Written by DTYarbrough

The Adventures of Sir Timothy in the Land of Tomorrow Story #5
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Written by DTYarbrough "When did you last see her?" asked Liz. "Do you have any idea where she might have gone?" "She hasn't been home in more than 24 hours," said the mother fairy. "She's never done this before. I'm afraid she may be injured." "What is her name?" asked Liz. "Her name is Felicia. She's only seven years old, and we're so worried," said the father. "Can you help us?" "That's what we're here for," said Liz. "Can you show me one of her footprints?" "Maybe in our backyard. There have been so many searching around here that her footprints may be hard to find," said the mother. ........................ "Are you sure this footprint is hers?" asked Liz. "I'd recognize it anywhere," said the mother. "Okay, give me a few minutes," said Liz. "One of many all around, Felicia's footprints on the ground. Glow now brightly, light the way, show us where she went to play." With a wave of her wand, the footprint began to glow brightly. "Look, there's another one," said Tim, "and another." "Let's go back around front and pick up the trail. The freshest prints will glow the brightest," said Liz. "We're going with you," said the parents. "Okay, but no one else. The prints have already been trampled pretty badly," said Liz.

"They seem to head off in this direction," said Tim. "They end here and start again over there." "She's flying part of the time. This will make it harder to follow the trail," said the father. "I just don't understand where she could be. We searched everywhere before you got here. The entire fairy community searched for hours and hours." "The trail has stopped again. Spread out everyone and try to pick up the trail," said Liz. "Over here," said Tim. "I've found the trail." For an hour the trail stopped and continued. Finally the trail stopped, but no one could pick up the new trail. "Can she fly this far?" asked Liz. "Not after all the flying she has already done, unless she had a long rest," said the mother. "You don't suppose she was carried off by some creature?" "Now, don't think the worse. There has to be another explanation," said Liz. "Let's take a closer look at that last footprint." As they all gathered around the footprint, Tim felt the ground begin to give way. As the ground collapsed, Tim fell into a hole. "I'm okay," yelled Tim." I can see some glowing footprints. But Felicia's not here. We're going to need to continue the search down here." "You guys might as well go home. You can't go with us. We'll find Felicia, and you'll be the first to know," said Liz. "Hurry, she's never been alone in the dark before," said the mother. "She must be terribly afraid." "Stand aside, Tim. I'm coming down," said Liz. "Light the way, but not too bright. We want to be able to see the footprints." "Now that we're alone, I have a few questions. Why are these fairies so much larger than the ones we saw in the dark forest, near where the elves lived?" asked Tim. "Sunlight. These elves get continuous sunlight. The ones in the

dark forest get hardly any," said Liz. "What will happen if Felicia doesn't get sunlight?" asked Tim. "I'm not sure. Let's find her before that becomes a major worry," said Liz. "Don't fairies glow in the dark?" asked Tim. "Why would Felicia be afraid of the dark?" "Adult fairies can turn it off and on, but I'm not sure about the children," said Liz. "Maybe she's afraid because she can't hide in the dark." "I'm hungry," said Tim. "You want a molasses and biscuit?" "I'm fine. I'll just rest while you eat," said Liz. "I think I hear someone coming. Shhh." "Maurice, I smell molasses," said Mabel Mole. "But Mabel, we're the only moles in this tunnel. Are you sure you smell mole butts?" said Maurice Mole. "No silly, sorghum molasses and biscuits, can't you smell it?" asked Mabel. "I've got a cold in my nose," said Maurice. "You're always smelling food since you went on that diet." "Excuse me. We're searching for a lost child. Have either of you seen a fairy child come through here?" asked Tim. Mabel giggled. "Have you seen any moles with eyes come through here?" "Okay, my mistake. Did either of you smell a fairy child lately?" asked Tim. "I've got a cold in my nose," said Maurice, "and Mabel only smells food since she went on her diet." "Wait a minute. There was that honeysuckle smell yesterday," said Mabel. "I'll bet that was her. Just stay to your left through the

tunnels." "Thank you so much," said Liz. "Could you let us pass?" "Maurice, where are your manners? Get behind me and let the nice folks pass," said Mabel. "Now I can smell it," said Maurice. "Maurice Mole! You're sleeping on the couch tonight," said Mabel. .................. "We could have just followed the footprints. That wasn't much help," said Tim. "We know she didn't ask for help. She wasn't crying or they would have heard her. If she was injured and couldn't get out of the way, they would have run into her. I'd say it was all good news," said Liz. "Tim, you've got the wand too bright. I can barely see the footprints," said Liz. Tim turned off the wand. The footprints barely glowed in the dark. "We've got to hurry! We don't have much time," said Tim, "unless you can cast the spell again." "I'm afraid not," said Liz. "Let's hurry while we still have a trail to follow." Walking quickly through the tunnel, Tim and Liz followed the trail of dim footprints. Tim heard a thud. "Liz. Was that you? Liz!" yelled Tim. Tim activated his wand and saw Liz lying on the floor of the tunnel, blood gushing from her forehead. Tim quickly ripped his shirt and made a bandage to slow the bleeding. He tried to awaken Liz. He could hear her breathing, but her eyes didn't open. "Wake up Liz. Please wake up," Tim pleaded. "What's the matter. Why are you crying?" asked a tiny voice. Tim looked up and saw a small girl fairy. "Liz is hurt. I think she's dying," said Tim. "Are you Felicia? Can you help me?"

"Yes, my name is Felicia Fairy. What's your name and how can I help?" said Felicia. "My name is Timothy. Help me save her life," said Tim. "Not Sir Timothy?" said Felicia. "The Great Wizard." "I'm Sir Timothy, but I'm not a great wizard," said Tim. "I'm just a child and so is Liz. She's too young to die. You've got to save her. Please." "I'm sorry, but I have no power over life and death. You have a wand. Can't you heal her?" said Felicia. "I'm afraid I'll make things worse. I can't take the chance," said Tim. "Do you love her?" asked Felicia. "I think so, but I'm too young to know what love really is?" said Tim. "I've never been in love before." "You are very wise for your age," said Felicia. "My mother says that love is the greatest magic of all. Show her that you love her." Tim kissed Liz like he had never kissed anyone before. Holding her in his arms, it felt like she was kissing him back. Pushing away, Liz sat up and looked at Tim. "Why is it that I can't close my eyes around you without you trying to kiss me? Are you some sort of pervert?" asked Liz. "You kissed me back. You like me, admit it," said Tim. "I was dazed and confused," said Liz. "He saved your life," said Felicia. Liz looked up to see Felicia. "You found her. Nice going, Tim." "Well, actually, she found us," said Tim. "Are you okay? You had me so worried." "I've got a splitting headache. What happened?" asked Liz.

"We've got to get out of here. Felicia, have you seen a way out?" "Yes, but I'll need your help to get out that way," said Felicia. "Follow me." "Can you walk, Liz?" asked Tim. "I think so. Take my hand," said Liz. "Thank you for saving my life." "It's not over yet. We've got to get you home," said Tim. Tim and Liz followed Felicia to the end of the tunnel. The tunnel ended behind a small waterfall. "Go ahead, Felicia. We'll follow you," said Tim. "I can't. When I fell into the hole, I injured my wing," said Felicia. "I can't tuck my wings to protect them from the waterfall. The waterfall would seriously damage an open wing." "Why didn't you asked Maurice and Mabel to help you?" asked Liz. "I never saw them, and I was in practically every tunnel before I found this one," said Felicia. Tim waved his wand and the waterfall turned into a thin curtain of ice. Kicking a large hole in the ice, he motioned for Felicia to go through and he and Liz followed. The waterfall immediately turned back into water and began to flow again. "Nice, Tim. Very impressive," said Liz as she fell to her knees. "Can you find your way home, Felicia. I've got to get Liz back to Merlin," said Tim. "I'll be fine. But maybe I can help you," said Felicia as she waved her wand and sprinkled Tim and Liz with pixie dust. "Now you can fly home. Hold her hand and don't fly too high, in case she passes out." "I don't know how we can ever thank you, Felicia," said Liz. "Thank you. You risked your life to save me," said Felicia. "I guess we're even."

"Hold on tight, Liz. We'll be home in no time," said Tim as he gently took her hand.


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