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Uplift Blackboard – Enrolling Into Classes

To enroll in the Blackboard courses for the subject you teach, follow these steps:

1. Go to

2. Enter your username. This is your Uplift Email but WITHOUT the part.
For example, eWest.

3. The first time you login, your password will be “uplift.” Once you log-in you can change your

4. Everyone should enroll in the courses listed in the chart below, as applicable.

5. Next, enroll in the various courses that you teach. To do this, follow these steps:
a. To enroll in this course, click on “classes” at the top.
b. Under “class catalog,” click on the subject that you teach.
c. Then, find the specific courses you teach and for each one hover over the course code
for the course you teach.
d. A small arrow under the course code will pop up. Click on this arrow and click on
e. Repeat the process for each course you teach.

Online Trainings-All Due on Thursday, August 2

Training Department Length Format Required Audience

Benefits Enrollment Talent Management Varies Benefits Enrollment All Staff
Talia Thompson PEC Call Center or
online in Selerix
ALICE Active Shooter Operations 90 minutes Online modules All staff
Response Training RDO’s
First Day of School Admissions/ 30 minutes Blackboard Staff and volunteers
Headcount Enrollment who will take
Susan Ness & Rosa attendance on Day 1
Annual Training Talent Management 3-4 hours Blackboard All Staff
(sexual harassment; Talia Thompson
workers’ comp;
employee handbook;
child abuse; suicide
prevention; FERPA)
Bloodborne Student Health 60 minutes In person – All Staff
Pathogens, Diabetes Services facilitated by an
Level 1, Anaphylaxes Amy Bryant Uplift Education RN
and Seizure Training

Social Media Talent Management 30 minutes Blackboard All Staff

Usage/Policy & Legal

Talia Thompson/Alex
Assessment 102 TLT 60 minutes Blackboard All staff
Chris Davis

2018-19 Talent Management 1 hour Blackboard All staff

Performance Talia Thompson
Management at
Manager ER Training TM 1 hour Blackboard People Managers Only
Gaylon Curry

Office 365 IT 60 minutes total (in Blackboard New staff only

Ben Van Maanen 15 minute sections)

Blackboard IT 5 minutes Blackboard New Staff Only

Ben Van Maanen

Intro to IT 15 minutes Blackboard New Staff Only

Chromebooks Ben Van Maanen

PowerSchool IT 15 minutes Blackboard New Staff Only

Ben Van Maanen

Student IT 5 minutes Blackboard New Staff Only

email/accounts Ben Van Maanen

iHelp IT 5 minutes Blackboard New Staff Only

Ben Van Maanen

Please reach out to Coach Alfaro for information on these sessions if you the
“Required for” column applies to you-
CPR and First Aid Student 4 hours In person – Required for:
Health facilitated by an employees who
Services Uplift Education serves as head
Amy Bryant health service director of a scho
team member or marching band,
an AHA, American head coach, or
Red Cross chief sponsor of a
certified extracurricular
instructor. athletic activity.
Medication Student Varies In person – Any staff
Administration Health facilitated by an administering
Training Services Uplift Education medication to
Amy Bryant RN scholars or
scholars who self