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this is a dynamic diagram; you are
invited to criticize, to suggest
corrections and to propose new ideas.

layers & networks
A sociological exhibition on tourism and
The mobile tourist electronic mobility
hyper & hybrid media
Master Plan
city markers A post-national/post-colonial workshop
Brain Gain on human collaboration based on
physical and digital mobility
moving vs browsing
Second City modern cities are almost entirely
art as agency Lisbon dependent on glass—which is not solid
November 2017 nor liquid...
mixed reality art
deep mapping LisboaCidadeAberta art and community agency
slow city LisboaCidadeAberta Talks & Workshops
Postinternet Lisbon
gentrification is bad
timeless city

brain gain is good for all
phone app with map/directory

To build this diagram I received very
useful inputs from Pedro Andrade,
Margarida Sardinha, Jared Hawkey,
Luís Graça, José Oliveira, Maria Lopes,
Nuno Sacramento, and Tony Katai.