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Name: Lee Hui Qin ID No.: 0322991
Lecturer: Mr. Nicholas Ng Tutorial Time:
Reader/Text Title: In The Cause of Architecture Synopsis No: 1
Author: Frank Lloyd Wright
Frank Lloyd Wright emphasis on the organic architecture which is a reinterpretation
of a natures principles, where form and function are one. In my opinion, there must be a
harmony between human habitation and the nature, in terms of contextual design with
the selection of raw materials. One of Wrights work - Robie House perfectly support the
idea of it. The simple horizontal line form imitate the Prairie field of the context and the
color of facade harmonizes with the surrounding where the spatial arrangement in the
house is taking consider too to suit the users need. A more personalized ground plan
should sets the homes apart from Beaux-Arts and maintaining the complexity of
individual characteristics articulate in the buildings which the whole organic should not
be destroy. One individual forms the concept of the various projects and also
determines the character of every detail, I strongly agree that individualism as it not only
expressed the identity of the building but also the sense of place in terms of contextual
design. Wright contemn the revolution of industrialization, the beginning of mass
production with repetitive design which cause the elimination of individual characteristic
and contextual response design. I agree Wrights statement that the individuality
characteristic should be maintain with the interpretation of his design philosophy in
America architecture but this does not apply to all kinds of buildings. This revolution
indeed plays an important roles in terms of efficiency and cost-saving where skyscrapers
started to dominant during that period. Hence, I would say that there must be a balance
in between retaining own concept and for the efficiency of construction. In a nutshell,
Wright foreseen the future of architecture and concluded that A future work should grow
more simple; more expressive with fewer lines, fewer forms; more articulate with less
labor, although more coherent; more organic.

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