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u: Annamayya in Alphabet
in First Published
May 2015
Published by
Amaravadi Subrahmanya Deekshitulu
Plot No. 61, Flat No. 5,
Siddartha Apts., Siddartha Nagar
Hyderabad - 500 038.
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Annamacharya's Sankeerthanas in
Price :
alphabetical order
[keertanas in Devanagari Script & Telugu] DTP & Printing
(Bhavamruta in English) Devanagari : M.V.S.V. Nagendra
By English : K. Murali Krishna
Amaravadi Subrahmanya Deekshitulu 9848 51 51 09
III Annamayya in Alphabet IV Annamayya in Alphabet


Tallapaka Annamacharya (Annamayya) is one of the

early Vaggeyakaras in Telugu. He is well known as Pada
Kavita Pitamaha. His Sankeertanas contained the essence
of Vedas, Itihasas and Puranas. They were sung by him
with great Vishnu Bhakti and Saranagati Bhava. They came
out from the deapth of his heart and hence are of great
interest to the sadhakas of the Bhakti cult. Hearing them
rendered musically is a great feast to the ears. They bring
happiness to the mind. It is therefore no wonder, they are
very popular.
His keertanas are mostly in Telugu and some in
Sanskrit. Lord Sri Venkateswara of Tirumala is his "Ishta
Daiva". He praised him by singing more than 32,000
sankeertanas. They were recorded on copper plates and
preserved in Tirumala. However most of them are not
readily available. According to some sources about 12000
of them are available in print.
Annamayya used Venkata as a his Makuta (Stamp
of identity) in all his keertanas. His keertanas are pregnant
with Bhakti Bhava. They were classified under 1. Sringara
Bhakti, 2. Adhyatmika Bhakti 3. Viragya Bhakti etc., by some
V Annamayya in Alphabet VI Annamayya in Alphabet
During his life time he visited a large number of description of the content and its significance is given.
temples and praised the gods installed in those temples with
It is not always easy to translate the telugu idiom
different names describing their Avatara Leelas in these
used in the keertanas into english. However every attempt
keertanas. He identified all those gods as none other than
has been made to express the meaning of the idiom in
Sri Venkateswara himself.
english as near to the original as possible.
He participated in many festivals celebrated in a large
It is hoped that this would create interest in learning
number of temples and sang keertanas in praise of the
these telugu keertanas and get a knowledge of telugu
respective gods. To mention a few, he praised Lord Narsimha,
language and alphabet.
Lord Vishnu, Lord Sri Rama, Sri Krishna - Chennakesava,
Vittala, Anjaneya and other gods. In this endeavour keertanas starting with the follow-
ing letters could not be found in the source books.
Annamayya criticised and chided religious fanatics and
condemned social in justice in his keertanas. He used many J (|), J (|) E: (J) , Q (Y), W (V),
similies and popular proverbs in Rayalaseema dialect. ^ (~), a (&), b (@), e (~),
His son Peda Tirumalayya and his grandson China
j (_), m (}), s (^), p ().
Tirumalayya also followed his foot steps and sang many Telugu alphabet has short > L> 'Z' pronounced as 'a'
keertanas praising Sri Venkateswara using same Venkata in word 'any'; and short >Ez> 'X' pronounce as 'o' in word
Makuta of Annamayya.
'original'. These letters do not exist in 'devanagari alphabet'.
The sankeertanas presented in this book are chosen
In Annamayya's telugu keertanas words having short >L>
from out of more than 700 from different collections. They
are arranged in telugu alphabetical order as the theme of
' ' and short >Ez> 'X' long >L> 'U' and long >Ez> 'F' both
presentation. As the present day generation even amongst as vowels and in combination with consonents are used.
telugu people do not know telugu alphabet and language, So, reading such words from 'devanagari script' leads to
the keertanas are given in 'Devanagari' script and the mistakes in pronounciation. This difficulty can be appreciated
meaning (explanatory note) of the keertanas in english.
Before giving the explanatory note of sankeertana a brief
VII Annamayya in Alphabet VIII Annamayya in Alphabet

from the following examples. Devanagari letter ' ' used in

L In the same way, other consonent vowel combinations
printed in normal and thick or bold letters should be
the word ' Lg' in keertana number '7' has to be pronounced
pronounced appropriately as indicated above. This method
as 'a' in word 'any'. Similarly ' Ez ' in ' Ez N u ' in
of printing letters helps the readers to pronounce the Telugu
sankeertana number '10' shall be pronounced as 'o' in word words correctly without confusion.
'original'. ' ' in the word '
L Lu' in keertana number '8' I consider myself very fortunate to become an ardent
shall be pronunced as 'a' is the word 'agent'. Like wise lover of Annamacharya's sankeertanas. I owe it to the
' Ez' in the word 'Ez n\' in keertana number 11 blessings of Lord Sri Venkateswara. Every day I religiously
has to be pronounced as long 'o' in word 'owner'. attend to writing 'Bhavamritam' to Annamayya keertanas in
Telugu. So far I have completed such work for 2300 keertanas.
In the consonent owel combination also the short and However the present book is meant to serve the lovers of
long sounds have to be pronounced correctly at appropriate Annamayya's keertanas, who do not know Telugu language.
places. It contains 41 keertanas.

For example in the Vowel consonant combinations : In this endeavour, many of my friends helped me. I
owe my grateful thanks to Dr. B.V.S.R. Murty for the help
in the word ' zuut Ng' in keertana number given to me in preparing this book, Annamayya in Alphabet
'14', line 3 ' ' should be pronounced as 've' in the word
z in the present form. My sincere thanks are also to Sri M.V.S.V.
Nagendra for doing the perfect D.T.P. work in Devanagari
'very' and 'Nz' should be prononued as 'ko' in the word
script and to Sri Murali Krishna for his DTP work in english. I
'KOREA'. Like wise in the word 'zt'z in the same keertana fail to do justice if I do not thank Sri M.V.S.L.N. Murty and
line 3 'z' should be pronounced as 'va' in the word 'vacant'. Chandra Pavan for their valuable suggestions in preparing
'z' as 'la' in 'lane'. In the word 'ututz' (in the last line of this book.

the same keertana) 'z' should be pronounced as 'Vo' in

word 'vocal'.
IX Annamayya in Alphabet X Annamayya in Alphabet
If anybody is writing or reading anything on PREFACE
Annamayya today it is because of the pains taken by TTD.
All the singers of the world, music lovers and devotees of Sri Annamacharya is famous as the Pada Kavita
the Lord Venkateswara are indebted to TTD for their ser- Pitamaha. His Sankeertanas in praise of his personal God
Sri Venkateswara in both Telugu and Sanskrit run into Tens
vices to the supreme Lord of Seven Hills.
of thousands. More than 30,000 of them are preserved on
I pray to Lord Venkateswara to bless all of them. I Tamra Patras (Copper sheets) in Tirumala.
have no words to say except "Lord! you have given me much In this context I mention here the inspiring words of
more than I deserve. Even if you give me thousand births I Prof. Sri Pingali Lakshmi Kantam garu, a great Telugu Scholar
should not leave you even in one". of all times - a poet, academician and a literary critic - to
appreciate the heartening effect of Telugu Bhakti Songs. In
Eru tzz uuo z his book Parvatarohanam (1934) he visualised in his poetic
qn qn z{ uQmz fancy that Lord Venkateswara chose to settle on Seshagiri
(Tirumala) so that he can hear the songs at close quarters
and enjoy their sweetness in a pleasent mood. How well
these words look right for Annamacharya's Keertanas!

Sri Amaravadi Subrahmanya Deekshitulu garu, a

Technologist by training and an innovative instrumentation
Engineer by profession turned a full-time writer in Telugu on
different bhakti traditions.

At present he is engaged in writing commentaries in

Telugu on Annamacharya's Sankeertanas which stimulated
much interest in the minds of his friends. He has allready
covered more than 600 keertanas and compiled 400 of them
in 4 volumes. His latest book on telugu commentary is on
some of the keertanas arranged in alphabetical order. Now
XI Annamayya in Alphabet XII Annamayya in Alphabet

this book is being rendered into english for the benefit of the Dedicated to the memory of
non telugu-knowing people. In this book the original
sankeertanas are presented in devanagari Script (as most of
the people in India know that script) and the commentary in
english language. To the best of my knowledge no such book
is available on this subject.

Sri Annamacharya's Sankeertanaas contain many

telugu words used in 16th Century Rayalaseema dialect.
Many of those words are not in vogue in current telugu
literature. In view of this difficulty an attempt is being made
by scholars to compile those rare words and phrases with
S r i Ta l l a pa k a A n n a m a c h a r y a
appropriate explanatory notes. Further it is difficult to find
Devanagari Alphabet
suitable words and expressions in english for some of the
telugu and sanskrit expressions present in these keertanas, E (J) E (P) F (W) F| (D) G (L)
in order to convey the Bhakti and Tatwa Jnana aspects in
them. H (T) J (|) J (|) L (U) Lz (S)
I understand how difficult it would have been for
Ez (F) E{ (B) E (JO) E: (J)
Deekshitulu garu in this endevour to give appropriate english N (H) Q (Y) T (Q) V () W (VV )
commentary. A reading of this book reveals the sincere efforts
made by him to adhere to the text of the song and express
Y (K) Z (K) \ ([) ^ (~) a (&) b
the contents in English in the best possible way inspite of (@) e (~) g (_) j (_) m (}) o (`) s
the above limitations. It is hoped that this endeavour of the (^) t (^) (^) (#) () ()
author will bring to the readers the greatness of
Annamacharya as a Bhakta and Tattvavetta of all times. (|) () (=) () (~) ()
p () (=) () (+) ()
Date : 01-12-2011.
() q (H) fi (`) r ([)
XIII Annamayya in Alphabet XIV Annamayya in Alphabet

u uYN 18. Zy Zy 35
19. \ufl ufl 37
About this book 20. g
gzY 39
Foreword 21. oT u yN 41
Prayer 22. t\ Tuu 43

N. Nyo| 23. umztzu 45

z z 47
1. Eutz
z Eutzz 1
25. ng{ u 49
2. ENub zp 3
26. zfi
z 51
3. Fugb NTub 5
27. ug uuuY 53
4. F|og z V 7
28. uO Nzut gz 55
5. GSTzc z 9
29. \g{ uc 57
6. HNz tzzN 11
30. ruo| rNo| 59
7. Lug \ 13
31. \y zfi 61
8. L u zTg 15
32. flyNm yoz oz 63
9. Lztzut Nu ttz 17
33. z EzzT 65
10. EzNuNzNu 19
34. m m
o 67
11. Ez n\ 21
zg NpuuuN 69
12. E{ \g 23
36. \ {mY 71
13. ETyz Eo 25
37. u z Ng EtN 73
14. Nczt {Ne 27
38. qyu NNN 75
15. Tou uQ{ 29
16. Vuug uo 31 39 ufiNmuT Yzu N 77
17. YN u YN 33 40. rryTuo zq 79
XV Annamayya in Alphabet XVI Annamayya in Alphabet

T: - {u
ym ym Oh! Srimannarayana, Srimannarayana,
ym y ytz m @@ ym @@
N oyQN Nuo
N u Nzqm We seek the protection of your auspicious Feet.
Nuo TgT y-
N y tNz z m @@ ym @@ For the lotus face of Kamala (The Goddes
zuT \Tz y- Lakshmi) You are like SUN (who blossoms lotus). You
n m y- are her beloved. You are lotus eyed. You are benevolent
uoNbuTutztz m @@ ym @@ to BRAHMA seated in the lotus. You travel on
~# 'GARUDA' (the kite). Oh! KAMALANABHA! (who
~QO : o has lotus in the Navel!) we seek the protection of your
N=<fl~} N=<fl~}
N=<fl~} h N^" ~} IIN =<fl~}II lotus feet.
H= f=YH= H=` Oh! the benevolent to great Yogis! (the ascetics!)
H= H=H}
H=#` Q~_Q=# N- Oh! unreachable even to gods! Oh! Paramatma! (the
H=< h ^H=" ~} IIN =<fl~}II supreme soul!) Oh! Paramanu roopa! (the smallest of
~=y [# Q^ N- the smallest!) Oh! the God of TIRUMALA Hills! we
~=~+ ~`~
seek your auspicious blessings.
~=` ~=}~ N-
u~"OH@yi^" ~} II N =<fl~}II
XVII Annamayya in Alphabet XVIII Annamayya in Alphabet
1 Annamayya in Alphabet 2 Annamayya in Alphabet

T: - uo E I/23 KOQ@ #k" K=

1 Eutz Eutz yu xOy##fl ^=` x["=
=Oy@ #k" =##fl ^#=
utzz z gT @@ Eutz @@ |OQ~ tY~ | |== IIJk"II
Etz NbY uQzo H=^= "OH@ #Q=k"
Eutz t N N"OH@uH ~#k
Eutz unuuQ N qO H O^~=k"
Etz Yggtz zMNgt @@ Eutz @@ =#=H =# == IIJk"II
YTb utz zY
uuT tzo u\ E Eutz z
z Eutz
uTb utz
(This keertana is in the praise of Venkatachala and
T uQ @@ Eutz @@ Seshachala)
N{t Nb Tutz Lo! look there! That is the abode of SRIHARI. It appears
yNbuouN u{ut as though it is full of innumerable hoods of 'ADISESHA' (the
u N tutz sarpent bed of Srihari).
Nz @@ Eutz @@ The VENKATACHALA is the highest peak in this
mountain range. This is unattainable even for BRAHMA and
other Gods. That is the permanent residence of all the
~QO : =^==u J 'MUNIS' (Ascetics). Look at it. Bow to it. It gives eternal
happiness (ANANDA).
Jk" Jk" Ni "= This is SESHACHALA nearby. It is the permanent
k" + _Q== IIJk"II residence of all Devatas (ANGELS). It is the hidden treasure
in front of you, with golden peaks reminding you of
J^ "OH\K =d#fl`= PARABRAHMA.
Jk" |^ H~= VENKATACHALA is the place of MOKSHA (salvation).
This is full of VENKATACHALAPATI's splendour. The
Jk" x`x"=d =#
fullfilment of the SOULS has taken the shape of this
J^ K__^ "_#O^== IIJk"II mountain. It is the sanctity of all the senctities.
3 Annamayya in Alphabet 4 Annamayya in Alphabet

T: - Qu E I/158 P^=z# " P_ |_#"

" _# "
2 ENubzp - { zp F#O` i<="H> QuQH
ozN uz - utMN u zt @@ ENub @@ = ^H ~e#=^ `Q IIPHeII
Nzuzp - N Yzugzp OH\ # " KO aez#"
Yzug zYz - u\uMNzp JOHeQ #C"~y# "
Ez{ u - zMNbz TuoTN "OH> <=" q_OK QuQH
uY ou{ - u zt ozT @@ ENub @@ =O |k ~e# =^ `Q IIPHeII
EtuXYzp - Eug ugzp
zp - ug zp E ENub zp
Ezuo u - zMNbz TuoTN (Hari's name only will give strength and it saves one
tN zu - uzt ozT @@ ENub @@ passing through troubles)
Nzzuc zp - Y uuuYzp While suffering from hunger, or when tired after
EuNuT - uT zp strenuous work, the name of Lord Hari only gives strength.
Nbz z - uuguY TuoTN There is no other way to overcome such sufferings.
N u zu - uzt ozT @@ ENub @@ In a helpless situation or when family prestige is at stake
or when caught by others and imprisoned for some alleged
misdeads, there is no other way than to depend on the name
~QO : =Mi P of Lord Hari to gain strength.
While in danger or in distress or at times when
PH\ "## "# frightened by the adverse situations or sin, remembering the
name of Lord Hari by making special effort is the only way
`= i<=" k =i ^ IIPHeII out. There is no safety by delaying in making such efforts.
H=q#fl"= K_#" When hand-cuffed and taken for beheading or when
creditors stand at the doorstep demanding the debt money,
K=_ ~KlH#" praying to Lord Venkateswara that he only can save one
X# i<="H> QuQH from these dangers is the only thing to do. Indulging in foolish
thinking doesnot help.
=z `#<#= ^ `Q IIPHeII
5 Annamayya in Alphabet 6 Annamayya in Alphabet
H#H~`fl H"@ HO` e~Q_ QO\
T: - {u F I/38 #"# nO= QO\
3 Fugb NTub z zNN- J#= =}==Q Hs@= QO\
gT uoNby Tub @@ Fugb @@ H#HO|~= QO\ Q# "HO\ IIWC_@II
J~^# OYKH^ e~Q_ QO\
Euo{ zu uQ Tub ix J =# QO\
uozu Tz Tub u~ "OH\Kkx E_Q QO\
oNzub |oz\ zTT Tub iQO\ Q~QO\ #O`@ "HO\ IIWC_@II
Yo zgTub Y zNub @@ Fugb @@
NNn Nb NouTg Tub F Fugb NTub
V{ tyV Tub (In this Keertana Annamayya describes his happiness
E umT uNyb Tub when he had the darshan of the Lord and his splendour in
his dream)
NN Tub TMN zNub @@ Fugb @@ Lo! Just now I had a dream. In that dream I had the
Et{ QYNt uTg Tub "darshan" of Sri Venkateswara, the father of "all the worlds"
(the universe). I am very happy because he gave his
uzu E o Tub "darshan".
uo NbYuu \gT Tub I saw the pre-eminent peak of the Seshadri mountain
uTub TTub ob zNub @@ Fugb @@ and the dazzling light of the incomparable "Gopuram". I saw
Lord Venkateswara as brightly shining light of hundreds of
crores of Suns. I also saw the four-headed Lord Brahma. All
~QO : o W this made me to wake up suddenly.
I saw the bright light emanating from the Jewel-studded
golden doors on either side of the Lord and innumerable
WC_@ HQO\ < H= lamps shining all round. I also saw the incomparable dimond
#_Q u~"OH\n QO\ IIWC_@II studded crown of the Lord. I saw the "Pitambara" worn by
Him. All this made me to wake up suddenly.
JuO# k tY~= QO\
I saw the rarely visible conch and the discuss (of Lord
ux Q~ QO\ Vishnu) on either side of Lord. I also saw the Lord's hand
`H\ ~`[= "QQ QO\ expressing the "Abhaya Mudra" (protection from fear). Thus
K`~ _QO\ K# "HO\ IIWC_@II I witnessed the Tiru Venkatachalapathi, the Hari, the Guru.
All this made me to wake up suddenly.
7 Annamayya in Alphabet 8 Annamayya in Alphabet

T: - b F| XXIX/196
_ > "#~, OH~k ^`
`_< ~=} [O ^~= Q
4 F|ogz VgyogzNTyg "_H` `^q Q_# +H "H
F|og Yzu Yzozu{ T @@ F|ogz @@ ~_ *_ O# " #^# IID`_II
Qtmt Qgog zz _q O` QK O^Q ^#O`
EtT uzMN zz H_QOK# =
u Ng Yzo uYz _H N"OH>_ =~=eK
F{ uymuuNXYz N[ @@ F|ogz @@ J_i `~H |" W^ ". IID`_II
Ng zcz , NNm|ut t{n
ozgz m \z t TzYz
F| F|og z V
zgNoz yotzu Tgz N zMNz (Lord Rama is none other than Sri Venkateswara.
Annamayya describes Lord's several valourous acts extoled in
F|g \zg{ u zz zz @@ F|ogz @@ Ramayana)
gu o TYz tT tozu This Lord Venkateswara is Raghu Rama himself, the
NzgNTYz N undaunted warrior. His heroic deeds are innumerable.
zgN yNbzg{ uXYz He made the demons KHARA, DOOSHANA and their
Egu oN { Ftz zz @@ F|ogz @@ followers into minced meat in the DANDAKA forest. His marvelous
skill in killing valiant VALI (who defeated Ravana) with a single
arrow is a miracle. He got the cause-way built across the Sea to
~QO : <@ D enable his army of monkeys to reach LANKA. He gave
VIBHEESHANA the kingdom of LANKA to rule permanently.
D`_ ~~=_` _HOQ g~_ He organised the great army of the monkeys. He killed
~`_ K# K`xfl< Q= IID`_II RAVANA, KUMBHAKARNA and all other demons to win the war.
Happily united with Sita Devi, he merrily travelled to AYODHYA on
Y~^+}^# YO_`O_= PUSHPAKA and ruled the Kingdom of KOSALA.
J~^Q "e<H =# << He protected the whole world with his benevolent rule. He
~q HO_ K` =^= |OkOK had two sons KUSA and LAVA who were equal to him in all
W~" qc+}xHK OH~[= IID`_II respects. He continues to protect us even now as Lord
Venkateswara from Tirumala giving us countless boons. As Taraka
Brahma he bestows on us the MOKSHA.
9 Annamayya in Alphabet 10 Annamayya in Alphabet

T: - Q G V/92
` e@ K` #yOKH
= x_~ "=
5 GST zcz z Yz- H=@# HO_ u=x
zSTyutz uz @@ GST zcz @@ <# u@~~= IILQ "@~II
Ngzu zN Tty-
zgYNz z
ozugNzug T ozT tyz
G GSTzc z
ugNzug uu z @@ GST zcz @@ (Upto the early days in the twentieth century, mothers
used to give to the babies a the mixture of brest milk, casteroil
Y cN u- and some other medicinal powders in the mornings for some
zN z months to help improving their digestion. This is called
Egz N utyzz "UGGU" in Telugu. The babies generally refuse to swallow
zt uoz z @@ GST zcz @@ it, because of its taste and odour. Yasoda's efforts to make
Krishna drink Uggu is described in this Keertana.
oz ub Yzo uTYN
ugz z Annamacharya describes in this Sankeertana the
feelings of YASHODA while giving Uggu to Krishna)
Nzb Ng uou
z uocNz @@ GST zcz @@ YASHODA is urging her associates to hold the baby
KRISHNA when he was pushing off her hands to drink UGGU.
~QO : Y= L All the Brahmandas are in the womb of this baby
krishna. Hold him so that he will not move otherwise the
LQ "@~ "= K Brahmandas in his womb may get disturbed. The hot "UGGU"
wx^ t "= IILQ "@~II will spill on him when he moves forward and backwards so
H_x H= Q^b rapidly. So hold him tightly to prevent the mishap.
<_K~ "= Do not lift him. He is a small baby. His mouth is not big
`_H_ ~Q# `Q n~ like yours to swallow all that "UGGU" in one gulp.
=_H_ eq "= IILQ "@~II
Girls! please do not handle him so roughly. Please put
K =@H #fl x him in the cradle and gently swing it. Do not call him with
#~ "`~= harsh words, even with love, because he is none other than
JC_ H= #kg<~< "KONDALA TIMMA" (Lord of Seven Hills)
"^ u~ "= IILQ "@~II
11 Annamayya in Alphabet 12 Annamayya in Alphabet
H~O| H@"H_y#C_ Q^
T: - T{ H II/104
6 HNz tzN Gozo Q =~O| Nix=Q *z#Q^
i `# [#"_ H_@ IIT~HII
tzuuN \ YzNzb @@ HNz @@
`# O` =`^Qe#C_ Q^
ozu uYo-tubg Tt xQ#fl `# K^=e~OK@
Eut{- nq{b Z#x N"OH>fi~x ^O|
N t|t - TguYg Tt `# #a# Q^^i*i =#@ IIT~HII
oNz zq - oN \zgb @@ HNz @@
N Nbz - NuguTg Tt H HNz tzzN
u|r - zzb (Sadhana required to obtain Moksha is described in
yuu - T \zuTt this Keertana.
Nu| o \zMNg NzMNg{b @@ HNz @@ Can any one get the eternal bliss (Ananda of Moksha)
without hardwork (Sadhana). One has to understand first,
o onz - tTug Tt the implications of such "Sadhana" and work hard. Then only
uTz o Yt - uuYb one achieves success (MOKSHA).
Lzu y Nbzu t Only when the mind ceases to pursue the worldly
oN u Tt - tu\zu b @@ HNz @@ thoughts, "The God Almighty" appears in his vision. Only
when one is free from the contamination of arrogance in
mind, he is capable of obtaining the most desired fruit of
T~H ^~< L#fl`#fl` Y= Only when one washes off his mind free from desires,
~O| ^eH [= KH#@ IIT~HII the "Pure Wisdom" (sacred knowledge) dawns. Only when
one learns the secret of getting the protection of Lord Hari,
`e zO`^\#C_ Q^ he achieves the highest reward of his birth, namely the Love
for God.
Only when peace of mind touches one's heart, one gets
H+O ^~^=Q_z#C_ Q^ the fruit of his learning and the uncomparable "SEVA"
`H#fl "HO|`# * _@ IIT~HII (service) of Sri Venkateswara becomes his nature; then he
lives at the feet of the Lord.
13 Annamayya in Alphabet 14 Annamayya in Alphabet

T: - {u L XV/38 `y^ | O@= `y^ | |O^O|

`Q# "H =~= `# O`<
7 LMNug \zu zut JQ_ N "OH>fi~ JO`~q"
uMN uz uuo yuYuN @@ LMNug @@ #y#y ## h"eu <H ~= IIZH_II
FuzT y
L Lug \
(Several pitfalls in Sadhana are narrated in this Peda
Yzt r Yzt o Tirumalayya's Keertana)
Yzt T t{ y @@ LMNug @@ What is the benefit of being born as a human being? Oh
ug l ug tT|m Lord! It is true that I depend on your benevolence. You do whatever
ug uuMNu umg y you like to protect me.
uugYzt bN uugYzt {S I do not forget the attraction for good food and worldly
pleasures. I also do not forget to indulge in the pleasures of senses.
uugYzt Y umg y @@ LMNug @@ Oh! Madhava! I am trapped in the illusion created by your MAYA in
ouTzt b ouTzt this world. I am devoid of the wisdom of knowing the secret of the
real nature of human Soul and PARAMATMA. I also forget about
oT zq T| o o{ the benevolence shown to me by the 'GURU' in the illusion created
ETug y Nbz Eo|u{ by your MAYA in this world.
uTuT yzuuo N F| @@ LMNug @@ I do not leave the activities which result in sins or
righteousness. I also do not leave the bad habits and my
~QO : o Z aspirations. Oh! Vishnu! all this is the result of illusion created by
your MAYA in this world. I fail to perform the SHATKARMAS, (Six
ZH_ =#+[#O u# "=#flk duties... namely YAJNA, YAAJANA, ADHYAYANA, ADHYAPANA,
xH= x<fl#qu hz`OaH# IIZH_II DANA and PRATIGRAHA) I fail to develope disinterest in worldly
=~=# P~O|# =~=# O~Y= activities. I also fail to follow the spiritual precepts. Oh! Vishnu! all
=~=# WOkQ= =^= h= this is the result of illusion created by your MAYA in this world.
=~K^ *#O|# =~K^ `` fi~= I am attracted by countless lustful pleasures and innumerable
=~K^ Q~=# ^== =^= h= IIZH_II bondages of the world. Even for once I do not attempt to follow
the path to free myself from the above distractions. Oh! Lord
q_=# = }= q_=# <^~}= Venkateswara! You are ANTARYAMI (all pervading). You gave me
q_=# qHe q+_ h= your DARSHAN. You laughed at me to make me understand my
q_K^ +@~O| q_K^ "~QO|# faults. You are my protector. So I pray to you to free me from the
q_K^ <K~O|# q+_ h= IIZH_II influence of MAYA.
15 Annamayya in Alphabet 16 Annamayya in Alphabet
T: - utz L IV/482 =<^_@ == =zOK>O`
_ ^q+_@ ~~"O`
8 Lu zTgXYyou H N "OH\k u =~=eK
zz l uz yNo @@ Lu @@
"~~ "_@ q~"O` IIU=xII
Eo |oz\gb Nuo Yzo
t\oNgb oo
u\Tgb uYMNto
L L u zTg
\\ Tuuc gb Voo @@ Lu @@ (The undescribable greatness of Lord are narrated in
this Keertana)
TT\Ngb Ng Yzz lo Can anyone express in words the undescribable
YTb Nogb uTo grandeur of this Lord? Oh! Pious people! You can understand
it only by hearing stories describing the virtues of divinity
TT flygb \ Yo and the 'Leelas' (sportive, playful and charming 'acts') of the
ETuY z|gb to @@ Lu @@ Lord.
His brilliance exells that of countless suns. He destroyed
sgb u uYYbo unconquerable demons by his overwhelming valour. His
z zgtumgb uo excelling beauty is matchless because he himself is the father
N y Nbu uo{ uz of the most handsome Manmatha. He is the creator and
father of Brahma Deva himself. Then, can anyone describe
zu gb uoo @@ Lu @@ his greatness?
~QO : O^ U His toe is the birth place of the most sacred river
GANGA. Can anyone describe his sanctity? He is the devine
Lord of the Earth decorated with beautiful nature. Then, how
U=x Q_=Kh`x ==
"=~" } q#~ ~H` IIU=xII handsome he must be! He is the Lord of LAKSHMI, the
Godess of wealth. Then what to say of his regal splendour.
J#O` ~`A_@ HOu K<O` He is the "paramatma", the Lord of Brahmanda. Who can
^#*O`O_@ `"O` excel him in supremacy?
=#[Q~_@ =iKH^#"O` He is known as "Mayanatha". Then who can describe
his glory? He is all pervading 'VISHNU'. Can anyone locate
=#[A Qx#\ "_@ #`O` IIU=xII his residence (the place where he stays)? This Lord has
QOQ[#_@ H_ K }"O` innumerable forms. Can anyone imagine the extent of his
spread in space and forms? That is the greatness of
KOQ@ HO`_@ OQ~"O` Venkateswara, the Lord of Venkatadri who bestows unlimited
~OQQ H _@ ~[= OK<O` boons on his devotees.
JOQqOK ~fi_@ O^O` IIU=xII
17 Annamayya in Alphabet 18 Annamayya in Alphabet

T: - mtzuq Lz X/27 O^ QOK "O^ "K

"O^ Q^ " eO^
9 Lztzut Nu ttz zut JO^ xO^ ^< H#fl
u ysgz NN #O^#O^#< #=@ QH IIS#II
zu tuYz zu uYz
z ofi utz K@ =Ozk K@ K_k
E uong{ K@ `= xO^
\qu b TN @@ Lz @@ HK\ N"OH@<^_
ztN TzuYz tN zXYz
t T zutz Lz Lztzut Nu ttz
Et ut tz Nz
ttz b TN @@ Lz @@ (Rendered by China Tirumalayya, the grand son of
Annamayya, this keertana is a great philosophical thought
z Yzb uYut z Yzb Yzhut of the poet)
z Yzb o{ utz In this world just think, what is the right think to do
NYzub yNbsgz and what is wrong thing. If you can see Lord Sri Hari ap-
pears in any "Form".
YzYzo TmY{ YzuYz TN @@ Lz @@
Whom shall I scold? Whom shall I praise? Who is an
~QO : <~}^H S independent authority in this world? If you scold anybody
here or there you are scolding only the "Lotus eyed God" Sri
Hari only.
S# ^k Hx ^O^ <k Why we show our anger on some people and why
<<~ N<^_ HH IIS#II we show our appreciasion to some people? In both these
acts, is there any justification at all? In both these people
=fii ^+OK "=fii +OK who is all pervaded in them? Is he not the "son of Nanda
"=fi~ fi`O` eO^ Gopa"?
J=fi x=fi #O`~`_# which place is good and which place is bad? which
=fi#*x ##@ QH IIS#II place is permanent for you? The protector in all the places
is Lord Venkateswara himself. He is the permanent resi-
dent in our hearts to benefit every one.
19 Annamayya in Alphabet 20 Annamayya in Alphabet

T: - Qu Ez XVII/485 " N"OH> "# OQ~=Q#

`K# = ^i~OKQ
10 EzNu NzNu Nz{ "Q } J" =OQ `#
zN Nz zuYbgz @@ EzNu @@ " "= Q_ "#@O_ IIXHiII
\TtzNuozz Yu N| u
u\uTNzu N uYtT
zuT YuQ uuzT
Ez EzNuNzNu
zT zz utTzu bgz @@ EzNu @@ (In this sankeertana Annamacharya describes the
splendour and beauty of the bright figure of Lord Sri
zu zT YzMN u ocT Venkateswara).
NuuT Ftz NT
The charismatic appearence of the Lord's beauty is
NuT ug TN zt excelling moment to moment. His spell-bound splendour
ozuuT \ uu ozuuNbgz @@ EzNu @@ appears to be springing up from his face.
z y Nbzbz z uTT Goddess Sri Lakshmi is resting in his 'heart'. The
oY{ z uuYT camphor dust sprinked extensively on his body and the grace
zT zmy Ez z T o emanating from the Goddess Lakshmi, the "Chandramukhi"
z zV Tug zubgz @@ EzNu @@ (having face shining like moon) is spreading like moonlight
~QO : Y~~ X all around.
The perfume of the civet applied on his face was flowing
XHi HHi H~" down his cheeks. This appearence and his graceful gait
"H=# H "z#@O_ IIXHiII reminds one of an amorous elephent from whose cheeks
flows the "Mada Jala" (Liquid oozing from the forehead of
[Q^Hu"# Ke# H~~ ^o mighty elephant).
lyHx #=OH zO^Q#
"y KO^=d #~=# xeQ# Lord Venkateswara wore invaluable glittering jewelery.
The beauty of the Lord with sparkling Jewellery is a
Q~ "<fl kQ #@O_ IIXHiII marvelous site. His consort "Alamelmanga" by his side was
i "Q K # `@#Q like a lightening on a dark cloud. (Sri Venkateswara's body
Hiy W~^ H~Q# is dark coloured and Lakshmi is shining like a bright
HiQ=# q_ Q#H "=^= lightening).
`iy =[ i `eH#@O_ IIXHiII
21 Annamayya in Alphabet 22 Annamayya in Alphabet

T: - yT Ez IV/327 F ~q Q} F ^#*O`H
=~H =u =uQ
11 Ez n\ Ez Vg ^~} q#` `#^
T uTuoT @@ Ez n\ @@ Q~qOx@ HeyuQ IIF =<`[II
Ez og GtY u- F ^=Y~ F "OH@u
|N u\| ^~~ _
tz zuY ozTN ubz D ^=` WxflH=
ubz YubuoT @@ Ez n\ @@ h ^"H xezuQ IIF =<`[II
Ez u Tm Ez t\oN Ez Ez n\
zN uo uuoT
(The valour and wisdom of Hanuman, a great Rama
tm uo ot Bhatka is described in this Keertana)
Tuub NuuTuoT @@ Ez n\ @@ Oh! Vayuputra! Oh! Invincible warrior! Your super
natural powers and wisdom astonished each and everyone.
Ez tQ Ez zNbuo-
Oh! Hanumanta! you have set one of your feet on
tz Ng Udayachala (the mountain where the SUN rises) and the
F| tzoz FuzN other on Astachala (the mountain where the sun sets) and
raised your body to the height of the path of the sun to learn
y tzzMN uuuYuoT @@ Ez n\ @@ "VEDAS" from him. By this act, you exhibited your courage
and (the extent of) your guts.
Oh! Ravigrahana! In your child-hood, mistaking the
~QO : N~QO F 'SUN' for a fruit, you jumped into the sky to grab and eat the
SUN. You killed numerous demons in Lanka and elsewhere,
F =<`[ F #_ while discharging your duties in the service of Sri Rama.
Your unimaginable valourous acts (such as burnning Lanka
#Q ~yuQ IIF =<`[II and warning Ravana) are unparallel. Seeing your valour,
F #=O`_ L^K x strength, speed and wisdom, "Garuda" and others accepted
your superiority and respected you.
~fiH x[~fi| Oh! the destroyer of pride of Ravana! Oh! adorer of
^= "z# `Q= x@= the lotus feet of Venkatapati! you made your body as the
q@= K\uQ IIF =<`[II Lord's chariot.
23 Annamayya in Alphabet 24 Annamayya in Alphabet

T: - uoT E{ IV/497 #O@# `_g^# #e<H <HOKH

JO>= Q ^=~^
12 E{ \mg t t QO@H U ^# H H HeOKH
E zcN t t @@ E{ @@ JO@" =k" ^ =~^ IIB#II
zN yuooz zgN y HO^=` HyeOz H== HO\
E Yz t t =O^=Q hH# ^ =~^
z zuc Yzo YzTuc oyz Ok N"OH>=# Oz B=#
E Yzz t t @@ E{ @@
JOk =~eK= ^ =~^ IIB#II
b ozgyt uuq zuMNYN
Ebz uST tt
TbN L z Nz Nz NyuYN
E{ E{ \g
(Peda Tirumalayya son of Annamayya praises
Eb utz t t @@ E{ @@ Venkateswara as Prahlada varada (Narasimha) in this
Ntoz NuTuuY N{ zNub Keertana)
tT yNz t t Oh! Prahlada Varada! (Benefactor of Prahlada) You
ut yNb uY E{pz z are very ingeneous. Can I or any one meet with the conditions
of your commands? So please do not impose any conditions
Eut uXYz t t @@ E{ @@ on me.
Oh! Prahlada Varada! I describe the story of your killing
~QO : uOQ B the demon Hiranyakasipa. You held him with the same hands
you used to cajole your consort Lakshmi.
B# *}_= ^ =~^ Oh! Prahlada Varada! cajoling your consort Lakshmi
P# "@= ^ =~^ IIB#II sitting on your Lap with love, you made her blush feeling
shy with your acts. Holding her hands, you did not leave her
"~H Nu` "_H #=fi #gfi from your embrace.
P K= ^ =~^ Oh! Prahlada Varada! embrasing her in exclusive
"\ # K` K~Q=\ f= privacy, you held her (Lakshmi) gracefully in your hands.
P ^ K# ^ =~^ IIB#II Acquiring Sri Venkatachala as your abode you have also
shown your gracious presence at Ahobalam to grant boons
to Prahlada.
25 Annamayya in Alphabet 26 Annamayya in Alphabet

T: - ub E XIX/346 ~ #=$`= ik <Oy#

13 ET yz o iHk " _~`
ET\ TN o @@ ET @@ `~qk ^+ ^#A #_z#
y tzu ozgo YzTY z
Eut u No xK H} xk Q\
zuty um z gzub JK`# x" ~`
Eutn oz\ No @@ ET @@ Kz N "OH>_ #"OQ
N wo zuut zuT KQ xezi ~` IIJOQ#II
uuNut z ugo
ouut tb t\ guY E ETyz Eo
EuN No @@ ET @@ ('This is an "Arati, (Nirjanam) song in praise of the Lord')
u Nm uu{ zTzub- Oh! Women folk! wave the arati (lights) before our Lord,
EoN uz o the father of Manmatha with adoration (showing
Yzu y Nbzg zT "NIRAJANAM").
T uuuYu o @@ ET @@ Let us offer Nirajanam to this Purushottama, jovially
playing and smiling with Lakshmi. We offer Nirajanam to
this Lord shining like the Sun and Jesting in playful mood

~QO : ~\ JO with 'Bhudevi' the Goddess of Earth.

Let us offer Nirajanam in a golden plate to our Lord
JOQ# b~ ~` Hari who gave the 'Nectar' skilfully to Devas (Gods). Let us
JOQ[ Q~# <~` IIJOQ#II offer Nirajanam to the Lord who repeatedly Vanquished the
terrible demons and established fear (terror) in his enemies.
N ^q `_` KQK #"fi We offer Nirajanam to our Lord Achyuta who is being
Pk= ~+x H~` taken in procession. He is the Lord to whom we perform
"kh ~=} "= _\ 'Nitya Kalyanam' every day in his honour. This Nirajanam is
Pk` `A# H~` IIJOQ#II infact to Sri Venkateswara and his consort Alamel Manga.
27 Annamayya in Alphabet 28 Annamayya in Alphabet
T: - utz N III/471 ~fi^=` =$Q*` KiOK HO_
x~fiOz [^ x@K~# HO_
14 Nczt {Ne NmYu Ng =ifi` `~= xez# HO_
ozczz uz uo Ng @@ Nczt @@ ~fi @O[<k ~ _"\ HO_ IIH>^~II
=~= H\~Q =H}Oz OK HO_
ztz u{ zuut Ng ~Q H HO` |# HO_
ztz lz z{ut Ng i# O^ Q xO_# HO_
qi"# kk" N"OH@ HO_ IIH>^~II
Tutu ut zN Nz Ng
y tzggzub zu F| Ng @@ Nczt @@ N Nczt {Ne
|tz o wT\o{ YuYz Ng ('In this Keertana Annamayya describes "Tirumala" as
u|uuY \z ucY{ Ng Vaikuntha itself and all the things present there represent
his devotees)
u|oz o{ uuuY Ng Look at that mountain which is "Vaikuntha", the
|b\u y zgub Ng @@ Nczt @@ permanent abode of Sri Hari. His "Aiswarya" (divine
affluence) has solidified into this hill.
NzbT umuY Yz Ng The Vedic Mantras turned into rocks of this mountain.
The virtues of the saints became the Watersprings and the
T flyNo z Ng streams on this mountain. The boundaries of various worlds
Nuu tz T uug Ng (Lokas) including 'Brahma Loka' took the shape of the peaks
of this mountain. This is Seshadri which is the abode of Sri
Nb Ng
uu{ ututz y @@ Nczt @@ Hari, the Devadeva.
The various kinds of animals moving on this mountain
~QO : O^= H are different Divine beings like Gandharvas, kinneras and
others. The different oceans turned into streams on this
H>^~ "O~= H}K~# HO_ mountain. This long mountain is the anicient 'Anjanadri'.
`> == u~= HO_ IIH>^~II The endless boons the Lord grants to his devotees
are present in this "Godown" packed with these boons. This
"^= t "#k HO_ auspicious mountain appears full with riches of Lakshmi-
^ }~ ~#k HO_ Kanta, (the husband of Goddess Lakshmi). These riches
Qkq |k H= H# HO_ showering from different sources filled to the brim in the
N ^=_O_\ k ~HO_ IIH>^~II caves of this mountain. This is the vast Venkatadri.
29 Annamayya in Alphabet 30 Annamayya in Alphabet
T: - z T II/372 "~OKh`_H "^ ~=
Kq h`_ K ~}Qu
15 Tou uQ{ NuTt xe<_`_H x[=^ ^~}=
Tuo F|ogz Yz VTt{ @@ Tou @@ = ~=#A =\_ ^== IIQ`xflII
F|ou NmzN F{m{uo- x== D`_H xe #fl
you z Nuby uoum ^` "H= K`Qh`_
F|ogz Gtzuz Ebqu fi #" N "OH> #Q"H "H@#
F|ogz \ut{ @@ Tou @@ ^Kz ==x> `e^O_ ^== IIQ`xflII
zuYz yogzN zt T Tou uQ{
Yu yogz Yz mTuo (The great and noble qualities of Guru Sri
uuugyogzN u\ m Ramanujacharya are extold in this Keertana)
All the paths of Dharma are full of obstructions and
u \ bgz t{ @@ Tou @@ are damaged completely in this Kaliyuga. In these
u F|ogzN uuz N circumstances, the God in the form of this great Guru
(Ramanujacharya) showed the virtuous path.
toz zq YzoTyogz We became 'Vaishnavas' (who sought the refuge in
{ y NbzTzz uNb vishnu) because of the compassion of this Guru. We also
obtained the initiation into "Vaishnavism" and this precious
tYuY ucz outug~t{ @@ Tou @@ jewel 'Ashtakshari Mantra', from him only. He is none other
than Ramanujacharya.
~QO : "# Q This great Guru revealed the secrets of 'Vedas'. He
also showed compassion on us by showing the path of
Q`xfl d"# HeQ=O^# Saranagati (Surrender). He also made us aware of the
importance of wearing 'Vaishnava Mudras'. This Guru
Qu D`_ K #Q~^== IIQ`xflII Ramanuja is none other than God talking with us.
D`x H~}<H W"+= "u This Guru only stipulated the code of conduct for those
who took refuge in the God. He only showed us the
g`x =< HO\ g u~=} significance of MOKSHA. He stands at the threshold of the
D`_ L^qK# JHi =O`= mountain path blessing and guiding us (Bhaktas) to the Lord
D`_ ~=#A e~^== IIQ`xflII Venkateswara's "Sannidhi". He looks after us with all his
compassion. He is the father, the mother and Guru of us.
He is Ramanujacharya.
31 Annamayya in Alphabet 32 Annamayya in Alphabet

T: - u| Num V VI/71
=O^~^~_x =^=_x Q
16 Vuzug wuo NgT qO^x _~ "^e^
Nu zo NTT YzTz @@ Vu @@ #O^ =[=# #Q_ <=
=O^ =Oz~== II=xII
ym|gu y\qgu
u uo gzz "OH@ux "^x_x
utNY NT OH[<x _~
zu zT fiXYY YzzTz @@ Vu @@ JO K`# J~ ~=O|
aOH =@ |$O^=#=# II=xII
tgu gu Tz-
utu gzgz ztutz
t \ Tg
V Vuug uo
t z uY @@ Vu @@ (This Keertana describes the grandeur of "Nanda
Vraja" where Sri Krishna spent his childhood)
Nbuou ztugu The butter heated in big vessels in every house
N\u gzgz produced a unique boiling sound like that of 'SRUTI' in music.
EN Yzo E The Gopikas sang melodiously describing dark
uN b wt @@ Vu @@ complexioned (Neela Varna) and Lotus-eyed (Neerajaksha)
Bala Krishnas milking the cows, collecting milk in big vessels.
Churning curds, the Gopikas sang engrossed in thoughts
~QO : ifi H} of Krishna, unaware of the surroundings.
The Gopikas sang the songs describing krishna as
=x_ $u _Q# Mandaradhara, Madhava and Govinda, and his going behind
H=x <` HQQ KQ II=xII the herds of cows and calves in the forests of Nandavraja.
Producing captivating sounds of the ornaments worn
h =~_x h~*_x
by them, Gopikas sang describing this kid krishna as
x #u= _~ Venkatapati, the Veda Nilaya (treasure of Vedas) and
^K# # HQ Pankajanabha.
e ~Q `KK K~Q II=xII
33 Annamayya in Alphabet 34 Annamayya in Alphabet

T: - b Y I/183 #Hx ^#A |Hs@ =}

17 YN u YN # fi# F KH=
N{ t uYz @@ YN @@ << r== }= Qz ^~-
=x xQ^" F KH= IIKH=II
Yuc Yuc o YzuXY ulqu
Yc Yyu Ez YN "~z |^ "^=O`= h
uc yuYzo N F| \T =~@Hx_ ~ KH=
EzcNzu NTtz Ez YN @@ YN @@ J= u~"OH\n g^
X~ "~^" F KH= IIKH=II
Nzu t\ uNyb m
oyu Ez YN
\y m TuY |-
u uTtz Ez YN @@ YN @@ (The prowess of the Sudarsana Chakra in the hands
of Sri Hari is described in this Keertana)
zuY t ztfi y
Oh! Sudarshana! the discuss of Lord Hari! kill the
b Nzugz z YN crooked demons and save us.
Euu uoNby y
Ez ztz Ez YN @@ YN @@ Oh! Sudarshana! entering 'Patala Loka' in search of
demon Hiranyaksha you killed him. Oh! Sudarshana! you
have taken oath to protect all the worlds by constantly
remaining in the hands of Sri Hari.
~QO : <@ K Oh! Sudarshana! by your swift rotations you have killed
the demons and incidentally polished the diamonds in their
KH= i KH= crowns. Oh! Sudarshana! you have protected many lives
=H"# ^#= =HeOK" IIKH=II by killing the evil and thus established the path of 'Dharma'.
K\ K\ `= Kz ~}x Oh! Sudarshana! when Brahma and other Gods are
K@ pi# F KH= in fright, did they not praise you with Vedic Chantings? Oh!
\ # NiK` H D [Q= Sudarshana! when the Lord of Venkatachalapathi goes
X@Hx H=Q^" F KH= IIKH=II around "TIRU VEEDHIS" (Sacred streets of Tirumala) you
spread your glow around.
35 Annamayya in Alphabet 36 Annamayya in Alphabet
T: - YNN Z I/397 ~" "`x @ _=K QH
18 Zy Zy tzub \y
H@" <~ Q_Q =K<
=~ =< \=O_<# =KQH
NYN yu yz NumoTN @@ Zy Zy @@ q=H gi"i "iOK=K< IIp pII
Eguz wT\uo{ TXYTN " |} ~ =KQH
ug uo TzT XY ? Hq i^_ Q=K<
ugzu uq{ g{ XYTN <=k N"OH> hz`" HH
ugNzu{ zgXY ? @@ Zy Zy @@ ^= H~=eq `=K< IIp pII
{ zozu b gXY TN
Nbz z zTgT XY ? Z Zy Zy
{ ucg{ XYTN (In this Keertana Annamayya advises all to serve Lord
uN yuu zuYXY ? @@ Zy Zy @@ instead of serving conceitful, selfish and corrupt people)
zz l zu F zXYTN What a pity!! what a pity!! what a life the human beings
are leading! Oh! Sri Hari! with your compassion you have to
Nu utg TXY ? protect these humanbeings.
zut yNbz y uYz NN Why should people constantly serve the conceitful
tz N|uu ozXY ? @@ Zy Zy @@ superiors? It is better, one is born as a wild animal in a
forest. What a pity for anyone to request such people for
favours unendingly. It is better to be a captive bird in a
~QO : KH"HO K nest.
Why should one praise the corrupt and selfish people?
p p #~^\ r=#= Is it not better to be born as an animal undergoing endless
troubles? What is the good of serving this or that master? It
HKH Ni h" H~}O`QH IIp pII is better to live as a tree in the forest even though it cannot
be put to any use.
J_q =$Q*u< Q=KQH
One may perform meritorious sacred deeds and
=_ x`~ Q=Q =K< become an emperor but is it possible for him to become a
blessed Hari Bhakta? Oh! Sri Venkateswara! everything in
=_x H =O_<< =KQH this world happens according to your mandate (direction).
q_=H=fii<< "_=K< IIp pII Can anyone surpass the result of one's own karma
37 Annamayya in Alphabet 38 Annamayya in Alphabet
T: - uo \ II/288 KO^~`_ |\# O^ "Q"
19 \ufl ufl T yufl HO^= |QK H=e"
u{ uuN zuuo @@ \fly @@ JOk# QqO^xH JO_< `_h_
=O^#= =~O@< =O_== II[H II
\uuzu { yTg
zuu ozzu uY k~ =<fl |OQ~ u=
ym|{ uug u{ K^~x "^= zQ~_
z zN z
Lz @@ \fly @@ Z^@ N"OH> x" h=
x^ xeK `e h "~== II[H II
Ytozguc t zTz
Nt TYz Nuz \ \ufl ufl
Eut TzutuuN Eg{ ozgyg{ (In this Keertana Annamayya praises various forms of
t ubz g @@ \fly @@ Godess Lakshmi)
Oh! Jaya Lakshmi! Varalakshmi! Brave Lakshmi! You
ut z T uo joined Sri Hari as his consort.
Yztu zt uYTzug
You are born in Kshirasagara (Ocean of Milk) as the
Lztb yNbz u{ y tasty cream. You have the pleasent fragrance of the Lotus
u uuYz ou y @@ \fly @@ flower. You made Sri Hari's heart as your abode and ruled
all the worlds. Oh! Mother! Please look after us also.
Oh! Lakshmi! born along with Moon (in Kshirasagara )
~QO : e` [ you are the source of lusterous riches. You have the ability
to protect even Brahmadeva. You approached Lord Govinda
[H =~H OQ= g~H and remaind with him all the time. Oh! Mother Lakshmi!
~" iH ~u== II[H II Please stay in our house with us.
[xkx <# gQ_ Oh! Lakshmi! you are like the purest form of Gold (24
"eq `"~x qOK "# carat Gold). Your qualities were praised in unequivocal terms
by the vedas. You are the source of all the wealth. You are
h=~#~= xO_# x^#=" in front of us as the consort of Sri Venkateswara. Oh! Mother!
U= H= ="== II[H II we are your children.
39 Annamayya in Alphabet 40 Annamayya in Alphabet

T: - Q g II/374 g g
20 gzY gz z gz @@ gzY @@ (In this cradle song the Lord's Dasavataras are
y N| wTuo Eo
tz Tm{z my \N @@ gzY @@ Oh! Sri Hari! Let me move (swing) your cradle. Let me
swing your cradle.
Nwm Eo
Oh! the enemy of demons! The source of valour! The
T T T \t m @@ gzY @@
protector of mother earth! The Father of cupid (Manmatha)!
tm(om) NuuN tu Eo You have taken the incarnation of the Fish (Matsyavatara)
y(y)mz Tzmz y NbuTu Nb u to take back 'Vedas' stolen by 'somaka' demon; the Tortoise
@@ gzY @@ (Koormavatara) to lift Mandhara mountain to facilitate
churning the ocean for Nector (the Amruta); the Boar
(Varahavatara) to restore earth after killing demon
~QO : Y= _ Hiranyaksha; the narasimhavatara to kill Hiranyakasipu and
protect his son Prahlada.
Oh! Syamalanga! Ranganatha! Protector of Gajendra!
g# ~ =~ =$Qu J=`~ Murari! You have taken the incarnation of Vamana to punish
^#"~ Q}~ ^~} ^~ =~[#H II_OKII 'Bali'; Parasurama to kill evil kings; Dasaratha Rama to
protect sages by killing demons like Ravana; Sri Krishna to
"=# ~= ~= =~H$+ J=`~
free the earth from evil acts of proud kings.
=OQ ~OQ ~OQ =[=~^ =~~} II_OKII
Oh! seerapani! (Balarama), Gosamane! (Protector of
^~}(`~}) |^ HeH ^q^ J=`~ Cows), Lord of Venkatagiri! You have taken the incarnation
j ( )~} Q=} N "OH@yi @ x II_OKII of Bhagavan Buddha to establish peace; Kalki to put an
end to the evil acts of crooks. Thus you protected dharma
on this earth by taking Dasavataras.
41 Annamayya in Alphabet 42 Annamayya in Alphabet

T: - Num o XX/303 #~H~ #_z #=fi` K~"uq

iQ `" OQ=H
21 oT u yN t tzXYNzu ~}HQ\ ~O^^ hK
\Tz No {Sufl @@ oT @@ =~qOz# H =~H II`Q#II
uN uu TzuuY YzNubuT xO_# =~= g^ xd O^`
uouY uMum \ufl JO_#O_ H PkH
Ez \uguY N uuY "O_Q N"OH\k g^ h ~ <Q
NYzNz yoz V yufl @@ oT @@ QO_g~ H` H}H II`Q#II
N guY o Yzuzuuou
uT nz z Tufl
o oT u yN
(In this Keertana Lord Sri Venkateswara's "Vaibhav" in the
ulNuTzuc FtN y Yz company of his consort Soubhagya Lakshmi etc are described)
uuuY Nz ufl @@ oT @@ Oh! Sri Hari! only you deserve the praise. You took as a gift
three feet of space from 'Bali', measured the entire Earth with
uug yt uuQ toz one foot and made that Earth (Bhookanta) your "Soubhagya
Eggz Nz z Eutufl Lakshmi".
gT yNbu yt y zTz You defeatd malicious 'Sisupala' in the battle, took away
Tgyz Npoz Nmufl @@ oT @@ 'Rukmini' and married her. This significant victory brought to you,
Rukmini as Jayalakshmi. You walked over to 'Lanka' bridging the
sea with stones and brought back "Sita" after killing "Ravanasura".
~QO : H} ` This is demonstrated as your valour and that is why Sita is your
'Veera Lakshmi'.
`Q# i h ^#= ^KHx# When your consort Satyabhama killed "Narakasura" in
[Q= HO` QH II`Q#II battle, you patted her back for her prowess and for her success
in the battle. She is your "Sangraama Lakshmi". Taking the form
H= tx Qez KHO\qQ of "Narasimha" you killed demon "Hiranyakasipu" and granted
boons to the 'Devas', at the behest of your consort "Varalakshmi".
=uOz ~H} [H
J="## [k#_z OH kOz Oh! Lord! you gave Lakshmi your heart to stay all the time
with you and she did so with all her riches as "Adilakshmi". You
H=~KH#fl ` # g~H II`Q#II please reside in my heart with full splendour and prosperity along
with your consort, your 'Kalyana Lakshmi'.
43 Annamayya in Alphabet 44 Annamayya in Alphabet
T: - Nm t "^O` q^_ q+_ H$+_
N^qH |u Y~_
22 t\ Tuu ouut k |~u }=HO>
\qu Nw uYz @@ t\ @@ ^Q i k> = "! II^#AII
u ngut g <~} _#fl` _K`_
N N g H~_ N"OH@q_
u Nzoz Ki ~`_ tHOK ~HOK
=~ ^~== "y x`x ~! II^#AII
uT YT \Tz @@ t\ @@
zto utg umg Nwmg t t\ Tuu
ytzuuN uo zQg (This Keertana reveals that the 'Danujas' know fully
well the prowess and benevolance of Lord Vishnu. They
zut ouo lNbz seem to understand that they would gain the Moksha if they
tT u utcz z @@ t\ @@ die in his hands. So, they chose the path of enmity).
Danujas know Vishnu Tatva. So, they chose not to stay
mgogXog- with him and serve him. (They preferred to fight with him
Ng yNbug and be killed by him so that benevolent Vishnu would grant
them moksha)
Yzu yogz uuqY uqY
Hari is 'Paramatma'; 'Anaadi Purusha' (one whose
tu zuT uou @@ t\ @@ origin is not known). He is easily accessible to both humans
^ and Devas. Because of enmity of danujas towards him, he
would kill them nullifying the boons given by other Gods.
Krishna is known to philosophers as Vishnu himself.
~QO : OH~~}O He is the loving husband of Sridevi. Knowing all this the
Danujas preffered to abuse him and get killed by him rather
^#A Qxi `` fiqk than pouring repeated praises on him (If they praise him
=#*x H$ =OK <! II^#AII they will be denied early Moksha)
Narayana is the highest God. He is 'Achyuta'.
i ~=` _<k ~+_ (Undestructible). He helps everyone (whthout discrimination)
~ #~ _ with his favours. He is none other than the Lord Venkateswara
capable of punishing enemies and protecting the helpless.
i H=` ## =~= Is any other God worshipped by others equal to
iQ "OKQ [Q=#! II^#AII Venkateswara?
45 Annamayya in Alphabet 46 Annamayya in Alphabet
T: - tz II/260 _ #~xfl @|_ Hez<
23 umtzu - o Yzu
<eH K\ # "_ _ |O@
=<O` ^#=<fl =Oz ^# ^~=
uNw Tgz - Eub [g @@ um @@ `eq` xz#^ ^~" x# II^~}II
uuozu uzu - zutu{ \u ZxflH Q_ O^~ Qey<#
ouooz uuz - oTg Wxfl\ ^~~_ ~_~#
Fo No u - t TuuT L#flu [^=xfl =O_< N"OH>
uo uuYtz - c tz @@ um @@ #fluOz# =O`" `" eOK# II^~}II
ug zu - bug NzuuY
zuuN Yzuc gz - zg b
(In this Keertana Annamacharya gives many examples of
o - uY t | futile activities in this world to suggest that no sadhana other than
ouuoz uutz - t{ uY @@ um @@ God's Bhakti helps man to reach him)
However much penance one might have done in this world
LuNN TzgN - t TuuT only that person blessed by Sri Hari is the most revered peson
Fub |gz - ygz but none.
Guo \tzu - ug yNbz Annamayya gives many examples in the following stanzas.
uouY fiz - o{ uY @@ um @@ However many seeds one may sow in fields, only those
sown at the appropriate time will sprout, grow, and yield crop.
However many wives a king may have, only she whom the king
~QO : ^O ^ recognises as the queen, will be the one who will be previleged.
However many people struggle to serve the king, only the
^~}<O^~xfl `= K<# person whom the king trusts will be his confidential aide. However
iH$ Q"_ Jxfl\ |A_ II^~}II much money is kept in the treasury, only that money liberally given
away to the needy and deserved will give credit to the person.
qux q`xfl "kx [e<# However many sons a person may have, the son with noble
`u` qu#" `Q |O_# character will bring credit to the parents. However much
knowledgeable a person may be, only if he sings in praise of Lord
W`~ HO` = O^~ Qey<# Sri Venkateswara as "OM NAMO VENKATESAYA". he will be the
u =xflOz#^ @ ^= II^~}II 'own person' of the Lord.
47 Annamayya in Alphabet 48 Annamayya in Alphabet

T: - b IV/471 ~H^O_ ~ `OQ< =

Y~^+}i "e Q~fi
24 z z VN N utu\ `~} `#*k `~K~ H
z z N T\o @@ z z @@
z z ~k O# H$` qu "` II#" #"II
uuo |N yts a~^ ~=} t~^H qc+}
T uy obNt| =~^ H`i" ~=
E uzY EN \ x~= N"OH@ x q[#Q~
\ uufi qN @@ z z @@
z z ~ q~ O_sHH II#" #"II
Nztg yoT z VNN
z z

Qtmu u T| (In this Keertana Annamayya prays to Sri Vijaya Raghava
of Vijayanagara who is none other than Sri Venkateswara. He
oum o\ut oY N refers to many events in Ramayana)
u Nwo {uufi zo @@ z z @@
z z Oh! Raghukula Nayaka! oblations to you again and again.
You are worshipped by the Devas. Siva and Parvati sing your
ut m uzztN uym glory all the time.
t Nzou V Oh! the valorous son of Dasaratha! You are the protector of
the Vedic Dharma. You have killed devil Tataka who lived in a
u yNb u u\T dense forest. You saved Ahalya from the curse of her husband.
u gyNq @@ z z @@
z z Oh! the destroyer of the demons! you have protected Viswamitra's
"Yajna" (sacrifice).
You broke Lord Siva's bow. You are the beloved husband of
~QO : <@ # "Sita Devi". You are the destroyer of Khara and Dooshana. You
killed the proudest and valient "Vali" of Vanara race. You have
#" #" ~ <H kq[=O^ protected 'Sugreeva' the son of Sun God and the ruler of monkey
race and others.
#" #" OH~ #Q*#` II#" #"II You have crossed the sea along with Lakshmana and other
Vanaras to reach "Lanka". You hold the noble title of "Ravana
q` ^~H g~^~^ ~= Siro Bhedaka" for cutting down the ten head's of Ravana and
Q# "h `@H =~# Killing him. You granted several boons to Vibheeshana. Oh!
Saketapuravasa! Pundarikaksha! Resident of Vijayanagarapuri!
J q"K# J~ O[# Vijaya Raghava! now you reside as Lord Venkateswara on the
[ qfiq` =#~HH II#" #"II uncomparable Venkatachala.
49 Annamayya in Alphabet 50 Annamayya in Alphabet
T: - u XX/36 H=^# `|@Q HH= `|@Q
^=\ Kx KO^ `|@Q
25 ng{ u c umu y h =Qx O## x[~ezuq
uYuYtT yN @@ n @@ <= q`~}= hH `Q#= II~=`II
N\ Tou Nu Tou [k H#= ^xq h=
E Tou Eut ufl O_ "OH@u ^qq
u yuouN u zu e# W`x |O@ W~ez =
zuN zuuo t yNz oT @@ n @@ Qeyuq O|O^= "= II~=`II
Nz ozcT NN ozcT
tzub Yu Y ozcT
ng{ u
(In this Keertana Annamayya praises Almelmanga,
y Tu u\uuuuou the consort of Lord Venkateswara)
z uom yNz oT @@ n @@ Mother Alamel Manga! You are the consort of Lord Sri
Hari (Paramatma). Oh Mother! you only have to look after
\u N tuu y our welfare.
gz Nbuo tzuu Oh! Mother of Brahma! Oh! Mother of cupid
zu Fou bN Fuu (Manmatha)! Oh! Mother of all Devas! Oh! Lakshmi! You
are the pre-eminent of all mothers. You are the only person
TuuTuou z @@ n @@ who can represent to our benevolent father Sri Hari our
request to make us his dear ones.
~QO : ^^< You are born in the ocean along with "Kamadhenu"
(the devine cow), "Kalpavruksha" (the devine tree) which
~=`_# i @ ~}q h= provide all the things as per the desires of people. You are
the younger sister of "Chandra" (the Moon God) whose light
^~ == qKiOK^Q h #= II~=`II helps for the best production of crops. You grant plentiful
riches to us on the behest of Lord Sri Hari. It is only you who
H=A Q#fl`e H=x Q#fl`e can distribute wealth to us liberally.
J=~ Q#fl`e Pk=H You are the daughter of Palajaladhi (the ocean of Milk
q= huH q#fl= == or Ksheerasagara). Lotus is your thrown. Above all, you are
the consort of skilful Sri Venkateswara. We are his servents.
<=H eu ^ hH `Q#= II~=`II You protect us. You provide us the best of this and the other
worlds. Oh! Mother! be with us and protect us.
51 Annamayya in Alphabet 52 Annamayya in Alphabet
T: - yT I/281 ^~}[fi ^Q^y` ^O# q
26 zfi uo- H~eOQ OQH_
Nzy u flyu @@ zfi @@ "i^#= ~ =O H~}
o Vz uN nN- H~} H@ "OH@ <~O II<`II
uo u gz Y
N{ Nuy Ntuo u TT-
(Annamacharya praises Lord Sri Hari's incarnation as
Y uu um u u @@ zfi @@ Narasimha (with ferocious lion-cum-man's body) the protector of
Prahlada from the cruel torture given by his father, Hiranyakasipa.
uV t tu|u uUo- The fear creating appearence of Narasimha is described vivdly
ut Vb in this Keertana.
uu \oo SyNm Oh! Lord! In the incarnation of Narasimha you surprisingly
appeared from out of a pillar. You had an eye on your forehead.
u Tmm| u @@ zfi @@ You blindfolded every one as a dazzling lightening in a dark cloud.
tmz TuTo tb~ u- Oh! Nischala Narasimha! By yourself, you effortlessly and
skillfully created the mountains, the Earth and the entire universe.
NuT TNyg You aslo regulated the movements of the Sun and the Moon in
{ut Vz yNm the sky. All this is done while exhaling and inhaling - as if it is a
Nm Nb Nb u @@ zfi @@ movement of a swing, - without any movement of your body.
However when you appeared as Narasimha everybody felt your
~QO : N~QO presence as "Pralaya Maruta" (the destructing noisy winds) which
annihilate the universe.
<`# | q^` Oh! Lord Narasimha! you appeared displaying your
Hb q~ H <~O II<`II ferocious broad face with boisterous laughter and a little saliva
=~` ~ H `~ flowing from your mouth foreboding the cruel death of "Hiranya
e` xfi _ ~K# Kasipa". Your appearence created fear of burning everything into
ashes, in all the living beings in this world. However, Oh! Lord!
Och =^` ~q QQ# contrary to your ferocious appearance you possess (ever new)
K# qk x} x <~O II<`II endearing qualities and bless your devotees.
q=~# =^# ^ifik# xfl` Oh! Lord! your ferocious brightly shining teeth reminded
=k= =~+ @# the sparkles of fire. In a playful way you destroyed the frightful
qq^ [O`"` =# =wflH~} enemy, the demon Hiranyakasipa and his clan (except Prahlada).
#=#= Q}~= <~O II<`II Oh! Venkateswara! for protecting 'Prahlada' you incarnated as
Lakshmi Narasimha.
53 Annamayya in Alphabet 54 Annamayya in Alphabet

T: - u V/227 _K Q` ~ H
=_ HOQ x^ =O##
27 ug uuuY u oz ug _` (?) =^ =oOz #\
tgTyg z tzuY @@ ug uuuY @@ `_^OQ =K ^|z II|O_ qizII
zT z u z- Q We Kz
uXYuY Ng H_# H_Q_
z t u tYNu ~< "OH>_ W^
tztT z tzuY @@ ug uuuY @@ `e\ ^OQ =K ^|z II|O_ qizII
gY Tzo { zN- ug uuuY
ug NT u
ug o uuY uc (In this Keertana Annamacharya describes how the
Gopis sang praising Krishna's smart childish acts in covert
ozgNtT XYz tzuY @@ ug uuuY @@ and suggestive language)
Tzzz Fu Yzu Oh! Gopis! beware of this mischievous "devil". He
Nzug NzgzTg broke the 'cart' when he was just a baby. He did countless
zu Nbzg Ftz mischievous deeds while playing with other children.
ozuub tT z tzuY @@ ug uuuY @@ This trickster stealthily ate butter and curds in our
houses, acompanied by his friends. This "Chief of Thieves"
never gave scope for anyone to know about his acts while
~QO : ^< | playing this mischief. So beware of this mischievous "devil".
This mischievous boy approaches sleeping damsels,
|O_ qiz #fl ` <_ lies in their bed and opens the knots of their saries. Beware
of this cunning 'devil'.
^O_w_ =K ^|z II|O_ qizII
This passionate boy enters the houses and indulges
~Q "#fl =# " in amorous acts with the young girls. This mischievous boy
=~=zeOK =H_ is none other than Lord Sri Venkateswara, in the incarnation
of krishna. This God is known for stealing the hearts of
"~=# ^# q^= ^Kx "Bhaktas" from times immemorial. That is why beware of
^~^OQ =K ^|z II|O_ qizII this mischievous 'devil'.
55 Annamayya in Alphabet 56 Annamayya in Alphabet

T: - uN I/410 zx "#fl~=`_
|K# "# ~~=`_
28 uMo Nzut gz - ng |K Ku"~Q~=`_
uMo uMo tz u - u ng @@ uMo @@ WKHk "_ ~ ~=`_ IIHII
uc u Yz uh - ng x `@~=`_
c ub - ng e~OK xO^iH ~=`_
cTub zT - ng |eq N"OH\k ~=`_
Lcztbz - ugtz ng @@ uMo @@ Zq r= }g~=`_ IIHII
uXYzu z - ng
XYz u - ng uO Nzut gz
XY YzuozT - ng (In this Keertana Annamacharya describes the
FXYNzut g z - y ng @@ uMo @@ greatness of Paramatma and identifies Sri Venkateswara
with Paramatma)
Nzu ozb - ng Paramatma is attainable only by uncompromising,
uuY utuuN - ng persisting and undivided "Bhakti". In this world, paramatma
only can grant us prosperity the Bhakti as well as redemption
uu y Nbu - ng (the Mukti) from samsara.
Lu \y m - y ng @@ uMo @@ For Bhaktas, Paramatma becomes a child for showing
their affection. For them, he only is the worldly prosperity
and the bright day light. He is always before them. That is
~QO : ~=H Paramatma, the Almighty.
Paramatma is all pervading like the Butter in fresh
H Hk "_~=`_ (Raw) Milk. He has no form. He knows everyone's devotion
H =H ^< ~K q ~=`_ IIHII to him, just as a touchstone judges the quality of Gold. He
exists as Antaryami and reveals himself as per his wish in
\ # "i K a_~=`_ any form.
|@ |\ ^#=~=`_ Paramatma is the essence of the wisdom expressed
in Vedas. He grants the wishes to his Bhaktas according to
@Q\ "Q~=`_ their deservedness. This Paramatma is none other than Sri
Venkateswara who is the 'Supreme Power'. He exists in all
Z@^@< =<fl_^ ~=`_ IIHII living beings. This is paramatma, the Almighty.
57 Annamayya in Alphabet 58 Annamayya in Alphabet
T: - EzuT I/196
\g{ uc
29 \g{ uc \u zuuY
Eut t:Q tz @@ \g{ @@ (In this Keertana Annamacharya advises man-kind to
\czg NgN{ Yzu Yzb Yzu serve Lord of Venkatadri instead of indulging in futile activity
and serving men)
czg NubN{ uou
uc YzubNz zu zuc A man who serves another man for his livelyhood
uc b tzg T @@ \g{ @@ undergoes great suffering all the time. Having born as a
Etuz uc Etuz zuuT man, what is the good in leading such a life.
Etu b o{
Just to fill his 'stomach' man indulges in many
Et{ y Nby zuuY
Etu t Etzb T @@ \g{ @@ undesirable activities or beg for his food. He spends all the
time thinking about the worldly ways to achieve his goal.
~QO : Jy = Hankering after such ways of live, he finds it impossible to
get out of them. Such is the life of the unfortunate man.
=#A_ \ =#Ax qOz
J#k#=# ^Y =O^< II=#A_II Man repeatedly takes birth in several wombs in different

A>_ H_H K~x K@ Kz bodies and grows and perishes. In stead why not he serve
>_ \H |u=e the charming Lord Venkateswara. By serving him, one will
\# K\H ~e =# "\ be free from this mess and confusion and obtain the
=\ O@= =^<~_ Q# II=#A_II unattainable Moksha.
JO^i \ JO^i iy
JO^i ~= @ `<
JO^"# N"OH\n qOz
JO^~x ^= JO^#@ Q# II=#A_II
59 Annamayya in Alphabet 60 Annamayya in Alphabet
T: - Q IV/45 [QuH h ^ [" OH}
lyh OH} "~=
30 ruo| rNo| rzMo uub Q@# ##fl <_ =#= @
rut ub y{ gz @@ r @@ JQ }f~= Ja+H =O^" II[II
uuNY \yN m{ yN "^= `z# N"OH> <= h
uuo m uoe z zz "^ =O`= *qk =
~ ^ h ^"# ==QK@ H~
uuT \ut TYzug NzN "^=i" ~O^ qK LO_" II[II
u y uo| muYz @@ r @@
\TuouN y t \z zqm
ruo| rNo|
(There are many forms of worship of God in the HINDU
u\uTyN zqm z RELIGION. Some of the religious rituals performed in worship of Lord
Venkateswara are described by Annamayya in this Keertana. The
Tb zg zbN paradox in performing the rituals in yajnas and in puja-vidhi are deftly
pointed out by him in the following stanzas)
ET loys| EuzNtz @@ r @@ At the outset he praises Lord of Tirumala, who takes several forms
connected with performance of "Yajna" (Ritual of sacrifice).
zt ozuXY yNbz z yN Oh! Venkateswara! you are the "Yajna Murty" (Personification of
ztfi \uu zz Yajna). You are the "Yajna Karta" (Performer of Yajna). You are the "Yajna
Bhokta" (the one who enjoys the fruits derived from "Yajna", you are
y tz y t{ TYb NzN also the "Yajna-phala Roopa" (the form in which the fruits of Yajna are
ztuo|{ utz uXYzu Ggz @@ r @@ received by the performers). Is it not that you only take all these forms
connected with "Yajna"!
A carefull scrutiny of the "Sastras" reveals that you are the life
~QO : Y= (chaitanya) in all the living beings (Jeevas). So, we do "Pranapratishtha"
to activate your presence in the idol so that you accept our 'puja' with
love and protect us.
[=i [H~ [H qxfl\#
Gangajal (the water of River Ganga) which emanates from your
*k ~ q@ h" =O_" II[II feet is sprinkled on the "Jeevas" in this world to cleanse them from their
sins. However we bring sacred water from several teerthas (places), to
iHOK r= }="# h perform "Abhishek" to you, with great pomp and sprinkle that water on
us as Ganga water itself.
x~u } u+ <= =
Oh! Sri Venkateswara! you only gave us the vedas. We, your
=iy = [Ok == QK_ H~ servants, perform your Pooja invoking those "vedic mantras", and pray
to you to protect us. You are the "veda murty" who is present here in
ih =i }==OK" II[II front of us. What a paradox!
61 Annamayya in Alphabet 62 Annamayya in Alphabet

T: - b{u II/273 i` ^~ ~}MOQ ~}

Y~^+}k i YO_<
31 \y zfi V z `~} O=# ^HH #"
{\ u \Ny @@ \y @@ x~= = "ik |O^< II~r=II
ts o\ obN t `~=} Oq<^ =~^
NuN r Tz J`e` J^ ~k
uo \ z `H~ N"OH>fi~ #"
ut T| u\Nm @@ \y @@ q`` "qe\ g~~= II~r=II
uo | |mQT m \y zfi
(This Sankeertana is in the praise of Lord "Veera Raghava"
Qtmut u Qg of Vavilipadu presently located in Kadapa district. In this Keertana
oum {tqN z Annamacharya praises Lord Rama who performed different acts
of valour narrated in "Ramayana" from his childhood to coronation
u uu @@ \y @@ as the King of Ayodhya. For Annamayya Sri Rama is no other
than Sri Venkateswara)
om us t Oh Raghava! I repeatedly bow to you. You are the Lord of
Eouo Ez u Sita Devi. You are well known as the personification of generosity
and kindness.
uoN yNbz z Oh! Rama! you are the son of king Dasaratha. You are the
uoo uuub y @@ \y @@ killer of "Tataka" and protector of Viswamitra's yajna. You have
broken the matchless great bow of Lord Siva and later won over
"Parasu Rama" who challenged you for the above act. I repeately
bow to you.
Oh! Lord! you are Dharma personified. You have caused to
~QO : #@~q ~ cut the 'nose' of 'Soorpanakha'. You have destroyed all alone
'khara' and "Dooshana" along with their army of demons. You
have marshalled the army of vaanaras headed by 'sugreeva' and
~r= <` ~" #" also caused to construct an unparallel bridge of stones by the
[# x *#H II~r=II army of monkies across the sea to reach "Lanka". Oh! Lord Rama!
I repeatedly bow to you.
^~^ `#* `@H ^=< Oh! Raghava! you have killed the unconquerable demon
tH O= [ Q< "Ravana". As protector of sages you have bestowed peace to
them by killing all the demons. After these great deeds and
u =^#~O[< #" restoring order, you became the sovereign king of 'Ayodhya'. Oh!
q^ ~= ~= q[H~} II~r=II Lord Venkateswara! graced by your presence as "Vavilipati Veera
Rama" you are bestowing favours to your devotees. Oh! Lord! I
repeatedly bow to you.
63 Annamayya in Alphabet 64 Annamayya in Alphabet
T: - Euu XVII/165 =@ gH^iH =^#=O`=
"\` g qOK#=fi
32 ozgz utz zg
flyNm yoz Q@"# H HC~=O`
flymz y @@ fly @@ h@#O__~ <~"~ g# IIH;II
Hye Hye g HO^# O_ KqH
Yz Y yN N uN y#HiH =H
Y Tuu \Tg Py# N"OH> J"=OQ h=
gQH O___ "_H g IIH;II
oyzuozz oyu N|
tTuggz oTtT yN @@ fly @@ oz
flyNm yoz
(Annamacharya describes in this Sankeertana some of the
emotional expressions reflecting the glamour and facination of a youthful
b yuNuuN tfi bridegroom towards his beautiful bride. Sri Alamelmanga and Lord
Venkateswara are referred here as the bride and bridegroom. The
zubo yz uY expressions of the bridegroom are appropriately compared with several
ceremonial functions performed in a Hindu marriage)
Tb{ N No Today we sing your playful sport in the "Lakshmi Kalyana
ybgg zzz yN @@ fly @@ Mahotsavam". In this ceremony Oh! Sri Venkateswara! Devi
Alamelmanga is Lakshmi and you are Narayana.
Your expressive looks at each other (the "First sight") are binding
N{uTu N{uTu yN Nt ug YuNz both of you. The jewel worn in "papidi" (separation of hair as a straight
line on the head) of Alamelmanga is "Basikam" (an ornament tied up on
uTNzuNz Nz the forehead of the bride / bridegroom). The swinging breasts of devi
Alamelmanga are comparable to the "Booja Kundalu" (small pots used
EuT yNbz EzT y in marriage ceremony). The sweetness of lucious lips of bride are
compared to the "madhu parkam" (mixture of curd, honey and other
yTN ggg zgNz yN @@ fly @@ sweet substances). Oh! Lord! you both have come together and married
with grandeour.
~QO : Pi Oh! Lord! the amorous dialogue between you and Alamelmanga
are suggestive of "Madana Mantras". The exchange of smiles between
you is like pouring "Talambralu" (Turmeric coated rice) on each others
H;H}= b`_ q^ <_ head, a playful act in the course of Hindu marriage. While playing
H;<~} # h=# IIH;II "Karpoora Vasantam" during the ceremony, the comphor dust spread on
your bodies caused "Goose pimples" to both of you. Oh! Lord! you married
K K g #H= H= Devi Alamelmanga in this way.
Oh! Lord! your act of embracing each other gave beauty to the
=K#fl Q|eq |[QO_ "Kalyana Mandapa". The accomplished desires for each other are like
f"q`< f~x =^~= "Pavukollu" (the wooden foot wear) of the bridegroom. Oh! Lord
Venkateswara! you married Devi Alamelmanga with great pomp and fun
^QO__~ `Q^Q g# IIH;II in this way.
65 Annamayya in Alphabet 66 Annamayya in Alphabet
`x H KO`
T: - utz zH HH H ~=
33 XYz Ez T F| y = =^ QH "\
XY Nug muo YzT @@ XYz @@ HeH K "# `Hx zH II=K#II
T Yzutuby u ~Ok ` Ki Z^@
wTo zz z T QOc~ Q`# g~ #@<
T{ u\ y ~O=# " Hi H=
T y T \ @@ XYz @@ JO*_ "OH><i II=K#II
N ozu zN Yo
z Ez
uTN TN zub (This Sankeertana describes the grace with which Devi
Alamelmanga approached Lord Venkateswara.)
NuuN Y z oNu uYN @@ XYz @@
Wearing the pretty emerald studded golden Bangles
ut oz Yzu Ltb Devi Alamelmanga was approaching Venkateswara
Ty To y b- gracefully.
z Nzu Nz Many beautiful damsels carrying golden torches in their
Ez\qg{ Nbzzu @@ XYz @@ hands acompanied her. Some damsels were wearing
"Vinjamaras" (Fans made of long bushy white tail of an animal
called "Chamara"). Her "Mangalyam" oscillating in an
~QO : O^O = attractive manner on her breasts appeared charmingly when
she was approaching the Lord.
=K# J" =OQ D On her way to meet the lord, the parrots made sounds
K H_ }u KOQ II=K#II imitating human speach and the ornaments worn on her feet
made synchronous sounds. Her shyful glances towards the
|OQ~ Kkq\ x Lord Venkateswara were like lightening expressing her
$OQ~=` "" ~Q eagerness to meet the Lord.
~OQ# qO*=~ g= "Rambha" and other Apsaras assembled in her
=OQ b OQ [=~ II=K#II presence and began to dance making complicated
movements gracefully wishing the best to Devi Alamelmanga,
the graceful consort of Lord Sri Venkateswara.
67 Annamayya in Alphabet 68 Annamayya in Alphabet
Jxq+O^ =# kH`
T: - \^ub =~ H<fl~ ^,
34 m m o - m yuo #`` ~Ok HO`
m q T| - m NbN @@ m @@ Hz< ~KiH II~}II
Ng - N ufig Z#flQ ^ =Y
x#fl H=Q =zi
N fig fig, q#fl= q#= u~u
Noz y NzuNg "OH\K <H II~}II
NuY zuN @@ m @@
Euu utMo- m m
uNz u, (In this sankeertana, Annamacharya describes the
Vooz ut No supremacy of Lord Venkateswara over all the Devatas. So he seeks
Sri Venkateswara's protection - SARANU).
NuY zuN @@ m @@ Oh! Lord! Devendra praises your greatness. You are the
beloved Lord of Lakshmi, who gives wealth to her devotees. You
LT t P are the destroyer of demon's pride. I seek your ptotection
u NzT uu (SARANU). Oh! Lord Venkateswara! I pray to you to give me
u u uouo Oh! Lord! you are the Parabrahma (God Almighty). Lord
NbY N @@ m @@ Vishnu who holds Lotus (kamala) in his hands, the Sun God
(Kamala Mitra), the Moon God (Kamala Satru), Brahma Deva (the
God born in Lotus) and Kamala putra Manmatha have all come.
~QO : [O~\ All of them are waiting in 'Que' to serve you one by one. I make
announcement about their waiting to serve you.
~} ~} ~O^ #fl`~} Nu= The chiefs among Devatas, the sages, the Dikpatis
(protectors of all the Directions), Devatas, Kinneras, Siddhas and
~} ~H Q~fiO~~} "OH@<H II~}II famous Rambha and other Apsaras are waiting to have your
audience (Darshan). Oh! Lord! I make announcement about their
H=^~_#H= q`_ awaiting to serve you.
H= `_ `_, Prahlada and other well known Bhaktas are waiting here to
serve you. Oh! Tirupati venkatachala Nayaka! Please hear my
H==` g H=HC_ submissions about these matters. Oh! Lord! I bow to you to give
Hz < ~KiH II~}II me protection.
69 Annamayya in Alphabet 70 Annamayya in Alphabet

T: - uo II/135 J=$` =^## #k" <"^=

QqKO^ <`# HC~q_=
35 zg NpuuuN zgzY J=i# N"OH\k gk ^=#
\gozg u |u @@ zg @@ `q` |^H} ^O_= xqQ II_II
E unN Eutz |-
uN E zuutz
zg NpuuuN
E TT \NN EU|Y (According to "Vedic" Tradition God is full (purna) in all aspects.
He is considered to have sixteen noble qualities "Kalas" and therefore
\uuuN uutz @@ zg @@ called "shodasa kalanidhi". As per tradition God is worshipped by
performing Sixteen kinds of rituals, called "Shodasa Upacharas (Sevas).
yoN fiNutz Annamacharya mentions in this sankeertana these "Sixteen upacharas"
u yoN muz regularly performed in worshiping Lord of Tirumala, Sri Venkateswara).
I perform the "Shodasa upacharas" to the "Shodasa Kalanidhi",
myN T Lord Venkateswara, regularly with full devotion with worldly objects.
uoutz Nzub |oz\N ty @@ zg @@ Oh! Sri venkateswara! you are the "Viswatma", present in the entire
universe. But still I invoke you in this idol to be present to receive my
Ewo sN utz {z offerings. Oh! Lord! you reside in every thing (Sarvanilaya). However I
TuY zfiN Nugz offer you this throne to sit and accept my worship. "Ganga" emanates
from your toes. Inspite of that I offer to you "Arghya" (Cleaning hands
Eu yNbu yut tzN with water), "Padya" (cleaning the feet) and "Achamana" (Rinsing the
ouoz tuqm tg uuTz @@ zg @@ mouth) with water. Though you are "Jaladhi Sayana" (lying in the ocean)
I perform the ritual of giving you a bath.
~QO : e` + You wear the choisest "Pitambara" (Yellow silk garment) but I offer
vastram (clothes) to you. You are the Lord of all the wealth in the universe.
However I offer these worldly ornaments to you. You are the "Dharani
_ HxkH _K~=
dhara" (Lord of Earth). I offer to you "Gandha" (Sandal Paste), Pushpa
*_`_ xK# =~q II_II (flowers), and insense (Dhoopa) in the form of rituals. I offer to you a
"deepam" (ordinary light), although your eternal shining is more than that
J~ qfi`# P"#q^ ~fi of crores of suns put together. Still I offer a "deepam" (Ordinary light) as
x# P#= <qx^ a ritual.
J QOQ [## J~ ^K=< Oh! Lord! you caused to churn ksheera samudra (ocean of milk)
[k~H x=[#q^ II_II and offered life protecting "Amruta" (Necter) to Devatas. However I now
offer to you as "Naivedyam" food we consume for living. I offer to you
=~`O|~# =OH~q^ whose eyes are the sun and the moon, the "Karpoora Tambulam" as
i N=O`# +}=e" "Mukhavasa" (Mouth Freshner). Oh! Lord residing on Venkatachala! we
offer to you with love and respect "Pradakshina Namaskara" (Salutations
^~}^~# QO^=+ ^= to God moving around the diety). and also sashtanga namaskar (salutation
u~q^ H\ ~`A# n= II_II lying on floor with eight parts of body touching it) to show the humility
before God's greatness).
71 Annamayya in Alphabet 72 Annamayya in Alphabet

T: - o I/10 ~=Q=` ^=#"

~q<#fl = O^
36 \ {mY o| i=~ == K"O^Q "
z @@ \ @@ ~H q#> = O^ II[II
EuoT yu Nyo| =O`HH u~=O` ~#"
O``=# = O^
oo HO` Q~_ "OH@yi ~x
uo \oz N O`~}" = O^ II[II
Yoozu @@ \ @@ \ {mY
To tzz (A brahmin is ordained to perform "Trikala Sandhya Vandana"
uz (worship to God three times a day, that is early in the morning, at
uu u YztT z- noon and in the evening). In this keertana Annamacharya refers
to it as "SANDHYA". However great saints engaged in "Bhagavat
N ubz @@ \ @@ Seva" (In the service of God) all the time may miss to perform the
ritual of Sandhya. Annamacharya has described different ways of
oNzMN uofi ez Bhagavat Seva in this Keertana and emphatically states that the
sevas performed in the three specific times mentioned above as
oo performance of Sandhya Vandana)
No Tg NbuTu u To be in the company of "Sahaja Vaishnava Achara -
o|mz @@ \ @@ Vartanas" (people who by nature constantly engage themselves
in the service to Lord Vishnu) is my sandhya.
To be immerced all the time pre-eminently in singing the
~QO : =O` praise of Lord Sri Hari is my sandhya. Keeping in mind the
principles enunciated by Sri Ramanujacharya and do
[ "+"K~ =~# Bhagavatseva is to me the skillful way of performing sandhya.
"" = O^ II[II To me, serving "Parama Bhagavataas" (saints who consider
Sri Hari as every thing and live a truely religious life) and sitting at
Ju=Q Ni OH~# their feet leading a pious life is nothing but Sandhya Vandana.
Hearing the glory of the Lord Sri Hari with love and attention without
``O|# = O^ respite is Sandhya to me.
=u ~=#[=`" =# To me, reciting all the time the famous "Tirumantra" (the
Ashtakshari Mantra, namely "OM NAMONARAYANAYA") is
K`~`"~# O^ II[II Sandhya. Above all serving the most beautiful Lord of Venkatagiri
and the Father of Manmatha with full devotion (to my entire
satisfaction) is sandhya to me.
73 Annamayya in Alphabet 74 Annamayya in Alphabet

T: - \zu IV/408 H_y N "OH@u <==

|_|_< O`~=
37 uz Ng EtN
J_Oa #u Y==
Tz Tz Tz @@ u z @@ `_=" `_=" `_=" =# IIi <="II
uqu y
Nutz N{
u z Ng EtN
oYz oYz oYz @@ u z @@ (Annamacharya expresses his love and longing for "Sri
T Nm Hari nama". He describes in this Keertana the fruitful benefits
of chanting "Hari Nama" and the happiness one gets in this
\TtzN uo o process. Mind is very fickle. Therefore he persuades the mind
Tm uT|m qnN to get addicted to the Lord's name and contemplate on it,
zTgz zTgz zTgz @@ u z @@ with Love. He advises us to make all these "Sadhanas"
(efforts) a natural habit.
NguT y Nbuo
Oh! Manasa! chanting the name of Hari makes you
ugugz nN very happy. So you get adicted to chant this name.
Eugu uo Q Oh! Manasa! chanting the auspicious name of the Lotus
ogz ogz ogz @@ u z @@ eyed Lord Sri Hari purifies one from all the "Kalidoshas" (the
~QO *<i inherent faults in human behaviour in "Kaliyuga"). Not only
this, it grants one "Vairagya" the detachment of the 'self' from
the materialistic world. Oh! Manasa! get adicted to the Lord's
i<=" H_ P#O^H~=
=~Q" =~Q" =~Q" =# IIi <="II
Oh! Manasa! chanting the sacred name of the Lord
#o<x N<== who held the "Govardhanagiri" prevents one from going to
He^+~= H== "naraka" (The Hell). This name is considered and accepted
~= ||O^"K#= as beneficial to all in every way. Oh! Manasa! contemplate
`K" `K" `K" =# IIi <="II well on this. Chanting the name of the Lord in "Saguna" and
"Nirguna" forms brings the lord to one's presence. So Oh!
#Q^~<== #~H~}= Manasa! praise the Lord heartfully.
[Q^H `= =`= Oh! Manasa! sing the name of Sri Venkatapati with all
Q} x~}= H`~= effort for obtaining his grace. Chanting his "Sacred Name" is
Q_" Q_" Q_" =# IIi <="II the root for obtaining his grace and eternal happiness. Oh!
Manasa! contemplate on his name all the time.
75 Annamayya in Alphabet 76 Annamayya in Alphabet

T: - z q XXIX/295
K~} H= H ~O~
x~`=Q =` h~[#O
38 qyu NNN y ufluNu Jik [#O|# Ju= x[<aHx
y\N y\ @@ qyu @@ x~u <<=~ h~[#O IIH~aII
Q@ N"OH> @~}
\\uq zN \ NYN <Q_ uH# h~[#O
zNz N y\ [Qu #"OQ KH^#=H
zum oN oNN
Euz xQ_ x[ # h~[#O IIH~aII
u umM y\ @@ qyu @@
Ym uNN uN zN
q qyu NNN
(In this Sankeertana Annamacharya praises Devi
uoT z y\ Alamelmanga's beauty while offering her the "Nirajanam"
Euut \VN Euo u\uuNu (adoration by waving lights before her idol). Alamelmanga is the
incarnation of Sri Mahalakshmi, the consort of 'Vishnu' whose
uuo m| y\ @@ qyu @@ incarnation is venkateswara on earth in Kaliyuga).
Tb yNbz c um{ I offer 'Neerajanam' to Devi Alamelmanga, none other than
'Sri Mahalakshmi' who is born to the "Ksheerabdhi" (ocean of milk)
zTg uoNppN y\ and occupied the heart of 'Sri Mahavishnu'.
\Tuo zT YtNz I offer NIrajanam with camphor light to lotus eyed
Alamelmanga's face and shapely bosom. I also offer Nirajanam in
uTg u\ z y\ @@ qyu @@ a plate studded with diamonds to her dark coloured braided hair
beautifully tied up into a knot and to her delicate "anjali" (joined
~QO : "# H hands resembling a Lotus).
I offer Nirajanam in a plate decorated with pearls to her feet
H~a H#H N=H Hx as delicate as "twigs" of a tree and to her 'thighs' resembling the
trunks of plantain trees, regularly. I offer 'Nirajanam' of different
h~*=# h~[#O IIH~aII colours of light to her 'waist' and 'Navel'.
[*H "=# [= KO| I offer "Nirajanam" to the brightly shining ornaments and all
<H#fl H~ h~[#O the grace present in Almelmanga, the queen of Sri Venkateswara.
There is no beauty in this world which she does not posses. I
Je"} `~=# H=O|# finally offer this auspicious "Nirajanam" to her splendid grace.
x= =}H= h~[#O IIH~aII
77 Annamayya in Alphabet 78 Annamayya in Alphabet

39 T: - YNN fi II/236 `# =# i~"# Q^=i QOQ H"i

H#HaO^ =< Qk =Y H `O| O``= <
ufiNmuT Yzu N tzg zXY zN zXY k#H~ = Q }H= f~K~ } # =
EzNub Nzub TumoT T|gT gz `#^< kOK# =~H ^=fi u~QQ =i IIuH~}II
@@ ufiNm @@ i# ~O_H~= #_q# Jd "^= =O`=
o z um|{ Tztu TT Nzu Qi= ^~ ~}^ H==# Kkq# }=
~= `QO| "^Q |^#= ~O|
NNut Tut P qzfi oo iHfiO e~OKOQ |@| "^HQ< IIuH~}II
utN z TmN oys|Ymzu
"^ N"OH@uHx Ku "H# =`= <
otz uuY Nz t uoTT uz k _^#Q= OK=[O|#
@@ ufiNm @@ =^H OQO|Q *# "_ H_ =~
u gq ugu EuQ zt fi =k=k #O_ HH= =\H =\H `#H IIuH~}II
Tu |fi mt N Yutu l fi ufiNmuT
ozT ztT
(Annamayya is suggesting that man should do his duty with unity
u{ uuYT c ztNTz @@ ufiNm @@ of Mind, Speach and action)
If only we do our duty with "TRIKARANA SUDDHI" Pure mind,
clean speach and selfless deeds then God appreciates that. Even the
zt yNbuouNu Yzzu zu fi zz world appreciates it. When there are many a ways to please Him why
should we sweat to do that.
ut zgtT Yr
If we have a PURE MIND where is the necessity of doing TEERDHA
tN TT \zu gz Ng SNANA (sacred baths) in rivers like GANGA Why should we do
"GRAHANA SNANAM" (Sacred bathing during Eclipses?)
utut gz NMz ubuN ubuN oNz
If we say HARI in a pure speach it is equivalent to reading all
@@ ufiNm @@ "VEDAS". Then where is the need of "SASTRAS" and "PURANAS". When
penace is "HARI BHAKTI" itself why not just pray HARI.
~QO : KH"HO ` If we salute LORD SRI VENKATESWARA with pure heart that
KARMA (action) is equivalent of doing all charities (DANAS) and all holy
uH~} kQ K# # ^=_ "K# H= "K# sacrifices (YAJNAS). When we bear a human body pain is inevitable.
XH\ H\ Q}`O|Q =~=O_Q _< IIuH~}II Why should we bother about it?
79 Annamayya in Alphabet 80 Annamayya in Alphabet

T: - u r II/148 `n Q~^~_ qz
40 rr yTuo zq H^n~ ^fi=#O_O| "\
s| uz - gz Tg @@ rr @@ ^ N "OH>x@ `H= K
Wk" fi~ nH~K# =Q~_ II*#[II
Eu tzzub - Tz
{ Er - uuY r rryTuo zq
Nu {S - N TzuNzu (Yajna is a "ritual" prescribed in the "vedas" to propiciate a "Devata"
z ruTz - zuYz Tg @@ rr @@ to obtain some worldly (Iha) and other-worldly (para) benefits. Different
"Yajnas" are performed in favour of different Devatas. Animals are
zMNY {mz - u Tgzuc sacrificed in these rituals some times. The benefits accrued by performing
YzMNY y toys| - z uuY these sacrifices are temporary in nature. However there is another kind
of "Yajna" called "Jnanayajna". In that Yajna, a person receives Jnana
YMNT Nyo| - T Yzu (knowledge) by the benevolance of his "Guru". Singing the names of
uMNoz rz z - uYzz Tg @@ rr @@ God with devotion will result in attaining 'Moksha'. In this Sankeertana
Annamacharya offers his oblations to the Vaishnava Guru "Sri
oty Tt - zguuXY Ramanujaacharya" for the guidence received from him in this connection.)
Nztty - Ng zuc My Guru taught me the secrets in performing my duties to acquire
ztz y Nbz - ub nq Yzz the four-fold purusharthas with 'Moksha' as final goal.

Futz tyq - uXYz Tg @@ rr @@ My Guru has taught me to consider this physical body as the
'Yagasala' (the place of sacrifice) and the ignorance as the sacrificial
~QO : ^< [ animal. This animal of ignorance should be cut into pieces with the sword
of detachment and sacrificed in "Jnana-Agni".
*#[ gQu "H ^#= Our Guru made me to perform "Jnana Yajna" systematically taking
<<~= x<fl #_ =Q~_ II*#[II interest in it as follows. He advised me to pay my respects to the
assemblies of "Vaishnava Saints". He made me to take "Sri Pada Teertha"
Ji ^=<\ Q# (the water purified by washing the feet of God or saints) as "Somarasa"
|" *#= |OkOz (the Juice of 'soma' plant offered to Devatas in sacrifices). He made me
to sing heartily the sankeertanas in praise of the Lord.
H "~QH` QH
He blessed me with the "Jnana Prasada" as "Purodasa" (Food
" *<yfl"eK= Q~_ II*#[II offered to Gods in sacrifices). He blessed me by giving his "Upadesa" in
my ears (initiation to the Two Sacred mantras- Srimannarayana Charanam
"K "+=<=x Q_ \ Saranam Prapadye" and "Srimate Narayanaya Namaha") - as Two
KK N ^f~=#= xOz "Kundalas" (Ear Rings). He has also blessed me by giving the "Swaroopa
KHQ OH~#=Q#= K Deeksha" (knowledge of God in his entirety) so that I could have the
Darshan of my beloved Lord "Sri Venkateswara" in my heart.
~=` [=~OK = Q~_ II*#[II
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