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Manifesto of the New American

Written on July 21st 2017 By Asher Raza
lthough in the works of development a year or so after President
Obamas Second Electoral Victory in 2012, the now very renowned
populist American Right gained major traction when Donald J Trump
declared his candidacy in June 2015. But this new political foundation
isnt just a bunch of Trump Supporters. And the New Right is much
different than the other renowned racist group,The Alt Right. In
Fact, the New American Right is a much more complex network of A
New Ideal American political philosophy in which everything from
trade, to foreign policy differs from the dying old forms of
conservatism, which was also referred as Neo Conservatism. The
early origins of the New American Right can be traced backed to Ron
Paul, a Libertarian Republican who ran for the Republican nomination
in 2008 and 2012. He lost, but had massive support among Young
Republicans who wanted to see Policy Reform in the party. Unlike
many Republicans, he was very critical of the Federal Reserve, and the
Manipulative Petrodollar currency. He was also one of the few
Republicans, who held a more favorable and friendly policy towards
the Iranian Regime, as warmongering was highly despised by his base -
Especially in a Long, overwhelming, disastrous, failed and
unoptimistic long war time period. He also held more anti
establishment stances, (Which was the Bush Administration At the
Time). Ron Paul lost, but his movement gained a new formation. As the
Tea Party movement came and passed in the early Obama years, a time
of economic uncertainty and disaster, Libertarianism seemed like a
quiet, but more fresh version of the Republican Party. A mix of some
new young people during the Obama years started flocking towards
the right, specifically older figures in Generation Z. Instead of
relying too much on the mainstream news, (CNN, FOX, MSNBC, ABC,
etc), the New Right seemed to rally around more unapologetic Anti
Establishment YouTube figures such as
Paul Joseph Watson, Anonymous, Milo Yiannopoulos, Alex Jones, Ben
Shapiro, Hunter Avallone & Steven Crowder. Also a Channel called
Prageru gained slow traction, promoting older versions of
Conservatism in usually simple 5 minute entertaining animated
propaganda videos. The ideals of Prageru didnt gain as fast of
traction and approval as the Other New Right Wing YouTube Stars
did, primarily for its stances of interventionist foreign policy. The
rise of this new Right Wing counterculture movement of the
internet, bashing everything from Political correctness and the
major decline of Free Conservative Speech and expression of opinion
on college campuses, to despising 3rd wave feminism (A popular view
held by American Public), to railing against Washington politicians
on both sides, often against Republican Politicians themselves, and
ranting against the rise of Islamic Terrorism and immigration. And by
the arrival of June 2016, the Trumplican Uprising fueled the flames to
this New Populist fire faster than ever before. It went from being a
counterculture movement, to instead an effective ongoing full
blown coup of the Republican party. Establishment Figures like Jeb Bush,
Marco Rubio, Carly Fiorina, Ted Cruz who people many thought would
once become republican nominees in 2016, were essentially bullied,
destroyed, ripped apart, and forgotten in the election. As more of the
once 17 main republican candidates suspended their campaigns, more
fuel was thrown into the fire. On May 4th, 2016, Donald Trump
became the presumptive nominee of the party, and during the July 2016
conventions, he was able to solidify hostility towards him from the
Republican Establishment. But thats not what the Populist New
American Right Wanted, they wanted the establishment figures to be
completely out! The new American right usually isnt afraid to call
out people that theyre against. Even, if that is DONALD TRUMP. Yes,
you heard me right, and this instance is best presented in a short
lived, but major event in American foreign policy during the very
early days of the Trump Era.
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Forgien Policy
See, as I mentioned before, the movement was a remnant of Ron Pauls
from 2008, who was very hostile about US intervention in the middle east.
Many in the New American Right, were certain that Trump would focus his
efforts at fighting Islamic Terrorism, a common ground almost all
Republicans are united on (Establishment or NOT). But on April 6th, 2017, a
groundbreaking short-lived example of how easily the movement could be
realigned and fragmented was indicated. The night of the Syria Strikes,
Twitter and YouTube exploded with Populist Right figures in mainly
absolute rage and anger, that could have easily essentially torn apart and
destroyed Trumps base. The anger was at the fact that Trump seemed to be
siding with the Syrian Rebels by striking Assad. Many on the New Populist
Right temporarily saw this as a massive betrayal. The reason Far Right
figures were angry about this was for two main reasons. The America
First sentiment seemed to have been fragmented, as they thought a new
middle eastern war and regime change was on the near horizon. The other
reason they were upset about Trumps actions those days was that the
Syrian Rebels in their eyes were seen as terrorists working with ISIS and
supported by the Wahhabi Sunni Government of Saudi Arabia, a country
which the New American Right absolutely hates and despises, while
Neoconservatives like John McCain and Lindsey Graham cheer on the
Saudis as Reliable allies of the USA. The New American Right is more
favorable towards Russia and Assad, while often divided and mixed on the
subject of Iran and Israel, (Even though Iran is Russia's Friend). The
younger fellows from the new American right essentially have a more pro
Russia stance, even sometimes against Israel, while older working adults
in the movement support working with Russia to fight terrorism, but will
be swift to defend and support Israel if endangered at any cost, especially
by Iran, Hamas, and Palestine. President Trump belongs to this elder sector
of the New American Right in terms of foreign policy. On July 20th, 2017,
President Trump signed a secret order to the CIA to stop funding and
arming Syrian Rebels which pleased many on the New American Populist
Right, and their views on foreign policy, while Neoconservatives like John
McCain who just came out of surgery was critical about Trump letting
Putin Win in Syria.
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nti Globalism and Trade
Nearly almost 100% of the New American Right holds an Anti
Western Globalism perspective when it comes to both foreign policy
and economic trade and development. The New Far Right is also
hostile to new trade deals, seeing the effects of NAFTA, and other
outsourced industries. Its an area where President Trump stands
firmly, and the primary reason he won the election, thanks to the
Rustbelt States that went Red for Trump in 2016. Unlike Foreign
Policy, this is an undisputed criteria of the New American Right that
also gains the major support of Populist figures of the New Far Left.
These left leaning supporters of the New Rights trade policy come
from figures such as Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren (MAYBE), Tulsi
Gabbard, as well as popular Progressive Leaning YouTube Channels
(Just to name a FEW) such as Secular Talk hosted by Kyle Kulinski, The
Young Turks hosted by Cenk Uygur, the Humanist Report by Mike

Major Patriotism
Being Patriotic is one of the major ideals of being part of the New
American Right. Many far right internet websites, newspapers, twitter
and YouTube accounts have either USA labeled in their Profile
description, or have an American flag as an avatar(You get the idea).
The goal is to be more nationalistic in a sense of American Optimism,
Pride, and hope for their desired political goals and agenda to be
transformed into government policy during the Trump era under his
presidency. They arent afraid to wave the American flag, as they
express their full love of country. This is different from the more
Extreme Right Wing Nationalistic Alt Right which embraces White
racial superiority as their version of White Nationalism. In
contrast, the New Right embraces American Nationalism rather than
race. They believe American Nationalism is the true binding ideology
that can heal the Racial and Political divisions of the United States
of America, and move it away from what they refer to as the Left
leaning victimization of Identity Politics. The New Right also holds
massive respect and admiration for US military, as ideal brave
Americans protecting the country from great danger. The New Right
is in favor of supporting Veterans and military personnel to every
extent, even if it means sometimes raising taxes or funding, something
traditional conservative politicians may be opposed to due to the Old
Rights Economic philosophy of a complete Free Market system.

Economic Philosophy of the New

As listed before, the populist new American Right has a sharp anti
Globalization and limited trade perspective. But beyond that, they
often meet with traditional conservatives in fiscal policy in terms of
saving money and a functioning free market system. The New American
Right also favors spending billions of dollars more to revitalize
Americas infrastructure, a vision the majority of Americans from
both political philosophies, if not all, commonly share. The New
American Right has a negative view towards more Socialist leaning
policies, and social programs such as welfare and food

E ducation
The New American Right is highly opposed to Common Core and
standardized testing, another view the majority of Americans agree on.
However, unlike the Left, the New American Right is deeply opposed to
teachers unions, and favor ultimate School Choice and well funding for
private institutions. In the perspective of many on the New American Right,
teachers unions are seen as corrupt, primarily due to their lobbying of
politicians for more and more funding
(Part of that is Very True). As for higher college education, which many
on the New American Right refer to as Academia is viewed in their minds
as a center of leftist political indoctrination and activism.
They feel as if Mainstream colleges have become increasingly politically
correct, and have continuously tried to censor free speech.

American Historical Idealism

Make America Great Again - Thats the promise President Trump
made as his ideal Agenda to reform American Politics and disrupt the
American Political system. When many from the New American Right
may be asked, When was America Great?...There will be a HUGE
diversity of opinion. Some could be comfortably categorized as the
Reagan era of the 1980s with the American economic boost, low
taxation, and a boom in Free Market innovation. However, many on
the New Right actually embrace a time much further before the
Reagan Era. They embrace what can be called the Post War American
Golden Age.
That was an era of massive economic boom and political prosperity
right after World war 2 from around 1945-1973. That was a grand
ideal time period in which American Manufacturing was at its peak,
the National highway was constructed and brand new forms of
infrastructure were rapidly introduced, the cold war was at its
height with America competing with the Soviet Union both
economically, militarily, and soon, Astronomically during the
Kennedy Agenda enacted in the 1960s. It was the golden height of
capitalism in the Western world, that transformed and defined the
way of life in America for decades to come in the eyes of many others
in foreign nations, who were also rapidly secularizing and
modernizing at the time, especially in the Middle East. Many on the
New American Right want to definitely bring back the economic and
maybe even some cultural definitions of the Post War Golden Era.
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