San Antonio, Texas

July 9-12, 2012

The NRDA Trustee Council Meeting, including attorney subgroup and restoration meetings, were held in
San Antonio, Texas, beginning July 10, 2012. Attendees from the Mississippi team included Trudy Fisher,
Richard Harrell, Mike Beiser, Don Blancher, Steve Parker, Amy Whitten, Donna Lum, Anna Masters,
Bradley Ennis, and Teri Wyly. Teams from Louisiana, Florida, Alabama, and Texas, as well as the various
federal agencies also attended the meeting. The Administrative Record for the Trustee Council is
maintained in accordance with 15 CFR § 990.45 and § 990.61.

On Sunday, June 30, a meeting with BP counsel Laura Folse was scheduled to take place in Houston on
July 9 at the airport in Houston. On Sunday, June 30, 2012, Amy Whitten arranged the travel to include
the meeting in Houston. Two tickets were purchased for $887.20 each.

On July 9, 2012, Ms. Fisher and Ms. Whitten flew via United Airlines from Jackson to Houston, met with
Ms. Folse, and then traveled on to San Antonio that same day to attend the Trustee Council meeting
which took place on July 10, 11 and 12. Ms. Fisher chaired the Executive Committee meeting. Other
members of the Mississippi team also attended meetings, including the Executive Committee Meetings
with other groups, which included Program Implementation Subgroup, Attorney Subgroup, Assessment
Subcommittee, the Human Use/Economists and Strategy Negotiation Team and the Public Affairs Team.
Ms. Fisher left the meeting early on the 12 th to travel back to Jackson and on to the Coast to attend a full
day of briefings of Coast officials with other Mississippi officials regarding the RESTORE Act on July 13.

Ms. Fisher’s meals on the trip were paid by Balch. Her hotel room was paid by Ms. Whitten. All travel,
including air fare and meals, were reimbursed by BP at 100%. Ms. Fisher did not make a travel
reimbursement claim for this trip, as all costs were submitted to and paid by BP and no travel advance
was taken.

On a more detailed review of this trip, it has been determined that a billing error occurred on the
Whitten Group’s invoice to Balch, which amount was then submitted to MDEQ, and then to BP for
reimbursement. The error resulted in an inadvertent double billing for the airfare. The Whitten Group
invoice indicated the following:

Description: Airfare (Fisher, Whitten)
Quantity: 2
Rate: 1,774.40
Amount: 3,548.80

The total amount of $3,548.80 was derived by erroneously multiplying the total price for the two tickets
by two. This was an inadvertent billing error. MDEQ has advised Balch of the mistake and the amount,
and Balch has agreed to reimburse the agency for $1,774.40.

During the height of the DWH oil spill restoration efforts, when meetings were constantly being
scheduled, rescheduled, and cancelled, there were occasions when Balch or its subcontractor made
travel arrangements, particularly in light of the time associated with State procedures for processing a
travel advance request. All costs related to BP-related travel was subsequently paid by BP.