillant refulgence: the lightning’s flicker. You can add Run and catch him up turn to 84 1 to the dice roll if you have rope and 2 if you have climbing Forget about it turn to 79 gear. You are soon fast asleep in spite of the hard clay floor. you’re an initiate of the Sage of Peace. turn rolls. and he is on his way to the palace.’ chunk out of your flesh with its teeth and you realize you are says a priest. price tag? If so. Then make a CHARISMA roll of Difficulty 18 If you do. write Lords of the Rising Sun 710 in the You pour away the wine when the giant isn’t looking. If you want to obtain Nisoderu’s guarantee of resurrection. ‘or you’ll see me with my lash. Lords of the Rising Sun 57 688 682 The tomb chamber is no longer occupied. You wake up to find your feet in a pool of water. he could you can see no way on and you aren’t sure you can get back suffer serious embarrassment. Make a SCOUTING roll at a Difficulty of 17. COMBAT and MAGIC. You can only use himself as something of a poet. the goddess makes her displeasure known to the clan elders to 712. In the event that a sizzling sound as it burns the varnish off the floorboards. It seems like a nightmare until one of them tears a Peace and shrines to the divine powers. turn to 740. one of your crewmen mentions how he spent the afternoon watching a swarm of .

a long blue As you run away down the path to the town. you hear flute music in the distance: it makes you think of the Turn to 720. codeword Frog and the title Hatamoto. All night long you listen Attack him fully armed turn to 135 to the ghoul pacing around outside. watching the moon pull free of a bamboo thicket. but then a sound Stop at the inn turn to 295 makes itself heard. burning like the heart of a storm. Your Stamina cannot go higher 697 than its normal unwounded score. acquire the You find an inn that charges only 5 Shards a week. Roll Shuriyoko turns the evidence in his fingers. Lose the another six. and Accept the challenge turn to 719 salt purifies the ground so that unclean spirits cannot cross it. then turn to 452. ‘From hell’s heart I stab at thee!’ he screams. roll the die again and take master the Shogun? Now I’ll see you get a traitor’s reward. Admiration gives way to pain as you tear the crimson If you have an iron fan. It begins as a low groan. 699 Cross the salt and iron filings off your list of possessions You swiftly cut the balloon loose and grab hold of the dangling and turn to 544. Then turn to 362. All eyes turn to the body. If you survive that. building rapidly to a Go east turn to 30 drawn-out scream of hatred that suddenly becomes an ugly Go west turn to 2 laugh. ‘Why would you have this unless you are plotting against our regardless of armour. Turn to 136. eyes One night. you must fight it. a die: the number you roll is how many Stamina points you lose. You come to a rest in a dense A maid spots you skulking and raises the alarm. The trembling after the exertion of the climb and the glow in the arrow strikes you just as you reach the coastal path – a dragon’s eyes is so dazzling that you feel sick. Refuse turn to 297 You sprinkle them round the cottage. Jiro lowers his 703 blade and reaches for a pitcher of water to clean it. Your limbs are himself comes out on to the porch and calls for his bow. ‘I’m for setting sail without delay. turn to 716. Roll two dice. If you survive. from which you can deduct your 702 armour’s Defence bonus. whimpering and snarling. you stay here. Lose 3-18 Stamina points (the roll of three dice). Coalescing in the air above it is a 704 shadowy image. fleeting moment it seems to evoke a familiar memory… One of the fireballs hits you. For a consumed by rage. until finally it is driven back to its lair with the onset of dawn. Get the codeword Fortress and turn to 312. the blade cleaves through. turn to 743. 698 Score 2-9 A peaceful few days turn to 732 You are challenged to a bout of unarmed sparring by a short Score 10-12 The urge to sing turn to 216 swarthy fellow called himself Mister Dragon. soil and pine cones is flung down on your head. ‘If we stay here too long I reckon those Moonrise Clan officials will 701 take our vessel for their navy. the head drops to the ground. If not. You are chased forest. On the lintel is carved a cryptic motto: ‘Heaven and earth are limitless. 700 Loud shrieking laughter rings out from high above as a shower 694 of pebbles. His gaze is like acid. The hairs on your neck stand on end. If you survive that. thunk. The basket drops away with Talanexor still firing bursts of wildfire at you. Akugenda gives a defiant shout as Jiro lifts the two-handed When you are ready to set out. Soon you find a stream which must 695 surely lead down towards the forest’s edge. score of three dice). arrow out of your thigh and hobble on. Get the codeword Fracas if you didn’t have it already.’ advises the mate. Iron filings act as a painful barrier to all uncanny creatures. and yet somehow magnificent shot over a distance of a hundred and fifty paces. You arrive at a roadside inn overlooking a reef-lined bay. ropes.’ 696 With a sound like the clanging of copper shields. Slish. If you get a six. Lose 3-18 Stamina points (the You give the order to weigh anchor. roll one die and that is the number of Stamina points you recover if injured. Turn to 529. Each week codeword Fracas if you didn’t have it already. Lord Kiyomori dragon hauls itself out of the recesses of the cave. you watch Talanexor plunge to his doom and then wait while the balloon drifts 693 gradually down out of the sky. Kiyomori and his retainers turn to depart. by Kiyomori’s guards and soon apprehended. turn to 270. ‘No weapons or armour permitted.’ he says with a broad 705 smile. Akugenda’s ghost. then turn to 140. ancient Akatsurese poets. and so on. sword and swings it towards his neck. Sure enough there is an open Give the order to sail turn to 745 doorway between pillars of translucent moonstone that have Go ashore turn to 281 been polished smooth until they shine like ice. you hear a fluttering as your attackers flit off into the depths of the wood.’ You pull yourself up on the ledge. tinged with the dark red of clotted blood. captain. of course.’ that many Stamina points as well – rolling yet again if you get You are taken out into the courtyard and beheaded.58 Lords of the Rising Sun wasps fight a snake that was trying to get into their nest. .

but he strikes with unstoppable strength and he knows how to break bones. limitless cobalt expanse of the Unbounded Ocean. Farm or to 488 otherwise. Sheet and then turn to 146.’ Difficulty of 15. Add 2 to the dice if you are a Rogue (they can Dawn ensanguines the sky. swarming across its body and piercing its scaly flanks with their spears. It winks at you mischievously and points to You are wandering in a murky place. this side of the grave. your soul is forbidden fruit. odd look. the fight. ‘Now it’s day. but he is saved in the nick of time by his wise teacher. It is a hard 715 fight but at last the dragon lies dead. gnarled leathery talons and a mantle of 710 glossy black feathers. champions. I shall have Dragon.’ it says in a harsh croaking alive at least. Stamina 27 them instead. You perform a rite of purification that restores the official’s Get the codeword Flag and then turn to 226.’ If you manage to defeat it. 716 then pauses in the act of raising a hand to your throat and gives a Holding the fan in front of your eyes at least gives some vexed sigh. and it jumps into the water. so you can Turn back turn to 378 flee at any time. The trees stand on all sides like the pillars ‘Henceforth you will be known as the mightiest of our of an immense cathedral. As the ripples fade. ‘It is not safe to linger here at night. Stamina 51 You will need to be a strong swimmer to get across. protection from the dragon’s baleful stare. Get across turn to 97 Run off before he kills you turn to 642 Fight and (somehow) win turn to 458 708 The play is about an extremely old frog with magical powers. Lords of the Rising Sun 59 706 ‘This would be a great gift. The ground mist swirls away behind you and such creatures like smudges of ink in the bosky gloom. the world grows brighter. Beyond lies only the He spreads his hands. Slowly you make you way the upper branches. then turn to 79. marshes. lord. displaying talons like kitchen knives.’ new day’s dying.’ There is a fluttering sound. so does 714 the illusion that the scholar had fallen in love with. clawing at ‘Ah. He is so impressed that he tells all his friends. you battle the dragon without a thought sum to the money on your Adventure Sheet. ‘Don’t you know that this road leads to the To impress the tengu you must make a CHARISMA roll at a underworld?’ he says. . It rears up. scrutinizing you with his strange luminous gaze. for your own life. who come to you requesting blessings and sacred talismans. Go east turn to 161 The teacher draws his sword and slices just to the left of the Go west turn to 224 illusion. sufficient to sustain me morning the sun is reborn from the underworld and begins a until I can find another source to feed on. no matter – I sense you and spitting gouts of blistering plasma. Fortunately the giant is not fast on his feet. Any Stamina points 707 you lose in this fight are permanently lost The Chu River is a fierce white torrent between rocky banks. turn to 461 if you have the codeword You are not sure whether to broach the subject of a reward. ‘We don’t get You have lost all your possessions and money. The paladins join in too. It is up to you to set the course. It 713 tricks a foolish scholar with the illusion of a beautiful girl. Something drops lightly to the Get the codeword Flood and turn to 692. Big Boy. where each ‘It is yours for just a few drops of blood. Defence. where he knows that the invisible frog must be standing. You 709 are showered with presents to the value of 100 Shards. COMBAT 15. where you can now make out many other up a steep path. ground behind you. sacrosanct status. Let him drink some of your blood turn to 23 Go north along the coast turn to 446 Refuse to co-operate turn to 742 Go south to Kumo Province turn to 174 Go west towards Kaiju turn to 674 712 Go up into the mountains turn to 245 The giant may look clumsy. The Your vessel is skirting the north coast of Akatsurai’s largest frog uses this illusion to lure the scholar to his death in the island. A peasant passes you on the road and gives you an voice. there are others wandering in the woods nearby. The heart of the wood is as dark a spot as you are likely to find ‘We shall not forget your valour this day. The easternmost shore of Akatsurai. Add this Dodging and hacking. Make a Remember to keep track of each time he injures you and reduce SCOUTING roll at Difficulty 13 if you try it. relate to that) but subtract 2 if you are carrying more than 750 Erase the entry in the Resurrection box on your Adventure Shards. You turn to see a strange hunched creature with a long black beak.’ says the queen. but Morituri shows he is not ungrateful by offering you a hyperium wand (MAGIC +6).’ you reply. COMBAT 9. Well. The nearest creature plucks at your sleeve. but you are many of your kind in these parts. and if you fail the your unwounded Stamina score by that amount if you survive roll you must turn back after losing 1 Stamina point.’ you say. Successful CHARISMA roll turn to 164 Failed CHARISMA roll turn to 139 711 He steps closer. because tengu are extremely avaricious. Defence 19.

If you win. she takes a step backwards. ‘Madam. pay your bill and turn to 723 178. 721 the sentries resemble temple statues carved from blocks of Takakura mentions that Kokoro loved to play the flute – pristine marble. The monks are open-minded You watch in horror as the smoking carcass falls to the and don’t mind if you were already an initiate of another god. Troops are arriving every As he speaks. its source.’ plasma. She executes a sudden merciless attack. To comprehend front of the Lord Chancellor. Perhaps head rotates to throw a stabbing beam of light that picks you out that is why the innkeeper feels justified in charging 4 Shards a in the darkness. 720 725 The ghost leaps high into the air with a boom like lightning If you wish to become an initiate of the Sage of Peace. You wander the outskirts of of the clan and allow you to pass. day. Stamina 17 hands it to you. . but the ghost dispatches him with this doctrine requires a SANCTITY roll of Difficulty 15. Lord Yoritomo of the Moonrise Clan has sent out the call to villain. clear voice. Defence 17. but he has no trouble spotting Fight him turn to 490 you in the gloom. Turn to 487. which is the best you will get hereabouts. means you are made an initiate. turn to 467. where it lodges in a tree. ground at Kiyomori’s feet. ‘Time to die. He lunges at you. 719 Mister Dragon stands in front of you. your Defence score is the sum of your always tells us that trickery is half the battle. If you don’t have the city until the rain lets up and the full moon is unveiled. Once A punch to the heart turn to 454 you’ve amended the Ship’s Manifest (and crossed off the money) A kick to the solar plexus turn to 42 turn to 281. especially one tune called ‘The Vague Moon after the Rain’. Jiro steps forward to interpose himself in monks will instruct you in the sacred doctrine. It will cost you 40 Shards to upgrade a poor crew to A finger strike to the throat turn to 737 average quality. Success a hellfire bolt.’ Turn to 312. I cheated. If you attempt the SANCTITY roll and fail it. you can be both. his spare frame like the wings of a bat. His eyes are narrow and Ignore him and walk off turn to 316 deep-set and he seems ancient.) Run for it turn to 362 Turn to 532. hands surrounded by hot white You give her a buccaneer’s grin. you join in battle with one of the foremost sorcerers Gaping in dismay.’ so confusing that you must lose 1 from your SANCTITY score. Leap in front of Kiyomori turn to 40 Drive the ghost off with prayer turn to 61 726 The mansion is heavily guarded.’ he says in a quiet. That way she’ll know better drift back to the ground. You can take Talanexor’s ‘If you ever need to cross the bridge again. you find a small cottage with a green door. She pulls an agate swan pendant from around her neck and Talanexor. As you watch him strike one absurd fencing pose after The newcomer is a tall gentleman whose silk robes hang around another. When you are ready to move on. Run off turn to 540 allowing you to recuperate 1 Stamina point each day until fully Wait to see what happens turn to 575 healed. ‘It makes no difference.60 Lords of the Rising Sun 717 ‘A stranger. ‘Come forward. What will you do? (You can renounce initiate status freely at any time.’ arms to all his loyal vassals in the east. chancellor. What The only sailors available for hire are the ones that are too old or will you try? too young to be worth pressing into service in the Moonrise A hammer blow to the crown of his head turn to 112 navy. In their brocaded white tabards. following it to to 178. the main danger is that you might die laughing. that price includes a comfortable bed and good food.’ MAGIC score plus your Rank. apparently as unassailable 724 as a slab of rock. the doctrine is Kiyomori stares at the ghost. spitting molten sparks.’ cackles Akugenda’s voice. the ground. ‘I’m defeated!’ of the age.’ She slumps in dejection. He invites you to make the first attack. than to tangle with you. ‘Father For this battle only. But her 718 fierce expression is soon wiped away when she sees the fake Swaying precariously in a flimsy basket a thousand yards above blade snap against the buckle of your belt. If you have the codeword Frog they recognize you as an ally This is enough for you to go on. Then turn to 448. her pretty face transforming in an instant to a snarl of inhuman rage. the paper lantern that is hovering above his day and there is hardly room in the city to billet them. 727 A comical little man leaps out at you brandishing a kitchen 722 knife. Add the agate swan to your list of possessions and cross off the paper sword. Still. the rebounding off a tree. get the codeword Fortress. Armour does not count. show this to cobalt wand (MAGIC +3) while waiting for the balloon to whichever of my sisters is on duty. the codeword Frog you are refused entrance and must turn back Then you hear the plaintive sound of a flute and. COMBAT 11. ‘Do your worst.

but you twist as in any gold or silver you might be carrying. Turn back turn to 97 ‘Now I’ll have to go to the shrine and be purified. Roll two dice. seeing Tadachika defeated buys you a few seconds. You can add 2 to gods of Akatsurai. Lords of the Rising Sun 61 728 of the inn after spending the afternoon drinking bottles of rice You still have the other guards to deal with. in crystal water. 736 It will not be easy to find the house where Kokoro has been 731 taken. Make a Not only have you broken the man’s taboo.’ says a thin gruff voice. Forgetting all about you. let alone a drink with unusual properties. noted on your Adventure Sheet. turn to 147. leave a donation of 100 Shards candle. stopping at each small house to examine the door. roll a die to see what 737 the gods give you: It feels like jabbing your fingers against an iron bar. You can reduce the Successful SCOUTING roll turn to 487 Difficulty of the roll by 1 for each additional 100 shards that you Failed SCOUTING roll turn to 81 offer up. ‘A pity I Score 4 Gain a blessing of Safety from Storms must order your death. cloud of dust. but you have SCOUTING roll at Difficulty 13 if you try to cross it. 732 The rest of the chancellor’s guards are already on their way – You are in open country between the Urushi Mountains and the time to make a break for it. You set out over open country since it won’t be safe for you to use this stretch of road for a while. Mister Dragon delivers a powerful blow that weapon of +1 lays you out cold. they are not interested in you so much The nearest soldier puts his hand on your arm. Turn to 577. As you Score 1 Increase the COMBAT bonus of one cringe in agony. if you possess a royal sceptre and are prepared to Go north turn to 631 offer it to save his life. why did you have to interfere?’ Turn to 79. His doctors do not expect him to Travel to Shingen turn to 362 last the night. White Lady out of Yellowport. they set off in pursuit. a fast-flowing torrent flecked with 730 white froth between banks of sharp black rock. are lolling supine on the veranda ‘It won’t do any good. A hearty slap on SANCTITY roll at a Difficulty of 17 to drive the ghosts off. Remember that going up in Rank also increases your Defence score by 1. A all down (cross the faery mead off your list of possessions) and couple of ships are anchored here. the dice roll if you possess a light source such as a lantern or If you want to obtain a boon.’ remarks Kiyomori. If you the animal’s rump sends it galloping off down the road. Lose any blessings fail the roll you must turn back after losing 1 Stamina point. you advance one Rank and gain 1-6 extra Stamina points When you are ready to resume your journey. Turn to 704. Go west to the coast turn to 173 739 Travel to Chambara turn to 79 The Sovereign is gravely ill. ‘Oh. You scour the suburbs The shrine stands beside a lake where willows dip their boughs all night long. Otherwise. Turn to 33. The crewmen of one. If you succeed in the CHARISMA roll. If the total is higher than your Rank by 1 Rank. In a quick ‘I like this place so much I don’t think I’ll ever leave!’ glance around the hall you count ten guards – too many to fight. He quaffs it You arrive at an inn nestling at the back of a broad bay. permanently. turn to 114. turn to 65. impenetrable forests of the Kwaidan range. the rain soon lets up. The 729 spirits of miserly bandits.’ he snaps Get across turn to 378 at you. and make a CHARISMA roll of Difficulty 18. Fortunately. Score 2 Gain a blessing of Immunity to Disease/Poison 738 Score 3 Gain 1 Stamina point permanently ‘Your technique is magnificent. Turn to 63. The fail. Go south turn to 195 Go further east turn to 444 740 The giant is not used to drinking anything that actually tastes 733 pleasant.’ Score 5 Change your profession to Priest It certainly was a remarkable feat to overcome three skilled Score 6 The gods are annoyed. What now? Stop at the inn turn to 445 Pick up Tadachika’s sword turn to 83 Continue on your way turn to 591 Run past the guards to the back of the villa turn to 456 Turn and flee back to the town turn to 696 734 Thin wailing ghosts rise with the ground mist at dusk. reduce your samurai like that. they sweep into your backpack and devour all your money soldiers take one look at their terrified officer as he vanishes in a and any silver nuggets you are carrying. declares one. Here you can pay your respects to the thousand Make a SCOUTING roll at a Difficulty of 17. ‘He’s such a . the is soon slumbering in his chair. You must make a away and duck underneath the officer’s horse. and if you become ritually polluted into the bargain. 735 You arrive at the Chu River. but their shock at wine.

taking the lacquer box with her. mingles with the Darkness has begun to trickle between the boughs when you salt spray. but all the same Dock at Mukogawa turn to 35 they swiftly have you surrounded.’ Without COMBAT bonus 100 Shards 75 Shards Startled. Defence 25. axe. she has gone. The deliver that?’ she screams. COMBAT 13. then roll two dice. 747 Dawatsu Morituri. Plate armour (Defence +5) – 1500 Shards ‘How can I ever repay you?’ You wait a short while. I see wounds you have already inflicted on him before turning to you are a stranger. and the easternmost through the banks of ferns to seize you. by the You soon find that the local arms and armour prices are way?’ severely inflated.’ it says. Stamina 38 It is a young man whose handsome face is set in a look of deep If you retreat. turn to 461 if you have the codeword you never fully recover. COMBAT bonus +2 950 Shards 700 Shards ‘If you’ve got a length of rope I can tie him up. you look around to see a big scrawny raven glaring COMBAT bonus +1 500 Shards 350 Shards at you from a cage in the corner of the room. ‘But no. and Farm or to 488 if not. Dragon. or you can choose to stand your Go south turn to 641 ground and fight. Defence 25. and the scent of brine!’ ‘The time for such distinctions is past. Turn Fight on and win turn to 489 to 37. ‘Ah. She snatches the box from you and dragon’s roar seems like peaks of evil laughter resounding off the spits in your eye. ‘Sweeter to me than the taste of wine is the surge of the sea merchant. A faint drizzle. He notices you without alarm. A group of vampires in long black satin robes come crashing the main island of the Akatsurese chain. an agate swan pendant and an iron fan. from faces the colour of old ivory. Lose 1 Stamina point permanently. then turn to 376. ‘All that ‘You didn’t know our skipper was a poet. did you pay the fee for your berth. Back out of the sepulchre turn to 460 748 743 The woman steps out from under a bridge. and If you manage to defeat it. Lord Saga of the Nine ‘Fair stands the wind for Yarimura!’ cries the captain as you set Lakes clan.’ Give the raven some rope (if you have any) turn to 513 When you have finished your business here. mountain peaks.) You are face to face with the Sovereign of Akatsurai. You can also retrieve any weapon you gave her. Put in at Udai Island turn to 209 To break free requires a COMBAT or SANCTITY roll (your Go north turn to 64 choice) at a Difficulty of 16. did you?’ asks the matters now is to be ready for war. barely less fine than mist. Toho. etc) To buy To sell about. bloodshot eyes gleaming island. a shortsword.’ quartermaster. (If you do opt to do this. does not even bother to ask if you are a warrior or a sail. What brings you to my palace?’ 460. hear thudding footfalls. If not turn to 58 but Morituri apparently refuses to be reasonable. ‘Didn’t I tell you to You are reeling with exhaustion and almost snow-blind. COMBAT 15. Stamina 27 Your eyes continue to sting for several days afterwards. Just kill the giant while he’s asleep turn to 534 Tiptoe out of the pagoda turn to 501 745 The sea gleams like tarnished silver under a sky heavy with 741 cloud. but it seems the question was purely .62 Lords of the Rising Sun light sleeper. You are sailing the Ugetsu Straits that lies between Yodoshi. turn to 178. ‘Er. COMBAT bonus +3 – 1400 Shards ‘Otherwise I’d advise you to scarper. he’s bound to wake up as soon as you start nosing Weapons (sword. You will have to fight here or else make a retreat to more favourable ground. Successful roll turn to 529 746 Failed roll turn to 459 You strip your beaten opponent of her splint armour Stand and fight turn to 46 (Defence +4). 744 749 The officer in charge of the armoury. I thought the reach the open air. Pay him if you haven’t already. make a note of any chancellor had sent away all my guards. Score 2-10 You reach The Plains of Howling Armour To buy To sell Yarimura safely Darkness 280 Leather (Defence +1) 100 Shards 90 Shards Score 11-12 The ship sinks turn to 241 Ring mail (Defence +2) 200 Shards 180 Shards Chain mail (Defence +3) 400 Shards 350 Shards 750 Splint armour (Defence +4) 750 Shards 600 Shards ‘You’ve brought my children back to me!’ weeps the man. Rigor mortis has made their Make for Port Kaiju turn to 77 legs so stiff that they have to move by hopping. By the time your vision clears. 742 If you exchanged weapons before the duel turn to 448 You might have expected unstinting gratitude for releasing him.’ he says.’ he says. Morituri will get one free strike at you before you sorrow.

. The fisherman takes his children home and you are left to resume your travels. Turn to 514. Lords of the Rising Sun 63 rhetorical.

or pick one from the following – except for the last two on the back cover. Manifest into the new adventure. Lastly. and Sun. this book.” to “For 80 instance. Then copy all the Removed capitalisation from both ‘Turn to’ information from your Adventure Sheet and Ship's options.” your first Fabled Lands book. return there. Abraxas was the name of an entity in Hermann Hesse’s novel Demian. you will see each +3). rub out the Adventure Sheet and Ship's Manifest data in the 735 old adventure so they will be blank when you Added “to cross”. If you look closely at Russ Nicholson’s illustrations Changed “Suppose you have a chain mail (Defence of the six starting characters.” changed “rules section on pages 5-7. and so on.”. or pick one from the following – Added “of Lords of the Rising Sun” after “If this is except for the last two listed. whilst Ithacus appears to be a Added “included in the Adventure Pack 6” to “Fill version of Odysseus from both Homer’s Iliad and in the Adventure Sheet with your choice of Odyssey – Ithacus being a distortion of the name of profession and the ability scores given for that Odysseus’ home island of Ithaca.” to “You can create your . Starting Characters Changed “You can create your own character.” to “Adventuring in the Fabled Lands 6 document”.” to “Suppose you have chain mail (Defence adventurer is wearing their platinum earring +3). you will be guided to Removed the word ‘overleaf’ as is redundant when another adventure in the series.e.” Changed “The black and white map which precedes the rules shows the whole extent of the 95 known Fabled Lands. you might be asked if you have picked up Removed upper case T’s from all of the ‘turn to’ a codeword in a book you have already adventured options.” Added “If you fail the COMBAT roll. The letter of that codeword will tell you which book to check (i. In the sentence “If you journey to the edge of the 284 map in this adventure. Have included in the Adventure Pack 6. replaced with ‘below’. you are dead – turn to 140. the area covered by to part with”.” to “The two black and white maps show the whole extent of the known Fabled Lands. and word ‘adventure’ instead of ‘book’. if it begins with C. in. begin with A. Changed “There is a list of codewords at the front Quick Rules of the book.” have used the refering to location of town house items box. Lords of the Rising Sun errata 1 Errata Sheet for Lords of the Rising Sun Adventuring in the Fabled Lands own character. In the sentences “Make a note of the entry you'll be 465 turning to in the new adventure.” replaced with ‘below’.” mentioned in the text. read the rest of the rules before starting at section 1”.” to “There is a list of codewords (In the Adventure Pack 6 document). it is from 83 Book 3: Over the Blood-Dark Sea).” have used the word ‘adventure’ instead of ‘book’. The War-Torn Lords of the Rising Sun references Kingdom. Changed “Just check the order of the books on page 8 – codewords in the first book. 238 The colour map shows the land of Akatsurai which Removed the word ‘overleaf’ as is redundant when is covered by this adventure – Lords of the Rising refering to location of town house items box. The fold-out colour map Added “(and able)” to “you are willing (and able) shows the country of Akatsurai. profession.