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The movement of people from agricultural areas to cities has become a

major trend in recent years.

What are the problems with this trend?Give your suggestions about how

to solve it.

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Nowadays,there is a heated social issue about migration from

countryside to urban areas().In my view,the phenomenon goes

with many social problems(),and relevant/related solutions will also

be presented as below().

Undoubtedly,the main negative influence of this trend is the decline of

living standards of cities(),because the overpopulation always

leads to the shortage of urban infrastructures and services().For

example,in cities()whose number of residents is soaring,like Beijing

and Shanghai()in China,the streets and motorways are trapped in

traffic jams and car accidents,public transportation systems()like buses

and subways( ) are full of passengers,the rooms of schools and

hospitals are often overcrowded()().As a result(

),such suffering would keep urbanites from a comfortable and

convenient life.

Another concern of rural-to-urban movement is about the local

employment().To be specific().With an expansion of urban

population,it is obvious that limited job opening in a city fail to meet the

needs of new concerns( ),so that( )the local

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government and community have to take responsibility to spend extra

budget on social welfare( ),like providing food and

accommodation()to the homeless and jobless().What is worse(

/ ),in order to survive( ),a large group of

unemployment people are very likely to commit crimes()to make a

living,such as thefts and robberies().The heavier financial burden and

increased violence in streets,in a long time,make the whole society

unstable and unsafe().

In terms of associated solutions,there are two typical methods

available.Firstly(),as the top priority,the urban government should

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upgrade and enlarge public services(),such as doubling the number of

lines of buses and subways,establishing new schools and hospitals,and

providing low-rent housing for satisfying the daily needs of

ever-increasing population( )( ).In addition( ),for the

purpose of relieving employment stress in cities,big companies should be

encouraged to introduce their business()in rural areas,like building up

new factories()and divisions()in countryside for manufacturing(

).These efforts,to a large extent,can attract peasants from cities back

to home for working and living().

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