From: Wake Citizens wakecitizens@gmail.

Subject: RDU Bike Riding Trail Economic Impact
Date: July 22, 2017 at 3:13 PM
To: Wake County Commission,,

Commissioner Hutchinson,

In a February 6, WRAL-TV online news article (regarding a proposed RDU bike trail) you are quoted as

"Hutchinson suggests that the new project represents $19 billion dollars for the state and that it
will support over 190,000 jobs.”

At present we cannot locate any data substantiating this claim. At the time you made this statement,
the agenda item before the Wake County Commissioners described this proposal as:

"Much of the discussion to date has been high level and conceptual.”

We are even more intrigued by this claim in light of recent news reports regarding the economic impact
of a new soccer stadium in downtown Raleigh.

"Malik also shared the partial findings of an economic impact survey, commissioned by NCFC,
that estimated an economic stimulus of $2 billion for Wake County and $1.5 billion for
downtown Raleigh on jobs, wages, sales revenue and tax revenue over 17 years of facility
construction and operation. The study predicted pro soccer could add 1,960 jobs in North
Carolina, including 1,470 in Wake County, along with over $5 million in additional annual state,
county and local tax revenue.”

As you can see from the two stories, your claim presents an astronomically superior economic impact.

Last week we requested data from both you and Wake County government verifying this claim. I have
yet to hear back. We would think that such a bold pronouncement would be easily verifiable. It appears
that is not the case.

We once again request any data regarding the economic impact on this bike trail project.

Many thanks.

Joey Stansbury
Wake Citizens Coalition