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June 15, 2016

1:1 Surface Program Launch and PD Tech Day

8:30am (Library): Breakfast (optional)

9:00am (Library): Summer Reading & 1-1 Surface Program Mary, Kim, Juan, Kaitlyn, & Debby
Intro to Summer Reading
Intro to Surface Program and Technology Plan
Engaging & Innovative Technology Integration Brainstorm [click here]
Overview of Tech Committee work
Introduction to FAQ and opportunity to submit questions [click here]

9:30-10:15 (see locations below): Speed Innovating Sessions I

Leader Topic Location
Kaitlyn Use Nearpod for Cool Interactive Room 1
Kristin/Katie M. Make Your Class Lively with Poll Room 4
Everywhere & Kahoot
Kathleen What to think about when going Room 7
Juan/Jose Stay Organized with Windows 10 Collaboration
and Office 365 Classroom app Room
Lisa/Debby How to create and edit a video in Makerspace

10:15: Break (snacks available in Library )

10:30-11:15 (see locations below): Speed Innovating Sessions II

Leader Topic Location
Juan/Jose/Katie LanSchool: Managing Screens in Collaboration
D. the 1:1 Classroom Room
Kelly/Kaitlyn Using OneNote for teacher & Room 4
student organization
Debby KurzweilReading Support and Makerspace

11:20 (Library) Department/Grade level discussions about tech tools and application for your

11:45 Report out from departments/grade levels & contribute questions to the FAQ [click here]

12:00 Lunch (Cafeteria)

1-1:15pm Iconography Presentation (Library): Lauren & Sonya

After lunch, work on technology integration in individual ways with coaching from staff and
faculty leadership. Faculty are encouraged to collaborate with departments/grade levels in the
library. This is an opportunity for faculty to adapt a lesson, think through how they might
implement, or organize a tool for next year.

Optional Meetings/Session: We encourage faculty to participate in at least one of

the two sessions
1:15-1:45 The Makerspace: How can we collaborate to support you as teachers and/or what
would you like us to buy to use with your class? (Led by Debby in Makerspace)

2-2:45 Favorite App Exchange How to make your life as a teacher easier? Do you have a
favorite app or tech resources that you couldnt live without? Come share it with other faculty
and learn about some yourself in this informal time
of sharing! (Led by Kaitlyn & Debby in Collab Lab)

2:45-3:00 All Faculty: Closing remarks, address questions submitted, and complete Exit Survey