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Dear Friends, Date: 10thJune2017

GRM Meeting

The much awaited Grievance Redressal Machinery (GRM) Meeting was held on
Tuesday, 6th June 2017. The Management was led by General Manager-HRMD with DGM-
HRMD, AGM-PF & pension dept. and CM-HRMD

Shri S. K. Pandey, Chairman, Shri K.K. Gupta, President, Sarvashri B.K.Jain & P.C.
Jain ,Vice Presidents, Shri R.S. Desai, Gen Secretary & Shri M. N.Rao, Secretary
participated on behalf of the Federation.

The variety of issueswere discussed with logical aspects from both the sides. The
Managements approach was positive towards suggestion of Federation for resolving the
issues of retirees.

AIPNBRF has been vigourosly following one important issue of either cash subsidy of
RS. 5000/= or top-up insurance over and above IBA Medical Insurance Scheme from
welfare fund. We have also suggested the Management to extend the option to retirees either
to receive cash subsidy or top-up insurance from welfare fund. We are happyto inform all the
retirees that Management informed us in the meeting that HRMD Dept is doing an exercise
on the inputs received by them from all sections and retirees will receive good news very
soon in this respect.

We urged the Management to review the pension option cases of workmen

employees imposed with punishment of removal, compulsory retirement or discharge with
superannuation benefits as well as few cases of officers who were treated as resignees in
spite of them falling under the category of retirement under OSR. The Management agreed
to re-examine such cases of pension option . On the issue of extending pension to all the
officers imposed with Compulsory Retirement, Management informed as that they are
awaiting instructions from IBA in this respect.

The revision of pension of part-time sweepers have already been done by the
Management as per 10thBP Settlement. However, we submitted that the cases of part-time
sweepers who have put in service in scale wages prior to 1.9.1978 require review for
inclusion of their pre- 1.9.1978 service for computation of pension. Management agreed to
refer the issue to IBA for clarification.

The issues of retirees for release of stagnation increment due while in service, HRA on
FPP, reimbursement of charges of digital signature of retired officers engaged for branch
audit etc were discussed and Management agreed in principal to consider after examining
the eligibility. The Management expressed that HO has already issued circular in respect of
leave encahment to employees imposed with Compulsory Retirement and retired employees
are required to approach respective Circle Office for the same

Management informed us that HO will issue instructions to Zonal Offices to ensure

that Life Certificate is accepted and lodged in HRMS at any branch without any default. We
drew the attention of Management to the pending compensation claims of retired employees
who worked during demonetisation. The Management informed that sanction of claims have
been finalised and payment will be released soon.

We request Unit Leaders to appeal the employees who are due for retirement in
advance as well as unorganised retired employees to enroll as members of Units of All India
PNB RetireesFederation to strengthen the retirees movement under the banner of

With Greetings,

R S Desai

General Secretary