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2017-2018 Curriculum Map

5th Grade Social Studies

Mr. Braun

Month Content Vocabulary Skills Materials Standard Assessment

archaeologists, glacier, map reading, timelines, textbook, supplemental Unit 1 Test,
August, civilization, irrigation, comprehension, critical thinking, note books, first-hand 2 Lesson Quizzes, Native
September Unit 1: Native Peoples of North adobe, totem pole, taking, accounts, primary American home project
America potlatch, migrate, sources, YouTube,
hogan, tepee, lodge, NearPod, Schoology
travois, longhouse,
clan, wampum

October profit, barter, merchant, Cause and Effect, Globe Skills, textbook, supplemental 5.1.2,; 5.1.3; 5.3.1; Unit 2 Test,
navigation, expedition, Modern Exploration, map making, books, first-hand 5.4.1; 5.1.4; 5.1.5; 2 Lesson Quizzes, Explorathon
Unit 2: Exploration and colony, Columbian note taking, accounts, primary 5.1.6; 5.4.1; 5.3.4; Project
Colonization Exchange, empire sources, leveled 5.3.8; 5.3.10;
conquistador, frontier, readers, YouTube, 5.1.19, 5.1.20;
missionary, enslave, NearPod, Schoology 5.1.21; 5.3.10;
mestizo, Northwest 5.2.2; 5.2.8; 5.2.9;
Passage, merchant 5.3.4; 5.3.8; 5.4.1;
company, ally, import,
export, voyageur,
charter, cash crop,
Pilgrim, sachem,
November, covenant, common, comprehension, critical thinking, note textbook, supplemental 5.1.5; 5.1.6; 5,1,7; Unit 3 Test), 3 Lesson
First of tolerate, fundamental, taking, map reading, books, first-hand 5.1.8; 5.1.19; Quizzes, Colonial Economy
December Unit 3: Colonial America slavery, proprietor, accounts, primary 5.1.20; 5.1.21; Project
patroon, plantation, sources, YouTube, 5.2.2; 5.2.3; 5.3.4;
indigo, debtor, slave NearPod, Schoology 5.3.8; 5.3.9; 5.3.10;
trade, apprentice, 5.4.1; 5.4.5; 5.4.8,
growth rate, 5.1.10; 5.3.12;
backcountry, slave 5.4.2;
code, spiritual,
triangular trade,
industry, assembly
2017-2018 Curriculum Map
5th Grade Social Studies
Mr. Braun
December all 50 states digital citizenship, historical figures, 50 States song 5.4.4; 5.3.2; 5.3.2; 50 States), Histagram Project,
What If History Had 50 states, capitals, birds, trees, (YouTube), Great 50 Fakebook Project
Hashtags? Unit flags, and slogans States Packet (me),
Great 50 States of America maps, NearPod,

January, tributary, territory, comprehension, note taking, critical textbook, primary 5.1.6; 5.3.10; 5.1.8; Unit 4 Test ), 3 Lesson
February, French and Indian War, thinking, timelines, graphs, mapping, sources, leveled 5.1.10; 5.4.8; Quizzes, Revolutionary War
March Unit 4: The Struggle for North Treaty of Paris, cause and effort readers, readers 5.3.12; 5.4.3; 5.4.8; timeline, Revolutionary
America Proclamation of theatre, Libertys Kids, 5.1.12; 5.1.11; Projects
1763,Stamp Act, supplemental books, 5.1.9; 5.1.19;
boycott, repeal, variety of websites, 5.1.21; 5.4.7;
delegates, militia, NearPod, Schoology 5.1.13; 5.4.6;
Continental Army,
Declaration of
Independence, Patriot,
mercenary, Loyalist,
profiteering, inflation,
desert, Treaty of
Alliance, blockade,
Treaty of Paris 1783
April Articles of comprehension, note taking, critical textbook, primary 5.1.9; 5.1.10; Lesson Quiz, ISTEP Review
Confederation, arsenal, thinking, timelines, graphs, mapping, sources, leveled 5.1.13; 5.1.14;
Unit 5: The New Nation legislature, federal cause and effort readers, readers 5.1.19; 5.1.20;
system, Supreme theatre, Libertys Kids, 5.1.21; 5.2.1; 5.2.1;
Court, ratify, bill of supplemental books, 5.2.4; 5.3.10;
ISTEP Review rights, amendment, variety of websites, 5.1.15; 5.1.16;
pioneer, impressment, YouTube, NearPod, 5.2.5; 5.2.7; 5.2.9;

May Review all vocabulary, Yearly review, comprehension, student made review ISTEP Kahoot!, Citizenship
ISTEP Review citizenship vocab citizenship, practices of a good slides, Kahoot!, short pretest, Citizenship post test,
citizen, digital citizenship, review, Citizenship
Slides (me), My
Government Slides
Citizenship (me), NearPod,