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7/21/2017 MYOB / Excel 9:01 PM


Accounts List [Summary]

Account Current Balance

Assets Rp1.668.378.100,
Cash in Bank Rp238.668.000,00

Petty Cash Rp4.200.000,00

Accounts Receivable Rp654.086.000,00

Allowance for Doubtful Debt (Rp19.575.900,00)

Inventory Rp541.500.000,00

Store Supplies Rp12.500.000,00

Prepaid insurance Rp7.000.000,00

Prepaid rent Rp17.000.000,00

Prepaid tax Rp89.000.000,00

Stock investment Rp70.000.000,00

Equipment at Cost Rp60.000.000,00

Equipment Accum Dep (Rp6.000.000,00)

Liabilities Rp1.020.572.000,
Master card (Rp1.500.000,00)

Account Payable Rp718.248.000,00

PPN Payable Rp0,00

PPN outcome Rp138.604.000,00

PPN Income (Rp119.780.000,0

Bank Permata Loan Rp285.000.000,00

Equity Rp647.806.100,00

Retained Earnings Rp0,00

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7/21/2017 MYOB / Excel 9:01 PM

INCOME SUMMARY Rp270.476.100,00

Tn. Suryono Capital Rp400.430.000,00

Tn. Suryono drawing (Rp23.100.000,00)

Historical Balancing Rp0,00

Income Rp1.451.380.000,
Sales Rp1.550.500.000,
Sales Return (Rp66.000.000,00)

Sales discount (Rp33.120.000,00)

Cost Of Sales Rp1.119.140.000,

Cost of Goods sold computer Rp1.147.800.000,
Freight paid Rp5.720.000,00
Purchase discount (Rp34.380.000,00)

Expenses Rp178.025.900,00

Advertising expense Rp1.850.000,00

Tel & elec. expense Rp6.550.000,00
Store supplies expense Rp19.150.000,00

Bad debt expense Rp14.675.900,00

Spoilage expenses Rp37.000.000,00

Depreciation expense Rp6.000.000,00

Insurance expense Rp8.000.000,00
Rent expense Rp27.000.000,00

Wages and salaries expense Rp49.500.000,00

Other operating expense Rp8.300.000,00

Other Income Rp130.805.000,00

Interest revenue Rp39.000.000,00

Dividend income Rp62.180.000,00

Gain loss on sale of stock Rp5.600.000,00

Freight collected Rp19.025.000,00

Late fees collected Rp5.000.000,00

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7/21/2017 MYOB / Excel 9:01 PM

Other Expenses Rp14.543.000,00

Interest expense Rp9.043.000,00

Bank service charges Rp3.550.000,00
Late fees paid Rp1.950.000,00

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