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Informatica Architecture

1. Power Center Sub-Components

a. Source Analyzer (Import Source Description)
b. Target Designer (Import Target Description)
c. Transformation Developer (Reusable Component)
d. Mapplet Designer (Reusable Component)
e. Mapping Designer. (Preparing Logic)
2. Workflow Manager Sub-Components
a. Task Developer (Reusable Component) ( Set of Instructions Assign to
Integration Services)
b. Worklet Designer (Reusable Component) (Set of Sessions execute at a
time and we can use multiple time)
c. Workflow Designer (Execute Session)
3. Workflow Monitor (To check whether the session is success or fail.)
4. Repository Manager (To maintain repository database)( Comes under
Administrator Department)
5. After completion of mapping, session and workflow execute the workflow.
6. Once the workflow start execution, the integration service start.
7. Once the integration service starts it starts two process i.e. Load manager, DTM
(Data Transmission Manager).
8. When the PowerCenter Server runs a workflow, the Load Manager performs the
following tasks:

1. Locks the workflow and reads workflow properties.

2. Reads the parameter file and expands workflow variables.
3. Creates the workflow log file.
4. Runs workflow tasks.
5. Starts the DTM to run sessions.
6. Sends post-session email if the DTM terminates abnormally.

9. When the PowerCenter Server runs a session, the DTM performs the following
1. Locks the Session.
2. Fetches session and mapping metadata from the repository.
2. Creates and expands session variables.
3. Creates the session log file.
4. Verifies connection object permissions.
6. Runs pre-session shell commands.
7. Runs pre-session stored procedures and SQL.
8. Creates and runs mapping, reader, writer, and transformation threads to
extract, transform, and load data.
9. Runs post-session stored procedures and SQL.
10. Runs post-session shell commands.
11. Sends post-session email.