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Function of a wall

1. Divide the area (partitioning)

2. Act as enclosure
3. Improve building appearance

Walls for SOFLO are made either by blocks, reinforced concrete, stone or precast concrete.

Type of walls Description Purpose

RC wall Reinforced concrete refers to RC wall adds strength and
a type of concrete wall with durability to any wall.
vertical steel support bars
running through it. The steel Use: To cast these type of
has a necessary amount of wall, use of mould (
deformations to allow it to Formworks @ Formscaff)
bond with the cement and
water making up the
Shear wall Shear walls starts at Shear walls are usually
foundation level and are provided along both length
continuous throughout the and width of buildings. Shear
building height. walls are like vertically-
oriented wide beams that
carry earthquake loads
downwards to the
Load Bearing wall The Load bearing wall are wall Depending on the type of
that support all the weight of building and the number of
a roof, conducting all its floors, load-bearing walls are
weight to a foundation gauged to the appropriate
structure. thickness to carry the weight
above them. Without doing
so, it is possible that an outer
wall could become unstable if
the load exceeds the strength
of the material used,
potentially leading to the
collapse of the structure. (A
load bearing wall cannot be
Parapet wall A parapet is a barrier which is From the parapet wall,
an extension of the wall at the another wall is built up.
edge of the roof.
Non load bearing wall A non bearing wall in only a Use as partitioning.
partition that divides the (A non bearing wall can be
various rooms of a building. demolish)