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Alright listen up

The world is actually round, and as you may or may not know, when it is Friday here in New Zealand
it is actually Thursday in America, England and Canada etc. etc. New Zealand is pretty much in
future time.

So why am I bringing this up? Thats easy; it is to explain that in August in New Zealand there was
not a Blue Moon. That is using the modern theory of Blue Moons, which is when two full moons fall
in one month. Generally this happens at the beginning and the end of the month, given that the
moons cycle is about 28-29days. Rightstill with me? Good.

So, in the northern hemisphere America, Canada and England etc. etc. in August there was a Blue
Moon, on the 31st.

Now, the moon is one object in the sky that merrily makes its way around the earth with nary a
thought to any international date lines. It just orbits the earth affecting the tides, large bodies of
water and people who sometimes become odd. So when it is full it is full all around the world at the
same time, and I am not talking about Saturday at 2am, Im talking about a specific point in time, err
maybe it is called universal time? Essentially that means that the moon will be full in Ottawa,
Canada on Friday 31st August at 10 am, which is 16 hours behind New Zealand. So that means in
New Zealand it is 2am on Saturday morning the 1st of September, and the Moon is full. Head
exploded yet? Wait there is more

So, because there is this time difference, the second full moon in a month, a Blue Moon will happen
in New Zealand on September 30th at 4pm. Hmm wrap you head around that folks its not too
difficult but can be a bit bendy around the edges.

Now wait a minute, I keep saying second full moon in a month, Blue Moon, right? Which might
indicate that there is a different type of blue moon...and given that the idea of a Blue Moon is quite
an old one, as in probably came about before our current calendar, it is probably accurate that there
is a second way of measuring a Blue Moon. You know because having a Blue Moon every year, given
that there are 12 months and 13 moon cycles in a year or thereabouts, does not really fit with the
saying Once in a Blue Moon. And you would be correct in your assumption. According to trusty
Wikipedia, the origins of the Blue Moon comes from way back and relates to a seasonal harvest type
calendar, and the Blue Moon was when you got 4 full Moons in one season. So according to
Wikipedia the next seasonally based Blue Moon will be May 21st 2016.

And why am I posting this? Mostly it is to remind you lot in the Northern hemisphere that there is a
Southern hemisphere, and that our seasons are 6 months ahead of yours. We are now heading into
Spring and we live in future time and are therefore more all-knowing *coughs*