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Name: Mohamed Ahmed Abdellatif Soliman

Date of Birth: 13/11/1964
Marital Status: Married - 4 children
Permanent address: 31 Mustafa Fahmy St. - Helwan
Current address: yenibosna merkez mah. , eme sok. , guneli, Istanbul
Mobile : 00905376816040

Diploma in Hospital Management, Ain Shams University 2006
Diploma of Islamic Studies, Islamic Studies Institute (Cairo) 2005
Diploma of ozone therapy Germany 2003
Diploma of herbal medicine UK 1999
Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery -Cairo University 1987
2015 to date
Medical services consultant

2013 to2015
Director of Aman hospital, Cairo
Roles and achievements:
Managing the biggest private hospital in the city of Helwan, with all its facilities that
.included medical departments, labs and clinics
.Handling a budget of 20 million LE in that year
Managed to change the state of the hospital from a 12% annual loss to a profit of 5%
2012 to 2013
Country Director of Islamic relief Egypt
Roles and achievements:
.Finalizing the legal registration of IR in Egypt
Signing and managing two funded projects with UNHCR
Established a wide network of connections with governmental authorities and NGOs

1996 to 2012
Director of Medical SERVICES DEPARTMENT Ajman University
Ajman UAE
Roles and Responsibilities:
1. Handling a budget in 2009 of 2 million AED
2. Manage a team of 16 health workers in 12 health facilities
(clinics, ER, labs).
3. Our medical services are offered to 11,000 students and
over 1,000 of Ajman university staff.
4. Together with my staff a strategic plan was put till 2012.
Our strategic objectives focused on upgrading our services
both vertically and horizontally to accommodate new
technologies and to increase our capacity. Although these
objectives were in line with the vision and the expansion
plans of the university, however they were much oriented
with the competitive market of health services in UAE.
5. My main task at this point is to help my staff achieve their
targets through continuous training, exposure to new
technologies and monitoring performance of the members
of the department for their duties.
6. A system for measuring customer satisfaction was set and
continuous analysis and action plans were put to improve
satisfaction levels.

2001 to date
Director of the Ajman University Center for complementary medicine
Ajman UAE.
This project was mainly targeting the total UAE health service market not
just the internal university community. The center was born as a business
project with its business plan, vision, mission and financial goals
independent from that of the University. The project oversaw the
opportunity of a new concept evolving world wide with no reflection of
this concept in UAE.
Roles and Responsibilities:
1. Handling a budget in 2009 of Dirhams 1.5
2. Manage a team of four health workers whom I
supervised their training and made sure of their
competence in this new field of complementary
3. My main role was more business oriented. I was
responsible of formulation, execution and
monitoring the marketing plan that will enable
the new project to achieve its business
objectives and be able to generate profit within
the first three years of its operation.
4. Monitoring and ensuring timely & qualitative
delivery of set marketing action plans.
5. A comprehensive long term advertisement
campaign was put. The advertisement plan was
put in accordance with our marketing and
business objectives. Accordingly I conducted
several seminars, radio shows and television
shows aiming at increasing the understanding of
this new concept and how is it complementary
and to what.
6. I was responsible of the financial burden
including planning and control of the budget,
supervision of the Accountant and review of the
financial data and reports.
Key Achievements:
1. Break even in 2002
2. Profit in year 2003
3. Recognition not only in UAE but through out the
gulf and several international conferences
4. Treatment achievements in most chronic diseases
1992 until 1996
Deputy director of El HADY hospital, Helwan

Roles and Responsibilities:

1. Setting, monitoring and adjusting the financial

objectives of the hospital.
2. Setting, execution and monitoring of the marketing
plan and the annual promotional plans.
3. Setting Metrics to guide the achievement and to
improve the quality of the strategic goals put for
the hospitals. The metrics included:
a. Patient flow
b. Time of waiting and determining bottle
c. Health worker efficiency (time and quality
of tasks done).
d. Customer satisfaction
e. Service deficits
f. ER efficiency through bed-patient utilization
g. Employee motivation level.
h. Turnover level
i. Employee skill level at any point of time.

1989 until 1995

General practitioner in, Helwan University hospital

other experience
member of the Central Committee (the university council) Ajman
University Ajman UAE 2001 until 2007
member of the Board of Medical Specialties - Ajman University Ajman
UAE 2001 to date
member of council of Investment and Finance Ajman University Ajman
UA 2001 until 2007
member of personnel Committee Ajman University Ajman UAE

Personal Skills
English language Very good writing and speaking
computer Very good