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Integrating Rockwell Automation

with Festo
Festo and Rockwell Automation

Festo has been a recognized partner of Rockwell Automation for nearly two decades, starting with the Pyramid
Solutions Program in the early 90s to the Encompass program of today. We have a long history of integrating
control technology into valve manifolds, with many firsts to our credit:
Integrated valve manifold technology
Embedded SLC PLC into valve manifold
Custom serial bus embedded through-out valve manifold, pneumatics and I/O

This is trend setting technology and establishes Festo as an innovator among our competition. Combined with
Rockwell Automation technology, we can provide customers with numerous benefits such as time savings,
component reduction, and improved diagnostics and commissioning.

Please contact Festo when considering an automation supplier to valve interfaces, safety valves, valve
controllers, vision devices or other related automation products, to interface with your Rockwell Automation
control system. You can review our list of Encompass referenced products below, or browse our 30,000+
automation components on our website,

Valve Interfaces - Pneumatic Vision Machine

The Festo CPX/MPA pneumatic valve manifold provides The Festo SBO-Q-R3 vision system ensures reliable
the widest array of functionality of any manifold in the quality inspection, coordinate position, character and
industry, including proportional and directional valves, code reading, and pattern matching. Compatible with
analog and digital I/O, and hybrid motion solutions. Ethernet/IP.
Compatible with DeviceNet and Ethernet/IP.

Our world is in constant motion. Every single day we have to make instantaneous decisions with careful
consideration. These decisions can have far-reaching implications on quality. Safety Valves Valve Controllers Pneumatic
The Festo MS6-SV is a safety dump valve (CAT4, pl e, Sil The Festo VPPM/MPA can provide up to 16 proportional
We all face the same challenge. And we all know that for companies to be successful in the global
3) with an integrated soft-start function. Can be interfaced pressure regulators on one network interface.
market it is crucial that they systematically sharpen their competitive edge. That is why we support you
with any Rockwell safety output device. Compatible with DeviceNet and Ethernet/IP.
and work with you to pursue one great goal: boosting your productivity.

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Software support tools
Festo offers a variety of software for commissioning, testing, Complete automation systems with Rockwell integration
diagnosing, configuring and visualization of devices: FACTORY ZONE
- Festo Maintenance Tool (CPX-FMT)
- Festo Configuring Tool (FCT)
- Festo Field Device Tool (FFT)
- Add-on Instructions for a variety of configuration needs I/O Ethernet/IP Allen-Bradley Programmable Logic Controller Ethernet/IP Allen-Bradley 1734 I/O Link
The Festo Maintenance Tool for CPX can export parameter
configuration data to Studio 5000 via L5K ControlNet

Analog Input

Analog Output Relay Module ControlNet

AOI available for all devices at:

Diagnostic Diagnostic Diagnostic Diagnostic

Ethernet UDP/TCP/IP

CPX/MPA valve terminal
Ethernet/IP Ethernet/IP
Valve terminals Proportional-pressure
regulator VPPM
CPX-FB36 CTEL, High Servo CPI CM-HPP Digital/ Valve terminal MPA-S VPPM Ethernet/IP
w/DLR I-Port speed pneumatic Analog Only with CIP safety
Gateway counter, controllers I/O
Stratix switch
encoder CMAX



Onboard Ethernet/IP
motor Hilscher Gateway VTUG
control proportional netTAP NT 50
2ZE2DA pressure Position transmitter
regulator SDAT
Ex. Allen-Bradley
Ex. Encoder inputs Vision sensors SBSI, Guard Safety I/O CANopen MPA-L
and DC motors SBO-Q-R3 Safety outputs

Valve terminals Proportional-pressure 16 input modules

regulator VPPM CPI installation Up to 16 remote CTSL
system devices per module. MPA-C

VTUG Position transmitter

PneumaticEnergy Safety valve MS6-SV
Motor drive CMMS-ST VTOC
Saving Module
MSE6-E2M Vacuum Generator
MPA-L 16 input modules


MPA-C Vacuum Generator Integrated motor EMCA

Motor drive CMMO-ST/ Flow sensor Pressure sensors
Rotary actuator ERMO SPAE SFAW SPAU
Motor drive CMMP-AS-M3
Motor drive CMMO-ST/
Point to point applications Electric cylinder EPCO


Flow sensor Pressure sensors

3-axis Cartesian robot Motor drive CMMS-ST
Proportional directional Rodless actuator DGCI
control valve VPWP
4 5

I/O Ethernet/IP Allen-Bradley Programmable Logic Controller

DC INPUT DC OUTPUT Analog Input Analog Output Relay Module ControlNet
Diagnostic Diagnostic Diagnostic Diagnostic

Industry leading diagnostic capability

L5K support makes commissioning easy
Error reporting including:
Under voltage
Short circuit
Broken wire
Out of range signal

Diagnostics available via:

Integrated web server
Festo Maintenance Tool software
Status bits mapped as standard inputs
Control Standard Rockwell CIP messages
cabinet CPX-FB36 CTEL, Digital/ Valve terminal MPA-S VPPM
w/DLR I-Port Analog
Gateway I/O Industry leading range of supported I/O types
24VDC PNP inputs/NPN
High speed counter with motor control modes -
100 kHz / 1 MHz (24V/5V)
VPPM Analog inputs:
4-20mA, 0-20mA, +/- 20mA, 0-10V, +/- 10V, +/- 5V
w/DLR Temperature inputs:
Quarter turn Thermocouple
actuator DAPS RTD
Industry leading flexibility
DLR and QuickConnect support Outputs:
Ball valve VZBE presure for:
- pneumatic Ability to support 512 solenoids with one EtherNet/IP node.(128 onboard + 8 24VDC outputs
Binary sensor Positioner positioners remote manifolds with 48 solenoids each) High Current outputs
SRBC CMSX - reactor insert Analog outputs
Onboard proportional pressure regulators reduce plumbing and eliminate
gas blankets
Quarter turn the need for analog I/O modules
actuator DFPD Onboard pressure transducers reduce plumbing and eliminate analog input
Butterfly valve
NAMUR valve Flexible pressure and voltage zones allow you to support multiple safe
machine zones with one manifold


Analog sensor Pressure regulators, flow controls, hot swap plates and individual supply
SRAP plates available at each valve station
Linear actuator
DLP Integrated silencers save space and cost
Long manifolds can be bisected by a flexible connector allowing large
assemblies to fit in standard control cabinets
Media valve Gate valve Configurable hardware allows direct control of:
VZWF Linear actuator
Sanitary ball valve DFPI VZKA Configurable input debounce time
VZBD Configurable input signal extension allows brief signals to be
Pinch valve reported reliably to the PLC
Media pressure VZQA Configurable short circuit recovery behavior (Auto start or require
sensor SPAW power cycle.)
Food ball valve Water flow Configurable Idle Mode and Fail Safe modes allow the terminal to
VZBB Specialty pilot valve
sensor SFAW behave in a user defined way during network failure
Configurable value smoothing for analog input readings
Media pressure Angle valve Configurable analog operating ranges
Food butterfly sensor SPTW VZXF
Configurable units (Bar PSI, Kpa)
valve VZFA
6 7
CPX/MPA Valve terminal components overview Overview: selected valve terminals/IO Link and peripheral products

Electronics Pneumatics
Interface Valve terminal VTUG Valve terminal MPA-L Valve terminal MPA-C Valve terminal VTOC

Low cost fixed grid valve Modular, Low cost, light Modular, clean design Small, fixed grid valve
manifold weight valve terminal valve terminal for food terminal for pilot valve
Up to 24 valves and 48 with applications. applications.
solenoid coils Up to 32 valves and 32 Up to 32 valves and 32 Up to 24 valves and 48
Advanced Diagnostic Modular proportional Seven valve types in two Flow rate from 150-780 solenoid coils solenoid coils solenoid coils
Capability including pressure regulators different sizes with flow l/min. 3 different sizes possible Flow rate from 150-680 Flow rate 10 l/min.
error logging. rates from 360 l/min to on a single manifold l/min. Multiple pressure zones
Special features for
2,900 l/min cabinet installation Flow rate from 150-900 Multiple pressure zones
3 valve sizes Sandwich regulators and
EtherNet/IP or DeviceNet Wide variety of pneumatic functions multiple pressure zones
Up to 9 I/O modules Pneumatic Pressure Transducers 3/2, 5/2, 5/3 valve functions. Voltage zones
Digital I/O High Speed Counter Sandwich pressure regulators Sensor valves
Analog I/O (0-10V & 4-20mA) Motion Control Interfaces Sandwich flow controls Safety valves
Thermocouple I-Port and CPI master modules for Hot swap plates Soft start valves
RTD connection Pressure zones
to remote valve terminals
Proportional-pressure Position Transmitter
Valve terminal CPV Safety valve MS6-SV SDAT
regulator VPPM
CTEU-EP EtherNet/IP Gateway

EtherNet/IP connection for:

Valve Terminals Sensors
VTUG SDAT, Cylinder position
MPA-L SPAU, Pressure
MPA-C Vacuum generator
CPV Input module Compact, high flow Performance Level E safety The VPPM has the capacity Transmitter solutions for
Proportional-pressure regulator valve terminal. valve with integrated soft to adapt precisely, for large and small drives
Up to 8 valves and 16 start. maximum flexibility with High repetition accuracy
VPPM regard to electronic,
solenoid coils Inexpensive: PL c, Programmable IO-Link/
maximum safety: PL e pneumatic and mechanical
Flow rate from 400-1600 components. switching output
l/min. Integrated soft-start Five sensing ranges
Features function Proportional pressure
Multiple pressure zones, regulator available in to match the most
Two EtherNet/IP ports with DLR Cabinet mounting Flow rate: up to 16,500 important standard
(device level ring) three sizes and three
options l/min. pressure ranges. strokes
QuickConnect 3 valve sizes Analogue current output,
Flow rates from 1400
Web server support switching output and
CPAC Splitter 7000 l/min.
1 ms RPI timing IO-Link combined in a
Allows one CTEU to single unit
AUX power with isolation
control two devices
Up to 64 bytes in/64 bytes out
Diagnostic capability More information can be found on our
Under voltage website:
Short circuit

8 9
Overview: selected servo motors, drives and peripheral products Overview: selected media valves, actuators, sensors and positioners

Servo motor drive ServoLite drive ServoLite drive Integrated servo motor Ball valves VZBE Butterfly valve VZAV Media pressure sensor Positioner CMSX

Single/multi-turn absolute Closed-loop drive with Closed-loop drive with Optional absolute 2 pcs, 3 pcs, 3 way and Wafer and lug style Monitor pressure of Closed loop positioner
encoders sophisticated controller for sophisticated controller for multi-turn encoder sanitary bodies according to ANSI standard pneumatics, hydraulics, for control of quarter turn
SD memory card for drive position, torque and speed position, torque and speed Brushless motor (EC Simple pneumatic actuation B16.5 water, gases and cooling actuators
duplication and backup control control motor) Dual piston rack and pinion Assembled and tested with media Auto-teaching speeds up
Master-slave, position capture, SD memory card for drive Control method: Gearbox options: quarter turn actuator single or double acting Stainless body and commissioning
flying saw & e-camming duplication and backup - IO-Link 3:1...40:1 Double acting and spring actuator measurement element
Energy-efficient: no
Integrated CANopen and Master-slave, electronic - Modbus TCP Control methof: return actuators High-quality display for free
ISO/NAMUR/VDI/VDE compressed air consumption
Modbus TCP interfaces gearing, flying measurement - Control via Ethernet (CVE) - EtherNet/IP ISO/Namur/VDI/VDE configuration of outputs
interface for accessories when at rest
Optional fieldbuses: Integrated CANopen - Digital I/O - CANopen interfaces for accessories Easy to operate: housing
Suitable for outdoor, Bi-directional bubble-tight rotatable 320, display at Feedback signal as standard
EtherNet/IP, Profinet, EtherCAT, interface Safe Torque Off STO (Cat. 3, - Digital I/O
hazardous locations, shut off 45 angle Configurable safety position
Profibus & DeviceNet Optional fieldbus: Profibus PLe, SIL3) Optional IP65 protection
Safe Torque Off STO (Cat. 4, PLe, and DeviceNet and certain washdown Media pressure up to 230 Accurate to 1% of full scale in case of power failure
AOI available AOI available
SIL3) Safe Torque Off STO (Cat. 3, environments psi Repeatable to 0.1% of full Additional error signal for
Safe torque off STO (Cat.
Functional safety including SS1, PLd, SIL2) Suitable for range of fluids Sizes: 1-1/2 to 12 scale emergency stop
3, PLd, SIL2)
SS2, SOS, SLS...and more and inert gases DN40 to DN300
AOI available
AOI available

Electric cylinder EPCO Rotary actuator ERMO Linear actuator DGCI Vision sensors SBSI Namur valve VSNC Quarter turn actuator DFPD Linear actuator DLP Controlled linear actuator DFPI

Non-rotating guided ball Electric rotary actuator for Servo pneumatic actuator Quality inspection
orienting your parts to any Rotatable seal for 3/2- or Rack and Pinion pneumatic Pneumatic linear actuator Actuator for all linear
screw electric cylinder with integrated position 1D/2D codes (up to ten per
position 5/2-way function design operated process valves
Integrated stepper motor feedback and guiding. frame) ISO/NAMUR/VDI/VDE
Integrated stepper motor Wide choice for haz-loc Position sensing via built-in
with encoder feedback Well-suited for packaging Integrated lighting and ISO/NAMUR/VDI/VDE interface for accessories
with encoder feedback conditions (NEC500/ATEX) displacement encoder
Sizes: 16, 25, 40 applications. lenses interface for accessories slot on body for sensors
Sizes: 12, 16, 25, 32 Robust and capable of high
Stroke: From 50 mm up to Sizes: 18, 25, 32, 40, 63 Powerful and fast software Epoxy-coating available for With optional integrated
flow rates Integrated air supply
Wide range of mounting Fixed strokes: 100, 160, Robust housing with washdown positioner and valve block
400 mm Available coil voltages
options 225, 360 2000 protection class IP67 Port pattern to Namur for
Wide range of mounting DC: 12, 24, 48 High and low temperature Position feedback via
solenoid valves to VDI/VDE
accessories AC: 24, 48, 120, 230 variants analogue 4...20 mA for
Piston spool or poppet simple diagnostics
Option for 180 rotation
Applications for electric drives - connection to EtherNet/IP design

Festo your partner for every stage of the process automation sequence
Your palletizing, clamping parts, pick & place or package sorting application
determines the solution that holds true for control technology, too. Festos
control architecture is designed to meet your needs in three ways:
With EtherNet/IP fieldbus More information can be found on our
Tailored to your application communication only point-to-point website:
Ideal for integration into your overall coordinating/control systems motions are possible
Optimally designed for drive activation systems, whether electric,
servopneumatic or pneumatic

10 11
Applications for electric drives - connection to EtherNet/IP Applications for electric drives - connection to EtherNet/IP

Automated format adjustments and material handling systems Servopneumatic palletizing system with electric stepper driven gripper

Motor drive CMMP-AS-M3

Point to point applications

CANopen Gateway CM-HPP

Stepper motor

EtherNet/ Servopneumatic controller CMAX

IP fieldbus Proportional directional Motor drive CMMS-ST
Integrated servo motor EMCA Rodless actuator DGCI
module control valve VPWP
Servopneumatic actuators for handling system Electric gripper ELGG

3-axis Cartesian robot

Pressing parts into assembly Hybrid gantry system

H-Gantry EXCH T-Gantry EXCT

Hilscher Gateway
IO-Link netTAP NT 50

2-axis gantry with discrete pneumatic Z axis or pneumatic gripper

Pneumatic cylinder

Motor drive CMMO-ST/ 2-axis Cartesian robot Motor drive CMMS-ST

Electric cylinder EPCO with E-cylinder for Z axis
EtherNet/ Motion controller CPX-CEC-M1-V3 Servo drive CMMP-AS-M0 Servo drive CMMP-AS-M0
Stepper drives for the X and Y axis IP fieldbus
module FB36

12 13
Applications for electric drives - connection to EtherNet/IP Applications for process automation - connection to Ethernet/IP

Desktop automation - Fully electric or hybrid solutions Med Lab Microplate Handling Decentralized process control Biotech/pharmecutical solutions
solutions Bioreactor
Dispensing CIP/SIP
Dosing Mixing
Specimen sampling Sterilization
Small Parts Assembly & Filtration
Electronic module processing
Testing VPPM proportional pressure
Control of up to 2 EXCM Mini gantry systems

Inert gas for air blanket

Valve terminal VTUG Valve terminal VTUG

EtherNet/ CANopen gateway CM-HPP

IP Fieldbus Mini H-gantry EXCM-30
module FB36 Bioreactor vessel
Mini H-gantry EXCM-40 life science diaphragm valve
life science angle seat valve

Dispensing/engraving/surface inspection
Skid based process control
Water treatment
Interpolated 2D/3D motion using the
CPX-CEC-M1-V3 motion controller module Membrane filtration
(CODESYS V3.5) Reverse osmosis
UV filtration

2D linear gantry YXCL

T-gantry EXCT
16 bit analog input
Motion controller CPX-CEC-M1-V3

T- gantry EXCT

EtherNet/ DS402/SoftMotion
IP Fieldbus
module FB36

Media pressure
Planar surface gantry EXCH sensor SPAW
Butterfly valve VZAV

14 15
Festo software support tools

Festo Maintenance Tool CPX-FMT

The CPX-FMT is a helpful tool for commissioning, configuration and
extended diagnosis of a CPX valve terminal. If Industrial Ethernet fieldbus
nodes like Ethernet/IP, ProfiNet and Modbus/TCP are used, CPX-FMT can
directly communicate with the CPX terminal via Ethernet connection. This
tool can export an L5K file for Logix 5000. PArameters and tag descriptions
can be stored in any Logix project.

Festo Configuration Tool FCT

FCT (Festo Configuration Tool), a PC-based software package, provides an
easy-to-use, menu-driven environment which enables all motion control
parameters and profiles to be defined, verified, and easily downloaded to the

PositioningDrives is the Festo tool for easy sizing and selection of
an electromechanical axis, including the actuator, motor, and drive.
PositioningDrives takes the application details (e.g., load, repeatability,
orientation, motion profile, etc.), and provides axes that meet the
application requirements. PositioningDrives is free to download and use.

Festo Field Device Tool FFT

The Festo Field Device Tool includes various services for all Ethernet-based
Festo field devices. It supports, among other features, the update of
firmware files to selected devices from Festo.

Handling Guide Online HGO

HGO is an online configuration tool for sizing Cartesian robots. Easily size
one, two and three-axis Cartesian robots in minutes. Benefits of using
HGO include: receive quote in 48 hours, CAD model and complete bill of
EN - Subject to change

materials available immediately and order with a single part number.

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