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Economy Questions

Q1 Shankar acharya report is associated with which subject??

a) Increasing pulses production b) OROP recommendation

c) New Financial year d) Defence Modernization

Q2 What is Project Saksham??

a) Back end IT project for indirect tax b) self reliance scheme for rural

c ) entrepreneurship scheme for youth d) strengthening gram panchayats

Q3) How many companies are in BSE GREENEX??

a) 25 b) 50

c 75 d) 100

Q4 )What is the total Agriculture credit target as per Union Budget 2017-18??

a) 8 lack crore b) 10 lack crore

c) 12 lack crore d) 14 lack crore

Q5) What is the fiscal deficit target for 2017-18??

a) 3% B) 3.5%

C 3.2% D) 3.3%

Q6) For GDP calcuation base year has beec changed from 2004-05 to which year??

a) 2011-12 b) 2012-13

c) 2013-14 d) 2014-15

Economic growth will always lead to better educaton and health standards Which of the above statement are/is correct a) 2 b) 1 c) none d) both Q9 PC malhonabis was associated with which field?? a) Banking b) Planning c) Village self Government d) Defence Q10 Milton Friedman won Nobel prize in which field?? a) Economics b) Literature c) Medicine d) Peace Q11 what is the total amount of money allocated for MNREGA in 2017-18?? a) Rs 44000 crore b Rs 48000 crore c) Rs 32000 crore c) Rs 44000 crore Q12 Who was the First Indian RBI Governor .Q7 Which Five year plan was based on Harrod Domer model?? a) Third b) Second c) Fourth d) First Q8 Consider the following statements. Economic growth will always lead to inflation. 2. 1.

which sector employs most number of people?? a) Manufacturing b) Agriculture c) Construction d) Govt service Q16) What is a Free Market? a) Market where goods are available for free b) Market where there is no restriction on customers c) Market where there is no govt intervention d) Market where you can sell on prices goods at fixed prices Q17) What is SWAYAM?? a) Virtual learning platform for students b) A banking tool for senior citizens c) Govt scheme for Divyang d) Primary education facility Q18) What are capital goods in economy?? a) Goods purchased by consumer b) Goods sent for exports c) Goods used for producing other goods d) Goods used by banking sector Q19) The Great Depression of 1929 is related to?? a) Atmospheric changes leading to cyclone in North america b) Decline in production and employment in Western Nations .a) John Mathai b) PC malhobanis c) CD Deshmukh d) HVR iyengar Q13 When was the scheme Accelerated Irrigation Benfit scheme Launched?? a) 1996-97 b) 1974-75 c) 2011-12 d) 1985-86 Q14 Balance of Payment can be improved by a) Restricting unnecessary imports b) Imposing control on exports c) Increasing Direct taxes d) Borrowing from abroad Q15 Among all the sectors of the economy.

c) Collapse of traditional industry in African countries d) Massive collapse of Textile Industry in UK Q20) Deficit Financing may lead to which of the following 1) Increase in Inflation 2) increase in growth 3) Fiscal Deficit in Econmy 4) Surplus Budget a) 1 only b) 2 .3 and 4 c 1.2 and 3 d) All correct Q21) Increase in Inflation can lead to which of the following 1) Increase in savings of household 2) depreciation of currency 3) increase in gold reserve 4) increasein productivity of agriculture Q22) In which of the following sector 100% FDI is not allowed?? a) Defence b) Agriculture c) Food products d) Animal husbandry Q23) What do you mean by Greenfield Project?? a) resedential project in a green area b) Govt project to plant trees c) Organic Farming promotion d) Projects on the unused land Q24) What are white labelled ATM a) ATM only used by the Govt Agencies b)ATM used only for dispensing small value notes c) ATM owned by non bank entity d) ATM owned by banks but operated by private entity Q25) India's first major commercial arbitration centre was launched in a) New Delhi b) kolkata c Chennai d) Pune Q26) which sector has been recently included in Priority sector?? a) Sports infrastructure b) Automobile industry c) Software exports d) Transport .

goods and labour d) spread of global communication network Q35) Which economist is associated with the term Laissez Faire a) John Keyns b) Joseph Stiglitz c) Amartya Sen d) Adam Smith . bamboo. rice straw b) Sugarcane c) Jatropha d) petroleum industry waste Q30) What is the rank of India in Global wind power installed Index?? a) 4th b) 7th c)3rd d)5th Q31 GAS4INDIA is an initiative asociated with a) increasing Natural gas production in KG basin b) Social media campaign to promote natural gas c) to stab blackmarketing of Gas cylinder d) to increase availability of Gas for poorer sections of society Q32 Ease of doing business index created by a) World Bank b) IMF c) World economic forum d) AIIB Q33 Amount of money propsed for Indradhanush scheme in Union Budget is a) Rs 10000crore b) Rs 15000 crore c) Rs 110000 crore d) Rs 20000 crore Q34 Which of the following statement is the best definition of the term Globalization a) Domination of Global affair by west b) promotion of human rights across the world c) Allowing free movement of economic entities.Q27) What is Urja Ganga project?? a) connecting solar power plants in eastern UP b) wind power projects c)Gas pipeline project in eastern india d) electricty infrastructure in UP Q28) Who are Suryamitras?? a) Govt app to make solar power popular b) Dynasty ruling in Ancient kingdom of Anga c) NGO working for renewable Energy d) Skilled Technicians for installing Solar Power Q29) 2nd generation Ethanol is manufactured from a) Biomass. services .

Q36) Tarang Mobile app is associated with which Ministry a) Ministry of Telecommunication b) Ministry of Coal c) Ministry of HOme Affairs d) HRD ministry Q37) What is GDP deflator a) Ratio between gdp at current prices and gdp b) Ratio of gdp at current prices at market price and gdp at constant prices c) Ratio of GDP at factor cost and gdp at market d) ratio of GDP at market and GVA cost Q38) Whcih of the following is not a money market instrument A) stocks b) treasury bill c) Bils of exchange d) Commercial Papers Q39) which of the following bank cannot accept deposits under PMGKY a) RRB B) Foreign Banks c) Cooperative banks d) Private Banks Q40 what is India's rank in global competitive index a) 38th b) 39th c) 40th d) 41st Q41) Who released World economic and social outlook Report a) World economic forum b) world Bank c) UNDP D) ILO Q42) which organization releases global retail development Index a) PwC b) E n Y C) AT Kearney d) CRISIL Q43) What is the consequence of higher Capital Adequacy Ratio a) Banks will increase the interest rate b) banks will re restricted to lend higher mounts c) Banks can lend with near zero interest rates d) Banks will have to maintain higher amount of capital Q44) What is Mixed economy a) economy where there is equal weightage to private and govt sector b) Economy where both private sector and govt planning may play a role c) Ecomy dominated by agricultre and Manufacturing secor d) Economy in which there is high level of Inequality .

4% b) 6.Q45) What is AADHAR pay a) app to transfer govt subsidy b) App for Merchants to recieve digital apymet from customer c) linking aadhar with gas payment d) Peer to Peer transfer of money Q46) Which sector has the largest share in WPI index a) Services b) Manufacturing c) Fuel d) Primary products Q47) What is INDAS a) Indus valley archaelogy survey b) Indian accounting standards c) Indian Archaelogical survey d) Indian DEpositery Account service Q48) Demonetization was announced on which date a) 8th November 2016 b) 9th NOvember 2016 c) 10th November 2016 d) 10th November 2016 Q49) BHIM app was launched on which date a) 30th december 2016 b) 31st december 2016 c) 14th April 2017 d) 14th February 2017 Q50) Which committee was setup post demonetization to identify all possible digital payment channels a) Bibek Debroy committee b) amitabh kant committee c) Ratan wattal commitee d) NK singh committee Q51) Acc to economic survey by how much percentage is India's Tax to GDP ratio less than comparable countries a) 5.7% c) 10% d) 11% Q52) The supply side economy puts greater emphasis on the point of view of A) Producer b) global economy c) Consumer d) Middle man Q53) Why was full convertability of indian rupee advocated in liberalization a) it will attract more foreign capital in India b) convertability of rupee will stabalize its value against international currencies c) It will help promote exports .

3 and 4 . Defence expenditure IV.d) It will hlp secure loans from world bank at easier terms Q54) Capital account convertability of Rupee implies a) that indian rupee can be exchanged by authorised dealers for travel b) that indian rupee can b exchanged for any major currency for the purpose of trade and services c) that the indian rupee can be traded for any major currency for the purpose of purchasing financia Assets d) None of the above Q55) corporation tax is a) is levied and appropriated by states b) is levied by union and collected and appropriated by states c) is levied by the union and shared by union and states d) is levied by union and belongs to it exclusively Q 56) Assertion (A) : an imp tool of economic liberalization is reduction in import duty of capital goods Reason (R) : reduction in import duty will help local manufacturers to improve the technology to meet global market a) Both A and R is true and R is correct explanation of A b) ) Both A and R is true and R is not the crrect explanation of A c) A is true but R is false d) A is false but R is true Q57) SAMPADA scheme is related to a) Cuture b) food processing c) rural development d) skill development Q58) Which of the following come under Non-plan expenditure ? I. Maintenance expenditure for the infrastructure created in the previous plans a) 1 and2 b) 1 and 3 c) 2 and 4 d) 1. Interest payments III.2 . Subsidies II.

Tamil nadu c) Gujarat. Maharashtra. Kasturirangan-led panel has recommended a ban on development activities in around 60000 sq. Kerela . Fiscal deficit (A) Excess of Total Expenditure over Total Receipts II. Karnataka b) Goa . Maharashtra. Karnataka d) UP. Revenue deficit (C) Excess of Total Expenditure over Total Receipts less borrowings IV. rajasthan. Bihar . Kerela . Tamil nadu. Budget deficit (B) Excess of Revenue Expenditure over Revenue Reciepts III. Madhya pradesh. Goa .Q59) Which of the following statement are correct List I (Term) List II (Explanation) I. Primary deficit (D) Excess of Total Expenditure over Total Receipts less borrowings and Interest Payments Q60) K. Kerela. Maharashtra.Delhi Q61) A redistribution of income in a country can be best brought about through a) a progressive taxation followed by progressive expenditure b) a progressive taxation followed by regressive expenditure c) a regressive taxation followed by progressive expenditure d) a regressive taxation followed by regressive expenditure Q 62) Which of the following was not the aim of demonetization a) To increase credit to agriculture sector b) To stop corruption c) to stop financing to terror organization d) to stop counterfeit notes Q63) Which of them is not ikely to be long term impact of demonetization acc tp Economic Survey a) Decrease in unaccounted money b) Increase of digital payment c) increase in informal jobs d) Fall in price of real estate Q64) What is twin balance sheet problem? a) Format problem in indian accounting system b) NPA problem of bank and high indebtness of companies . Goa . km ecologically sensitive area spread over a) Gujarat.

c) Npa problem of Banks and decreasing amrket value of Corporates d) Reducing customer base of banks and increasing interest rate Q65) Global Financial crisis was observed in which year a) 2011-12 b) 2014-15 c) 2008-09 d) 2010-11 Q66) What is the objective of FRBM act a) To improve the financial strength of the states b) To bring reforms in banking Sector c) To seperate ownership from Management of Banks d) To reduce Fiscal Deficit of India Q67) Which of the two low skill manufacturing sectors are mentioned in economic survey as important for economy?? a) clothes and shoes b) technical textile and construction c) salt and sugar production d) consumer durable and Automobile parts Q68) State with highest life expectancy in India a)Kerela b) Rajasthan c) tamil Nadu D) West Bengal Q69) What is Dutch Disease a) viral disease originating in Holand b) water contamination problem in Netherland c) Negative Impact on economy due to sharp inflow of foreign currency d) Obesity problems caused due to lack of exercise Q70 Approximately how much is the contribution of urban Areas in GDP a 50% b 60% c 80% d 35% Q 71 Devaluation of currency means?? a) reduction of value of currency with respect to internationally traded currencies .

What is base effect a) Impact of drastic deficiency in supply due to failure of crops b) Impact of Surge in demand due to rapid economic growth c) Impact of price leevl of previous years on the calculation of inflation rate d) None of the above ..b) permitting the currency to seek its value in international market c) Fixed value of currency with basket of predetermined international currencies d) WB. IMF stipulated value of currency Q72) Which state has the Highest Fiscal deficit in the year 2016-17 A) Kerela b) Uttar Pradesh c) Bihar d) Tamil Nadu Q73) Former RBI Governer Raghuram rajan is associated with which famous American University a) Chicago University b) North Western University c) Stanford University d) Harvard Business School Q74) Which state is first in list of best to implemet urban reforms a) Nagaland b) Haryana c) Uttar Pradesh d) Andhra Pradesh Q75) Amartya sen was awarded Nobel prize in field of a) Monetory Economics b) Welfare Economics c) Public Economics d) International Economcis Q76) Economc growth is usually coupled with a) Inflation b) Deflation c) Stagflation d) Hyper Inflation Q77) A rapid increase in Inflation is sometimes attributed to "Base effect".

life expectancy at birth and a) GDP per head in dollars b) GDP per head in PPP terms c) GNP in US dollars d) National income per head in Us Dollars Answer Key: 1-c 2a 3a 4b 5c a 7d 8d 9b 10a 11b 12c 13 a 14a 15b 16c 17a 18c 19b 20c 21b 22b 22b 23d 24c 25d 26a 27c 28d 29a 30a 31b 32a 33a 34 c 35 d 36b 37b 38a 39c 40 b 41 b 42c 43d 44b 45 b 4b 47b 48a 49a 50b 51a 52a 53a 54c 55d 56a 57b 58d 59d 60a 61b 62a 63c 64b 65c 66d 67a 68a 69c 70b 71a 72b 73a 74d 75b 76a 77c 78a 79c 80d . Cutting the tax rates 2. Increasing the government spending 3.2 and 3 d) none Q80) Human Development Index comprises literacy rates.Q78) The Fair and Remunerative Price of Sugarcane is approved by the a) Cabinet Committee on Economic affair b) Commission of Agricultural Cost and Prices c) FCI d) RBI Q79) Consider the following actions by the Government: 1. Abolishing the subsidies In the context of economic recession which of the above actions can be considered a part of the 'fiscal stimulus' package? a) 1 and 2 only b) 2 only c) 1.