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Quasar PulseSM M/LWD Service

Extreme-temperature tools for hostile environments

The Quasar PulseSM measurement/logging-while-drilling

(M/LWD) service delivers exceptional performance even at
extreme temperatures, providing accurate and timely reservoir
measurements for precise wellbore placement.

Designed to operate in temperatures as high as 392F / 200C and

pressures up to 25,000 psi / 172 MPa, the Quasar Pulse M/LWD
service helps enable access to reservoirs, which up to now were
either inaccessible or had to be drilled blind. The Quasar
Pulse service provides accurate directional data and steering
capabilities with the option of wireline-quality formation
evaluation measurements while drilling and real-time drilling
optimization sensors for efficient and cost-effective drilling in
high-temperature and high-pressure applications.

Quasar Pulse M/LWD Service


Directional (borehole inclination and azimuth)
Gamma ray (includes multiple redundant detectors)
Annular and bore pressure while drilling (PWD sensor) Benefits
Vibration Helps enable access to reserves that are inaccessible using
Telemetry and onboard power generation conventional equipment
Opens up the possibility of geosteering in high-temperature
All measurements are available both in real time and recorded
reservoirs, where previously wells have had to be drilled blind
in memory for post-run retrieval.
Provides real-time monitoring of down-hole conditions,
helping to enable safe operation in wells where accurate
All measurements are provided with the same degree of
knowledge of down-hole pressures and temperatures is critical
accuracy and precision as the equivalent standard-temperature
Helps save rig time by avoiding the need for staging into the
M/LWD sensors.
hole to keep tools cool; tools can be run straight to bottom
Hermetic sealing of electronic components helps prevent
corrosion and improves reliability.
The first M/LWD system on the market capable of operating at
temperatures up to 392F / 200C.

Quasar PulseSM Specifications

4-3/4 in. 6-3/4 in.
Nominal Tool OD 4-3/4 in. / 121 mm 6-3/4 in. / 171 mm
Maximum Body OD 5.24 in. / 133 mm 6-3/4 in. / 171 mm
Hole Size Range 5-7/8 to 8-3/4 in. 7-7/8 to 9-7/8 in.
149 to 222 mm 200 to 251 mm
Collar ID 3.15 in. / 80.0 mm 4 in. / 102 mm
Length 20.0 ft / 6.10 m 20.0 ft / 6.10 m
Weight 1,343 lbm / 610 kg 2,600 lbm / 1180 kg
Connections NC38 (3-1/2 IF) NC50 (4-1/2 IF)
box up x pin down box up x pin down
Makeup Torque 9,940 to 10,900 ft.lbf 31,500 to 34,700 ft.lbf
1350 to 1480 daNm 4280 to 4700 daNm
Maximum Dog Leg Severity
Rotating 14/100 ft (30 m) 10/100 ft (30 m)
Sliding 30/100 ft (30 m) 21/100 ft (30 m)
Maximum Temperature 392F / 200C
Maximum Pressure 25,000 psi / 172 MPa
Maximum Mass Flow Rate 5,000 lbm/min 10,000 lbm/min
2270 kg/min 4540 kg/min
Typical Pressure Loss (water) 36 psi @ 350 gpm (calculated) 74 psi @ 500 gpm (calculated)
248 kPa @ 1590 lpm (calculated) 510 kPa @ 2270 lpm (calculated)
Maximum Sand Content 2%
Maximum LCM 40 lbm/bbl / 114 kg/m3
medium nut plug, KWIK-SEAL additive*
Maximum RPM 180
Maximum WOB 25,000 lbf / 11 000 daN 45,000 lbf / 20 000 daN
Lateral Vibration 10 min at a Peak Shock Level of 90 g
Axial Vibration 10 min at a Peak Shock Level of 40 g
Gamma Ray Sensor Specifications
Detector Type Geiger-Mller detector banks
Measurement Precision* 5 API at 100 API
PWD Sensor Specifications
Detector Type Quartz
Measurements Annular/internal pressure
Accuracy 12 psi / 83 kPa
Repeatability 4 psi / 28 kPa
Transducer Calibrated Range 0 to 25,000 psi / 0 to 172 MPa
Directional Sensor Specifications
Toolface Accuracy 2.8
Azimuthal Accuracy 1.5
Inclinometer Accuracy 0.2
Vibration Sensor Specifications
Peak Measurement Range +/- 100 g in X and Y-axis
+/- 50 g in the Z-axis
KWIK-SEAL is a registered trademark of CP Kelco, Inc.

*Assumes a 30-second sample period

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